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Pools and parties and sneaky pleasure.
Muse (9)


She barely made a splash as her tiny body knifed into the water at the opposite end of the pool. She undulated her body up and down then straightened out, only slightly kicking with her ankles and knees with her arms at her sides. She crossed the whole length of the pool underwater like that and came up next to where I lounged in the shallow end of the pool with her long hair stuck smooth against her head, neck, back, and shoulders; her eyes were closed and she had a look of rapture on her face as she leaned her head back and took a deep breath through her wide open mouth, pushing her chest out and treading water with her feet. I’m not a prude, but I’m not immune to more base instincts either; I didn’t try very hard to block out the mental image I had of the things she had likely done to Mark with that tiny mouth of hers. I found myself trying to block out the imagery less and less lately. Mark had basically brushed my embarrassment off, and Aliona didn’t seem capable of shyness.

“Done swimming?” she asked, rubbing the chlorinated water of the hotel pool from her eyes.

I shrugged, trying to keep my eyes on hers and not her perfect body wiggling and moving beneath the rippling water. Every time I had stolen a glance at her in the last couple of days she had noticed. Ever since I had watched her and Mark having sex through his partially open door she had been catching me at every turn. Whenever it happened she gave me that wink of hers and grinned. She was a winker, I’d known that already; it was her way. I hoped it was me adding meaning that wasn’t there because of my confusion over my feelings for her. Who was I kidding? I wasn’t confused at all; I was incredibly attracted to this flirty little slip of a girl. There was something glossy and alluring about her, but the prettiest berries are usually poisonous. A quick stab of adrenaline hit my insides as one of her legs brushed against my hip under the water and I jumped like I had been shocked.

“Lisa, you need to relax. WE’RE IN LA!” she yelled, arching herself backwards to land on her back flat on the water. She spread her arms and legs out like a starfish and her hair floated lazily around her head as she lay floating on the water, spinning slowly away across its surface with her eyes closed.

I guess she was right. I was wound really tight. I needed to run, to stretch out at full bore and push myself over the line into the astonishment. I needed to find the pure child’s mind space, clean and empty of all the little filing boxes we put our compromises in as we build the world around us in our minds. Or maybe not; that hadn’t been working lately. There shouldn’t be any thought while I run but I couldn’t keep this whole weird scene from my mind, even when I was on the brink between stimulus and response with my body pushing as hard as I could make it go. Floating there on the water she had a look of perfect calm on her face, like nothing else existed in the world besides her and this one perfect second. I envied her.

I wanted to bask in her presence but I couldn’t stop thinking. I’d never felt like this about another female before and it was odd, like new clothes that didn’t fit right. I suppose that isn’t exactly it; it was more like trying on an old pair of jeans that had never fit right only to see that you had lost the inches at the hips to make them work now. In college there had been another, but I had filed that away too and defined it in such a way through the lens of retrospect that it made sense now. Carly had been my roommate for the first semester of my art program, before Mark was able to move to the same city as my school so we could go back to being roommates. I’d hated being away from him; I was lonely in a strange city.

Carly had been sweet and innocent, a city girl who belonged in a cottage somewhere with a garden and three cats. She liked long crepe skirts and loose flowing tops. She wore her red ringlets long. Her big framed glasses, though fashionable in a retro sort of way, were more an accidental bit of cool than something she had planned. They were just the ones she had and so she wore them. She liked to burn a stick of incense and drink a bottle of wine and work with her clay. We’d found an apartment off campus and one corner of the living room is where she had her sculpting stuff. The landlord would have kicked us out if he’d ever seen the mess she made sometimes, but we were young enough not to care. I’d never known her to have many dates but I could have been wrong; it’s not like I asked where she went the few nights she did go out. She had a certainty and an exacting way to her hand’s movements that made me jealous. I was still in a bit of a clumsy phase with my leg then and the precise way she could tease shapes from the soft clay with her fingers and little tools held my attention and I’d just sit on the couch watching her work, sharing her wine.

I was still lifting weights fairly heavily then. My muscles would be so sore sometimes when I’d get home from the gym that I’d stretch and fidget awkwardly on the couch while I watched her and she played records by bands I’d never heard of. There was a wistfulness to the music she listened to; it was normally acoustic songs by women about being in love or losing love or wishing they could fall in love. Honestly, I didn’t like it very much; but it suited her perfectly. Carly had an honest quality about her that few people have, especially at an art school. When one night she asked me if I wanted her to give me massage I’d accepted the offer immediately. Her fingers were so strong, pressing in exactly the right spots and holding the pressure exactly as long as she needed to. I remember thinking that she should go into massage and skip art all together.

I had sat cross legged on the floor and she had sat behind me on the couch with one leg on either side of me, just barely touching my shoulders with the insides of her knees. As the melancholy music droned from our shitty second hand stereo she worked her fingers into my strong muscles in silence and I relaxed more than I had in months. She didn’t have the surgical precision of any of my physical therapists but what she lacked in anatomical know how she made up for with her genuine desire to see me unwind. As she worked on my back above my shoulder blades I had leaned back into her kneading to increase the pressure, so that when she started moving up higher to my neck I moved back more between her legs and felt the insides of her thighs sliding on my arms. With my eyes closed I groaned in pleasure and she had giggled and asked softly if she was “getting deep enough”. I had simply nodded with my eyes closed, feeling all my tension being rubbed away. I was so relaxed that I don’t know exactly when her kneading and pressing with her fingertips had turned into soft caresses with the palms of her hands.

