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This is a multiple part story, If you're not into forced pleasure than I assure you will not enjoy this story.
My body trembled and my mind raced as I saw Will walk towards me. His gaze felt so powerful over me; at least Sir's was gentle some of the time. What I saw in this man's eyes was a very strong urge to control and take what wasn't his, along with a burning passion for this naked woman in front of him - me. He instructed me to get on my knees. When I complied and looked up at him he said, "I like to watch my sluts get on their knees and suck my cock. It makes me feel like I own them. It turns me on very much." I looked down to the ground as he added, "And it turns them on, too." I blushed because I knew he was right; all of my friends had said that they loved it when they were "owned" and I was sure it was true for almost all women of our time. Plus I knew I was going to like it, too.

"So don't just sit there. Suck on my cock, slut," Will said, grabbing his cock with his hand and pushing it towards my head. I lifted my head so that my mouth was even with his cock. I got comfortable on my knees and opened my mouth: willing to accept another intruder. I closed my eyes as I felt his cock head press against my lips. I tried to stick my tongue out to flick the tip of his cock head, but he pushed his cock forward, past my tongue and into my mouth. I was confused, but went along with it. I tried to gently suck on his cock to start out with, but he pulled my head away from his cock by my hair. "Don't do any of that shit. I'm just going to fuck your mouth. You can suck if you can keep up with my speed," he said sharply to me. I nodded my head and opened my mouth again. I relaxed my throat and closed my eyes again as he began to quickly push his cock into my throat. Within no time at all, my throat was gagging on his cock as it was curving at the back of my throat. I tried to pull away, as I had with Sir, but Will kept me there, holding me there with both of his hands on the back of my head.

He pulled out slowly and pushed it back in as quickly as he had before. My throat didn't gag around his cock this time, because I knew how much I needed to relax it now. He kept his hands firmly on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth. He always slowly pulled out and plunged into my mouth, as Sir had done earlier with my used asshole. I tried to suck on his cock as he started to go the same speed when he pulled out as he did when he plunged in. My eyes were clasped shut and my throat burned again; Will's cock was almost as big as Sir's. He kept fucking my mouth relentlessly as he pulled my head to and fro to bounce off his cock. I felt his balls slap my chin with each thrust into my mouth.

Not too soon after, he pulled out and said, "Jerk me off until I cum on your face. Don't close your eyes." I swallowed once to get my throat working again as I lifted a trembling hand onto his cock. He wrapped his hand around mine and started me off, but before long I had gotten the knack of it and was pumping his cock fast on my own. "Open your mouth. I want some of my cum to get in your mouth," he said. I did as I was told, starting to get very excited at this other powerful stranger towering over me. I felt the cum rise up through his cock as I pumped it onto my face. I resisted the very strong urge to close my eyes as the first shots of his cum landed on my forehead. Some cum landed on my cheeks, chin and in my mouth as well. The cum on my forehead started to run down into my eyes and I tried to wipe it away, but Will slapped my hand and told me "No!" so I let it drip into my eye. It burned and I tried to cry it out as he watched me be humiliated in front of him.

I felt him walk away as I kept blinking and crying, trying to get the burning sensation out of my eye. I sensed someone walking towards me and thankfully it was Sir. I had almost forgotten he was sitting there watching Will fuck my mouth. I didn't like Will as much as I liked Sir. Sir was patient with me; Will was not. He lifted me up and whispered into my ear, "Get onto the bed, love." I felt calmed at the sound of his voice again. I adhered to his gentle command and I rested myself on the bedspread. I saw Will and Sir softly talking, as if to figure out what to do next. They both nodded in agreement as I heard Sir say, "Put the blindfold back on, love, and then get onto your hands and knees, ass and pussy towards us." He threw the scarf back at me and I tied it over my eyes. I slowly got onto my hands and knees, as instructed.

I felt someone, I didn't know who, get onto the bed behind me. I was afraid they were going to take my ass, like Sir already had, but then I was also scared that they were going to take my pussy and cum inside me, either making me pregnant or giving me an STD. Usually I was very careful with sex, and I was starting to get nervous, even though I showed no sign of resisting. I felt the figure move closer to me on the bed and I felt what must have been a cock rub against my ass cheeks, which still burned slightly from the fierce beating they had been forced to take earlier. He rubbed his cock around my ass and lowered it to my pussy. He lined his cock up with my opening and began to push inside. I was very tight, having only had sex a few limited times before, so the intrusion hurt very much. The figure leaned over me and whispered into my ear, "Relax, it's me baby. I'll go slow for you." It was Sir. I calmed down and relaxed myself more. He wouldn't harm me.

