I'm truly sorry this has taken so long. This part of the story is much, much longer then any of the others and I tried to perfect it as much as I could. So I really hope you enjoy reading it and if you don't that's fine too, but please leave me a comment on how I could have made it better. Thank you!
I didn’t even hear Andrew open the bathroom door; nor did I hear him pull back the shower curtain, but that’s how he found me. I was standing under the spray of water from the shower and I had my head tilted back, and my eyes closed; my hair almost touched the top of my ass cheeks when I did this. The water had started to run cold but I just couldn’t bring myself to turn it off yet. The only time I could really be alone was when I took a shower. It was my only time to think and it was usually when reality would start to kick in again.

Andrew touched my shoulder softly and my eyes snapped open. I turned towards him and just stood there. He pursed his lips the way he does when he thinks too hard and then reached over beside me to turn the water off. “You’ve been in here a long time.” He wasn’t really trying to start a conversation, just stating a fact. But I had to ask him something very important. “Andrew.” I just started with saying his true name and I watched his face carefully. He didn’t look mad, yet. He just looked like he was waiting for me to continue. So I started again, “Andrew. You know I love you right?” I stared intensely into his eyes as I said this. His face hardened and his eyes squinted suspiciously but he nodded his head slowly. “And you know that I’ve actually come to like it here; being with you I mean.” He once again nodded his head. “And you know that you can’t seriously keep me here… forever… like this.” Now he was angry.

“What’s your point, Crystal?” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, controlling his anger. “My point is, I have to let my family know that I’m alright. Can I just call my mother? Just one phone call, so that she knows I’m not dead!” I was screaming at him now and I know Melanie and James must be able to hear me from the other room. He didn’t say anything; he wouldn’t even look at me. He started to walk away. “Oh, no don’t you walk away! You have to give me a fucking answer.” I had stepped out of the shower, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back as hard as I could all in one movement. He spun around and reached for my throat. He slammed me up against the wall beside the sink and got right in my face. “Now you listen to me. You’re not going anywhere. How many times must I tell you this? You are mine, and don’t you fucking forget it!” He pulled me away from the wall and slammed me down to the floor. I hit my head on the tile hard but not enough to knock me unconscious.

I lay still on the floor and watched as Andrew quickly left the room and slammed the door behind him. I heard the lock click into place and realized he was going to leave me in here all night. I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and crawled over into the corner beside the sink. I leaned back against the wall and pulled my knees up into my chest. It was all could do not to scream as loud as I could. The tears were starting to fall down my face and I felt like I had a huge lump in my throat. He must be jealous of the connection I had with James. It felt nice to be with someone else for a change I’m not going to lie. But I just don’t understand how Andrew could think that anyone could replace him; but what about my family? I stopped myself right there. If I thought too deeply about how much I missed them I’d be crying in here on the floor all night. But then what of James? He had said something that had caught my attention and completely changed everything.

Just then I heard voices coming from the other side of the bathroom door. “So, I guess that’s a no then huh? You’re not going to sell her to me?” It was James talking. I quickly crawled over to the door so I could hear him better. “Yes, that’s a no asshole! Did you not just hear all of that?” Andrew’s voice sounded hushed but angry. “You’re seriously not going to take my offer? That’s a lot of money man.” James was still bargaining for my ownership as if he could actually buy me like property. I was appalled.
“She is mine James. So yeah, I’m seriously not going to take your offer.” Andrew scoffed at him and then it was silent. All I could hear was footsteps and a lot of shuffling around and then the room went silent. I crawled slowly over to the bathroom mat in front of the shower because at least it was a little padding to sleep on instead of the cold hard floor. I curled up on it in a ball and closed my eyes expecting it to be a rough night. But within a matter of minutes I was asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but it didn’t feel very long at all before someone was gently shaking me by my shoulder. “Crystal. Wake up.” James whispered to me softly. I sat up quickly, alarmed. “What are you do-“ I started to say but he brought his right hand up to my mouth silencing me. “Just listen to me closely. Okay?” He whispered. I nodded my head twice. “I can get you out of here. I can take you away with me to my house by the ocean. Crystal, I’ll let you contact your mother.” My eyes widened and I tried to speak again but he shushed me. “But only if you come with me now, and do everything I say.” I was torn; this man was offering to take me away and allow me to contact my family. All I had to do was say yes. But do I really want to leave Andrew just yet? He pulled his hand away from my mouth slowly. “You can speak now, but be quiet. Andrew and Melanie are sleeping.” I licked my lips and swallowed a few times before I finally answered him. “First off, how did you get in here?” He just laughed quietly and took something out of his pocket to show me. “A key usually does the trick.” I smiled half heartedly and continued, “You promise you’ll let me talk to my mother? You’ll let me tell her I’m alright?” I spoke softly but urgently.

