The Experiment Chapter 2

I awoke agian in a room held up off the floor with the glowing colored orbes above my head, I groaned and said not agian. I noticed that I could talk I said "Hello". At that point the wall in front of me seemed to melt at least a small portion of it did. A small girl walked through the door or something similar to a small girl. She was a almost emerald green color with blue stripes across her body almost like a tiger she was completely bald from head to toe. Her ears were pointed like that of what you would expect from an elf and her eyes were a sort of coral pink but very captivating. She came to my side and started talking with some sort of high pitched squeels that made my ears hurt. She stopped and looked at me and I at her and agian gave off the high pitched squeels and I could swear I cought a few words.

I dismissed it thinking I had imgined that and she again tried and more words than squeels this time. I looked shocked and she must have figured that I had understood her a bit. She started to speak again though much slower this time and I understood every word now. She said "How are you feeling?" I replied ever so timidly "Fine I guess." She said "Good" I asked "How-" but before I could finish she raised her hand and said "I will answer all of your questions in do time but for the time being I need you to listen and let me do the talking." I just nodded. She said "First things first do u need to relieve your self and are you hungry." I said "Yes to both."

After releasing me and allowing me to relive my self in a most unusual manner that I cant even begin to describe. I followed the small girl to a rather unusual room that I guessed was there mess hall. I sat on a most uncomfertable chair as a tray of im guessing what they considered food was lowered from the ceiling and placed in front of me. The girl looked at me as I eyed this tray of questionable food. She said "Eat." I timidly picked up a small blue round sphere about the size of a marble closed my eyes and popped the thing into my mouth what happened next amazed me. It was if all of a sudden I was enjoying the most succulent piece of spare ribbes I have ever eaten which is my favorite food I might add. As I enjoyed the flavors of juices rolling around in my mouth the girl began to speak.

She said "Im sure that this is a most unusual situation for you but it was necessary to meet in such a manner." I just looked at her with a questioning manner as I grabbed a red marble and was hit with a very well cooked baked potato with all the trimmings. She explained some more saying "Im sure you now know of the new job that you are just about to start." I stopped what I was doing and looked at her saying "Now how the hell could you possibley know about my job when I dont even fully understand what im supposed to be doing just yet." She said "We are a more powerful being than you and there for know everything there is to know." I looked at her like yeah right! She giggled the most wonderful giggle I have ever heard and said "Ok a stretch I admit but I wanted to see your reaction." I couldnt belive it who would have thought that another race would have such a sense of humor.

She said "We are a race called the Androsions we come from another galaxy which if your people have found (doubtful) they most likely dont even have a name for it yet. My people right now are few and far between so there are not many of us left but what few of us there are we are totally committed to self preservation at almost any cost. We do not wish to kill any other being nor do we wish to die but if we are provoked we will defend our selves and we are quite good at it." I listened to her tale as I watched her tail uncurl from around her leg surprised that I had not noticed it before. She said " Though we may look young to your eyes we are actually a race that has been around far longer than yours. We devolple similar to your race we have chidlren just as you do." I paused her to ask "How old are you." She replied "I know that I look as a child to your eyes but our females dont get very big I am a full grown female and I am in your years almost 150 years old." My mouth dropped to the floor. I thought that simply cant be its just not possible. She said "I know what you are thinking but you also must consider that we are another race and therefore have a totally differnt life span since we dont grow very big our race lives so much longer."

I mulled it over for a second and figured I can live with that answer though something tells me its not completly true. I said "Since you have a long life span is that why there are so few of you?" She replied "No, the reason there are so few of us is because some time ago which is a few thousand years to us we strived to bring our race to new heights to better our selves. Our scientest created faster than light technology and more powerful weapons, but alas this was our down fall one of the weapons that was created had an internal error it was a robotic life form like an android. We created it to help us but when it was switched on for the first time we looked in horror at the moster that we had created. The android saw us as a foe not a friend we tried to abort its programming but were unsuccessful. We tried to reason with it and agian we failed It destroyed Trillions of my people since my planet is much bigger than your earth we could susstain more of our race. The only thing that we could do and that we did was to shock it was a massive dose of electricity and than instantly freeze the beast so that it could not move."

