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A young lady tries out the neighbor's dog and then gets one of her own.
To begin with, let me tell you a little about myself. I
am a middle aged lady who has a strong sex drive. I am
married and my husband gives me plenty of cock, but I
still crave more. I am overweight and shy when it comes
to finding a man. I have a rather large ass and love a
hard cock.

My breasts are very large and I love to masturbate, a
lots! I love to read the stories on the internet as I
play with myself, sometimes letting my husband read the
stories too. The stories I like best are the ones
concerning K9s. I had fantasized so often about me
taking a K9 but never tried it until recently. I knew
my husband would never go for it as I kept it secret.

I was reading a story on Kristen Archives about a lady
who was fucking a dog and as I read it, my hand was
playing with my pussy as I rubbed it, not wearing any
panties and my short dress up high. I was so wet as I
fantasized about me being on my hands and knees as I
took that doggie cock. My fat pussy was on fire as I
rubbed my clit between my two fingers.

I glanced out my back door and saw a large, black lab
in my backyard. I knew it was the next door neighbor's
dog from the size of him. He was a big dog and usually
stayed in their fenced in yard. He had gotten out some
how and was in my yard. As I got up and went to the
door, I felt my wet pussy stirring from the
masturbating I had been doing.

I called the dog over to me as he wagged his tail. I
opened my door and coaxed him inside where I went to
call the neighbor to tell them he was loose. The phone
rang and the answering machine picked up as there was
no answer and I left a message that I had him at my

I looked at his cock sheath and could tell he had a
nice cock on him as I took him into the kitchen to find
him something to drink. As I put the water in a dish, I
took a hotdog from the fridge and fed it to him. He was
hungry as I fed him another one and saw a jar of peanut
butter sitting on the counter. Then an idea struck me.

What would happen if I took some of the peanut butter
and smeared on my pussy? Would he lick it off? I led
him to the living room as I gave him another hotdog. I
sat on the sofa as I lifted my dress as I took the jar
of peanut butter and spread some onto my clit. I lifted
his head and guided him to the goo I had placed on my

I felt his hot tongue as he started to lick me! It was
working! The big lab was licking my pussy as he lapped
at the peanut butter. His long tongue felt so good! I
was surprised at just how good it felt as he took long
licks with that hot tongue.

I then reached down and rubbed his doggie cock as he
lapped at my wet pussy. I felt his cock as it started
to grow! I took my hand and slowly stroked his doggie
cock as the big red end slipped from its sheath. I
grasped it as my fingers went around the hot flesh, it
feeling so slimy and hot! He liked me doing this as his
doggie cock got even bigger.

I lay back onto the couch as I pulled him on top of me,
placing his paws on each side of me as I took his cock
again. I spread my thighs wide and took his hard doggie
cock, guiding it to my twitching pussy. I wanted that
doggie cock in me! He was so big now, almost as big as
any man's cock I have ever seen. I eased the large head
to my thick cunt lips as I rubbed it over my clit as I
searched for his cock with my pussy. I needed it in me!

I felt his hot dick as the head slipped into me! It was
so hot and felt so good! I then pulled his hunching
hips to me as he thrust his long doggie cock to my
hungry pussy. He was filling me with that prick as he
hunched me faster, slamming his cock deeper with each
thrust he made. I was humping my ass off the sofa as my
pussy fucked up to meet his every hunch. He was so deep
in me as I felt his hot cock pumping in and out of my
wet pussy.

There I was, a married lady, laying on my sofa and
letting a dog fuck me! What would my husband say if he
saw me like this? I sure wasn't going to tell him as
the doggie cock pushed against my womb. He had me full
of his cock! I felt it as he hit my sweet spot each
time he thrust into me, making my body shake as I
started to cum. He was making me tremble all over as I
came so hard! I was loving this!

He pounded that doggie cock to me so hard and fast,
filling every inch of my fat pussy as I continued to
cum, over and over again. I could feel his cock so hot
in me as I threw my pussy to his cock as he hammered
me. I cum so much that the sofa was wet as my juices
flowed out of me. No man had ever made me cum so hard
and so much! I knew right then, I was hooked on doggie

I was exhausted as I slipped my pussy from his cock. I
had cum so much and needed to rest. He had not cum in
me and I had withdrawn him before he could slip his
knot to me. I saw his huge knot as I took his cock and
stroked it for him as he lay beside me. He looked at me
with those big eyes as if to say, "You didn't let me
cum. See how big my knot is? I want you to take care of

About that time, I heard my doorbell ringing as the
next door neighbors had gotten back home. I jumped up
as my own cum dripped down my thighs and went to the
door. I opened the door and let the boy in as he
thanked me for watching his dog. I was wanting to thank
him for the use of that dog, to thank him for the
wonderful fucking I had received! But I didn't say a
word as he left with the big lab.

After that day, I talked my husband into getting us a
watch dog since there was so much crime lately. I told
him I wanted to find one that was big and mean looking.
I had other thoughts of what I wanted in a dog but I
sure wasn't going to tell him. I placed and ad in the
paper, stating that I was looking for a large male dog
and that he had to be special. I got a response the
very next day.

