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Stefan & Damon, Part III

Chapter I: Chase

Mystic Falls, Elena’s Home.

“That’s it, Elena, I’m going there! Damon needs all the help he can get to find Stefan, with his arrogant shit, and you aren’t my mother to keep me here!” Jeremy, Elena’s younger brother told her, grabbing his packages and heading to the door.
“Aunt Jenna is dead, Alaric is in Italy! I am in charge of you, and it’s killing me! You have no idea how much I want to go searching for Stefan, but I can’t, knowing that whatever is keeping him captive is NOT Human. You have no idea what I’m being through, so please, just please. I don’t want anyone hurt anymore, what with Stefan missing? It’s crazy!” Elena cried out, on the edge of crying.
“Elena, if it’s a vampire or any creature of the night, I’ll survive, I have my ring! Stefan won’t”
“And if it’s a human?”
“He wouldn’t want anything with me!” And with that, Jeremy disappeared behind the door, Elena trapped alone in her house.
She went to the house phone and called Bonnie, to give her some company.
Italy, Hotel room.
“What does the text read?” Alaric, shocked after the Stefan is missing news, asked Damon who was staring at the phone.
“Just one of those commercial texts” Damon looked at Alaric, rolled his eyes, and started walking towards the door.
“Where are we gonna look?”
“‘We’ aren’t gonna look anywhere. I am. It’s dangerous, and I need some lookout for the hotel room, if the enemy wants us to look for Stefan, he’ll use the chance of us out of the house to look for something in here, like your dagger! Stay here.”
Damon walked off the door to the nearest mall, which he recalled was only a few miles away. He was pretty hungry, and he needed some strength to fight. On his way, he found a pretty alluring blond girl, so he compelled her, even though he had promised himself to stop it, to forget what he would do to her, and fed on her.
Next Damon jogged at a pretty normal human speed to find the huge mall.
Now what was left was to figure out where exactly would Stefan be caught captive? Suddenly, a text message arrived to him. He opened his sms with his phone and saw a picture took from the air of him contemplating the mall. Damon looked up and saw a building behind him, so he climbed it at full speed, which would look like a blur to human eyes. When he arrived at the ceiling, he found a trail of fresh blood. That was creepy. He followed it down stairs until he arrived in front of a door. It was likely that it was the place where Stefan was held since the trail of blood wasn’t appealing like human blood, but familiar. Like Stefan’s.
The kidnapper probably has a plan, so it wasn’t smart to mess with him by knocking off the door and attacking. He’s done the stupidest thing he’s ever had in his life, and knocked on the door. It opened as if on cue, and an oddly familiar voice called to him, “Come in.”
Then he knew it. The smell of lemon and ginger just screamed at him, he should’ve known from the beginning! He came in to see Katherine, standing in front of a tied up, beaten off Stefan.

Chapter II: Bloody Memories

Mystic Falls, Elena.

Elena kept calling her best friend, who didn’t bother to answer. An hour passed and Elena was still trying to contact her witch best friend, until finally, Elena’s house phone rang.
“Hello? Bonnie?”
“Yes, Elena, sorry! I was so busy with witchcraft, I didn’t even notice the phone ringing! Anyway, what’s wrong?”
“Jeremy ran away, he’s going to Italy to find the guys. Come over? Plus, I need you to contact him to check on the guys, you know, to see if they’re fine!”
“Umm Elena…”
“What is it, Bonnie?”
“I helped Jeremy to go to the Italy Hotel room. I opened up a portal in the woods near the boarding house. He wanted help and didn’t have any time!”
“Oh, God! I hoped he would arrive late and save himself some trouble!”
“He has his ring…”
“Bonnie, we can’t rely on some ring to his life! A vampire could easily take it from him if he wanted him dead.”
“Actually, Elena, I charmed it, that way any ENEMY touching Jeremy, would get seriously hurt. It’s like a personal shield now!”
“You’re kidding me! Oh my God, thank you!”
“Anytime. So, I come over when?”
“Right now, and bring your stuff, you’re staying here!”
Smoke started going off the chimney in Elena’s living room that didn’t even exist, and Bonnie was there with all her stuff. “Holy crap!”
“Impressed?” Bonnie said, smiling a faint smile.