She had moved her hands down my sides and I was barely aware when she slid them around against the front of my rib cage below my bulging breasts. I could smell the wine on her breath as her face moved beside mine and her chin rested on the top of my shoulder as she slid to the floor from the couch behind me with her legs stretched out on either side of mine. I was scarcely aware of the feel of her pressing herself softly and rhythmically against my ass from behind with her small breasts against my back. Her hands had moved past each other and her arms wound around my stomach, holding me and rocking slowly back and forth. That’s when I realized my hands had come out of my lap and were on her legs on each side of me. I had leaned back into her harder and her hands had slid softly and slowly up over my breasts, barely touching me. She moved them back down over their curve, over my stomach, across my hips, and down her legs under mine. She turned her hands palm up and laced her fingers with mine as she softly kissed the side of neck. I leaned my head to the other side and felt her soft tongue flick up and down behind my ear and I squeezed my hands tighter in hers , letting out another soft moan as I did so.

She kissed me like that for a while and I still hadn’t stopped to register what was going on. I was lost in the soft closeness of it all. I had let go of her hands and moved them on the top of her thighs, hers returning to touch my stomach and breasts. It had started to dawn on me that this was actually happening but I didn’t care anymore. Any reluctance had left while I wasn’t watching. With one hand still stroking softly on her leg my other went up to the side of her face and gently touched her cheek as she kept kissing my neck. One of her hands was on my stomach and the other had moved to my leg, her fingertips sliding softly against my skin as they moved higher and higher up my inner thigh. Gently and gingerly she moved them across the front of my pelvis, still barely touching me through the thin material of my short pink gym shorts. I inhaled sharply at an unfamiliar touch in an unfamiliar place. I had stopped thinking of myself as a sexual being; I had stopped thinking of myself even as a woman. I was just a physical tool to carry my mind around at that point in my life. Things were stirring in me that I hadn’t felt in several years. I leaned my neck around as far as I could and used my hand on her cheek to pull her mouth to mine. Our lips brushed against each other while she squeezed tenderly against my stomach with one hand and pressed the flat of her other palm against the outside of my vagina. I inhaled sharply again as our tongues touched, slowly and softly moving in and out of our mouths.

I remember feeling a short jerk of embarrassment and I had pulled my mouth back from hers and my whole body tensed. She put her fingers around my hard waist and looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, not shy but maybe sad.

“Me too,” I said, still not moving from where I sat with my back against her chest and her legs on either side of mine. We didn’t get up though; we were still looking into each other’s eyes. She leaned forward slowly and I let her kiss me again, only a second passed before I returned me hand to her face and started kissing her back, harder this time.

I shifted around so I was on my right hip on the floor, using my free hand to help brace me there. Carly was still leaning with her back against the couch and her legs straight out and spread apart. She brought her knees up and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me backwards. I let her guide me to my back on the floor as we kissed, she was on her knees beside me holding me there by the shoulders. As she had stretched out alongside me, draping her right leg over mine and moving her thigh up and down so that the top of it touched me between the legs, I put the fingers of one hand into her curly red hair and held her against me by her ass with the other.

Our kissing had become more passionate and she had lowered her chest against mine, our breasts pressing together between us. Carly leaned to her left hip and moved her leg from between mine and had moved her right hand from my face and pressed it to me as she ran it from my neck slowly over my left breast and down my stomach to my pelvis. With the backs of her fingers she had traced the line of my slit from the top of my mound all the way down to the opening of my pussy. Once there, she had straightened her fingers and pushed against me lovingly. The pink silky material was barely a boundary and I knew she could feel the damp heat of my blooming lust. She kept flicking her tongue against mine through our open mouths and pressing rhythmically into me. I leaned my head back at the neck on the floor and drew in a long relaxed breath as she moved her tongue from my mouth back to my neck. She licked with little strokes at my throat, moving lower still to trace a wet line along my collar bone. I had placed the flats of my hands on the floor to either side of my hips and arched my back, pushing pussy into her fingers harder. She began rubbing them up and down then, using three to put more pressure on her middle finger against my wet cleft. Our breathing had become heavier, slow and hard.

“You’re beautiful, Lisa,” she had whispered close to me, putting just the tip of her tongue in my ear and flicking it around a little. Her touches were in exactly the right spot and I remember taking in a short quick breath.

I’d moved one of my hands up the inside of her right thigh, pushing her long crumpled skirt up along with it, and I held her leg right where it joined with her body. I had felt nervous again and she must have sensed it in me. She took her hand from between my thighs and put it over mine on her leg and guided my fingers to her pussy. She held my fingers to her pussy and started moving them for me. She was wet and I could feel her pubic hair through her silky panties. She ground her hips, small movements up and down, and inhaled a sharp breath of her own. Carly had let go of my hand then and stood up on her knees beside me with her hair across her chest and hanging down to tickle my arm, reaching under her skirt and sliding her white panties off her ass and down her thighs. Watching her there beside me, seeing raw beauty in her face, I was overcome with the softness of that moment in a life that been all hard work for too many months now. As my fingers went back to Carly’s moist opening she lowered herself to her hands again and slid her panties the rest of the way down her thighs beneath her skirt and then lifted each knee in turn to get them past her calves. When she got them as far as her ankles she left them there and lay back against my chest with hers. As she started kissing me in earnest again, her tongue tangling with mine, she had bent her knees together to put her feet in the air and then used the toes of one foot to lift them from her other ankle and toss them to the side. Her hand found my pussy again, this time through the loose hole of the right leg.