A lady had called me and said she had a large Rot that
was well trained as a watch dog but that she had to
give him away since they were moving out of state and
into an apartment. I asked her if he was special and
her answer was, "He is very special to me. He is my
best friend." I went over to her house to see the dog.

As I entered her home, I could tell she really liked
that dog. We sat down and got to talking as she
described herself being alone lots and that the dog
sometimes slept with her. Then she asked me if I ever
went on the internet and we got to talking about the
different sites on there.

She asked me if I had ever been to a site called I had found this site several months
before, but told her no that I have never heard of it,
even though it was one of my favorite sites. She told
me to go there sometime and that she thought I might
enjoy it.

I knew right then that the dog was well trained, well
trained in fucking her! I told her that I would take
the dog and offered to pay her. She said she was not
selling him to me, but giving him to me, that I looked
as if I needed a friend. She told me to take him and
call her in a coupe of days to let her know if I still
wanted him.

That was when we got Buster. I took him home and made a
bed for him at the foot of my bed. I petted him and he
became accustom to me after a couple of days. I
examined his equipment and found he was well hung with
a rather large cock.

The next day I went to the kitchen and got the peanut
butter as I called him into the bedroom. I lay back
naked on the bed and took a big glob of it as I placed
it around my clit and inside my puffy pussy lips. He
jumped right up onto the bed and started to lick me as
I lay back and held his head to me.

I saw his doggie cock as it started to swell, easing
from its hidden cavern as he licked my plump pussy. He
knew what to do as I took his long, thick cock into my
hand and started to jack it up and down as it grew even
larger in my hand!

He had a huge cock on him as I played with it, the
thick head was so hot to the touch as I slid my fingers
around it's slimy flesh. He was ready to fuck me as I
eased upon my knees and offered my pussy to him from
the rear. He took his paws and put them on each side of
my wide hips as I took his cock and guided it to my wet

I felt that monster of a doggie cock slide in me as he
rammed it home, thrusting so deep with that first
hunch! I was full of dog cock! He was making my pussy
so hot as it slid in and out of me. He wasn't as fast
as my neighbor's dog as his cock went hard into me. He
had me locked to his cock by his paws as I then felt it
touching my sweet spot so far up my fat pussy. I was
cumming so hard as he thrust into me!

Then I felt his huge knot as he slammed it inside my
wet cunt, really locking me to him as his knot slid
inside my pussy. His cock swelled up as his knot became
so large in me! I had taken his knot and he had me
locked to his big doggie cock! I was going wild from
the wonderful feeling of that huge cock locked to my
fat pussy. There is no way to tell you how good it felt
as he pounded that doggie cock to me! His cock was so
hot and was filling every inch of my pussy, all the way
to my womb!

I was cumming so hard with each thrust he made, my
pussy so full of doggie cock as he fucked that huge
dick to me. I felt his cock as it started to swell
inside me as I knew he was on the verge of cumming in
me. I had never had a dog cum in me but I knew I was
ready for it.

I then felt his cock as his knot throbbed in me, his
entire cock feeling like a hot poker as his cum began
to erupt so deep within my cunt. He was filling me with
that hot doggie cum as I screamed out in pleasure,
fucking back to take every bit of his cock and cum as
he slammed that doggie cock to me. His hot cum flooded
me as it filled my cunt, making me take that big knot
as he shot what seemed like gallons of hot doggie cum
up my pussy.

He stayed inside my pussy for a good twenty minutes as
he filled my pussy with his hot doggie cum. My pussy
was so sore as I felt his cock start to soften in me as
it started to slide out. He had really gave my fat
little pussy a good fucking! I felt his cock as it
slipped from me, his warm cum running down out of my
cunt and down both thighs as my ass was still in the

After he withdrew from me, I rolled over and hugged on
him, telling him what a good fucking he had given me.
Then I picked up the phone while his cum was still
dripping for me and called the lady who had given him
to me.

"I just want to let you know, that Buster will be
staying here. He is just what I wanted." I told her.
"He is so sweet and I am well pleased with him. And
yes, I did go to that site and I loved it."

"Oh, well I am glad you liked and
Buster. I was well pleased with him and hated to let
him go." She said. "And by the way, he loves his cock
sucked too. He is good isn't he?"

"Maybe we can get together before you leave." I told
her, "Just for old time's sake so Buster can say
goodbye to you."

"I would love that! Let me see when I can arrange to
have you over and I will call you back." She said, "I
do need to have him one last time. He is so good!"

I hung up the phone and called Buster back into the bed
as I took his cock and started to stroke it once again
as I lowered my lips to taste that doggie cock as it
stiffened under my touch.


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2013-07-07 03:24:37
hi. just wondered if any dog lovers in the UK. ? Gagging to meet a dog lover ! xx

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2011-07-28 08:44:21
You had a good story line but you write "doggy cock" 15 times and "cock or cock cum" another 12 or so times, don't you know any other words to call it? What about doggy shaft or doggy dick or doggy member or doggy tally whacker or doggy pecker? After I read the first few lines of this story, some how I knew is was a doggy you were fucking. Don't get me wrong I love fucking K9's, but after the fifth "doggy dick" my pussy went dry and my fingers lost interest. Try again honey maybe the next will leave me satisfied.

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2011-07-27 19:29:54
Wish I had a buster. Looking forward to the next chapter

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