I said "Ok so what does this have to do with me." She eyed me and said "Once frozen we placed it in a ship and shot it into space we were aiming for your fifth planet but by a mere hiccup we missed and the craft landed on earth." I froze with terror "Oh no" I gasped "The pod that was found and was to be my new job." She gave a moment of satisfaction that I had figured it out with out her help. She said "We must have that pod back if we can put it on the fifth planet the size of the planets gravity will make sure that the monster never awakens or that if it does by some small chance that it can never escape from there." I felt so horrible at that moment here I was thinking my life was about to change for the better and the project I was about to start could kill everyone and everything on Earth. She started speaking again "Do you remember your last visit to this ship." I nodded yes "The blue dye that we injected into you last time has many properties that your species is limited to." She tossed me a small siver ball and said "A normal human would squeeze this ball and as she pointed to a small black square on the wall and it would hardly register on the meter."

She said "Please squeeze the ball." I did and nothing happened. She gave me an evil scowl and said "No no no squeeze the ball use everything you have!" As I did I noticed a small vertical bar start to rise on the screen it started out red and then went yellow and than green and than the screen popped and shorted out and the ball was crushed in my hand. She jumped up and down which I watched with enjoyment and she yelled "Excellent excellent the nanites are working like they should!" I yelled "What the hell is wrong with you injecting small robots into my body!" She stopped and dropped her gaze to the floor and said "Im sorry I didnt mean for it to come out like it did. But I know that you wont find this as misfortune by tomorrow." I screamed "No I want these damn robots out of my body now!" And rushed toward her at a speed that I had never had before. I grabbed her by the neck and was furious she struggled at my hands unable to lossen my grip as I held her small frame above the floor as though she weighed nothing. I noticed the fear in her eyes and my rage fell off.

I loosened my grip not enough to release her but to where she could breath again as she coughed and gasped for breath. She said "Im sorry but they cant be taken out but you now are so far beyond any normal man you are stronger, faster, smarted. You have increased everything by at least a factor of 10." A gleam appeared in my eyes "Everything hum this could be fun." I eyed my little emerald beauty in my hands still struggling to free her self from my grasp even though there was no chance. I slowely pulled her face to mine and smelled her skin it smelled like the morning after a rain storm. I brought my other hand up and grabbed her hands and held them above her head and released the one from around her neck. Agian she couched and gasped for more air as it went into her lungs. I watched her small breasts bearly nubbs but with small quarter sized areaolas and nipples that stood out like erasers but were double the size.

I licked my lips and pulled her to my face and put my lips to hers. She suddenly relaxed and her mouth parted and my toung slipped inside of her and danced with her toung. She tasted wonderful I brought my other hand up and gently grabbed a nipple and pinched she gave an umphf sound and I was amazed at how hard her nipple was and I could feel it getting longer. As I stood there naked I moved my hands down to her waist releasing her arms and she dropped them around my head. I also noticed that something warm was hitting my body and looked down as what looked like milk was shooting from her nipples which had to be a good three inces long. I lifted her up and pulled a nipple into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth as she started to moan. I felt the milk finish off and moved over to the other nipple and sucked the milk from that one too. When there was no more milk left I caught hint of a new smell with my heightened sense of smell. As I looked down her cunt had puffed out a bit her pussy lips had turned hot pink and she was dripping like a faucet. I lowered one hand to her dripping cunt and pried open her pink pettles.

I inserted a finger but didnt get very far as her pussy was so small and tight. She started moaning again. She opened her eyes and I saw lust in them. I lowered her to the floor and she dropped to her knees and started to kiss my erection. She slowely pulled it into her mouth which stretched to accommidate my now larger member. She sucked my cock to the back of here mouth and started to deep throut me like no woman ever has. I grabbed the back of her head and guided my thick cock all the way down her till her mouth was at my stomach. And I unleashed a load like none other that I have ever felt before. As I stood there in a state of pure bliss I noticed that she was hitting me with her fists because now she couldnt breath since I was still holding her to my body I released her head and she pulled away and coughed and tried to breath. She fell to the floor in a doggy style position and I got down and put my still erect member at her tight little pussy. She looked back with fear and lust still in her eyes and said "No please dont I dont think I can take it thats not gonna fit in my small cunt DADDY!"