Out tongues and fingers inside of each other we slowly and sensually moved against one another. The song had ended on her beat up vintage turntable and the needle was skipping in the last groove before the paper label. I had submitted entirely to the experience and my whole body was more relaxed than I could remember it ever being. At some point we had rolled onto our sides, her on her left and me on my right, facing each other in our passionate embrace. With two of her fingers inside of me, wet and pulsating, she brought me to two climaxes; one right on the heels of the other. The first was quick and sharp; I’d cried out into her mouth as we had kissed. The second came at the same time as her own, long and soft and sweet and girlish. Our mouths had been just an inch apart, our tongues slowly writhing along their lengths deep in each other and we had sighed and moaned together on the floor until it was over. I felt like a woman, not some clumsy teenager and not some rebuilt thing striving for physical perfection in shame.

Carly and I had held each other there for a long time, the record still skipping, before she got up to lift the needle. As she did I saw that part of her skirt had gotten caught on my metal leg. I reached out to stop her from going too far but it was too late. It had torn a piece of fabric free with a small ripping sound as she stepped towards the shelf. I sat up and pulled it off the small bolt head, my face blushed a deep red. Carly smirked and told me not to worry about it, but I was mortified. I felt ugly again. She tried to explain to me that she didn’t care, and honestly she had seemed genuine at the time. I couldn’t take it though and I left in a rush, going to the gym. Nothing like that night ever happened again and we didn’t talk about it with each other, sharing instead shy grins from time to time as we both thought back. Mark moved to the city a couple months later and he and I had found an apartment together. Carly and I tried to stay in contact, but we fell away from each other.

Thinking back on it, eyes closed and my arms stretched out along the edge of the pool with my body floating below the water in front of me, that was when I had decided I had to be perfect. That’s when it changed from a matter of rehabilitation into an obsession with my body. I wasn’t normally introspective like this; I tried to leave that sort of thing to Mark. Maybe something good was coming out of this weird scenario I had found myself in.

Water splashed across my face, snapping me back to the pool. Aliona was only a couple feet away, her little head rising above the water only as far as her nose. She winked and bobbed her chin up over the water and spoke coyly.

“You looked like you were starting to relax for a second. Be careful Lisa.”

She gave me a wide eyed wink as her head slipped slowly back below the water and she wiggled away beneath its surface, smooth and graceful like fish.


Mark was on his way back from the studio finally and had told us to go buy clothes. None of us had brought any really nice ones with us, packing for hanging around the city for a month instead of trying to look fancy. I only owned one fancy dress, and I had bought that as a birthday present to myself last month for the great Failed Opera Date. If I wouldn’t have built it up like I did in my head I wouldn’t have been so mad. I could no more change Mark than he could change me. It was for the opera though, not a trip.

We went from the pool to the room, then to some stores. I’ve never been much of a shopper but Aliona went crazy. She tried on clothes with reckless abandon, a whirlwind of coiled energy. It was infectious to a degree and I wasn’t as edgy around her by the time we got back to the hotel. She had on an elaborately pleated skirt that came to her knees; very fine almost-invisible red lines tracing small squares on its wool-like surface. It had a braided silk rope belt, the same red as the lines, that hung low below one hip in a knot and tassel of loose red strings. Her top was a black button up shirt, short sleeved with a high collar. Red lipstick, red ties on her loose pigtails that matched her belt exactly, red flip flops, black-rimmed red-lensed sunglasses. I had never been able to dress like that. When she came into my room looking like that I was momentarily intimidate by her again. She was even chewing red bubble gum and blew a big bubble and popped it across her cheek as she looked at me in my loose blue knee length skirt and tight white silk shirt. I had put on the leg that looks sort of like a real leg. She used her tongue to playfully get the gum back in her mouth before opening it to speak.

“Well, you look pretty.” she said, “Where’s your other leg?”

“That one?” I asked, pointing to where it sat upright on the floor by the foot of the bed.

“Yeah, it’s cool,” she said to me, “this one doesn’t look like part of you. It looks fake.”

“Really? Oh…well…” I stuttered as I sat down and switched them. I looked in the mirror by the door. I did like this one better but had always thought it wasn’t…dressy. The foot like thing on the end was the same size as my real foot so I removed the runner from it and slipped it into the white shoe that came with the one on my right foot and then snapped it back into the joint on the sport prosthetic. She was right; it did look like part of me. I’d always thought so, but no one had ever said it before.

“Kick ass,” she said, grinning at me. I couldn’t see her eyes behind the mirrored red lenses of her glasses but I saw the wink in my head.