Italy, Hotel Room.
Alaric was just sitting there, writing on his journal. He was deep in thought. Every time he was alone, his emotions would hit him. Jenna. She was everything to him. Everything. And now she is dead. Killed, by some Original. Tears leaked from his eyes as would happen every time he thought about the incident. He hated Klaus so much. He wanted to avenge her, and Jewels, who had died in the same sacrifice. Technically, Elena was supposed to die, but she didn’t, thanks to her uncle John’s sacrifice. He gave her his soul.
He wrote away, his most inner thoughts, his emotions. He would pour off his emotions on this little leatherback journal.
Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted his alone time, he was surprised, as if the enemy would knock on the door. Alaric grabbed the dagger and came near the door, peeking in the little glass. It was Jeremy, Elena’s younger brother. Alaric immediately opened the door, and hugged the stunned Jeremy tightly.
“What’s wrong, why were you crying? Am I too late?”
“No, no buddy! Nothing’s wrong, I’m glad to see you! Stefan is still missing though, Damon’s looking for him.”
“Oh. Why are you here, then?”
“You never know if the kidnapper wanted something from the suite. So I stayed here guarding it. What brings you here? It’s dangerous and I doubt Elena agreed with you.”
“She didn’t but I wanted to come. Damon and Stefan are like my brothers, and I don’t want anyone else dead.” Tears began leaking from Jeremy’s eyes, which Alaric analyzed as dread. Alaric lost his lover, his soul mate, but Jeremy lost his aunt. The woman that was supposed to be taking care of him, after the death of his parents. Poor Jeremy hasn’t got lots of people he care about in his life left.
Alaric hugged Jeremy tight, while they both cried out the pain inside them.

Katherine’s apartment – Italy.
“Holy Shit! What the fuck did you do to the guy?”
“Oh just fed him a little vervain, you know he resisted well this time! He’ll wake up in a few minutes, it’s been a while since I got him.”
“You slutty bitch!”
“Oh, thank you! I love it!”
“Why are you doing all this? You could’ve just texted me the exact location of the house without torturing the shit out of my brother!”
“You know it’s the first time I heard you talk about him by referring to your ‘brother’. Now, let’s cut to the chase.”
“Fuck me.” Katherine said in her perkiest voice.
What the Hell of a game was she trying to play?
“What the fuck?”
“Fuck me, or I kill your brother” she motioned Damon to a big stove hung in the ceiling. “This is full of vervain, do what I say, or I drop it on your brother, which would hurt. A lot.”
Damon didn’t have any idea of the master plan in the bitch’s mind, but needed to do whatever she said. For the sake of his brother.
He leaped at her, kissing her fiercely, and knocking her on the floor. They both danced together, each one’s body collapsing on the others’, their tongues dancing together too. Damon slowly took off Katherine’s tank top, leaving her kissing him in her bra. Then he took off her jeans, also leaving her in her underwear. She was there in front of him, only thin panties and a bra covered her private areas.
She then helped Damon undress, which was pretty fast, since he only wore a tshirt and some khaki shorts. He was in his boxers kissing her, when he abruptly ripped off her bra.
“Raaaawr” Katherine purred in a pure slut’s way.
Damon growled and continued his quest, also ripping off her panties with his teeth, fangs exposed. He was turned on and got an erection, his eyes turned bright red, and his face crippled to expose his inner monster’s face. Katherine wrapped her legs around Damon’s waist, bringing them down, taking his underwear off too, exposing his large member. She giggled and spread her legs for his easier access. He dived in, not bothering to prepare her pussy into it. She screamed and moaned in both pain and pleasure, and Damon groaned and pounded the shit out of her NOT tight pussy. He knew the bitch has got lots of attention in the few days she escaped Klaus’ claws. He began playing with her breasts, suckling on the right one while his hand squeezed the other. He then gave the same treatment to the other, getting more and more turned on.
“Aghh, I’m gonna cuuummm!”
“Come in me baby, YES! Oh yes, fuck! Harder! HARDEEER!” Katherine screamed as Damon pounded away.
He felt his cock tense in her clit, as she was cumming too, her pussy was getting tighter and tighter! They came together, Damon’s cock shooting load after load of cum, filling her pussy. He then got his cock out of her hole, cum dripping off her clit and a little cum oozing from his cock’s tip.
Damon stood up, and to his surprise, he saw his brother, standing, watching the whole scene. He looked bloody weak and had wounds all over himself. The bitch had really fucked him up!
“Stefan?” He said, unsurely.
“I went through living Hell, and this bitch’s got me all beaten up, and you’re fuckin screwing her?!” He replied angrily.
“Look up! There’s vervain and she threatened to throw it all on you if I didn’t do what she said!”
“Boys, boys. Stop fighting! You’ll both get to screw me all you want!” Katherine said, getting up after she’d gotten dressed.
“You slut, why? What do you want?” Damon screamed at her.
“You guys!” She giggled.
“Well, sorry, we’re not available. Goodbye Katherine!” Stefan said.
Both Damon and Stefan ran out of the room, away from the building and on their way back to the hotel room.