“Yes. I promise you Crystal. I swear.” He said the words slowly and started to smile; I’d already made up my mind. “Okay. How do we do this?” James simply grabbed his bag and unzipped it slowly, not wanting to make too much noise. He took out a black tank top, a pair of light colored jeans, and a pair of gray sneakers and threw them at me. “Put these on.” I examined them quickly and they looked to be my size so I started to pull the shirt over my head. I had to stand up to put the jeans on though and I started to pull them on. I could tell James was trying not to laugh because I had to jump a little to get them all the way up over my ass because they were one size too small Then James zipped up his bag and thre it over his shoulder and as he walked slowly over towards the door I noticed something was stuck in the back of his jeans. All I could see was the black handle and the trigger. My heart froze. I quickly zipped up the jeans and buttoned them and then sat on the toilet to put on the shoes and decided to just work up the courage and ask him. “James.” I whispered his name softly and he turned around slowly. “What is it? You’re not changing your mind are you?” He looked worried. “Well no. But- well, why do you have a gun?” He looked relieved and just shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t worry about it. Hey, are you almost ready?”

I paused only briefly, thinking the whole thing over. My family means everything to me, and if this was my only chance to let them know I’m alright then I’d take it. “Yes. I’m ready.” I whispered to him. He smiled and stuck his hand out to me, “Grab my hand, and don’t let go.” I reached for his hand and grasped it tightly. I watched as he opened the bathroom door quietly and I held my breath but the door didn’t even creak to my surprise. He stepped through the opening and I followed close behind him. With our hands entwined, James led me quietly halfway through Melanie’s room when he suddenly stopped and stared towards the bed and I immediately knew exactly what he must be looking at. The first place my eyes traveled was to the bed. Andrew was sitting up staring straight at us. “What the fuck…” He whispered angrily and then James just turned towards me and said one word quietly, “Run.” And then he was practically dragging me through the house towards the front door. I suddenly had a case of déjà vu from the first time I had tried to escape. Although then I didn’t have a wingman. Andrew had quickly tried to free himself from the sheets but they caught around his ankles and I heard him thud to the floor. But he quickly recovered and was chasing after us through the living room. We reached the front door and it was already unlocked so James threw it open and we sprinted across the porch and down the steps. I was already out of breath but James didn’t let go of my hand. We ran down the pathway and I saw James’ van already parked in the street facing away from the house. He dragged me up to the back of the van and unlocked the double doors in the back. I looked back to the house and Andrew was just running down the porch steps. “Hurry!” I screamed at James just as he got the doors opened.