We went to the elevator and down, Aliona moving her shoulders and right hip slightly the whole time to some rhythm only she could hear. As it arrived at the lobby and the door opened she snapped the fingers on both hands and slapped her left palm to the top of her right fist and hopped into the air slightly off the balls of her feet, squealing as she saw Mark and skipping out of the elevator towards him. He was wearing nice jeans and a crisp black shirt with buttons and a collar. At least he didn’t have on his hat. Her little red flips flops made small slapping sound as she dodged around an elderly couple and jumped at him. He caught her and she threw her legs around him and leaned back with her hands behind his neck with shoulders hanging back. He bent forward a bit and kissed her on the neck, draping the ends of her long hair to the floor with his hands in the small of her back. The elderly couple frowned and leaned together talking and pointing as the elevator closed behind me with them in it. The lobby was busy but only a few others noticed; they gave strange stares but Mark and Aliona were oblivious.

Putting her down but keeping his left arm over her shoulder he raised his left eyebrow at me as I walked to them. “Lis! Nice clothes!”

‘Nice clothes’, not ‘Nice Lis’. Mark had an odd way of complimenting people that left them feeling only partially responsible for whatever he was commenting on. I’d resolved myself long ago to knowing what he meant without having to hear him say it.


The restaurant was very nice. I didn’t know that all along Mark had the ability to take me to places like this. I guess I just hadn’t thought about it. Everything he was into was so much sleazier than this in my mind. Whenever we did go out to grab something to eat together it felt like just that. Grabbing something in a pub or chain restaurant and having a couple of drinks. I’d have been making him take me to places like this had I known.

“Hey,” I said playfully while he signed the check after dessert, “what’s the deal Mark Fox? Have you been holding out on me?”

“Ha! No,” Mark laughed, “I just didn’t ever think about it before.”

“You don’t take Lisa to the same kind of places you take me?” Aliona asked abruptly but without malice before punching him lightly on the arm. “You’re a jerk.”

“You are a jerk,” I said quietly. I felt myself getting sad again thinking about the sorts of things I always missed out on.

“We’re doing it now,” Mark said to me, directly, looking at me with his grey eyes.

“So how about this party,” he asked me. He’d brought it up during dinner. Some big swanky thing at a record executive’s mansion. Aliona had been apprehensive at first before he told her it wasn’t anything like a club. Catered, laid back, fancy. After agreeing she had gotten more and more excited about the idea as the meal went on. Still holding my gaze with his, he went on, “You’re not just going back to the hotel.”

“Fine,” I said to him, rolling my eyes and feigning exasperation, “let’s do this thing then.”


The party was fancy. As we arrived Mark gave the rental car keys to a valet. I’d only ever seen parties with valets on TV. A movie star I recognized was smoking a cigarette and talking with someone I’d seen on television but couldn’t place a few feet away. We could hear music from inside, a jazz band; I loved jazz almost as much as old rock & roll. Walking in through the doors past people on the front steps of the huge house surrounded by trees overlooking the city I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were people everywhere but the place was so big it didn’t seem crowded. The jazz quartet was up on the landing at the top of the stairs above the foyer. As we moved through the party, Aliona trailing Mark with her hand in his and me coming behind her, I saw more faces I recognized from various places. I couldn’t help wondering again when this had all happened to Mark without me noticing. He had led us to a table where a vested waiter with a bowtie stood with a towel over his arm without two metal buckets in front of him. The waiter nodded wordlessly and poured three tall, thin glasses of champagne for us. I guess they’re called flutes; that’s always seemed silly to me.

“This is excitiiiing,” Aliona said, fidgeting quickly from foot to foot with her champagne in one hand and the other on her chest.

“Yeah, what the hell, Mark?” I asked.

“Welcome to LA, I guess. The guy who owns the house is an executive for a big label. I guess he does these all the time,” Mark looked less in his element now than he had at the restaurant. “This is a first for me, too. Is that DeNiro?”

I couldn’t tell, whoever he’d pointed at had turned around and walked away somewhere into the rest of the house. I had no doubts it probably could have been, though. I was a little overwhelmed. I had never pictured myself somewhere like this. Aliona seemed completely at ease and Mark grew more relaxed as well. He wielded her like a shield it seemed, whatever ease he felt with her guarding him from whatever was going on around him. It was precious; I was happy for him. We drifted around the party, Mark’s usual inability at small talk replaced by a side of him I wasn’t familiar with. It wasn’t the gregariousness of his youth, it was a practiced and polished layer of bullshit that I didn’t like. If I had met him while he acted like this I probably wouldn’t like him. I’ve always had a distaste for the salesman demeanor and right now he was clearly working, not socializing. Aliona didn’t even seem to notice, she just held his hand whenever he was pulled into an obligatory stop-and-chat and looked around the room with her own thoughts. I felt very alone.

Someone I recognized as a musician of some kind was with Mark a few feet away from me and I was trying to remember what band I knew them from when I felt someone touch my shoulder gently. I looked over to see that P-whatever-his-name-is rapper from the studio earlier standing beside me. He was wearing a very expensive looking suit with diamond cufflinks on his shirt and no tie. He had on a brand new ball hat, cocked crookedly at an angle with the brim still flat and the sticker still on it. I hated that. He smiled at me, a glint of light refracting off the small diamonds on his one gold tooth; his others looked supernaturally white against his dark skin.

“Yo, you were at the lab earlier, right?” he asked, attempting polite charm but succeeding only at street swagger.

“Oh, hi,” I said, not knowing what I could possibly talk about with this guy, “Trouble P, right?”

Double P,” he corrected me, grinning, “as in Platinum Pete the Punisher.”

