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Amelia puts herself in a bad situation with a mystery man from the train station.
She stole a glance across a crowded room at a tall perceptive man, lurking beside a staircase. He directed himself sidelong up the flight behind him. Not having much else to do except wait for her train, Amelia got up from her seat on a stone and wood patterned bench, walked cautiously and made an effort to keep a distance between the two of them. Somewhere above her head, the man opened a door. She arrived on the landing in time to follow him through the corridor.

They ended up in a secluded section of offices, most likely belonging to the staff working the ticket booths and conducting the trains along each route. He ducked around a corner. She lost track of his whereabouts and heard a shuffling of feet further down the hall. "That has to be him." The man moved quickly, ascending yet another set of stairs leading to what Amelia assumed would be the roof or possibly a crawl space of some kind. As her feet touched the metal rungs, a hand grabbed her around the waist. Before a scream could escape, her mouth was covered by a foul smelling rag and a sleepiness began to steal her consciousness away.

In her nervousness, every breath sucked the chemical accumulation deep into her lungs and held it there, repeating the process. He said a few words and the world as she knew it went black. When Amelia became aware of her surroundings, they didn't seem to be in the hallway let alone a train station. Each wall held a painting on its burgundy colored surface, its frame appeared old and held a gold tinge with quite a thick coating of dust atop it. She tried to but her arms wouldn't budge. Both legs were held at such an awkward angle, pointed towards the ceiling that her loins were exposed to the light of an overhead lamp.

A rough, calloused hand rubbed its fingers through the curly patch of pubes that covered her wet cunt. They were matted to the folds but provided little in the way of impeding his assault. The man molested her, forcefully stroking a finger inside of one of the last vestiges of privacy she managed to keep every boyfriend from touching. He gathered up her sloshing wetness on a fingertip, stirred it around in her and withdrew the very same finger to drink its elixir. The taste of youth brought him decades into his past, searching for his first love in a recessed, secluded portion of his memories.

Amelia cried, longing hopelessly to be rescued. To be taken away on the wings of an eagle and saved for marriage as she had foolishly dreamed up. "No one will save you. I took all the necessary precautions, locked all the doors, doubled over my tracks to avoid detection. If anyone finds us I will most surely slit your young throat right in front of them. But for now, I need to abuse you." His hand gripped her neck and forced Amelia to stare into his piercing blue eyes. "I don't want to hurt you, but if there is reason to, don't expect me to spare you due punishment."

She sobbed politely, jerking her slender hips in the leather restraints he'd so meticulously tied. Two fingers probed her cunt and turned first clockwise, then anticlockwise, curling upwards as they knocked against a spongy lump of skin within her. "You're getting wetter by the moment. I knew in my heart how much you wanted me. The instant I noticed you were trailing me, I decided to set my plan in motion."

"What are you talking about?" she gasped in disbelief. Her wrists strained in their holdings, the padded metal chair creaked ever so sightly with the shifting of her weight though he was well aware of the chair's durability. She hadn't reached a quarter of what it could hold, wearing clothes soaked in water. Amelia cried as his fingers slipped further up her bare stomach, reaching for the tiniest pair of breasts he remembered seeing, other than his daughter's when she received her nightly baths.

"You sought me out, dear. I know you did. Every fiber of your being betrayed your intentions. The shifting of your hips as I watched you walk into my trap turned me on. Maybe one day I'd like to thank your mother for creating such a perfect specimen of womankind. It is something I've learned to appreciate as my desire for teen girls intensified, the smell of an aroused girl your age is intoxicating to my senses. I would profit if I found a way to bottle your feminine essence." He grabbed the two nearly flat protrusions and sucked one into his slobbering mouth. She whined from his beard scratching the smooth unblemished skin of her chest. Between her legs, oily slick cream readied Amelia's loins for what rubbed and diddled the slightest inch of her notch, prying it barely far enough apart to gain entry.

"I don't understand, this is confusing! Please, just let me go and I'll never mention anything to anyone. I'm gonna miss my train!" she pleaded as his cock pushed inward, parting her creamy petals wider, stretching them around the girth of his long shaft. He circled her breasts and pulled their nipples outward, twisting them side to side. The gentlest motion knocked the one thing she would have guarded with her life. Her cherry. His cock withdrew, slipped inside and knocked it again, influencing the sensitive flesh of her cunt to tear ever so slightly. He backed off again and noticed a ring of blood around his shaft.

Without a word spoken, he drove deep. His length impaled her. Searching like the serpent it was, she felt him send what could have been a foot of cock inside. He laughed at the situation she was in. The frown on her face brought him quickly to the peak of his climax all too soon. Amelia screamed with the full capacity of her lungs and made the man angry. He belted her one across the cheek with his open palm, pulled out and stepped away. She was untied, led to his bathroom and allowed to shower or bathe, whichever she deemed appropriate.

The water shut and he announced, "Get dressed. I'll show you how to get back to the station." The man brought her outside and drove ten minutes north, finding the ramshackle building. "Get out. You missed the train, I'm sure but you kept your life."
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