Caught by my son
13 march 2002 
This is the day I tried anal. I had thought about anal for a while as I years passed after being divorced and left with a child to take care of. My son was out at a party and I got really horny and went upstairs to my room put the heating on high and lit a fire. As the room became hot I went under my bed and pulled out a small purple bag. I unzipped the bag and emptied it on the bed. 
On the bed was;
     A 9 inch vibrator 
     A 9 inch dildo 
     A 12 inch dildo and
     A large vibrating love egg
I pick up the 9 inch dildo and sucked it till it was lubricated and lay on my back. I put the dildo on my wet pussy lips and gently rubbed it up and down. I push it in a little bit and slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in a little further. When it was all the way in I thrushes it gently in and out as I grew even hornier with my teasing I picked up my 9 inch vibrator and turned it on to high. It was now vibrating as hard as it could.  I thrusted it into my wet pussy and fucked my self harder and harder for ages it seemed like. Then I came out my state of ecstasy when my phone rang I looked at it and it was my son. 

I answer" hello?"
 " hello mum, I will be staying round a mates house tonight so I can stay out a bit longer" he replied
 " okay, see you tomorrow. Love you" I quickly agreed as I didn't want to lose my mood. I hung up and turned my phone off I then picked up my vibrator again and I looked in the mirror and saw my hairy pussy. It was so hairy I could hardly see my pink wet pussy lips. I thought to myself for a second and then went for a bath. I ran the bath and took my virbrating love egg with me. I got in the bath and turn the intensity of the virbrating love Egg up high put it deep into my pussy and after a while of sitting there I started to feel my self climax I started to stiff my body and put my fingers into my pussy as I got further into my orgasm my pussy started to clamp onto my fingers. I letter my body out of the water and started masturbating. I then reached the most intense part of my orgasm and I started to squirt my pussy juice I pulled out the love egg and pushed my hand hard against my pussy and for the first time ever my fist went into my pussy and I just collapsed onto the bath and relaxed enjoying the rest of my ecstasy. By the time I came down from my state of ecstasy I looked at my pussy and got my shaving cream and my razor and I started to shave my big bush around my pussy. As I started to shave my pussy i started to get horny again. I finished shaving my pussy and got a hand mirror and held it so I could see my pussy better. I looked at the mirror and saw my bright pink, wet , gorgeous, shaven pussy and I thought to myself it was the pussy of a pornstar. I got out of the bath and went to my room and dried off and I got back onto my bed and got a bottle of lubricant and poured some of it on my big 12 inch dildo. I then rested it against the lips of my pussy and stopped. I then stood up and got a mirror and put it at the end of my bed so I could see my pussy. I picked up the huge dildo and started to slowly insert it in my pussy. The speed of my thrust got quicker and more harder. It eventually got so hard and fast it started to hurt a little and I just carried on. I then started to orgasm and I squirtted all over my bed sheets and the mirror. I took the dildo out of my pussy and licked all the juices off it. I then took the mirror and licked all the juices off that and thought that it was one of the greatest things I have tasted. I looked at my clock and saw that it was 9:10pm. After I recovered from my orgasm I went down the stairs to cool off. I fell asleep and at 10pm I woke up and went up stairs I pulled out my DVD of a woman getting fucked by six men from my draw and put it on. I got horny again and them decided to pull out my small dildo and pleasure myself. After about ten minutes I was SO wet and I was going so fast the dildo slipped out and in my effort to put it back in as fast as I could I slipped and inserted it into my ass as hard and fast as I could and as I screamed in pain and ecstasy I pushes it in even further. I grew I fetish for anal with in a few seconds. I started to fuck my ass as hard as I could with the dildo and suddenly I started to finger my pussy. It didn't take long after that for me to orgasm but this time it was so intensive I squitted and scream in ecstasy whilst I began to fist my tight pink pussy I just wouldnt stop screaming until I pulled out the dildo and my hand. I them looked up to see my 16 year old son standing there with his jaw dropped and a raging boner. I just looked at him and covered my self up. 