“That’s three Ps,” I said, laughing in spite of myself.

He laughed while snapping his right fingers a few times. “Yeah, allllright; I like girls that are smarter than me.”

“You must like a lot of girls,” I said, turning away.

“Now hold on,” I turned back with a look of forced indulgence on my face as he went on, “hold on a minute, girl.”

“My name’s Lisa,” I told him, “not ‘girl’.”

“See now? Alright, we’re gettin’ somewhere now. So what’s up with that ass, Lisa Lis?”

“Oh fuck off,” I said, starting to turn again.

“Whoa now…I didn’t mean no disrespect, girl. I mean, Lisa.”

He was doing it on purpose. His sarcastic grin told me all I needed to know; but there also wasn’t any disrespect in his tone when he said it. I looked piercingly at him, “Isn’t this supposed to be a classy party?”

“Alright then,” he said to me, holding his chin in his fingers and wincing at me, “Let me spit my game all classy then. ‘Wherefore up with that ass; and all that thee and thou shit.’”

“You’re a pig, you know that right?” I asked him incredulously but without anger.

He still had his chin between his thumb and index finger, and had a philosophical look on his face when he said, “Dog, girl; I’m a dog and I gotta chase that cat.”

I realized that I was pretty sure he hadn’t looked at my leg even once the whole time we’d been talking. Mark, and more recently Aliona, were the only people that didn’t look at my leg at least once while I talked to them. Even my own parents couldn’t stop looking at it. No matter how perfect I made the rest of me no one ever seemed to notice. It was just my recent luck that the person who finally chose to would be this rich brat in a suit. It was frustrating, but it was better than nothing.

“Yo, you’re just standing there like you’re gonna slap me or some shit,” he said with a big smile, “say somethin’, Lisa girl.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” I said lamely, blushing.

“Ha!” he said, snapping his fingers and straining to talk amidst his laughter, “I know your type; you cold as ice, right? Mean business girl and shit, but then you crack‘em a bit and they’re all sweet and hometown inside. You’re alllright, Lisa Hometown.”

I didn’t keep secrets from myself. I was more self aware then Mark; I’d had to be. It unnerved me a bit though that this person who had just met me had me pegged already. What made him so smart? He barely spoke properly.

“You’re wearing an awful lot of gold for someone who calls himself Platinum Pete,” I said finally.

“There you go flirtin’ with me with your eyes and shit.” he laughed, “It’s gonna be like that then, is it?”

“Looks that way,” I answered, trying to figure out why I was still talking to him.

“Well alright Lisa Hometown, let’s say you get up outta here,” he pointing around robotically before starting to make miming motions of dancing, “and come to this club with me and my crew.”

“I’m not going to some jiggy club with a rapper and his crew of ‘homies’.” I replied, starting to wonder if maybe I actually did. “Sorry P or Punisher or whatever I should call you.”
“Damn, girl; you can call me Peter if it makes you get up outta here and come to the club already. This party is dead.”

I’m not much of a nightclub person. The few times I’d gone out with Mark over the years I hadn’t enjoyed myself at all. The music was always so loud and aggressive and the people so rowdy. I knew there were types of music and other types of crowds but I’d never been bothered to see if there actually was a ‘party scene’ that I liked. It always seemed like such a pain in the ass when I could just have a beer on my own balcony at home and not have to be around drunk people. None of my friends other than Mark were party people either, and when we would get together it was over pints at pubs and we would talk about art and books at a normal volume.

I stopped and reminded myself; I’m on vacation.

“Sure, I’ll go,” I started, feeling anxious but not reluctant, “just let me see if my friends want to come.”

“Yeah, go get those friends,” he said, nodding and still holding his chin, raising an eyebrow appreciatively as I turned and walked to Mark and Aliona. They were where I’d left them but now Mark was talking to someone else, a guy with a huge thick beard, a plain white t-shirt and grey shorts, and sunglasses despite the hour and being inside.

“…to the city, Fox.” the bearded man was saying while he shook Mark’s hand with his other on his shoulder, “Let’s work together some time.”

The guy, almost invisible behind his hair and beard, walked away as I approached.

“Do you know who that is?” Mark looked shocked and Aliona was looking up at him biting her lip and looking excited and batting those devilish green eyes of hers at him. “Lis! This is going really well.”

“I thought this was a party,” I said to Mark.

“What? It is,” he replied to me, looking confused.

“This looks to me like you’re working,” I said back with a smile and wrinkle of my nose.

“Maybe a little,” he said with a sheepish shrug.

“I’m going to start my vacation now, do either of you want to come with me?” I asked them.

“Oooooooo, where?” Aliona asked, clapping her hands together eagerly.

“I,” I pointed at my chest with my thumb and then over my shoulder to where Peter was waiting, “am going with him to some club.”

“As long s it’s not like last time,” Aliona said with her grin, “I’m in.”

“I should really stay here,” Mark said, “I have to meet these people.”

I felt my heart sink. I really wanted him to come and do something like this with me instead of keeping me firmly on one side of his life. Aliona was looking up at him with pleading eyes, and he back at her with his face changing from resolve to indecision to boyish mischief in one subtle shift.

“We just got here.” she said to him, “We’re going to be here all month.”

“Alright,” he looked from Aliona to me, “lead the way, Lis.”

