Amy goes to a club

Chapter 2. Amy goes to a Club.

Background: Amy has just started her senior year in high school and is spending a weekend with me learning about ROTC which may pay her college tuition. Of course, the real purpose is to give her a medical exam and have her body measured for use as a model for my personal Cyborg. An additional benefit has developed also. Amy and I have already played some sex games and it looks like there will be more to come.

One hour after we get out of the tub, Amy satisfied and me still very horny, I am dressed in my best suit and ready to go. I knock on Amy’s door and ask, “Is anybody ready for a fun time?”

The vision who comes out of the bathroom knocks my socks off. Amy is totally glammed up. Her hair shines and light makeup makes her brown eyes sparkle. Hot red lipstick gives her a sexy look.

She is wearing a low cut green dress with one shoulder exposed. A strap on the other side holds her 40DDs in check. I can tell she is wearing the half bra which exposes her nipples because they poke the dress material. She has a light sparkling blush on her exposed cleavage to draw the eyes. Guys will stare at her breasts; but the nipples will make them weak in the knees. Even though they poked me in the chest earlier, the sight is wonderful. The dress has been altered to enhance her curves and Amy looks like a goddess.

“Wow again, Amy. You look absolutely stunning”, I say as I escort her to our limo. The driver, who is probably used to Hollywood models and showgirls, does a double take. He looks at Amy’s tits for a while and then catches himself and looks at me, wondering. I give him a grin which hints it alright with me. He smiles as we drive off, but I notice he adjusts the mirror.

At the club, Amy gets the star treatment from the staff as we are seated in the VIP section near the stage. Waiters hover around like a swarm of hummingbirds at a sugar feeder. I’m enjoying it. Amy plays it cool like she does not notice all the attention. After our food arrives and the wine is served we are finally alone. Amy leans over, laughs and whispers, “Well, the waiters are surely attentive“. I agree and say, “Yes, and I think I know exactly who and what they were attentive to.”

The show’s main attraction, a female singer, comes on stage and sings some of her top ten songs. Amy seems to enjoy the show and by the third song she is holding my hand like a kid on a hot date. Now, I’m enjoying it too. The photography hostess comes around and offers to take some pictures. I make sure no wine or booze is visible and Amy and I snuggle together for some private pictures. I get the hostess to take several shots of Amy standing by the club’s fountain to share with her parents or co-workers. About ten minutes later, the hostess hands me a packet of large professional prints and a memory chip with our personal copies.

After another drink, Amy asks, “Are you OK if we leave early?” She bats her eyes a couple of times, too. I guess all the library time was not a total waste of time; she definitely knows how to send a message.

Back in Amy’s room before she gets undressed, I tell her I want to shoot a few pictures of her in the dress. She agrees and I stage her on the couch and shoot a few close-ups. Then I have her stand and shoot a few standing. “OK, unzip the dress”, I tell her as I keep shooting. She reaches up and pulls the strap off her shoulder and reaches back and unzips the long zipper down to her ass. When she does it the front falls down to her waist exposing her half bra with the nipples popping over the top.

“Hold the pose”, I ask and shoot a few more shots. At the bar, I mix two drinks and hand one to Amy. “Alright, step out of the dress and sip your drink”, I tell her. She lets the dress drop and stands before me in her garter minus any panties. Wow, indeed; her clean shaven pussy smiles back at my stupid grin as I shoot a few more pictures. Amy rotates around and I get a few shots of her beautiful ass. It’s time to stop being a photographer because I want to play with Amy.

We take a few minutes to hang up our clothes, get some more drinks and head for the bed. Amy is leading the way and I guess “later” has arrived. She has been real quiet; but I think I know what she is thinking.

Amy kneels on the bed and we are nearly eye level again as we kiss. Her tongue is hot in my mouth and when we break I whisper to her, “Amy, I love you.” Her arms hold me tight as she ravages my mouth again. This time when we break she whispers, “Thad, you are my first.” Virgin pussy increases the pressure not only to make it memorable for her but also to be gentle. So many things to teach her; so little time.

Laying Amy onto the bed, I take a second to dim the lights and turn on some soft music. Amy grabs me when I get back to the bed and pulls me down next to her. “Do you really love me?” she asks in a serious tone. “Yes babe I do”, I tell her, “but I need to also tell you the bad news. I have a place of work which I can’t tell you about and it is far away. I will be gone for weeks on end and cannot visit. Plus next year when you get to college you will meet tons of cute guys.”