Just as I was starting to look forward to being fucked by Sir, I felt him shift, and what must have been Will get onto the bed and take Sir's place. I tried to scramble away, but Will grabbed my hips and held me still. "Don't fight me, bitch," he spat coldly at me. I already cringed my face and clenched my pussy; so scared that he was going to fuck me with the same cold, fierce lust he had with mouth. He began to push his cock into my tight cunt, ignoring my whimpers and silent pleas of pain. He pushed forward more and more until his whole cock was embedded into my warm pussy. He let out a soft "Mmm" before he began to pull out. When he had pulled out all of his cock except his head, he plunged it back in. The force pushed me forward, causing my head to land in a pillow, and his cock to exit my pussy.

He slapped my ass and said, "You cunt! Get back here. Don't move next time!" I nodded and pulled myself back up on my hands and knees. I tried to prepare myself for the harsh thrust into my pussy, but I still was pushed forward when his cock slammed into my cunt. "Mph," I moaned in pain as I bit my bottom lip. Will began a slow and steady rhythm this time; I was glad he didn't keep slamming into me. In and out, in and out, I felt his cock move. He moaned when I clenched my muscles around his shaft; involuntarily of course. I hadn't been fucked in a long time however and I had forgotten how good a cock felt up my tight cunt. I began to push myself back towards him, causing him to go faster.

Just as I was getting used to the rhythm, I felt Sir get onto the bed again. I felt him crawl under me and reach his hand and head up so that he could hold one of my breasts still as he bit and nibbled on my nipple. I moaned loudly when his teeth closed around my perked nipple. It was more like an growl than a moan; it was so animalistic that I couldn't believe my throat could make such a noise. I felt Sir reach his other hand down towards my clit. He moved with my hips as he held his fingers tightly around my clit, pinching it and pulling it back and forth, depending on where my body was. I threw my head back and my hair flipped up. Will saw this as an opportunity to grab my hair and start to pull me back onto his hips harder.

"Ow! Stop! That hurts!" I said, but he kept pulling; not even replying to my pleas. I tried to grab my head back from him, but he didn't let go. His hand was wrapped up in my hair anyway, so I think that even if he had let go I still wouldn't have been able to get away. I felt Sir pinching my clit and rubbing it harder and harder with every thrust as he bit down on my nipple in such a way I had never had done to me before. I loved being with two men at once.

I vaguely felt Will's cock start to twitch inside my dripping cunt, and I felt him pull out. He pressed it against my asshole and I tried to jump away, saying, "No! Not there please! It still hurts!" but Will again ignored me. He pushed his cock forward to my asshole as he pulled me back by my hair. His cock head popped inside my sphincter and I heard him let out a guttural moan.

"Relax, baby," I heard Sir gently say below me. "Just imagine it's me. You wouldn't want to displease me again, would you love?"

"No, Sir," I replied quietly.

"I didn't think so. You'd better get used to his cock fast because I'm putting mine up your cunt in a few minutes," he said.

My eyes went wide underneath the blindfold. There was no way in the world I could take both of these cocks at once! I didn't have time to object because Will had begun to push into my asshole.

"Ahhh!" I screamed. "Take it out! Please, take it out Will! It hurts!" I cried to Will.

"You think I'm actually going to take my cock out of your tight ass? You must be crazy. This is such a great fuck," he replied and pushed further.

"Owww!" I shrieked in response.

Will slapped my ass and said, "Shut up, slut! Take my cock!" He pushed my head into a pillow in front of me.

He shoved the rest of his cock into my tight asshole and I screamed into the pillow. I grabbed onto the sheets as I tried to breathe into the pillow. The pain had barely lessened when Will began to pull slowly out of my ass, which was bleeding again. He started pushing in and out of my sore and bleeding hole and I was still wincing and whimpering in pain below him. I felt Sir continue to rub my clit, going with Will's slow rhythm. I began to slightly enjoy the feeling of Will's cock in my ass...I loved anal sex, but not like this. At least I didn't at first. I started to push back onto his cock ever so slightly; without noticing it, though.

"I think it's time, don't you, Will?" Sir said to Will from underneath me.