“Get in!” James grabbed me by my arm and shoved me into the back of the van. Andrew was closing in on us but in one blindingly fast movement James grabbed the gun from the back of his pants, turned towards Andrew, and pointed it straight at his chest. My stomach dropped and I was so scared I couldn’t even make a sound. Andrew immediately stopped moving and just stared back at James. “She’s coming with me Andrew. Don’t do anything stupid. You wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt, would you?” James smiled mockingly at Andrew and cocked the gun; it made that clicking sound that I’ve only heard in movies, but I knew all he had to do now was pull the trigger. Andrew was starting to shake because he was so angry. “You fucking bastard. You honestly think I’m going to let you leave with her?” Andrew took a step forward and James pressed the barrel of the gun against his chest. “Andrew please!” I tried to scream but my voice was hoarse. So I just mouthed the words, “Don’t do anything stupid.” He glared at me and then made a move to get past James. And all of a sudden I heard the deafening crack as the gun fired. I screamed and watched as Andrew fell to the ground at James’ feet. “What did you do!?” I screamed at James and tried to climb out of the back of the van but he closed the doors in my face.

James walked around the side of the van and climbed into the driver’s seat. I tried to pry the doors open before he started the engine but it was no use; he had already locked them. I just sat defeated on the small padded bed he had in the back of the van. There was also an ice chest and some blankets and pillows but that was it. I was surprised that I wasn’t crying; I must be in shock. James started the engine and sped down the dimly lit street. “You killed him…” I said softly and James slammed on the brakes. He turned around in the seat towards me and just said, “What?” He was sort of laughing. I looked at him disgusted. “Oh jeez, honey. I didn’t kill him! I shot him in the shoulder, he’ll be fine.” He chuckled to himself and started back down the street slower this time. “You what? You mean he’s not dead?” My voice was all squeaky and high pitched. He laughed, “Yeah, he’s not dead.” I just leaned back against the pillows, dumbfounded. James only drove a couple blocks before turning down a dark alley way and turning off the engine. “What are you doing?” I asked him cautiously and watched as he reached over to the glove compartment and opened it. He pulled out a thin, rectangular, black case. It looked a lot like one you’d keep your glasses in. But when he flipped it open I saw there was a syringe inside. “James… what is that?”

He took it out of the container and flicked it a couple of times. “Don’t worry Crystal. It’s only going to make you sleep for a couple of hours. I can’t have you knowing exactly where I’m taking you. You know that.” He chuckled to himself quietly and came towards me with the syringe. “No please. I don’t want to have to sleep. No, Ja-“ But it was too late. He had pinned me down on the small mattress and stuck the needle into my neck. I immediately started to feel lightheaded and I started to have tunnel vision. “Shh, shh. Don’t worry.” He tried to comfort me by stroking my cheek gently with the back of his hand. I just went limp and fell into a deep sleep.

I slowly regained consciousness but didn’t open my eyes yet. I was trying to listen, and take in my surroundings. The first thing I realized was that I was naked, again. But there was also the smell and the sound of the ocean; it sounded as if it were only a couple hundred yards away. And I could feel a gentle cool breeze that seemed to be blowing all around me, and then there was the annoying sound of seagulls screeching in the sky. I opened my eyes cautiously and sat up to look around. I was on a king sized bed with white sheets and the bed frame looked like it was made from maple wood. The room was small but spacious and there were so many large windows and they were all open with no screens so I didn’t really even see the need for walls. And out those windows was the most beautiful view I think I’ve ever seen. It was dawn and the sun was rising perfectly over the ocean, but the sky was still an orange and red color. The fresh morning air smelt amazing but it was cold, especially on my bare skin. There were also beautiful French doors that opened right out into the white sand beach. They were wide open and I noticed a pair of men’s black leather dress shoes sitting beside the doors.

I knew James had to be out there, probably walking along the beach. I climbed out of the bed and was about to start out the doors when I noticed a mirror that was hung on the wall had a note taped to it. I quickly ran over and ripped it off the mirror. It was just a piece of paper folded in half and (Crystal) was all that was written on the outside of it. I flipped it open and started to read. “There is nothing sweeter to me then the taste of your skin on my lips and I know you’re confused about this whole thing but I promise you, you’ll be even happier here with me. I want you Crystal. Come find me as soon as you’re awake.” I looked further down the paper and read one last small sentence, “P.S. the collar is for you.” I looked down at the bed side table and saw a blood red leather collar. I picked it up and felt the smooth leather with my fingers and I smiled when I saw that it read My Pet in black writing. I placed it around my throat and clasped it into place. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw a teenage girl that was wondering what the hell happened to her life. Even though nothing about my appearance had changed; I was still pale, my cheeks were rosy pink, my tits were round and perky, and my dark hair fell in waves down my back. But it was my eyes that had changed; they revealed the hopeless and scared girl that I had become.

