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Riddle Chick, that was the title given to a girl at a certain college who was not quite attractive but would have her pick of horny guys. This college is male dominated with guys outnumbering girls five to one. My wife may have earned this title as she would get angry and defensive if I mentioned it. Here is a story of one particular goings on at the campus dorm circa 1995. Enjoy!

She was so young, well nineteen to be exact and a little naive and shy. This would be a new experience for her being away from home so long and far away. She had guy friends and girlfriends who had boyfriends. A few of her guy friends had been away from their girlfriends for a long time and were horny as ever. She was repeatedly teased for not finding a guy especially here were she could have her pick. Sure a few have tried to get into her pants but they only got as far as the nipple or a finger on the clit. One guy got her fully naked and attempted to penetrate her but her being a virgin and him being quite large didn't help. So the occasional mouthing would keep her study buddies at bay.
My wife was penetrated a month before I met her in the summer of '94. I was hurt to find this out as I saw her as so innocent. I had no idea the mouth I was kissing had a throbbing cock inside it a few weeks prior. She never admitted to swallowing but said that was the first thing the guy that did her asked. After marriage I would learn more of her past adventures with guys and one with her girlfriend and boyfriend. Actually, my wife's then girlfriend's boyfriend broke up with her to go after my wife after they had a MFF. She was no virgin then and word got around fast which led to the MMF adventure. The story I am about to tell was never written or told to anyone.
My wife told me of her first time and how humiliated she felt after being done and having to walk out of this guy's room past all his friends without her panties and bleeding down her legs. She had her pants and shirt on but could barely walk let alone drive back to her dorm with a stick shift. She bled for days and could barely sit after that ordeal for a week. I could see the tearing scar at the base of her opening when I first explored her. The prize was taken and nothing was spared not even her anus. This story happened after I met her that summer and she had to go back to school. The story will resume. This is from our private lives and exact as possible as my wife told it to me. Stay tuned. This will take some courage.

My wife's account of what happened: Well, I was on the couch sitting in the middle when he put his hand on my thigh. I tried to push it away but he was persistent. I felt awkward with Kat looking on while she made us something to eat in the kitchen. She could see us and we were all a little tipsy. Kat came back with our food and sat on the other side of me. There was only one couch and a coffee table. We ate and watched a movie. Kat's boyfriend reached over me to grab Kat's hand and held it in my lap. Then he leaned over me to kiss her. I offered to leave but they insisted I stay. They must of known what happened to me the week before and I felt embarrassed and wanted to leave but just then Kat lay her head on my shoulder and then put her hand on my thigh. She must have felt sorry for me I mean about my bad experience. I wanted to leave but felt trapped. Kat and her boyfriend Adam both had their hands on my thighs and started to pet me. It was kinda awkward and I wanted to get up but couldn't. They leaned across me and started kissing. It was then Kat pecked me on the cheek and I then offered to get up and leave and then Adam pecked my other cheek. They said they liked me and they each lay a hand an my tummy and patted me. Kat kissed my ear and asked if I liked it. It tickled.

Adam started to rub my thigh again and Kat went down to my feet to take my shoes off. I had shorts on and felt kinda funny with Kat's boyfriend touching me in such a sensitive place. Kat removed my socks and started to rub my feet. Kat kissed them and I tried to move away but Adam leaned on me and pushed me down. They lifted my shirt and kissed my tummy. I squirmed and they began tickling me all over until I couldn't take it any more. I don't remember losing my bra but my shirt came up and they each took turns at my breasts kissing them and flicking my nipples with their tongues. Adam got behind me and rubbed my bare breasts and Kat took my pants down. I could feel Adam grow though his pants at the sight and feel of me. She seemed concerned about me and wanted to see the damage from the previous week. I felt embarrassed and tightened up so she couldn't look. There were some spots in my panties and I was still a little sore down there.

Kat looked up at me reassuringly and told me it would be all right as she rubbed my legs to relax me a bit. Adam cupped my breast and kissed my neck and ear. He took my earlobe in his mouth and played with it then his other hand worked down my side to my hip were he made tiny circles around. It felt good and didn't tickle so much. Kat smiled up at me and offered me more to drink. I only had a little more and what I remember next was Kat slipping a finger under my panties. She chuckled at feeling my hair down there and moved my panties aside to show Adam. I smiled back embarrassingly. Kat said that was ok and wanted to make me feel better. Adam stood me up. My breasts hanged naturally in front of Kat. There was no use hiding them and she proceeded to pull my panties down. I let her this time. She pressed her face to my crotch and kissed me around my thighs and hair. It felt good and I let out a sigh. They led me to the bedroom and undressed themselves. Kat's breasts were like mine maybe a little saggier and that's when I shyly looked over at Adam standing in all his glory. He was sort of big and had a skinny frame. Kat was a little bigger than me around the middle. What came next was rather unexpected. Kat hugged me and kissed me deep on my mouth. Adam came up behind and I could feel him on my cheeks. He stayed behind me and Kat kept the deep kiss going. Adam pulled me onto the bed from behind and grabbed me under my knees and exposed my womanhood to Kat who then knelt down in front of me. I was quivering and nervous and a little wet. Kat felt up my inner thigh and parted my bush. I could smell my scent as I am a little strong but Kat took me in feeling each of her breaths against my reddened folds. You poor thing she said. He did a number on you huh? He did. Kat went to the bathroom and got a warm rag and lay it over my vagina. The warmth felt good and she dabbed me and cleaned around my opening. I was leaking a little and Kat put it on her finger and let Adam taste it. He smiled at me as it must have been pleasant. I never thought of tasting me but then I saw Kat lick her finger clean. She knelt down an went to work flicking her soft tongue around my outer lips and above my clitoris. I squirmed and let out a soft moan. Adam worked my breasts and was relentless pulling and lightly pinching my nipples. It was slow torture... more to come.

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