The next day I confronted him. " honey, are you okay?" I Asked 
" yh mom" 
"I would like to speak to you about last night " I said 
" mom, do we have to do this now ?" he quickly replied 
" yes darling, I just wanna found out somethings and I want to clear somethings up as well"
" okay mom" 
"Right, how much of that did you see last night ?" 
"Erm... I didn't see ... Much " he said hesitantly
"honestly when did you walk in?"
"I walked in about 5 seconds before you...." he stopped for a second and took a breath" before you started to or.. Orgasm and squirt."
"Oh. It sounds like you were there for quite a while then?"
"Erm... Yh. I was there for about two minutes"he said.
"I'm sorry about this I should have made my self apparent" he interrupted 
" I'm just wondering why you werent at your friends House?" I asked 
" when we got there his parents were shouting and they started to have sex loudly not knowing we were there" he replied " I left and it wasnt any Better here "
" one more question babe, if you don't mind. Why were you watching for so long and did you have an erection?" 
"mom? What the hell"
"I was just asking I was curious and thought you did"I replied" I'm sorry for asking "

Later on that day I went across the road to get some butter. I came back to a surprise, I made my some sandwiches to maybe cheer him up but when I got to his room I opened his door and saw him on his computer  with his trousers around his ankles and his cock in his hand and a picture of me squirting with my hand up my freshly shaven pussy and a dildo up my tight ass on his computer and then I looked he had a pair of my panties from the night before as well. I was shocked and aroused at the same time by what he was doing so I left his sandwiches on his bed and left with a plan. 

After he finished wanking he came down the stairs for a drink and watched T.V. I walked past him in my short slightly see through dressing gown and my most erotic and sexy panties on. I had no bra on and I left the gown open so he could see
"I'm going for a bath." I Said and walked off up stairs. With in a couple of minutes I was in the bath but I left the door open a little bit so he could see in. And with my performance down stairs I heard him rushing up stairs and into his room. For the next part of my plan I grabbed my vibrator and put it deep into my ass ad turned it on high. As I got the sweet sensation of having my ass pleasured i gradually put my fist up my pussy again and fucked myself but I made sure I made lots of noise. As I screamed in ecstasy I heard a creek at the door and saw my son watching me fuck my self hard and fast. He had my panties in one hand and his cock in another and he was stroking his cock slowly making self last till he was ready to cum. 

I stood up and looked at the wall opposite the door so it looked like I was unaware of what he was doing. I sat on the edge of the bath with one foot on the floor and the other on the side of the bath making sure he could see my pussy and my ass. I closed my eyes slightly so they looked like the were closed and watched him stroke his cock faster. As I picked up my speed I screamed loud and my son went for it. He stroked his cock as fast as he could and closed his eyes at this moment i pulled my hand out of my tight pink pussy and the vibrator out my ass and dropped it in the bath. I opened the door and coughed. He froze and he started to orgasm. He came all over my legs as I stood there.  I just moved my hand towards the cum on my leg as he stood there shocked and wide eyed. I picked up some of the cum on to my fingers and then  tasted it. 
"'mmmmmmm, it tastes good baby" I said in a flirty way. With that I he just looked at my 36DD tits and my curves till he just forced his mouth on to my tits and sucked furiously. I pushed his head back and took his hand and dragged him to my bedroom. I lay down on back and pushed his head gently towards my tits. With the signal he opened his mouth and sucked my hard nipple whilst clinging onto me as if he was cuddling up. I just took his hand from my side and put it on my pussy. By the way he reacted he enjoyed the sweet wetness of it, as he fondled my bald, pink, wet, tight and warm pussy. He just sat there rubbing the lips of my pussy and sucking on my tits as hard as he could. Then he stopped sucking on my tits and swallowed, he moved his head away and milk started to spurt all over his face and my body making us both wet. He moved his hand away from my pussy to rub off the milk. Before he could start I grabbed his hand put it back on my pussy and held it there and I kissed his lips and slipped my tongue into his mouth tasting my breast milk in his mouth. 

