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When we got home from the trip things changed
It happened on vacation. Pt 2

It was a vacation to remember. The events that transpired with my sister and I opened up a world that was only imagined and I mean imagined because you don't talk about it, your not supposed to even think it let alone actually do it. Its wrong, so so so WRONG which must be one of the things that made it oh so good.
We we made it home from vacation and the ride home was far better than the ride to the mountains. My sister and I had a bit more spring to our step as we all unpacked the car. My sister and I would run into each other as we came out of our respective bedrooms on the way to the car to bring in more stuff. The little looks and smiles from her let me know that continued sessions were certainly possible however, when, how and where would be a challenge.
We all finished unpacking, ordered pizza, watched TV and then went to bed. My sister and I went to our end of the house and as we reached our bedroom doors we exchanged a quick glance and a slight smile which, I couldn't quite interpret and we went into our rooms and closed our doors. Being 16 and having the hottest sex to date I had nothing on my mind other than pussy.
It seemed that it wasn't going to happen tonight which was alright because I did fuck my sister at least 3 times a night for the last nine days however, at that age do we ever get enough ?. I laid down knowing what I had to do to get some sleep. I typically sleep nude so I simply rolled onto my back and started stroking my dick while imagining I'm fucking my sister and alternating between her and my girlfriend........... OH SHIT My girlfriend !!!. although I thought about her during vacation for some reason I didn't feel about about what I had done with my sister and I felt bad for not feeling bad. The thought of fucking one then the other brought me off faster than I imagined and with a groan 2 powerful burst of boiling hot cum shot straight out of my dick landing all over my stomach. I laid there milking the last trace of spunk from my dick then used my underwear to clean up and drifted off to sleep while thinking about the pending meet up with my girlfriend tomorrow...............

The meet up didn't go as well as I hoped. Although I missed my girlfriend she was kind of cold (whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder) but what I had on my mind was fucking her so perhaps what I interpret as cold was simply playing it cool ?. It was still summer vacation and with school out and parents working my mind was on going to her house and getting busy. We did go to her place but she played it so cool that I was tired of playing the game and things simply got so cold that I didn't even attempt anything and left frustrated after her and I simply exchanging nothing more than pleasantries. Game playing BITCH I thought as I made my way home.
I got home and found my sister in laying on the couch in typical summer attire which consisted of white shorts and a tank top. Her white shorts were in stark contrast to her tanned body and her top stretched to contain her breasts. She smiled and said hey bro, whats wrong ?. I didn't say anything about my meet up and my disappointment rather I simply said “I'm fine”.
She said she knew I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend and she said it must not have went well. I sat down and started watching TV and she sat next to me and asked if what we did bothered me regarding my relationship. I told her it didn't and that I truly enjoyed it. As she sat next to me she leaned in and we turned to look at each, we looked into each others eyes. There was a look of empathy and desire in her eyes and she was looking into me more than at me. Suddenly we both leaned closer and turned our heads slightly to square up for a kiss.
During all our sessions the prior week we didn't kiss. I know it seems strange after all the fucking we did but to kiss seemed so intimate, so personal, so “not right” and when our lips met it was a weird feeling for me and although I didn't have the desire when I got home I suddenly felt my cock grow more solid and as our kiss drew out our arms went around each other and it turned into a full make out session. I was filled with desire and not playing around I said “lets go to my room” and I stood up pulling her off the couch and she said “in the daytime” ?. I said sure, why not. Not even thinking about it but all our fucking did happen at night in pure darkness. I was not so modest but she was so I told her that she had nothing to be shy about and that her body was something to be proud of. She was still shy and I pulled her with me and said, “it will be ok and that I would close my eyes if she wanted me to. She said don;t be silly, I'm just a little shy”.
We walked to my room which fortunately had a view of the driveway so we wouldn't be taken by surprise if our parents or someone else showed up suddenly.
We stood beside my bed and I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts as she watched me. I stopped, looked at her and then took off my underwear. I was at full attention and her eyes went directly for my cock and she simply said Oh my God, I didn't realize how big you are. She looked up as I walked up to her and kissed her. Her stance softened as I reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down her zipper as she kept her eyes directly on mine. She broke her stare and pulled off her top and slide her shorts to the ground. I said “ you look so good”, she smiled slightly and turned around to unhooked her bra and keeping her back to me she finally slide her panties down and kicked them to the side then turned around. As much as had sucked and squeezed her tits I never fully appreciated them until right now at this moment. I looked down at her body following all her curves and stopped while gazing at her slightly hair covered pussy. I walked up and we hugged and started to kiss, the kiss of lovers.
I pulled my covers down to the foot of my bed and as she laid down I went straight for her pussy. She parted her legs, still being somewhat shy though. So I moved my face closer to her perfect little pussy while putting my arms under her legs and lifted them up so I could have access. When I touched her clit with my tongue a shudder went through her body and she eased her legs back and open as I went to work. I looked up while working on her sweet pussy and she had such a look of pleasure on her face with her eyes lightly closed. I ate her until she let out a long breath and then I was treated to a flood of sweet young pussy juice and this was my cue to position myself for entry.