It bothered me that he’d go for her but not for me, but at last he was going. I felt relieved that I wouldn’t be alone with a bunch of strangers. I was going to go whether he came or not, and I knew Aliona wouldn’t come without him. I didn’t think I’d want her to anyways, not knowing where we were going or what kind of people we were going with. We left the party and the valets brought the cars. Mark got directions from Peter, I couldn’t call him ‘P’, it just sounded stupid to me…and we drove out of the residential neighborhood in the hills and down into Los Angeles at night.


The place was big and loud and full of people in expensive clothes. It was nothing like anywhere I had ever gone with Mark years ago. Those places all seemed so grimy, but everything here was shiny and bright. The music was faster than what I heard from Mark these days, but lighter too. It was big and thumping but had a nice constant beat and reminded me of ramped up modern disco. I guess it’s called ‘house’.

We had sat for awhile in a big VIP area with ‘P’ and his entourage, but before long Aliona had pleaded with Mark long enough that he agreed to go dance with her. She had grabbed me by the hand and taken me with them but I had just been standing near the side of the dance floor with my drink for awhile watching them. She moved with as much ease as she did in the water, her movements smooth and sensual, as she wound her little waist and shook her little ass back and forth to the pulsing beat. She stuck her ass out and rubbed it against Mark and he put one hand on either side of it, grinding against her from behind. She left her ass pressed into him and arched her back so her shoulders touched his chest and he put one hand on her smooth stomach. They were still bouncing to the rhythm as she put her hands up over her head and around his neck, shifting her hips back and forth with her ass pressed to him. It wasn’t all that different from the mental images I got of them naked together; except in those images I was there too. It wasn’t that they were any different than the majority of the people dancing to the loud sexy music, the place was a grinding sweaty press of bodies all moving to the same rhythm, but they were the ones I couldn’t stop staring at.

As she turned around to face him, Aliona had one leg on either side of Mark’s right and was thrusting her pelvis forward and back to the beat, grinding her pussy on the top of his thigh; her lithe body undulated as she danced, throwing her loose pigtails around as she rubbed her hands up and down his chest. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, sharing the same wicked grin. She winked at him from time to time and licked her lips whenever she wasn’t biting the bottom one. I’d imagined them like this many times, but not since the time I watched them fucking through the slight opening of Mark’s door had I actually seen it. The warmth inside me was growing as I recalled it, he on top of her thrusting into her small little body as she looked into my eyes and winked while grinding her hips up at him and pulling him in deeper with her heels on his ass. I had started moving my hips to the music without realizing it. Mark was dancing behind Aliona again, she had bent forward at the waist slightly with her ass against him and he was pushing forward and back at her with his hips while they moved. She bobbed her shoulders with the music and saw me watching. She gave me her grin and a wink as she pushed back harder into Mark, straightening up and leaning her shoulders into him, her back bent as she ran her hands up and down her body. She moved them over her breasts and down into her lap, crumpling her knee length skirt up to mid thigh, and kept grinding into Mark while looking me in the eye with that grin.

She moved away from him towards me, coming through the other people dancing, stepping to the beat and shaking her hips and spinning the tassels on her red rope belt as she blew a big red bubble with her gum. She snaked it back into her mouth with her tongue as she took my hand and did a little turn, heading back into the mass of moving people and huge music with my hand in hers over her right shoulder. I resisted and she only got me a few feet into the crowd. She let go of my hand, looked over her shoulder into my eyes, put her hand on her tiny little ass, stuck it out towards me a bit, and started to dance right where she was, blowing another bubble and keeping her eyes locked on mine.

“Dance with me,” she mouthed at me.

I shook my head and started to step back through the people at the edge of the floor. I had just turned around when I felt her hands on my hips from behind. She came right up on me, pressing her body against my ass and back, and slid her hands around me; one in the middle of my pelvis and the other sliding up to my stomach. She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing my ass side to side with her tight little body, and I felt myself moving with her. She slid her hands up and down the front of me opposite of each other, one high and one low and I felt her bumping her hips into me from behind. My hands felt shaky and my knees felt weak, my heart was in my throat and I had butterflies in my stomach. It was the same feeling I got when I was running, the same feeling I had lost a few days ago before coming on this trip and hadn’t felt since. I was losing myself to it, though I knew I should be staggering back from the ledge right now. I started moving along with her more voluntarily and turned beneath her hands so that they were now on my back. She was writhing at the waist, pushing and pulling her pelvis forward and back by raising and lowering her ass. Someone dancing next to us shouted “yeah!” and there was a reply of “woo!” from somewhere else. I felt myself loosening up and dancing into her, mimicking her movements. I wasn’t really a dancer. I never had been, even before my leg. I felt awkward and uncomfortable on one level but set free on another. The elation was coming; the astonishment.