 He wouldnt do anything else besides rub my wet pussy lips so I pushed his fingers inside my pussy and made him rub my clit. It was so sensational for someone else to do it I couldn't believe the feeling I was getting. After a while I forced some more of his fingers in my pussy. It didn't feel better so I took his and out and told him to make a fist. He did so not knowing what I was gonna do to him. I grabbed his wrist and thrusted his fist into my pussy. 
I screamed in ecstasy as I made him thrust his hand in and out of my pussy as fast as he could. I started to stiffen as I stared to orgasm my eyes closed our lips parted and my pussy started to clamp down onto his hand. He
Pulled it out and I squirtted like I have never done before. I grabbed my tits and squeezed them and told him to put his hand back he did so but it took him a little longer as my tight pussy was still constricting. My pussy juices which squirted all over him and me excited him even more after I recovered from the intense orgasm I sat up and forces him to lay on his back I pulled his trousers down and then his t-shirt. When I pulled his boxers down and off I looked up at his cock and realized the size of it. It was about 11 inches long and it was so think I wanted it straight away. I controlled myself and stroked his cock as he just lay there look at my dripping wet pussy and my huge tits swaying back and forth. I licked his balls which seemed to be huge and then I like all the way up his long cock and circled the tip of his gorgeous cock with my tongue and then took the head of the huge and gorgeous cock into my mouth and suck. I took it deeper into my mouth. About 7 inches down his cock I started to gag and pulled it out. Then i just deepthroated it all right down to the balls. I gave him the best blow job of his life as I sucked him deep every time and as I did this for about 5 minutes he couldnt take it any more. He let him self go, the biggest cum shot I have ever seen was shot into my throat and mouth. This was a first for me as I had never let someone cum in my mouth. The taste and the shock of his hot thick cum hitting the back of my throat was sensational. I took his cock deeper into my mouth as shot load after load into my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but there was too much and I started to drip out the corners of my mouth. As I finished I collapsed next to him. We both lay the in ecstasy hugging up to each other. Our naked bodies touching as my breast milk and my pussy juices covered us making me even more hornier than ever. After about 4 minutes of holding each other in our arms i sucked him till he was hard again. When he was hard I pushed him into the middle of the bed and knelt over him saddling his waist. I held his cock at the entrance to my dripping wet pussy and then sat down on him. All 11 inches of him went up into my pussy it was sensational to have a real cock in me after 6 years. I started to Grind and bounce on his cock. With in a couple of minutes he started to thrust up matching mine making it the hardest fuck I have experienced. He then flipped me over and put me on my knees and got behind me and forced his cock into my pussy as hard as he could. He fuck me so hard my pussy started to hurt I screamed as he pulled my hair and grabbed my swaying tits. His large cock drove me to an orgasm I squirted and my wet pussy got even tighter around his cock as he penetrated my pussy. My pussy milking his cock cum succeeded as brought him self to orgasm he carried on fuck the life out me as he shot load after load of hot cum into my pussy. After he had finished to my surprise he was still hard so I laid on my back and grabbed his cock and pushed it into my ass. I have never had anything this big up my ass. He was now fucking me like a pro. It was great and then he put his fist up my pussy and fucked me in both holes it was sensational and amazing and i held out for as long as I could but when I did climax it was so great I just clenched my ass and squeezed his cock till he came. But he didn't he pulled his cock out and put it between my tits and fucked my tits till he came all over them and all over my face. It was so incredible. 

" mmmmmmm thanks babe this tastes great. I hope u ain't done coz your gonna have to get ready for tomorrow" .........


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So hot!

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2014-12-19 00:39:25
hard to believe that her son had a 11" cock

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2012-05-20 23:50:04
I must say, thank you for the orgasm, it was much, MUCH needed,but I do suggest better formatting, my eyes do hurt now.

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2012-05-20 23:50:04
I must say, thank you for the orgasm, it was much, MUCH needed,but I do suggest better formatting, my eyes do hurt now.

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stupid fucking story . I'm sure you wrote all the positive comments

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