Chaper III: Busted – Stefan’s Point of View
“I still think it was weird that she actually let us go.” I told Damon, who was just walking next to him, thinking…
“You’re right, she probably has a plan. I think we shouldn’t stay here. Plus, it’s weird she hurt you just to sleep with me and then let us go like that.” He answered. “Aren’t you hungry? Why don’t you feed on someone and erase their memories! Easy as shit.”
“I can wait until we get to the blood bags in the hospital”
We both entered the hospital and stole lots of blood bags, it would last us a few days. I fed, drinking 4 bags till I recovered from the torture Katherine had done.
We arrived at the door of the hotel room, I was about to open the door when Damon took my hand and pulled me on for a kiss. Of course I didn’t pull away, kissing him back. He carried me, and I spread my legs around his waist, our tongues still dancing in each other’s mouths. We mixed our saliva, we were one. He put one hand underneath my leg to hold me still, using the other to squeeze my ass. I wrapped my arms around his head, pushing our kiss tighter. While he was carrying me, he turned my back to the door, and pushed me against it, still holding me, enjoying our kiss. He continued kissing me, but traveling down my lips, through my jawline, down my throat to my neck.
He then re-kissed me, embracing my tongue with his. Suddenly, the door opened and I expected Alaric to just move around for us to continue, and he would join us, and we would fuck like I would’ve never went missing. But I heard a small gasp. Since I wasn’t facing the door, I didn’t see Alaric’s face when he saw us.
Damon dropped me, and so I fell down. It was the last thing I’d expected so I didn’t have fast reflexes. I abruptly stood up, facing the open door where Jeremy stood.
“What the Hell?” He screamed, horrified and shocked by the scene he had just seen.
“Ughh!” Damon groaned. “How the Hell did you come here?”
“Magic” Jeremy answered, “What the Hell were you guys doing?”
“What did it look like we were doing, dumbass?”
Jeremy didn’t know what to say. He was so confused.
“You guys are gay? What about my sister you douche?!” He talked back, pushing Stefan without any results.
“I love her.” Stefan simply replied.
“Doesn’t look like it.”
“If I fuck a guy doesn’t mean I love him, especially not my own fuckin brother.” Stefan also replied, as calm as before.
“Oh, you’re fucking too?”
“Yes, anything wrong with that?” Damon approached Jeremy, ready for a fight. Jeremy was no match against Damon, so he stepped back, but Stefan already had grip over Damon.
“Stop it!” Stefan shouted at Damon.
Damon rolled his eyes and walked into the house, meeting Alaric who had stood behind Jeremy, not speaking a word. “Why didn’t you fuckin warn us this boy was here?”
“Check your phone, Damon.” Alaric replied, as calmly as Stefan. Damon checked his phone to see 5 text messages from Alaric and 10 others. All warnings and questions about how long they’re being.
While Damon was reading his other texts, Jeremy asked Alaric, “So if you’ve moved in with them too, means you’re fucking too!”
Alaric cleared his throat and choked up a yes. Jeremy scoffed and just stood there.
Damon rose his face from his phone and asked Jeremy, shamelessly, “Are you?”
“Of course not! I love Bonnie and you guys know that!” He replied, feeling outraged.
I couldn’t fight back answering the guy that ought to be my soon to be brother in law. “Jeremy, me fucking with either Damon or Alaric doesn’t mean anything. I still love Elena, such as Alaric still loves and dreads Jenna.”
“Still, you can’t go around fucking everyone!”
I felt a little guilty, Jer had a point. But I was a hundred percent sure I loved Elena, and it was all that matters.
Then, Damon spoke with his usual ‘I don’t give a fuck’ way, “So, we’re still gonna fuck right?”
Both Alaric and me didn’t answer his shameful question. He continued, speaking to Jeremy, “You can try it with us, if you don’t enjoy it you can just stop!”
“No, I won’t!”
“Well, are you going to watch us do it?”
“Do I have any other choice?”
“No we’re not letting you out of our sight, kid.”
“Whatever.” Jeremy said, beat up. He went to the room and sat on one of the sofas there, facing the bed.
I looked at Alaric. “We’ll start it off, and you just join us.”