It was like I was watching myself from outside of my body. One of my hands was on one of her little hips, the other on her shoulder, and we were sliding our stomachs against each other as she bent up and down at the knees. Her hands were on my hips and I could feel her pulling me into her. She rubbed her relatively flat chest against the front of my breasts and I felt myself take in a deep surprised breath at her touch. I felt another set of hands on me and someone pressed against me from behind. I looked over my shoulder to see Mark, putting his hands on my hips with hers. I had imagined this. The warmth in me grew in response to being pressed between them, moving rhythmically like that. We danced, grinding into one another, for some time. I was getting hotter and hotter and my movements more vigorous; I saw one of my hands on Aliona, sliding around her hip and holding one side of her tight bottom and I felt Mark’s hands on the sides of my ass while hers rubbed across my stomach and around my waist to slide up between his chest and my back with her palms on him, her whole body slithering against me. I looked over my shoulder at Mark, caught his eyes, and recalled my fantasy of them both ravishing me like this; he behind me with his cock deep inside and Aliona on her knees in front of me, licking at my pussy.

I squeezed her ass in my hand, thrust my hips back to grind against Mark’s groin, and kissed him full on the mouth; my tongue going in and sliding against his. I could feel him pushed into me from behind, his cock hard in his jeans against my firm ass. He returned my kiss for a moment and then pulled back. He looked shocked, maybe just startled, I couldn’t tell. I looked at Aliona and she had a wide eyed, wide mouthed look on her face; but she didn’t stop moving. Neither had he. Neither had I for that matter. We had slowed down, our movements less frantic, but we were still pressed together with me between the two of them, moving to the thumping music. For the next hour we danced, moving deeper onto the floor at some point, and as the music got more and more energetic as the night went on we moved less and less frantically, a slow sinuous grind of lust. Well, for me it was lust. I didn’t know what it might be for them. Aliona was looking at me the way she looked at Mark, winking and biting her lip from time to time. He was touching me the way I saw him touch her. My body was alive, every sensation expanded. It was almost what I wanted. I lost more and more of myself to them.

Aliona pulled Mark away from me at one point and I felt abandoned, naked and alone. I turned to see her a couple of feet away yelling into his ear over the music. He made an odd face and then looked at me, back to her, and then nodded.

“We’re going!” she yelled at me, taking me by the hand and pulling me off the floor behind him. It was loud and twice as packed as when we’d arrived and we didn’t say anything until we were outside.

“We’re leaving?” I asked, noticing only then how out of breath I was.

“Yeah,” Mark said, “let’s get out of here.”

“Okay,” I said, getting into the back seat of the car. Aliona jumped in the back with me and sat in the middle so she was right up against me, twining her fingers with mine and pulling my hand into her lap.

As Mark drove I looked down at her to see she was staring at me. Looking deep into her eyes I saw a burning mischief and her little grin slowly cracked her face and she winked slowly. I tried to look away but couldn’t, trapped by her twinkling green eyes. What was going on here? Had what was happening on the dance floor continued I wouldn’t have felt awkward, but this pause was unbearable.

“What’s going on?” I asked suddenly.

“What? Ali wanted to go,” Mark said from the front seat.

“I was tired of dancing,” she said coyly.

“Mark, I’m sorry I…uh…” I began lamely.

“Shhhhh…” Aliona cut me off as he looked at us in the rearview mirror. She put her finger on my lips and left it there. I pursed my lips slightly against her fingertip and she smiled, taking it away slowly and touching it to her lips.

I held my breath for a second, looking at her with the unfamiliar feeling of fear inside of me. I let it out all at once, saying “You’re dangerous, Aliona.”

“Oh, I’m harmless.” she said impishly, then added, “Meow.”


I didn’t know what was happening.

When we arrived back at the hotel we ended up in my room; Mark making a drink from the minibar and Aliona going out onto the balcony. I sat on the end of the bed trying to figure out why neither of them had made big deal out of me kissing Mark. Maybe that’s just the sort of thing that happens if you get carried away on the dance floor and so he didn’t think it was a big deal. Aliona seemed to have no shame, so maybe she just thought it was hot but it didn’t mean anything. After finishing his drink and then coming out of the bathroom Mark left to go back to their room after telling me how awesome the night had been and that he was glad to see me relaxed for a change. Aliona trailed off the balcony to go with him, but came by where I sat confused and feeling kind of stupid on the bed. What had I expected? Why did I feel let down?

She put her hands on my waist and slid them up to the sides of my breasts, moving her knees between my legs and pushing my skirt up, sliding one of them along my inner thigh. I took in a small breath and held it as she moved her face closer to mine. She rubbed her nose against mine and whispered, “You’re beautiful.” She kissed my lips softly, lingering only a second. As she pulled back I was just about to return her kiss. She winked when she saw my mouth openening and then closing.

“Aliona…I…” I tried to say something, anything.

“Shhhh…” she hushed me softly, then whispered, “call me kitty.”

She turned and swished out, grinning back at me as she closed the door between our adjoining rooms. Mark’s teenage girlfriend was making passes at me, and I didn’t want her to stop.


I’d just gotten into bed, wearing only my soft white silk bra and panties, when I heard the sharp “ah!” through the wall from their room. It was followed by another and then a long, high, held sigh. I fought to get the images from my mind but lost. I slipped out of bed and crept to the door. I tried the handle and found that she hadn’t locked it behind her. I very gentle turned it downwards, opening the door from one darkened room into the other and peered in with my face pressed to the door frame.

