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What kind of other feelings were I having
It happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 3

The events that transpired during our vacation and over the course of the following weeks have changed me in a way I would have never thought. People use the term "Motherfucker" as derogatory, its meant as an insult but you never hear the term "sisterfucker" which doesn't flow off the tongue quit like the other or perhaps there isn't the same negative connotation attached. I don't feel bad about what my sister and I have done in fact it feels quite liberating while at the same time forming a special bond between my sister and I which we never would have imagined.
Her and I have talked about it at length and we are both certain that the special bond I mentioned is mutual and timeless. Its a mix of taboo, secrecy, desire , love and contentment that you can feel but not describe.
Despite this things did reach a normalcy. Although we do have that bond we are not exclusive to each other and we are ok with that. There is no way we could be exclusive and keep it hidden, we know it's to easy to be transparent and as liberal as our parents are they would certainly never condone our actions but wouldn't banish us to hell either.
They realize sex in youth is full of questions, wonder, experimenting and hormonal desires and they even have broached the subject of sex off and on, they even mentioned it in the last week. We're not certain they don't suspect something, perhaps it's just coincidence or our fears of being caught and our imagination is just running wild. Nothing else has been or seems different.

No matter who we would date my sister and I had sex around once a week but that was tough and dangerous since it entailed sneeking into one or the others room late at night. The best opportunities were when our parents went out on a Friday or Saturday night.
On a recent night she came into my room and whispered " you want a quickie" ? (we obviously talked in whispers during our sessions to try and maintain stealth) I thought you were on your period, I said. I'm pretty much done, but I want to do something for you, sit on the edge of the bed she said.
I swung around and sat up and she went to her knees and grabbed my cock, you don't have to do this I said. Looking right into my eyes she said, I want to.

I haven't had any in a week and she knew I was hurting. I could see her face lit up by the light shining in my window as she knelt before me the modesty she had before had vanished.
She took me deep into her wet mouth, I threw my head back closing my eyes and breathed "OHHHHH, GOD THAT FEELS GOOD". She slowly withdrew while letting her tongue glide along the bottom of my swollen shaft. I looked down just as she pulled away, letting a long string of saliva stretch between the tip of her tongue and my cock as she looked up at me.

Looking down at her I said, I thought you said a quickie ?. Thats up to you she said with a smile and with that I gently placed my hands on each side of her head and she took me in again with the same deep slow motion although this time she kept me in her warm wet mouth and slowly worked my throbbing tool.
In a whisper I said OHHHH SIS, SUCK MY COCK BABY as I held her head tighter trying to force my cock deeper into her mouth with each desent she made. She reached down tickling my balls, I didn't want it to end but I needed to cum so bad already. I was breathing hard now, holding the muscles tight to keep from releasing, savoring the pleasure my young sister was giving me.

I felt a little pre-cum spray from my cock, then she sucked harder and I had to give up, I"M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING OHHHHHHHH, she pulled back keeping her lips firmly wrapped around my head. Still holding her head in my hands I threw my head back, AHHHHHH BABY, as I shot 3 huge blasts into her mouth.
With each blast she sucked hard on my cockhead swallowing as much as she could. The second blast was the largest of the 3 and she choked just a little as the 3rd blast came.
The head was sensitive now and her last lick caused me to shudder.

I released the grip I had on her head and she stood up giving me the most loving look then bent down and whispered in my ear, I LOVE YOU, just then we heard what sounded like floorboard squeak in the hallway.My sister stood up looking at my bedroom door, looked back at me with an anxious look in her eyes, then back to the door again and whispered OH SHIT !. She stood there frozen as if not sure what to do. She looked back at me again and this time tears had welled up in her eyes. In a soft voice I said "it will be alright, don't cry" then she said "but I don't want this to stop, EVER". She blinked which caused a tear to break loose and run down her cheek.
I stood up and rubbed my thumb across her cheek wiping the tear streak away then held her. Stroking her long dark brown hair I looked at her and said "wait just a minute then go to your room". I can't sleep, I'm scared we've been caught, she said.

Surprising even myself, I wasn't worried. I figured since nobody came barging in with wide eyed shock then her anxiety was overblown.
Look, nobody came barging in, I said confidently trying to dispel her fear. I know, she said, but what was the noise we heard ?. I don't know, the house settling ?.
I better go, she said. She broke our embrace, softly walk to the door and eased it open peering out through the slit, opened it wider looked back and said "see you in the morning" and with that closed the door behind her.
I laid down and let the thoughts run through my head, thinking of a story in case one was needed.

The morning was typical, Dad already left for work and Mom was getting coffee, except my sister wasn't in the kitchen. Were's your sister, mom asked. Trying to act unconcerned I just shrugged. As Mom went down the hall towards my sisters room I watched her walk away and thought mmm, mm I know where sis gets her has from.
OMG !, what kind of pervert have I become I thought shaking my head. I always did love girls with ass though.