“Sure” was all Alaric replied.
Damon and me automatically began kissing, heading to the bedroom where Jeremy sat. Damon pushed me on the bed, me landing on my back. He got on top of me and we resumed our kissing, ignoring Jeremy. He yanked my shirt off of me and I done the same to him, we were both kissing bare-chested. Damon unbuckled my belt and pushed down my shorts, leaving me in my underwear. I pushed him down and was on top of him, unbuckling his belt in my turn, and pushing down his own shorts. We were now kissing, hugging and grunting against each other’s crotches in our underwear.
“Oh, Damon! Ahh” I moaned.
He moaned too, his moans muffled by my mouth covering his. I then reached to his underwear and pulled them off, exposing his manhood, which was hard as rock. He did the same to me and we were both wrestling naked on the bed.
I kneeled on the bed and took Damon’s legs, spreading them and putting them on my shoulders. I put the tip of my cock on the entrance of Damon’s glory hole. I rubbed my cock on it, teasing Damon until he begged me to fuck him.
“Oh, Stefan! Fuck me already! Give it to me! Give me this big cock of yours!” Damon moaned.
I didn’t waste any more time and I shoved my shaft into him, not getting all my inches into his hole, but shoving in a great deal. Damon screamed and moaned and cussed and moaned even more! He was so excited. I grabbed his cock and started jacking him off, wondering where was Alaric.
As if on I had called him, he was at the door, naked. He was on the bed in no time, and he opened Damon’s mouth, who was panting and moaning because of all the pleasure I was provoking.
When Damon’s mouth was open wide, Alaric shoved his balls in, as if sitting on Damon’s face. Damon stuck his tongue out and started licking Alaric’s hairy balls. I started fucking Damon even harder than before, enjoying the scene of Damon choking on Alaric’s balls. I looked up at Jeremy, who was staring intensely at the scene developing in front of him. I looked at his crotch area and realize he had a tent in his pants. He had a hard on!
I stopped fucking Damon and jacking him off, not taking my dick out though, “So, Jeremy, wanna join?” I winked at him. He blushed as if he was a child caught doing something wrong. Both Alaric and Damon stopped what they were doing to stare at him.
“Umm, is there any place for me?” He asked, a little shy.
“We’ll make him some place, right guys?” I told both Alaric and Damon, winking, again. Alaric got the message, and lifted his balls out of Damon’s mouth, who I had remained fucking and continued jacking off.
He then approached Jeremy and just kissed him. Jeremy was startled a little but continued the kiss. Alaric helped Jeremy undress and they were now kissing, in each other’s arms. Alaric stopped kissing Jeremy for an instant. “Scootch over. Come on!”
I lifted Damon, smiling at the couple, and moved to make some space. It was a king size bed so we all fitted there. I continued fucking Damon, but that time I started pinching his nipples, which turned him on so much more, and made him moan so much louder!
Jeremy was on top of Alaric, but then he knelt and just grabbed his own dick, then he grabbed Alaric’s face and approached it to his cock, he wanted a blowjob.
I was impressed by the size of his dick, what was he, 17? He had an astonishing 8 incher! It was nothing compared to our monster dicks, but he was just human! So it was pretty impressing.
Alaric just took Jeremy’s cock in his hands and started licking it. It had also a pretty wide girth! Alaric then took the whole shaft in his mouth, sucking at it so strong it made sloppy noises. It was kinda sexy, given the fact that just a few minutes ago, Jeremy was acting all homophobic.
“Aghhh! That feels so fucking good!” Jeremy screamed out.
“It does, doesn’t it?” Damon said, still moaning from my fucking.
I focused on Damon and noticed he was sweating, so I wanted to finish it off, I fucked him harder and harder by the second until I finally shouted, “Holy crap I’m gonna cum! OOH YEA! YES! I’m CUMMIIING YEEEES!”
