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Akemi wants payback, but when she finally get it, the satisfaction she thought she would get just isn't there.
Akemi kept an eye on her new broodlings, watched them slowly come into their own, trying to adapt to their new bodies, ones that even they found attractive. But it would be at least a year before they reached maturity and it was before this time that she wanted to make sure they understood just what they had done.

Alex stepped out for a movie, not having many friends and abandoning his previous lifestyle, he went alone. Akemi was ready and set out to stage everything. It was her turn to spike the drink and managed to distract Alex during the film, just long enough to slip the liquid into his Coke.

The movie ended and Alex felt the starting effects of the drug, feeling almost buzzed as he exited the theater. No further than a block away, three men approached him and offered some help. By now the drug had taken hold and Alex could not fully understand what was happening, but understood that three men at night could not be a good thing. His last effort was to politely reject their offer.

His next waking moment put him in a room, naked on a bed. On his back, his arms were tied to the posts while his legs were hoisted into the air and restrained by ropes on some sort of pulley secured to the ceiling. At first he thought that this was creative and cool, until he understood that it was him on the bed and not standing. It was his turn to meet number one, a muscular man, taller than average holding a large oversized cock in his hands.

“What the fuck!” It was all Alex could muster up.

“Shh, just be a good little girl and Big Joe will be nice to you.” His voice was deep, but not menacing.

Alex felt the mushroom head of his cock press against the folds of his new pussy. He had only begun to explore the new feelings and sensations and was not mentally ready to take a real cock, let alone one that seemed so huge. It slid in, just enough to spark the realization of why he had not attempted to insert anything. He was still a virgin and feared the pain of deflowering. Something he had done to so many girls without a second thought.

“Gentlemen, we have ourselves a virgin.” He grinned. “Now you just relax and we will make this as painless as possible.” Something about his voice did not comfort Alex.

No matter what was said, Alex tensed up and readied himself. Being on the receiving end scared him. He sensed this throbbing piece of meat just inside, putting tension on the thin fabric of his hymen. He wondered if he would count, go slow or end it with a mighty thrust. Alex lay confused and trembling.

“Oh look, she’s nervous. Such a nice little pussy and untouched. Like fresh powder on the slopes. But once ridden, that’s it. Never the same again. Ready?” He grabbed Alex’s legs and thrust in, tearing the innocence, leaving it behind as the massive shaft drove right through it.

“Mmph.” Alex bit his lip. It hurt. More like the smarts, but none-the-less, it hurt.

“Oh look.” The beast of a man withdrew his cock, now tinted red with blood. He paused for a moment, letting the others take a look. A few flashes and a close up shot with the video cam. “Okay, boys, back in for this puppy.” He shoved it back in as far as it would go.

Alex felt it and could not believe the feeling of having something so deep inside of him. It really did feel like it was in his belly. But he knew that it would go deeper, that this cock had more length to it.

“Mmm, so sweet and tight. But that’s only half way baby.” The cock pressed against Alex’s cervix. “Don’t worry my little flower. You will take all of it eventually. Just give it some time.”

The man pulled back and went for it again. Each time, he nudged a bit harder and bit further. Back and forth, like a child trying to reach the last piece of candy in the jar. Adjusting and trying to force his hand in further and further until at last his fingers touched the prize. Just a bit more, a little bit, almost, and then his balls pressed against Alex’s ass. He was all the way in.

“Aw fuck, feels like my cock is being squeezed in a vice. I’m gonna cum so hard inside you, it won’t matter what kind of birth control you are using.” He pulled back and began thrusting hard.

Alex could not believe the sensation, he could feel the cock moving inside, the mushroom head slamming against his insides, and he liked it. The girth stretched his lips, creating tension on his clit that was swollen and aroused. Even that was new, a tingling that generated waves of pleasure, growing steadily. His brain was registering the excitement, lubricating his inner walls, easing the pain, converting it to euphoria. He did not want it to feel good, he felt violated, but he could not resist it. The harder the man thrust, the higher it was taking Alex.

“You gonna cum for me baby? I knew you would come around. C’mon baby, cum on my cock.”

Revolting, his words were dirty and masculine, something he could imagine himself uttering, but not receiving. No matter how distracting it was, Alex’s orgasm was about to crash into him.

“Aw, shit baby, you better cum quick, cause this ain’t gonna last forever.”

