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A girl, a boy, and being natural in late morning under a canopy of trees hidden in the forest.

Late morning sun filters through tall forest trees. Long smoky looking streaks of sunlight stream down like pointing fingers all around the boy and girl kissing while they lay on a dark red blanket, put down in haste on the pine needle forest floor. Around them, morning sounds, as bright and alive as the light, sparkle in their own way, raining down on the two, oblivious to everything but the other.

The girl is very young, no older than sixteen, the boy a few years older at nineteen or twenty, and determined as he kisses the girl intently and starts moving his hands over parts of her body, up along her arms, then brushing over a tit quickly, building slowly to the point where she'll let him feel her and not protest. She breathes heavily in the quiet forest, and can't help but moan when the boy's hand rests finally on her tit, stilled for a moment, waiting, then squeezing gently when the girl makes no attempt to move his hand.

They face each other, close together on the blanket as they continue making out, breathing hard as a slight breeze rustles tree branches swaying gently above where they lay. Bird make their sounds, nature goes on around them, the two breathe and moan lowly as the boy slips his hand under the girl's top finding her tit, then kneading it as he continues to kiss her.

She feels his hand under her top and doesn't know if she should let this go on, should let the boy touch her this way, but then he squeezes her nipple and she lets out a little gasp as an electric spark ignites somewhere inside her and she can't help but let him. It's all she will let him do, this and no more, and she believes it until he pulls her top down, exposing her tit, pale white in the morning light, as he moves a little, positioning himself to move his mouth to her tit, then lick her nipple, and finally putting his mouth over her nipple and sucking it, gently at first, then harder as he groans.

The girl loves the way it feels and instinctively pushes her chest out toward the boy's mouth, wanting him to continue, to suck harder, to never stop. The heat inside her grows and she's still not sure she should be doing this but it feels so good and she wants the boy to like her, wants to make him happy for being with her. She decides right then that she'll let him continue, and when he pulls her other tit out over her top and sucks it too, she lets him, believing that this is definitely as far as she'll go, that it's enough at least for today.

It's not enough for the boy though, he wants more and he intends to get it and knows it's what she really wants anyway. He holds on to both the girl's tits, squeezing them and alternates sucking on both. Her wet breasts glisten in the filtered light that still streams down all around them. The girl is on her side, the boy has moved down and faces her tits, licking and sucking as he groans, and listens to the girl panting in fast little breaths now, moaning a little as she pushes her chest into his face, turned on beyond belief. The boy is half-way home and he knows it. His dick is hard and aching, twitching in anticipation of getting inside the girl's luscious tight cunt.

He latches onto a tit and sucks away while he kneads it with one hand and moves his other hand through the girls hair, down the side of her face, down her arm to her breast where he concentrates for a moment on using both hands to squeeze a tit while he sucks hard, urgently, making little sucking noises and his drool glistens as the boy licks all around a nipple, and he hears the girl gasp, the sound loud in the quiet forest. She feels something spark inside while the boy sucks and kneads her tit, something deep, something she needs from this boy.

She feels the boy's hand move down to her hip then down to her thigh and rest there for a moment. The girl is wearing shorts, tiny little shorts, and almost at once, the boy's hand is in between her legs, rubbing her inner thighs. She feels a sharp little jab next and all at once the boy's finger is inside her, deep inside, stopping for a moment after pushing in quickly. The girl gasps again and really wishes she knew what to do about this development but as soon as the boy starts moving his finger in and out of her, she realizes how much she wants him to do what he's doing, and she's crossed another line, and resolves again in her mind that she will not cross another, no matter what.

She hears his voice as he fingers her, soft, sweet, pleading with her a little to let him in, that he likes her so much and wants her to be all his, and to please let him in. He tells her it will feel so good, that they are meant to be together like this, that this is a good thing and to please say yes. The boy kisses her again, still fingering her, pushing in and out, going in deep, not sure if she's a virgin or not, and not really caring. She seems to like having her tits sucked, and she obviously likes a finger in her cunt, so maybe he's lucked out and this won't be as difficult as he thought it might be. His balls ache from being so nice to this girl, from waiting so long to get into her, so she damned well better let him in, and soon.