"I'd say so. This slut looks like she's ready enough," Will replied. He lowered his hand down towards my pussy and scooped two fingers inside. They came out dripping with my wetness. "And it feels like she's ready enough, too. Here, lick my fingers off, cunt," he added as he reached underneath me and put his fingers against my lips. I licked his fingers clean and I felt Will pull out of my ass and Sir adjust underneath me. I was able to lift my head off the pillow since Will had let go of my hair. I knew that they were about to fuck me at the same time, and I didn't think I could handle it. For some reason though I knew I was going to because I strangely enough had the strongest urge to please not only Sir now, but Will as well. I felt Sir lie down underneath me and felt his cock press against my mouth. I was curious about this and Sir once again seemed to read my mind...

"I'm going to eat you out and get you nice and wet while Will continues to fuck your asshole. I want you to suck on my cock while I eat you out, love. You know how I like it baby," Sir said. I nodded and opened my mouth to find his cock head pressing against my lips; already wet with precum. I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue as I felt Will push his cock head back into my asshole.

"Mmm," I moaned onto Sir's cock. "Yes, fuck my asshole. Fuck me hard." I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth, even though it was what I wanted anyway. I felt Sir's tongue reach up and flick over my clit as I lowered my head down onto his cock. I sucked on his head gently as I reached down to cup his balls.

I accidentally squeezed them too hard when Will plunged into my asshole and Sir said, "Ah, gentle there baby." I nodded with his cock head still in my mouth as I let go of his sensitive balls. Will had already started an astounding speed as I started to take in more of Sir's cock. Sir was frantically licking my dripping wet cunt and he began to finger fuck me with two of his large fingers. I kept moaning onto his cock and Sir moaned into my pussy. We both heard Will moaning above us when I clenched my asshole tight around his cock.

Will leaned down a bit and put his hand on the back of my head. He plunged my head down and I gagged on Sir's cock. He held me there, even though I tried to get away. "Go faster. Go with me baby. When I plunge into your asshole, I expect you to plunge your head down onto his cock," Will said to me. I nodded and he let go of my head. He plunged into my asshole and I plunged my head down onto Sir's cock; making myself gag around it again. Sir kept moaning as he felt my throat grab his cock when I gagged around it. I was getting close to orgasm as I felt Sir curl his fingers up and massage my g-spot.

"Mmm," I moaned onto his cock as he bit down on my clit and Will plunged his cock harder into my asshole. I pulled my head up off of Sir's cock and wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. I felt my orgasm building up rapidly and I couldn't keep my head down.

"What did I tell you, slut?" Will spat at me and he pushed my head back down onto Sir's cock. I couldn't breathe and was trying to get my wits about me as the three rhythms that were going on around me kept changing; both speeding up and slowing down. Sir pressed onto my g-spot harder and massaged it rougher. His tongue flicked faster and faster on my throbbing clit. Will plunged into my asshole over and over as Sir's cock went deep into my throat with every one of Will's powerful thrusts.

I took a sharp intake of breath around Sir's cock, making me gag, as I came on Sir's face. I tried to reach my head up and take an actual breath, but Will was right there to push me back down again. "Make us cum with you. Squeeze my cock with that ass and suck his cock harder," he said to me. I clenched my asshole around his cock as I sucked harder and harder on Sir's cock. Sir and Will had kept doing what they had before my orgasm rolled through me, and I felt another one building up; this one even more powerful. Faster and harder Will pumped my asshole, and tighter and tighter my asshole squeezed his cock; milking it.

"Oh god, yes," Will said. "Don't stop baby, keep it up."

I kept up my amazing speed as they both did the same. Sir had taken his fingers out of my cunt and was furiously licking his tongue everywhere he could reach; inside my pussy and out. I felt him lean up to bite on my clit once as I came again on his face. I felt his cock twitch inside my mouth and shoot into my throat. I squeezed my asshole as tight as I could around Will's cock as he came not too long after. He pulled out of my asshole with a slight 'pop' and I lifted myself off of Sir. We were all so out of breath and waited a few more minutes to catch our breaths.

Sir stood up and ordered me to do the same. He removed the blindfold from my eyes. He closed his eyes and ordered me to lick my cum off of his face. I closed my eyes and reached out to grasp his neck between my hands. I licked his face clean; his nose, his forehead, his lips, everything was clean of my cum when I was finished. I swallowed it all up as I felt Will come up behind me.

"So you ready to try some double penetration now, baby?"

To be continued...

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