“Aghh me too! I’m cumming too! AAAAHH!” Damon shouted, cumming onto my stomach. He rode me a few more minutes until he got tired and just knelt in front of me, licking off every trace of cum. Both his ass and my dick were also dripping cum. He softly licked the head of my dick and just swallowed all of the cum there. I got behind him and pushed his ass near my face, and licked it clean, tasting my own cum which was pretty awkward.
On the other side of the bed, Jeremy was getting ready to cum into Alaric’s face as he was face fucking him.
“Aghh, I’m cummiiingg!!” Jeremy screamed, moaning. And then he shot his load down Alaric’s throat, who swallowed it willingly. Some cum started leaking out of the corner of Alaric’s mouth as Jeremy took out his cock, who had a few drops of cum oozing from the tip.
“Did you like that?” Alaric said, flirtingly.
“Hell yeah!” Jeremy eagerly answered.
“Well you still haven’t seen anything cause, it’s my turn to fuck!”
Jeremy didn’t say anything. It was clear that his young ass was a virgin and had never even been finger-fucked, because he didn’t even reply and felt a little scared.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be soft, I would never hurt you! I’ll be slow and soft until you just tell me to fuck you harder. Do you trust me?” Alaric said.
Jeremy just nodded, he then got into doggy style, bulging his ass so that it was easier for Alaric, who was now positioned behind him, his cock rubbing on the outside of Jeremy’s hole.
“Want me to pop your cherry?” Alaric spoke with a deep, seductive voice.
“Oh, yes!” Jeremy couldn’t help moaning. He got hard as he heard Alaric say “pop your cherry” which really turned him on.
Alaric then entered Jeremy, in one, smooth motion, but still, the pain was unbearable! Jeremy screamed. “AAAAAAAHHHH!! FUCK!”
Alaric just kept his cock in there for Jeremy’s ass to adjust to its length, and width.
When Jeremy started relaxing, Alaric continued fucking him. He started off slowly, but managed to get it all in. Jeremy’s face was in pure ecstasy, with his mouth wide open. Alaric fucked him faster and faster, until Jeremy screamed “FUCKK MEE HARDEEEER! FASTEEER! AAAAAGH!” then, Alaric fucked the shit out of him. His balls slapped against poor Jeremy’s, who was moaning and screaming now.
Damon just stood up and went underneath Jeremy, and started jacking him off. I was hard again, watching the scene, and I decided to join. I got behind Alaric and hugged him from behind while he was fiercely fucking the shit out of Jeremy. I whispered in his ear, “Can I join?”
“Gladly” he replied, between moans.
Alaric was fucking Jeremy, so his ass was pretty tight. I used my hands to widen it a little bit and Alaric slowed down until I managed to stick my dick into his ass. He then continued fucking Jeremy, while getting fucked, by me. It was pretty hot. 3 guys fucking each other with Damon suckling and licking at their balls.
Finally, Jeremy screamed out, “I’m cumming, again! AAAHHH!!” He came all over Damon’s face, which was just underneath Jer’s cock.
Alaric got more turned on and reached orgasm too, and moaned so loud! Without any warning, he came into Jeremy’s tight ass, and so Jeremy Gilbert lost his ass virginity. “Congrats” Alaric said behind Jer’s back, and licked his ear.
The sight of Alaric licking Jeremy’s ear was too much and sent me off edge, so I came with a loud moan into Alaric’s ass. We all just layed there, on top of each other, except for Damon who Jeremy had wrapped his arms around. It was night, and we all got up to go have a shower. Damon ordered room service for Alaric and Jeremy, and after shower, we all dined together. Damon and me drunk from our blood bags, but also ate from ordinary human food, while Alaric and Jeremy just ate pizzas and French fries and thousands of other stuff.
We then all slept in the same king bed, even though there were 4 rooms to offer. Me and Damon were considered a pair, and so were Alaric and Jeremy. Even though we would fuck who ever came to our mind, it was just like that.
I then remembered something. “Hey, Jeremy! How did you get to the Hotel?”
“Oh, Bonnie opened up a portal for me.”
“Did she close it?”
“No she left it close itself after 10 minutes.”
“Oh, alright.”

A knock on the door.
I was up and rushed to the door, naked. I grabbed a short and wore it without any underwear.
I opened the door to see Matt Donovan standing there.

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