I was sitting at the table eating when Mom came back and sat down across from me. She looked at me and said "l need to ask you something". Terror struck my heart.
Your sister is tired and I think I know why (I braced for what was iminent while working to maintain calm) her period has her zapped or she may have the flu (WHEWWWW ! I felt at ease at that point) so would you stay home from school and take care of her ?.

As Mom pulled out the driveway I went into my sisters room and she laid on her side with covers pulled up to her neck and had one of her nice tanned legs hanging out. She turned her head smiled and said "we have the day together" then threw her covers off exposing her perfect 14 yr old naked body. My cock twitched and started to grow. She broke eye contact, glanced down at the lump in my pants and biting her bottom lip looked up at me with a seductive look and said "I need it".

I was on her in an instant and as our kiss broke I went right for her tits. I sucked and bit each nipple and worked my way down her stomach towards her sweet pussy. I'm finished, she said, (meaing her period) as I positioned myself. When I ran a finger along her slit she secreted a light cream which parted her pussy lips with a lightly audible smacking sound.
She pulled her knees towards her chest and opened her legs.

I put my hands on each side of her lucious young wet pussy and used my thumbs to open her slot and went directly for her clit. She let out a long slow breath and said OHHHH EAT MY PUSSY, I lapped at the full length of her slit as she had two handfuls of my hair pulling my face into her soping wet young cunt. She would breathe and hold it while alternately pulling and releasing my hair.
After a couple minutes she said I WANT YOU IN ME.

I stood up pulling my shirt and pants off as fast as I could. As my underwear hit the floor she flipped over on all fours. I kneeled behind her placing a hand on her lower back and with my other hand aimed my engorged cock at her entrance.
PUT IT IN ME she screamed and with that I plunged into her. She stayed on all fours throwing her head back and rocked her body to match my thrusts, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD she said. I was blind with lust and wonderment at her passion, her desire, her words, words she never said before.
I slide my hands from her waist following the curve of her hips and squeezed her soft flesh as a handhold to maximize my thrusts. With my face contorted with pleasure I shouted OHHH SIS YOUR CUNT IS SO HOT, while I continued to pound into her.
Suddenly her breathing became labored and she shouted I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD I'M CUMINGGGGG. I felt my cock being flooded which in turn triggered my climax, OH, OH, OHHHHHH, I pulled out and aimed, AHHHHH I groaned, as a huge thick stream of cum left my dick and landed on her ass.
I pumped my rock hard shaft while squeezing my muscles and let out an UHHHHHH as I let go another blast of searing hot spunk which splash onto her ass and seeped down her crack while I continued to pump and breathed out OHHHHH as I let go a 3rd, but less powerful blast, that landed on the back of her leg.

By this time she had her head down on the bed catching her breath while her plump cum covered ass remained in the air. I was still kneeled behind her, breathing hard milking the remaining cum from my still semi-solid prick.

I thought something was going on said a voice from behind us.....................................

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2014-02-19 06:16:57
Well, its obvious English isn't his first language...

Or second...

Or third...

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2014-02-10 01:11:42
You need to read your writing man. Grammer and punctuation is terrible. What are you 7 years old with that grammer?


2013-11-02 00:03:01
"It Happened On Vacation Part 3" - Unnamed Brother and Unnamed Sister

The writing, with just a small amount of punctuation thrown in, seems to have creeped sparringly into the body of the story--there's hope yet!!

The writer could add doses and ingredients of foreplay, slowing the immediate jumping each other's "bones" into more sensual and tenderness of the caring as lovers!!

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2011-09-18 15:09:06
He blamed his wife (her step mother) for not being more attentive.
That caused them to split. He asked my folks to take her in so that
she would not have to change schools. Also, he could not be home
to watch after her. All met in agreement. Thus, my room got changed and she had her own room. She started to come up to my attic room and spend time with me before going to sleep. No one else knew.

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2011-09-18 15:02:40
She said nothing, but watched each time. Two wks later I turned over one night and put my arm around her. No problem I kissed he on the neck. No problem. Suddenly. she turned over and faced me. I kissed
her on the lips. No problem. I slipped my tongue in her mouth. No fuss. I slipped my hand under her baby doll top and felt her hairless
pussy. It was wet. That nite, I pulled out my dick and dry fucked her.
I knew now that she was mine . Dad asked me if we were ok with out arrangements and i said yes. He then told me that after school
one night, an older boy than her had pushed her into an ally was and
tried to rape her. She screamed loudly and a neighbor heard her and rushed out to see what was the matter. She reported it to the school and they came and got her. He has penetrated her, but the
school nurse said that he had not filled her with his sperm. Her parents were notified and the nurse suggested that she go on the
pill as protection.

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