My eyes went wide did she just call me daddy. I looked at her with surprise and she said "I have studied your earth customs and have found that men like to be called daddy by the women they are about to fuck." I just figured ok whatever and pushed my hard cock agianst her tight little vagina. It was so warm almost as if it was fueled by an internal fire. But my dick wouldnt go in she was to small. So I pushed harder and she screamed out of pain as my dick slowly ripped into her small emerald cunt hole. At that point I noticed two things one that she passed out from the pain and the other that her blood was purple not red like ours. I waited a few moments before waking her with my dick still shoved into her hot cunt. She woke and started crying "Do you want me to take it out?" I asked. She said "No daddy but it does hurt so please finish fast." So I pushed her foward a bit and than pulled her back and started a rythem of fucking her small cunt hole.

She started to moan than to yell. She started screaming "Yes daddy yes fuck my small bald baby cunt force your cock all the way into me." If I hadnt already been hard as a rock I swear I would have gotten there. I pushed hard into her cunt and hit the end of her small hole. I moved back and pushed agian and agian and agian. I was feeling another hole at the end of her vagina which I figured was her cervix. So I continued to push harder and harder each time. Feeling her cervix give a little more each time I did. She was panting like a dog in heat she was moaning and thrashing about as her orgasims compounded one on top of the other. I pushed once more and her cervix opened to my cock as I entered her womb she screamed so loud that if there was glass around it would have broken. I also screamed but out of pleasure her womb contracted around my cock sending me into pleasures never before felt. I started pumping my seed deep into her womb feeling like gallons were leaving me. Her womb started to swell she looked 3 months pregnant when I pulled out of her.

She rolled to her side and thanked me even though she was sore im sure. She said that what I had given her was much more than any man on her planet. "On my planet she explained men dont cum like that they only produce small amounts what you have given me will allow us to have over a thousand children." I was exausted but happy to have helped. She reached over to the wall and a small device moved out of the alcove in the wall she handed it to me it looked like a pin of the american flag. She said "Do not be decived by this trinkit I hand you this will give us a constant signal of you at all times and acts as a transmitter to let us hear and see everything u do. When you start your job always wear this device so that we may see what types of security they have and can figure out the best way to get the pod out without being detected. I smiled and took it from her. As I did a small shock of static electricity jumped from her hand to mind and I blacked out.

I awoke in my bed the beauty I had screwed besides the alian was gone. I wondered if it was nothing more than a mere dream. A knock came at the door and frightened me. As it opened I noticed it was the girl I had fucked and had fallen asleep next to in the bed. She looked in and said "Sir is every thing ok I thought I heard a noise just a second ago" I flipped on the bed side lamp and said "I think everything is ok I must have just had a dream and bumped something." She said "Is there anything I could do for you." I flashed her a smile and she closed the door and came over to me and gave me a blow job and turned around so that I could suck on her sweet pussy as we both came she got off of the bed wiped the cum from her chin and said "Sir its only about 6 right now but I would suggest that you get up take a shower and get dressed breakfast will be ready when you get down stairs." And with that she turned and left the room. I laid there for a moment not really wanting to get up but knowing full well that I had to. As I glanced at my bed side table I noticed a small american flag pin sitting next to the lamp. I guessed if it was a dream than were did the pin come from?

Chapter 2 ended Chapter 3 perhaps sometime soon
I would like to read all feedback on my stories the others that I have posted only have like a few responses to them if you like my stories or dislike them and rate them please also leave feed back and tell me what I can do to improve my stories all responses will be accepted other than ass hole feedback you know what I mean but tell me what you would like to see in these stroies and if possible let others know of my storeies if possible. Thank you!

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