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Amy gets caught by her younger sister and teaches her a few things.
My stories were deleted for an unknown reason to me. Therefore this is a repost, please comment and rate for more.

Amy’s Panties pt2 - The Student

Ever since the day at the river Amy was on fire, her fifteen year old pussy almost constantly stayed wet. She needed attention, she knew she needed to get off, but doing so in a house with her parents, a brother and a sister it was difficult. She would rub herself lightly at night as to not disturb her eleven year old sister Lana. She would silently cum in her bed dripping sweet juices on the blankets before drifting to sleep. She would also play with herself in the shower, in which she spent a lot more time lately, sliding her fingers in harder imagining it being a cock while she would shudder and cum. Making her collapse to the floor at times.

This particular day, Amy was in the shower slowly rubbing herself as the warm water fell down upon her young body. She moved to caress her breasts, pinching and rolling her erect nipples before a hand slid down to her hot box. She was indeed on fire, her lips were swollen and even with the water from the shower she could see her creamy girl juice as she slid two fingers in and out. Repositioning herself she leaned against the wall as she found her enlarged clit with her other hand. Her mind was sent racing as soft moans began to escape from her mouth.

Amy had found through her recent practice that fingering herself while she rubbed her clit made her cum harder. She had explored using different methods, wanting something other than her own fingers, her favorite new toy was her hairbrush. But in the shower she only used her fingers, leaned on the wall she was drifting off as her orgasm built inside. With her eyes closed she bit her bottom lip to keep from being too loud or screaming as she let her imagination work. Thinking of a hard cock deep inside of her getting ready to shoot a load of cum into her virgin pussy. Amy was almost there, her fingers moving faster as she trembled. When the first wave of her orgasm hit she nearly collapsed and as her pussy flooded with juices and the bathroom door swung open.

Amy’s eyes opened as she looked at eleven year old Lana rushing in to the toilet, she had just woke and need to go badly. Amy couldn’t think straight as the orgasm seemed to get stronger ripping through her young body. After it subsided as her body shook, her fingers still inside she was limp leaned against the wall. Now she saw Lana and realized she was caught, the little girl staring at her as she relieved herself on the toilet opposite of the shower. She was the first to speak of the two “what’s wrong Amy are you ok?” “I’m fine Lana” she replied as she moved from the wall and turned off the water.

She grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower and started to dry herself as Lana continued to watch her. “What were you doing Amy?” came the question as she stood and flushed the toilet, her small white panties at her knees. Amy thought of what to tell her little sister for a moment, she obviously didn’t know anything about masturbation or how it felt, she was the youngest and innocent. Should she play it off as nothing? Or show her baby sister the secrets of her body and teach her what she’d learned? After a few moments she thought what the hell, it’s better to teach her now than for her to learn in a few years from a boy. “I was making my body feel good Lana, it’s a part of growing up to be a women” Amy said as she finished drying and wrapped the towel around herself. Lana pulled her panties back up and looked at her sister “I want to be a woman Amy but it looked like you were hurt in the shower” as she moved over to the mirror to brush her teeth. Amy smiled “No Lana that’s just how good it feels, it’s like nothing else…do you want me to show you?” Lana nodded as she spit In the sink and rinsed “as long as it doesn’t hurt I want to learn.”

The two sisters had always been close, with their mother always on the go Lana looked up to Amy. Now they would become closer in their relationship with no idea of what would follow in the future. “Ok c’mon let’s go to our room” Amy said with the towel still around her, they walked to the end of the hall and went inside. After shutting the door and making sure to lock it Amy dropped her towel to the floor. Her blonde hair still damp fell down her back, breasts perky with nipples erect she told Lana to get undressed also. Without a pause the eleven year old stood up from the bed and pulled her green top over her head. Then she pushed her plain white cotton panties down and kicked them off smiling at Amy. “Ok so what do we do now?” she said standing in front of her sister. Lana was about six inches shorter than Amy at four foot eight inches, she weighed eighty pounds or so. Her skin was light and freckled, with soft red hair and bright blue eyes like Amy’s. Her small breasts had just start to develop, small perky mounds with a promising future for more. Big pink nipples in the center also now erect, her hips had started to become wider recently leading into a shapely bubble butt.

“Well first lets lay on the bed, you can watch me” said Amy, she then laid down propping herself up with pillows. Lana did the same beside her watching her sister intently for what was coming next. Amy told Lana to spread her legs, she did as told then Amy spread her own placing one over her little sisters. Looking over she saw her small hairless slit, so tiny and pure, knowing it had never been touched. It was gorgeous perfectly natural and pink, Amy let her hands slide down to her own pussy while taking her sisters body in. She moved her fingers around her lips slowly finding her clit and softly pinching it between her fingers. She moaned as she began rubbing herself faster, moving a hand back to her nipples pinching and pulling them. Looking over at Lana she smiles and tells her to start doing the same to herself, she nods. Little Lana watched her sisters hands as she moved her own tiny fingers down to her slit. She began rubbing herself up and down as her body started to tingle.

Amy was now pushing two fingers into her cunt, her hips were moving to meet as she slid in and out. Her lips were glistening with juices as she tried keeping her eyes open to watch Lana who had her eyes closed barely touching herself. Amy knew that Lana was scared to an extent and didn’t know what to expect. Taking a hand off of her own nipples she reached to touch Lana, placing her hand on her sisters soft skin. Lana gasp and ask Amy if she was doing it right “almost, I’ll help you just relax”. Lana closed her eyes again as her sisters hand softly slid over her chest, circling her nipples. She pinched each one then moved down slowly over her stomach to find the smaller hand on her tiny slit. Amy slid her own fingers over her sisters wetness causing Lana to moan and inch her body closer.
Amy’s fingers in her own pussy were moving at the speed of light, a puddle of her juices had formed on the bed sheets now. She was getting closer to orgasm as she rubbed herself and Lana, who was now right beside Amy, her body shaking. Amy knowing that she was wet enough slowly pushed a finger inside. Lana opened her eyes and turned her head to meet her older sisters gaze then gasp as she felt the most amazing feeling she had ever felt as Amy moved faster in and out of her. Lana moved her head towards Amy in a move without warning and kissed her lips. Amy shook as she pushed her tongue to meet her sisters warm mouth as her orgasm immediately shook her body. Her pussy tightened as she squirted on the bed, still moving her fingers and working Lana. She felt Lana also tighten as her body went tense she broke their kiss and moaned loudly. Her virgin pussy contracting around her sisters finger, she moved her arm and grabbed Amy kissing her lips as they both shook from the best orgasm of their young lives and collapsed back in the bed.

They laid on the bed silent and breathless for a few moments, then Lana put both arms around Amy who also did the same. They kissed again, their bodies wet with each others juices Amy pushed a finger back to Lana’s slit then brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean smiling. “I want to see what you taste like to” said Lana breaking their hug and moving down the bed to Amy’s glistening pussy. Without a hesitation she stuck her tongue out and licked then kissed it just like she had Amy’s mouth earlier, it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted after her first orgasm but definitely not her last.

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