As I crawled up and mounted her she instantly pulled her knees to her chest which gave me a full access. She whispered “take me” as I placed my cock to the entrance of her dripping pussy. I slide into her as she picked up her hips ever so slightly and with one motion I was buried to the hilt in my sister hot cunt. Unlike all our prior sessions this one was different. As horny as both of us were we were content on taking it slow. I fucked her with long slow strokes and as our breathing picked up so did the intensity and movements. Even though I picked up the pace it we weren't “fucking” rather this was lovemaking and I couldn't have had any more pleasure then what we were doing now. I savored every slow stroke into her and she met my thrusts with with a push of her hips as I bottomed out. After just a few minutes I was getting that feeling, even a more intense feeling than all the times during the prior week. As I picked up the pace she moaned and breathed harder then with a low groan from her I felt what seemed like a flood of hot oil hit the head of my dick and the feeling of my cock being bathed in a boiling hot liquid like I never felt before. I knew she had cum more intensely than I ever knew. My balls were soaked from the amount of juice she produced. This brought my climax on as with a long loud groan I said “sis I'm cumming OH MY GOD AHHHHHH!! as erupted a huge stream of boiling hot cum deep inside my sisters cunt. I instinctively shoved my cock deep inside and held it there while she worked her cunt muscles milking ever last drop of cum from my slowly deflating cock.

Even though I fucked her slowly and deeply I collapsed beside her in what seemed like total exhaustion feeling like every bit of energy I had was directed through and out of my dick and into my sisters young hot pussy. We laid there side by side not breathing hard rather laying there in total bliss and contentment. Never before have I felt this feeling before. The feeling of total exhaustion yet not breathing hard, the lack of energy to move yet feeling like I could run a marathon, the feeling like I wouldn't have the need to have sex for months, feeling total satisfaction which had never been experienced and it wouldn't be the last..................... .

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2016-04-20 23:08:03
Im 11 and my daddy and brother fucks me every night. Now I'm knocked up and dont kown who my bd is

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2014-08-18 03:44:09
Shorter paragraphs, please. This is very difficult to read.

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2014-05-19 05:57:05
I loved this I cam like a million times


2013-11-01 23:42:15
"It Happened On Vacation Part 2" - Unnamed Brother and Unnamed Sister

Reminder: In Part 1, I did mention the character's as being unidentified (nameless, as in faceless, as in innate objections, etc); again, should the writer/author read these comments, PLEASE name and identify each and all characters!!! It puts the character into perspective, the reader can, with their own imagination, visualize each character, and it puts the story on a level above elementary!!!

Otherwise, the sentences are TOO LONG, without periods, or commas, or semicolons, etc. Paragraphs every eight to ten sentences is a MUST necessity!!!

The Story context has merit and possibilities, but too many basic tenets of writing and grammar are ignored, inadverent;y or not, and the content and theme of the story suffers!

At this point I will struggle to read through each part to the last. I'm not sure how far I'll get, but I will make a good faith effort to proceed through at least a couple more chapters!

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2012-01-24 16:41:08
I'm 14 and I would love** to be fucked Like this !

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