“I don’t care about college guys, just you. They are just like high school boys and just want my tits”, she says still serious. I grin at her and say in a high falsetto voice, “I just want Amy’s tits”. Bending down I run my tongue over a nipple and it makes her shake and giggle. When I do it again, Amy grabs my head and holds it to her breast. Her skin is baby soft and I kiss her breast and finally suck her nipple into my mouth.

Amy arches her back up and groans, “Oh Thad, OMG.” Moving to her other breast, I suck the second nipple and play my tongue over it. Amy moans into my ear, “Yes, yes.” Coming off her breasts I let my lips travel down to her belly button and kiss all around it. Amy giggles, “It tickles.” Keeping the mood light, I move back up and kiss her neck.

I say, “Are we having fun?” Amy grabs my head and locks her lips to me again pushing her tongue down my throat. When we finally break apart she pulls my head back to her large tits and moans “Yes, yes”. I guess we are having fun.

Running my lips and tongue all over her tits, I roll her nipples between my fingers and pinch them as they get hard. Amy puts her hands over mine and presses them even harder against her nipples until she yelps in pain. “Uhh, too much”, she moans. I run my hands and tongue down her belly again; but don’t stop at her belly button.

Kissing her mons is like opening a door; she spreads her legs wide apart. I can see her freshly shaved pussy seems to be damp already as I move between her legs. My tongue circles her pussy’s lips and Amy inhales deeply and whispers, “OMG, yes, yes.” I think I can take that as a good sign.

When my tongue moves to the middle of her pussy, Amy’s fingers grab my hair as she groans. Using my fingers, I spread her lips wide apart and look at the moist pink before running my tongue deep into her. Stroking her with my tongue elicits a rocking motion from Amy. Good, she is fucking my tongue. Moving up to her clit, I push its cover back and tongue it hard. Her reaction hits in an instant and Amy pushes my face hard into her clit.

As she jerks and spasms, I think Amy is going to cum any moment. “Thad, now please”, she whines as she pulls me upwards. My cock is already hard and I pull her knees up to her head and line up to penetrate her. Amy and I stare at each other as I push into her and hit her hymen. She really is a teen virgin. “Do it Thad”, Amy urges and I push my cock into her hard. When I pop her cherry and go root deep into her, Amy yelps and I see two tears run down her cheeks.

Holding still, my cock twitches inside Amy and I pull her legs around my back. She instinctively tightens them and holds me inside her. A slow smile spreads over her face before I lean down and kiss her. Amy murmurs, “Thanks Thad.” I answer, “I love you Amy and thanks for giving me this gift.” We hold each other for a moment before I roll us over and pull Amy on top.

“You can control the pressure so it doesn’t hurt”, I tell Amy as I start to rock into her. Amy grins and rocks back on my hard cock. Within seconds she has got a hard rocking, fucking motion going. A few minutes later she is going full steam and I’m about to tell her to slow down when her climax hits. I am glad she is not a screamer; but like earlier today she is a squirter. I can feel a stream of pussy juice running out of her and down my legs.

As Amy’s body shakes she pushes down hard on my cock for maximum penetration. Her fist is in her mouth to stifle the moans. She shakes for another minute and then fall onto the bed next to me panting hard. I cuddle her to me and let her cool down and relax.

Amy is so quiet I thought she had fallen asleep when she giggles. “I think I over did it, Thad. My pussy hurts.” I laugh, “You don’t have to catch up in one night, we still have tomorrow night.” My hard cock pokes Amy’s belly and she reaches for it handling it gently. She puts her face next to mine and asks, “You are still hard; you haven’t finished yet?” When I shake my head no, she says, “What should I do?”

My brain has lots of ideas; but I better go easy. “Want to try to kiss and suck?” Amy thinks about it for a second and then slides down. She holds my stiff cock up and kisses the tip making it jump. She looks at me and opens her mouth with a smile and sucks me into her. Her lips feel great and she tentatively moves down on me until I feel my cock hitting her throat. She comes back up and does it again. She pops me out of her mouth and asks, “Am I doing it right?”

