I found out how kinky she is
It was the second day of being stuck in our caravan in the middle of nowhere. It had been raining for 2 days straight and we were alone and stuck with nothing to do. 
I was a 36 year old divorced woman with a teenaged daughter and a small house in a small village. I'm not a ugly old mom but I do say I have quite a good body. My tits are 38DD and I have a slim but curvy figure. I have a nice round ass and a shaven pink pussy. I have great legs which I think are one of my best assets and I take of them making sure they're soft and smooth. I have dark auburn hair which falls down to the top of my back in curls. My green eyes glisten in the dim Light, shining giving me a friendly but sexy look. 

It was about 8pm When a thunder storm hit our area. The loud crashes of thunder and bright flashes of light were shocking us every time the struck. the small T.V in the living area was the only light source we had on in the caravan. As we both sat there watching the T.V we grew less frightened as each crash of thunder struck and kind of forgot about it. 
As me and my daughter lay there in the darkness I looked down at myself and thought that the clothes I had on were too thin to keep warm so I went to the bedroom to get dressed and as there was only one and my daughter was sleeping in it i found something quite surprising. It rolled out from her bag under her bed. It was a 9 inch bright purple vibrator. My eyes widened as I saw it, I picked it up and it was wet and a bit sticky. I then realized why she spent so much time in the room in the day. I stood there for a minute and just stared at the wet purple vibrator and thought what my daughter as been doing over the past two days in the caravan. I left the room still in shock with the vibrator in my hand. I realized what I was doing and quickly put it back in her bag before she noticed what I was doing. I came back out of her room and sat down next to her, and she stretched arm hers and stood up. 

" I'm going for a shower" she said, 
"okay, tell me when your coz' I want one" I replied,
"okay mom". As she walked off to the bathroom I couldn't help notice the swing if her hips and the bounce of her firm ass. As I stared at her ass her golden blonde hair swayed side to side as she opened the bathroom door. The really small shorts she was wearing revealed the bottom of her ass and her great soft looking legs. A tight vest that she was wearing made her 34c tits look even bigger. As she closed the door behind her I came to my senses and realized what I was doing and tried to forget about her for the brief moment. And the I saw the door open. 
"mom you can have a shower now" she said softly. And then it happened the door slammed shut trapping her towel, as she walked off her towel fell off as it swung away to the door her large perky tits popped into view her nipples were hard and her tits bounced as she tried to cover them up. I looked downwards and saw her pussy it was bright pink against her pale skin, the small patch of hair around pussy was blonde but a bit darker then her hair. It was the best looking pussy I have ever seen in my life. With seconds after she was in her room and left her towel in the hall still stuck in the door. As I sat there thinking about what had just happened, I then stood up and walked to the bathroom door and got the towel from the door and knocked on the bedroom door and waited for an answer. 
"yes mom?"she said
" do u want your towel baby?" 
"yeah, pass it through the door." as I did I had a quick look around the door I saw her perky tits bounce as she reached for the towel. I then got my towel from the bag in the hall and I went for a shower. As soon as I opened the door I saw her purple dildo on the shelf in the bathroom. I picked it up and it was even wetter than last time. I don't know why I did but I smelt the dildo and the smell of her pussy juices on the dildo was great. It seemed like I was high of the smell, I then licked it and the taste was delicious. The scent of her sweet pussy filled the air as I sucked on the vibrator. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and there was my daughter in her tight top and small shorts staring at me. I stood there in shock with her dildo in my mouth and my hand on pussy. I was standing there naked, my 36DD tits stood out proudly and my nipples were hard and I was in shock of what was happening. I took the dildo and wiped it on my tits to dry it off and I gave it to her. She took the dildo and walked off into the living room and sat down as I stood there I tried to get my mind off what just happened. As I showered I grew hornier and sat down in the shower and started to finger my pussy. I toy'd with me clit for a while when I heard a moan I turned off the shower and got dry and wrapped my towel around my chest it barely could fit around my tits and just only covered my bald pussy. I opened the door slowly and looked down the hall, the dim light from the T.V shined on my daughter. Her vibrator up her pussy and her other hand on her up her top pinching her nipple and fondling her tits. I slowly walked up to her and sat down next to her. Shocked she sat up straight and looked at my her vibrator still in her pussy going hard she moaned and jolted as she reached her climax. She struggled for grip so she didnt fall. She reached out and grabbed my towel and pulled it off in an effort to stable  her self. My tits sprung out and she closed her eyes as the appeared right in front of her face. As she recovered from her orgasm she looked up at my and then scanned my naked body, her eyes fixed to my bald wet pussy. She reached out and placed her and on my pussy and slid her finger in, she brushes past my clit and I jolted at the surprise. I lifted her up and brought her lips to mine and we kissed passionately her tongue pushed past my lips and explored the depths of my mouth. She pushed two more fingers into my pussy and thrusted them in and out slowly but always brushing my clit. I slowly moved my hand down her body, past her perky tits and across her soft and smooth stomach. When I reached her pussy I ran my fingers through her thin patch of hair and across her wet pussy lips. I grabbed the vibrator in her pussy and turned it up higher and started to thrust it in and out slowly pushing it deeper every time. I broke our kiss and pulled out the vibrator and sucked all her sweet pussy juices of it. With the taste of her pussy juices in my mouth I kissed her lips letting her taste the sweet taste of her pussy. A small moan escaped her lips as I pushed the dildo back into her pussy. 

Moments later lay her on the seat and put her head back I kisses her neck and then took one of her perky tits into my mouth sucking on her nipple gently I took out the vibrator and set it aside and rubbed her pussy. She opened her eyes as I did this. I looked up into her blue eyes her pink lips poised and wet from the juices of her pussy. As moved downwards I took my fingers out of her pussy and licked the sweet juices off. I kissed the sweet lips of her pussy and inserted my tongue as deep as I could I found the hard protruding clit and toy'd with it sucking it and licking it she was going wild as she came to another climax she stiffened and jolted as she reached her orgasm. Then she did something I didn't expect a fast jet of pussy juices squirted in my faces I loved the feel of it on my face and my body. I took my tongue from her pussy and just stared at her. As she looked back she Said three words
"I love you" 
And with that she sat up and and grabbed her vibrator and pushed me onto my back and slid her vibrator into my pussy. The sensation and excitement I had at that moment was excellent I arched my back and let her do what ever she wanted to me. She took out the vibrator I was disappointed and then she put four fingers in my pussy and worked them in and out with force and teasing me by playing with my clit. She then slid her thumb in my pussy and fisted me as hard a she could. Her hand was so pleasurable I couldn't hardly breath she then slipped a couple of fingers into my ass. My ass was so tight it started to hurt as she work them faster. She slowly pulled her hand out of my pussy and then slipped a finger if each hand into my ass and started to stretch it. It hurt so much I started to scream at the top of my voice. Then she quickly grabbed the vibrator and forced it in my ass and then put in high. It was brilliant a feeling never to be forgotten and then she put her fist into my pussy again. As she worked the dildo and the vibrator in and out I started to climax. I arched my back and moaned as she pleasured both of my holes I squirted all over her face and tits. She lapped up all the juices I let go and carried on fuck my pussy and I started to get soar because she was fucking me so hard. 

She finished and lay down next to me fondling my tits 
" that was great mom"
" I sure was, I think we should make it a regular thing.".....

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