Aliona was on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, her left hand curled over the edge of the mattress, facing towards me. Mark was standing with his back to me in front of her and she was holding his huge cock in her tiny right hand. It looked even bigger next to her small face. She licked him from the base all the way to the tip and then swirled her tongue around his head before plunging half his length into her sweet little mouth. She was looking up at him, the imp behind her eyes sparkling in the light coming in through the sheers. She moved her head forward and back at the neck, sliding her lips around his shaft as she sucked his cock. He pushed her hair from one side of her face and she pushed down hard, taking three quarters of him in and out in long strokes. As she pulled off of him to lick from the base again she asked deviously, “Will you put your cock inside of me Mark?”

She stood up on her knees and they kissed as he lowered her to the bed. She turned around so her head was hanging off the same side of the mattress with her hair cascading down and pooling on the floor and he climbed between her legs. I saw him take his cock in one hand and press it between her thin little thighs. Her mouth opened and she bit one of her fingers in her teeth, moaning “nnnnnnnnnn” as she arched her back. I’d imagined how tight her little pussy must be and knew I was right as I watched Mark move his hips forward and back as he tried to get his cock inside of her. She moved her hands down her smooth hard body and between her legs. She held the sides of her pussy open as he slid partway inside of her. She let out a cry as he did, pain and pleasure in equal doses. She kept her hands there as he pulled back and pushed in again several more times. Without realizing it I had put my hand slowly down the front of my panties and one of my fingers was rubbing my clit. I sighed as she cried out with another stroke of Mark’s dick into her clenched pussy. Her hands slid up her pelvis, over her narrow hips and waist, and stopped on her flat little breasts. She was rubbing and kneading them while I rubbed at my clit, my pussy getting wetter with every second. As she cried out with every stroke of his big hard cock into her I sighed along.

I’d slid one of my hands down the back of my panties over my ass and pushed past my lips with one finger. My juices soaked into them as I fingered myself and rubbed in little circles over my clitoris. My breathing was faster now as I kept time with Mark fucking Aliona right in front of me. He was up all the way on his knees holding her by her little hips, and she had pushed her ass off the bed with her feet. Raising and lowering herself at the waist to meet his thrusts, she had bent her neck back further over the side of the mattress. Her eyes, closed in ecstasy until now, opened slowly and she saw me looking through the door. It had moved open further as I’d watched. A big grin crossed her face and she winked, her stomach muscles flexing just beneath her tight midriff as she started gyrating her waist harder against Mark. She kissed the air in my direction.

I was so lost in what was happening, so turned on by her open and unbridled sexuality, that I forgot to be embarrassed. I kept running my finger in and out of my wet hole, adding a second and rubbing my clit faster. She licked her lips at me and leaned upwards, wrapping her legs around Mark’s waist and her arms around his neck. He sat back onto his feet and put his hands on her ass to pull her tight into his lap. Her back writhed and jerked as she thrust her tiny little ass in and out, up and down, building speed as she fucked him. Her cries were loud and long now and her pigtails bounced against her back. She leaned her neck back again and met my gaze once more. Her grin was huge, savage almost, and she pushed herself off of Mark and got on her hands and knees again with her ass facing him and wiggling invitingly back and forth. He moved forward and pushed his cock into her from behind with as much seeming effort as before. She cried out “THAT’SSOBIG!” before resuming her almost panicked squeals of lust. She looked at me the whole time, that rakish grin splitting her face as she tossed her head around whole Mark drove into her small little pussy with tight labored strokes.

I had leaned heavily into the door frame with my shoulder at this point, doing to myself what I wished Mark and Aliona would do to me, matching the speed and depth of my fingers with their shared motion. “OH! That’s so GOOD!” she yelled, looking into my eyes as she dropped her upper half down onto her elbows with her ass stuck up in the air and his cock grinding in and out of her from behind. “It’s [so big and hard in my tiny little pussy.” “You like that, kitty?” he asked through his teeth. “OH! Yeah, I like that hard cock in my little girl pussy.” She was staring into my eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and her loose pigtails falling out. She licked her top lip with her mouth wide open and gestured with one of her tiny fingers for me to come closer. I shook my head nervously. Her voice was so breathy and high, her mouth opening and closing lustily. “Do you want to cum, baby?” she asked without looking away from me. He started fucking her harder and her cries turned to shouts as I nodded at her. “Fuck me hard then, hurt my tight pussy,” she moaned. “Harder,” she pleaded breathily through bared and clenched teeth. He complied, and so did I; my fingers deep inside of me and my pussy shaking as I started to feel a climax building deep between my hips.

He came with a rush, pushing into her so hard from behind that her knees lifted off the bed and she screamed raggedly and clutched the edge of the mattress tightly in her hands to keep from being driven off the bed face first onto the floor. I came with a series of quick high sighs, biting my lip and looking into her eyes. She smiled knowingly at me and as Mark pulled out of her from behind and lay back on the bed she stayed like that for a second licking her lips and staring into my eyes. I licked mine too, and she winked before rolling over next to him with her back to me. She shook her little ass at me and put one hand behind her back, wiggling her fingers in a wave.

I quietly pulled the door shut and flopped back onto my bed, panting and sweating, with one hand still between my quivering thighs and the other clutching my blushing face.

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One of the best stories I have read on this site in a while. Extremely well written, with a great sex scenes; I don't feel that there's too little sex, it feels just right. It's refreshing to come across a story that uses sex to advance the plot, rather than the other unrealistic stories on this site with hot but pointless sex.
Thank you for the read

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"Seems like this stroy only get better as it goes along.... damn I wanna fuck my gf so badly"

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