He goes back to kissing her and sucking on her tits, still fingering her, then finally uses his other hand to unbutton her shorts then tug on the little zipper, pulling it down and placing his hand on her smooth stomach. The girl groans and makes a feeble attempt to move the boy's hand away but he won't move it and fingers her a little faster in response, smiling when she moans a little louder and longer. The boy keeps fingering her and licks her tits again sucking each before pulling away, his mouth making a popping sound that is loud in the quiet of the forest. He pulls his finger out of her cunt then and in one swift motion pulls her shorts and panties down around her thighs, then sits up for a moment and pulls them all the way off.

The boy puts a leg in between both of hers and settles himself on top of the girl, pushing her legs apart slowly as he undoes his own shorts and pulls them down past his knees. He starts sucking the girls tits again, right away, to keep her in the mood, then kisses her, moaning into her mouth, talking to her, telling her how much he wants her while he pushes her legs farther and farther apart. She can feel the boy's hard dick, so close now to reaching it's goal, while he kisses her and sucks on her tits and she really doesn't know what to do, doesn't know how it went this far. The pungent smell from layers of pine needles permeates the air and the breeze stirs again around them, blowing quietly over hot skin. The boy's hard dick grazes softly against her even softer thighs, poking hard close to her hole, seeking entry, needing to get into the girl's wet cunt.

The girl feels the boy's urgency and thinks she should stop this. but doesn't want to and when she feels his finger inside her again, and hears the boy softly telling her how much he likes her and wants her, her resolve melts away. Her eyes open briefly and she sees how pretty the boy is, and knows how lucky she is that he wants her so much. It's a lovely spot too, perfect for this romantic moment with a boy she's crazy about, and so she decides then that she won't stop him, can't stop him, and her legs move a little farther apart in anticipation of what's next.

The boy feels the subtle shift in the girl, feels it when she moves her legs apart, inviting him in, and he forces himself to go slow, to not spook her, not when he's this close. She moans and when he pleads again, she answers, “Yes,” and moans again when the boy pushes his finger in deep and she feels him suck her tit so hard it almost hurts, and somewhere in the distance birds are squabbling way high up in the canopy of trees above them, and the girl hears that and hears the boy making sounds as he sucks her tits, right before he pulls his finger out of her and lines up his dick between her spread legs, finding her hole and pushing slowly into her cunt, and once he's really in, letting out a low groan that blends in with the little breeze rattling the branches above them.

He fills her so full, he's so big in her tight cunt, and the girl is in awe loving the way his dick feels inside, wondering now why she waited so long to feel something so good. The boy was right and she's sure she's done the right thing, taking his dick deep like this, letting him fuck her. She feels his dick move out of her then push back in. He moves slowly, cautiously, but once he sees that the girl can take it, he moves a little faster, thrusts in a little harder, fucking the girl for real now and loving every moment. It sure took her long enough but the reward is worth it. He smiles as he thrusts in over and over, smiling while he hangs on tight to her tits, giving them little sucks and growling bites, while he fucks the girl to his heart's content, fast and slow, deep, hard, fucking her the way sluts are meant to be fucked. He doesn't want this to end any time soon, but he smiles again thinking about how good it's going to feel when he unloads his cum in the slut's cunt.

The girl is inexperienced and isn't sure what she should be doing, but she tries thrusting back just a little as the boy fucks her, thinking that's better than just lying there. He seems to like it, groaning and grunting as his dick goes in deeper and harder. Deep inside, the girl feels those little electric sparks going off again, somewhere in her stomach and deep in where his dick fills her completely. Her clit is tingling too, sending off sparks that build as the boy continues fucking her, and finally, without realizing what is really happening the girl comes, moaning loudly, saying, “Yes,” and “Don't stop,”over and over, until the orgasm hits her like a slap, and her body trembles before collapsing as the boy keeps on fucking her.