“Your amazing Amy”, I tell her and pull her head back on my cock. She moves slowly down again so I grab her hair and encourage her to speed up. I only last about five minutes and I can feel my cum churning in my balls. “Amy get ready”, I whisper and I feel her body relaxing. She is letting me face fuck her at my pleasure. I know I’m real close so I pull her into me hard and my cock pushes into her throat. Before she can gag I pull back and fill her mouth with several loads of cum.

Amy looks up at me expectantly with her mouth full of cum and my cock. I pull my cock out and she opens her mouth wide to show me my cum. “Swallow babe”, I order and Amy’s eyes go wide as she swallows the whole load. “That’s my good girl”, I tell her and cuddle her back in an embrace. I hand her a stiff drink and she sips, swirls and swallows the booze. “Wow Thad, I can’t believe I did that.” I grin and say, “Well you made it look like you are a natural.”

“Now what?” Amy asks.

“Babe, we have got to get some sleep. The morning will be here soon and you have to be sharp for the med tests.” Amy pouts as I pick up our empty glasses and put them into the sink. I take her by the hand and lead her into the bathroom and close the door behind her. “Get ready to go to sleep”, I tell her through the door and wonder why I’m acting like her father. Good grief.

When I look at the bed, I see the large wet stain where Amy shot pussy juices. So I strip the sheets off; but there are no fresh one in the room. Looks like we will be sharing the bed in my room. Now I’m really hoping we can get some sleep. I set the alarms on both the hotel’s and my personal chronographs.

Amy comes out of the bathroom wearing a short baby doll nightie. “Where did that come from? I bet my friendly sales person gave it to her and I never saw it. She has cleaned off the makeup and brushed her hair. She is a young teen again, except for the 40DD boobs straining her nightie to a bursting point. Her nipples poke hard against the material. I wish I had put on my jockeys because my cock is betraying me by rising to the occasion, the beast.

Amy sees the stripped bed and arches an eyebrow. “It’s too wet, we are going to sleep in my bed”, I tell her. Amy looks at my hard cock, puts her finger in her mouth and playfully says, “Sleep Daddy? What’s that?” I laugh and say, “That’s what Amy does after she gets her brains fucked out. I thought you were in pain?” Amy reaches down and rubs her naked pussy. More seriously she says, “Yea it hurts, I should probably wait till in the morning.”

As she looks at my hard cock again, she says, “Are going to stay hard all night?” “No babe, I can’t help it. I get hard every time I see you.” Amy grins and kneels down before me and takes my cock in her soft hands. Stroking it slowly she looks up and says, “Will this make it feel better, Daddy?” Seems that little Amy has read some sex stories and knows the little girl act works every time. My cock twitches in her hand and I say, “Yes my good little girl, suck Daddy’s cock down your throat.” And she does.

Amy grabs my balls and pulls my cock into her mouth and sucks me hard. She reaches one hand around my ass and pulls hard and her other hand grabs mine and puts it on the back of her head. The message is clear, face fuck me as hard as you want.

This time I go for a hard sex fuck with deep strokes into Amy’s throat. I can see her cheeks expand and the pressure builds as she tightens her lips around my cock like a vise. When I hit her throat I can feel it give way to my invading cock head. Amy gags but keeps me in her mouth and pushes me in harder with each stroke. This time I don’t even last five minutes.

Amy can feel my legs trembling as I get close to cuming. I hold her head tight against me and give a final thrust into her throat. Ropes of cum shoot down her throat and Amy sinks her nails into the back of my legs to keep me locked to her.

She stays locked to me for minutes and I think she will pass out from lack of air when she finally pulls back and inhales a giant gasp of air. She stands up and pulls my head down to her and kisses me. Her tongue is in my mouth and I can taste my cum. We French kiss for minutes before we finally break apart. Wow. Amy has definitely changed from a shy virgin to a sex fiend in a matter of hours. Wow.

“I think you are ready to go to sleep now”, Amy grins in a self-satisfied way. I agree because I have never deep throated a girl like this session with Amy. A stray thought runs through my head, marriage. Oh God no.

I turn Amy toward my bed, spank her bare ass lightly and tell her I will be right there. Then I head for my bathroom for a break.

At noon tomorrow the medics will see her glorious body naked.

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