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This is something i have been thinking of a while leave your suggestions below
I sat there playing GTA IV with my friends and we where just about to kill are 15th hot dog vendor when suddenly my Mom told me to tell my friends they had to go home because my Mom and Dad where going away for the weekend.I said goodbye to my friends and went to my Moms bedroom to help her pack. At 6 o clock my Mom and Dad left leaving me alone in the house. My Mom told me they would be back on Sunday Night and handed me a 100 dollar note she said use it to order Pizza and if i ran out there was another 100 behind her shelf. She hugged me my Dad waved goodbye and they left.

I ran back inside and jumped back on my Xbox I was just about to go online to play GTA online with my friends where we would finish our spree when my sister and her friend came inside. I got on well with my sister and we laugh at everything! I didn't really know her friends though because she was VERY shy and barely ever spoke but I always thought she was really hot she was small and had HUGE tits like E's or something she was sleeping over tonight because her parent were going to the same place as my parents because our Dads were best friends. I looked at her while she wasn't looking she was wearing a really small skirt and i could she her perfect ass imprinted on her shorts. My sister said Hi and told me a joke she heard earlier we laughed and she went upstairs with her friend. I played xbox for a few hours with my friends and then got hungry so i went upstairs to ask my sister if we should order pizza now. She said she was just about to drive to the pizzeria to get some. She was 17 and so was her friend and she had just gotten her license So she wanted to drive everywere so i didn't complain because it saved me so money that i didnt have to tip to the delivery guy. She told me that her Friends who's name was Melissa was staying hear because she wanted to unpack i didnt compain because mabye this would mean i could finally peak at her naked.

My sister left 5 minutes later and I went to my room to go on Facebook about five minutes later i got a call from my Sister she said she had got a flat tire and was going to be about 2 hours because she had also ran outta gas I was dissapointed but i remember we had some frozen chicken that i could put on so I ran downstairs and put some on. On my way back up i peeked in my sisters rooms where my sisters friend was staying she was adjusting her tits in the mirror and making a pouting face at the mirror. I suddenly got a huge boner and went into my room and went on her facebook page to Jack off on her profile picture which was her at the beach. I was only 16 but my cock i was pretty big 7 inches but it had been this big for a while so i don't think it's gonna grow any bigger I started jacking of and suddenly my sisters friend walked in and screamed she jumped back and i closed my laptop and pulled up my boxers. She gasped when she was how big my boner was and licked her lips. I never imagined her as a slut so i was shocked She was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she came into the house but she had red lipstick on now. I shouted sorry sorry and stood up and closed the door but then she put her foot in the door just before it closed. I opened it a little bit and asked her what she wanted she said "Oh i was just gonna ask if you wanted your chicken which was in her hand it must have already been done i said oh yeah thanks and pulled the plate of her. I became very embarresed and put the chicken on my bedside i wasn't hungry... Melissa came in and sat on my bed and pulled up my laptop I became even more embarresed as she saw what I was wanking to. She seemed interested though and she turned around and said "Oh what will your sister say about this?" That bitch how could she blackmail me. I jumped infront of her and said please please don't say anything.. I'll I'll do anything she reapeated "Anything?" I nodded. "Well I am quite horny and I need a good fuck so fuck me" She said. I was shocked and intriuged i had never had sex before but I ddin't know if i wanted to do it with my sisters friend. I didn't say anything and she stood up and said "Oh well i must tell your sister then" She walked past me and her hand rubbed past my cock which was now the hardest it had ever been. "O Ok i said and pulled down my boxers" She turned around and smiled she jumped at me and we started making out.

I couldn't believe it I was making out with Melissa!! She was wanking me off aswell I threw on my bed and she pulled of her top reavling her perfect E's I jumped at them and started sucking them and she moaned as I did. I then shoved my dick in between them and she started to wank it off with her tits. She got to her knees and continued to wank me off looking up and me She asked "do you like that?" I nodded and gestured and her mouth she smiled and held my cock up to her mouth she kissed it and asked my cock "You wanna be my friend?" Oh we are gonna have loatsa fun" She then plunged in at my cock and deep throated the whole thing she was tickling my balls as she did this. I was moaning and she was smiling as she worked on my Cock. She stopped and jumped on my bed and Opened up her pussy and said "Fuck Me, Fuck me hard" I didn't hesitate and i plunged my whole cock into her pussy. To be continued. Today

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2011-12-12 11:20:38
that was quite gud, especially for a first story. i hav 2 agree tho, pizza-100 dollars??!!

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2011-07-26 17:56:51
Pizza's a 100 dollars?

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2011-07-26 15:35:53
The third paragraph starts with four sentences before you hit the period key. Punctuation isn't there for decoration; it's there to help the reader follow what you're trying to say. If you put a little effort into that, nobody but the real grammar Nazis will mind if you make the occasional mistake. your story shows some imagination. I would love to read something of yours without having to read everything twice.

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2011-07-26 15:18:15
geez you dont stop a storie like you did and take it easy. the idee is good but improve on youre storie its not a race,


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2011-07-26 07:16:17
Wow. Run-on sentences just take the life out of a story. Take a breath now and then, dude.

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