He's lasted a long time, and he has a lot of stamina anyway, so the boy fucks the girl through her orgasm, then past it, slamming into her over and over, grunting when he picks her up by the ass and really goes to town as he approaches his own release after giving the girl a really thorough fucking. The bitch damn well should appreciate what a good fuck he's given her. She's still liking it, but has already found her joy and now is just hanging in for the boy, knowing he needs to finish, wondering how long it will take him and after another few minutes, wishing he would get there.

The forest is quiet, and it's almost like it's watching and listening to the sounds of fucking, of skin slapping against skin, while two people moan lowly and long, the boy growling, grunting his pleasure as he fucks into the girl, over and over, making her feel it, doing her right in the late morning. The boy's stamina lasts and he fucks the girl relentlessly, and at some point has stopped paying attention to the girl and is now fucking the girl just to get off. He wants to come deep inside her, fill her, make her cry out again, so he picks up the pace, and the girl gets frustratingly close to another orgasm when the boy finally reaches his own. The girl is moaning again, pleading for more, wanting to come again no matter what, and the boy is doing his best, fucking her hard, but it's all for him now, and suddenly he's there, slamming in hard, then stopping, body trembling as his dick twitches while it shoots his cum deep into the girl's tight cunt.

The girl knows it's over but oh how she wishes she could come again. She was so close and it would take so little to push her over the edge. His weight is heavy on her as she lies there. She can't exactly feel his cum, but she knows it's inside her now, and that's somehow a really great feeling. The boy stays on top of her for a minute, dick still semi-hard, still lodged deep in her cunt. He finally pulls out and rolls over onto his back. She feels the cum then, feels it trickle out and drip down legs that are still spread wide. It shines brightly in the strands of sunlight still dancing around and on her. The boy lies there next to the girl for a minute or two, dick softening slowly, shiny and glistening in the sunlight. Suddenly he wipes his dick across the girl's thighs leaving two wet streaks, then stands up and pulls his shorts up, tucking his dick inside.

He picks up the girl's panties and shorts and throws them at her and tells her to put them on. Cum is dripping down the inside of her thighs and the girl doesn't know what to do about it, has no way to stop it, so she simply puts her panties and shorts back on hoping it will stop then. Instead she feels all wet and realizes that the boy's cum is pooling in her panties. She feels all wet but there's nothing she can do about it. She stands up and the boy pulls her top back up over her still exposed tits. He picks up the blanket and tells her he has to go so to walk back to the car now. The girl hates to leave this beautiful place and looks around to remember it well when she thinks back on her first time with this boy.

When they get to the car, the boy puts the blanket down on the girl's side of the car and she sits on it feeling the cum still dripping out of her and knowing that it will be all over the blanket too, and then realizing that's why the boy put the blanket down where he did. She feels embarrassed now and the boy seems distant, not the same as he was before and she wonders what's going on. He doesn't say anything as he drives back to town, and soon he's pulling over and stopping in front of her house.

She doesn't know what to say but she tries to give the boy a little hug and kiss before she gets out of the car but he basically holds her at arms length and listens to her politely while she tells him she had a great time and hopes he'll call her soon. He tells her he will then tells her he really has to get going and even moves over and opens her door so she will get out. She gets out of the car wet and sticky and looks back at the blanket and sees a large wet spot. The boy does too and quickly pulls the blanket off the seat and throws it on the floor and giving a quick glance to the upholstery before telling her to close the door. He gives her a little wave as he drives away, relieved that it's over with. He loves fucking girls but saying good bye can't come soon enough.

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2011-07-27 01:34:09
Lovely as always, your best in terms of deion of a single act of sex.

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