Alex, tensed up as the surge hit him. From somewhere inside of him, inside his pussy, inside his pelvis, inside his belly, the shockwave exploded. So much more intense than the male counterpart, he lost control of his body as it convulsed. His pussy pulsed, squeezing the piston inside of him.

“Oh baby, I can feel you cumming. Oh god. Oh fuck.” The man drove his cock into Alex. “Oh shit!” His cock swelled and exploded. The cum shot out. Alex sensed the heat it produced and felt a second orgasm crest. Small hard thrusts, the cock continued to shoot its load, pushing Alex along to more orgasms. A few more shots and the man was done, withdrawing his cock ever so slowly, jerking as he left.

Alex, began to come down, relaxing enough to let the others know that he was done. Amazed and stunned, he did not know what to think. He had counted three others and wondered if the worst was done.

“Oh look boys, she thinks the hard part is over.” Laughter from the room haunted Alex. “I don’t think she can see your cocks. Why don’t you two make sure she can see them as I work mine into this nice wet pussy.” As soon as he felt the next cock push its way in, he knew it was bigger. It was also then that he was suddenly face to face with two other monsters. Each man held his cock in plain view. Their huge hands grabbed the cocks near the base, but even then it looked like eight or more inches flopping in front of his face. He knew perception was always off, but if not, these cocks must be at least a foot long.

“You did not think we would let the biggest go first now would you? That just wouldn’t be right to have you all stretched out for the smaller ones now would it?” The man shoved his cock into Alex. In one thrust, he bottomed out. Alex felt the stretch and strain. He knew another orgasm was on the horizon, but the fear of having to endure three more kept it off in the distance. He quietly vowed he would never gang bang a girl again if he could make it through this ordeal.

Relaxing was the key to letting these oversized monsters stuff him without it hurting. The last one went deep. Alex swallowed, almost feeling that it would go so far as in his throat. It really was in his belly and when he pulled it out and laid it on his belly, it brushed the underside of his breasts. There was no way it would go all the way in. But he knew the man would try until he felt his balls slap against Alex’s ass. In an out, deeper and deeper until at last something gave way inside Alex. Even the man was amazed.

“Holy Shit! Now that is impressive.” He pressed against Alex, working it in as far as it would go.

It was a moment that allowed Alex to breathe easy before being pounded again. Four orgasms if you only counted the beginning and end as one. Not sure how many if you counted the other crests between those two points. But Alex was exhausted and the last orgasm idled within.

“Here it comes baby. Ready for Old Faithful? You gonna feel this one come out of your throat!” The cock puffed, reared its head and let out a roar as it dove into the new found depths of Alex.

It was enough to jolt the last of Alex’s orgasms. The cum did surprisingly shoot out with such a force that Alex imagined it surging through him, up his throat and out his mouth. And it just kept spurting, filling him up.

“Oh fuck.” A few more thrusts and the last one finished. Even soft, it felt like a yard stick was being pulled from his pussy. It just kept going and going until the finishing popping sound of Alex’s pussy releasing the mushroom head.

Cameras flashed capturing the gaping hole left by the last cock. A cream covered cave that disappeared into darkness. It would take time before the now swollen lips of Alex’s pussy would once again come together in a tight lipped fashion. But never again will Alex be a virgin.

Akemi, remained for awhile in the corner of the room. Wincing at the sight of Alex’s body limp and lifeless on the bed. Untied, but not moving. It was a lesson she wanted to give to Alex, but to Alex the man, not the beautiful girl that he had become. She found no peace in her actions, but did find a calm, knowing that in time Alex would understand his new body, his new role and the new life that was growing inside of him. It was only a matter of time before Alex would pass on the “gift” to another unsuspecting man.

Akemi, forced a smile before leaving the room.


2015-02-07 03:36:24
" Wincing at the sight of Alex’s body limp and lifeless on the bed. Untied, but not moving. It was a lesson she wanted to give to Alex, but to Alex the man, not the beautiful girl that he had become. " So after reading those words I thought Alex is dead. But later Alex lives ? I was confused.

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2011-09-02 12:06:47
now that was the most fucked up shit i have ever read in my life. write more.

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2011-08-29 22:15:29
i really likwd it write another

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2011-08-29 22:14:45
i really likwd it write another

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2011-08-01 03:39:56
KingCrazy here this is a good story just like the first one.

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