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Young Amy finds out how good some things can be.
My stories were deleted for a reason still unknown to me at this time. Here they are for your enjoyment, please comment and rate for more.

Amy’s Panties -The Beginning

It was a calm evening in Georgia, the sun had set and the summer heat was being carried gently by a small breeze. Times like this were perfect for Amy, she loved being outdoors and would typically walk to work at the Diner after school. When she didn’t have to work, most days she would take the path down to her favorite spot by the river and sit underneath the willow trees for awhile. It was a small town where people were friendly, children could play outside without worry and if you needed a helping hand, someone was there.

Amy was the middle of three children being fifteen, her brother Daniel was sixteen and her sister Lana was eleven. Her dad was always at the factory working to pay the bills that came with a wife and three children. Her mother spent her time going to classes, studying and doing an internship to get her nursing degree. This gave Amy plenty of time to hang out with her friends and party or just relax on her own and reflect on what was going on in her life.

This particular day Amy left from school and walked to her place on the river, it was quiet and private here, she could relax. She put her bag down beside a tree, took her shoes and socks off and let her feet fall into the water. She then pulled out a book and a pack of menthol cigarettes she persuaded an older friend to buy her. Pulling one out of the pack and placing it between her lips she lit the end and look a long drag then sighed easily as she opened her book. She enjoyed reading the sappy love stories and romance novels, she would find herself captivated by the sex scenes and was curious as to how it felt, to be with a man. Amy was quite the heartbreaker, standing five foot two, one hundred pounds even, she had straight blonde hair that she wore well. Her bright blue eyes were accented by her pouty lips, she had perky 36C breasts and a round but firm ass to complete the package.

She had only fooled around with one guy in her class, giving him a quick blowjob in the movie theater a few months back. She sent him home with a smile but hadn’t let it progress any further. Today she found her self getting more excited while reading, now enjoying her second cigarette. She let a hand unconsciously move down into her lap, gently rubbing herself through her skirt while rolling onto her back as she read more. Pulling longer on the cigarette she exhales while reading faster , her thoughts turn to sucking cock and how the last boys cum tasted in her mouth. She had swallowed it all, finding that she liked the taste she licked him clean and sent him away. Her mind now racing Amy put the book down beside her and spread her legs while gently rubbing her tingling pussy through her pink cotton panties.

Soft moans escaped Amy’s lips through shallow breaths and the occasional puff of her cigarette. Her body was relaxed as she felt herself getting wetter, her thoughts went back to cock. She knew she liked the taste of cum and had given her first blowjob, now she wondered what it would feel like to be inside of her. Her hand moved faster working her little cunt while she thought of a cock thrusting into her, spilling cum inside. This was a sight to see, fifteen year old Amy on her back with her skirt around her waist, her panties soaking with juices and her breasts heaving inside of her tank top as she moaned. Pausing for a moment to sit up, Amy pulled her tank top over her head, then unsnapped her pink bra that matched her panties. Her dime sized nipples were hard and got stiffer when the air hit them, surrounded by half dollar sized golden areolas. She tossed the top and bra aside then stood to remove her skirt then her panties, before lying back down on the ground.

Moving both hands up and down her body Amy stopped at her nipples, pinching them between her fingers while closing her eyes. One hand remaining while one slid down back to her now wet and waiting pussy, she rubbed her lips then found her clit and began to play with it. Pretending in her mine that it wasn’t her doing this but some guy, biting her nipples and playing with her. She pushed a finger inside and let out a gasp as she pushed harder until she felt a pain and gently cried out pausing. Her soaking pussy now seemly on fire she pushed on after pulling another cigarette from the pack and lighting it between her lips, her imaginary cock, she seemed so dirty continuing to slide her fingers in and out of herself.

Her orgasm builds as she goes faster, pushing her hips off of the ground to meet the fingers entering her. She moans louder and rolls her eyes as she alternates between finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit, puffing her cigarette between gasps as she gets closer to orgasm. She thinks of being fucked hard, a cock in her pussy pounding in and out while her nipples are being sucked. Now Amy is bucking up and down as she fingers faster and harder when the first orgasm or her young life hits her. Screaming out in ecstasy she tenses as her pussy convulses, she begins to gasp for air as creamy juices squirt around her fingers. She pushes harder using one more finger stretching her pussy as far as it will go before it latches on she nearly blacks out and drops her body to the ground.

Out of breath she lies there for a moment, closing her eyes with her fingers still inside of her pussy. Covered in warm juices Amy’s mind is now clear. After a few minutes she sits up and looks around, she is alone and it’s peaceful again. Grabbing her panties she wipes her pussy clean then curiously brings a finger to her mouth and sucks the juice off. It’s sticky and sweet to her, like the cum she swallowed before but different, she likes it. After wiping the rest of her juices away with her panties she stands and walks to the water then dives in rinsing the evidence of orgasm from her body, but not her mind. She is hooked, a feeling she has never felt up until this day.

After relaxing in the water for a moment Amy climbs out and wait’s a few minutes to dry off some. Her panties are soaked so she decides to leave them between two larger rocks until next time. She then picks up her clothes and begins to dress, pulling the tank top over her head then the skirt up and buttoned. She picks up her bag and pulls out one last cigarette before putting them away. She puts in between her lips and lights it breathing in deeply. She thinks about the past hour and what she will do next time, possibly by herself, maybe with someone as she begins to walk home smiling.

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