I quickly turned away from the mirror and ran out the French doors and onto the beach. I ran across the white sand to the ocean; all I wanted to feel was the freezing water against my bare skin. Maybe then I’d feel alive again. But I didn’t make it to the waves; I had to slow down because off in the distance I could see James pacing back and forth along the water’s edge. I slowly changed course and started to jog towards him. My tits were bouncing and my hair was blowing crazily around my face in the wind and I suddenly got self conscious. I scanned the entire area for people, but the beach was completely abandoned and the nearest house was hundreds of yards away back along the beach. When I got closer to him he turned towards me and stopped pacing. I slowed down and just started to walk slowly to him. I looked him up and down and saw that he was wearing a black silk shirt with a dark red tie and black pants. His feet were bare and he started to walk quickly towards me like he was impatient and I was walking too slowly. When he finally reached me he automatically cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. I was surprised but I melted easily into his embrace and returned the kiss.

He pulled away after a while and started to speak but I cut him off. “I want to call my mother.” I told him quietly. “Yes, all in good time. But today I’m taking you to a place that’s sort of underground, not a lot of people know about it and I think you’ll like it.” A smiled started to slowly spread across his face. “But you said-“ I tried again but he wouldn’t let me speak. “Yes I know what I said, My Pet.” He glanced down at my collar and gently brushed it with his finger tips. “And you will call her. All. In. Good. Time.” He said sarcastically. I just glared at him. “Now, come back to the house. The other ladies will prepare you.” We had started to walk back to the house and he had his arm around me but I stopped him. “Other ladies?” I asked confused. He stopped walking and turned back to me. “Yes. You’re not the only one of my pets Crystal.” He smiled slightly and then reached up and pinched my right nipple roughly. I whimpered and pressed both hands against his chest to make him stop and he grabbed my wrist and started to drag me back to the house.

We made it back inside the room I had woken up in but James led me through the bedroom door to the rest of the house and I was surprised at the sight I saw. The living room had the tallest ceilings I’ve ever seen and the fire place was just as tall and it was made from a dark stone. The only light provided were from the fire place and candles along the wall. And there was one huge black leather chair that looked more like a throne in the center of the room in front of the fire place. But none of that was what surprised me. There were three young looking women kneeling in front of this large chair. They were completely naked except for a belt around their waists that their hands were shackled to on each side and black leather collars that read SLAVE in silver writing. They bowed their heads down as James walked into the room. He grabbed my hand and took me over to the huge leather throne. After he sat down on the chair he then roughly pulled me down onto his lap. I made a squeak out of surprise but then kept my mouth shut. “Servants.” He muttered the word so quietly I didn’t think they would hear him but all three of their heads snapped up and they said, “Yes, Master?” in union.

I looked closely at all their faces and saw that they indeed were gorgeous women. The first one on the left had shoulder length blonde hair that curled around her narrow face. She had high cheekbones that any model would kill for and light blue colored eyes. Her tits were much smaller than my own but they were perfectly round and perky and she was very thin but not unhealthy looking. The one in the middle had long perfectly straight auburn colored hair. It was parted down the middle and looked like drapes on her face but she could pull it off. Her face was somewhat rounder than the blondes and she had freckles across her nose and cheekbones and she had full lips and brown eyes. She was curvier then the blonde but just as skinny and her tits looked like B-cups. The last girl had golden bronze skin and long shiny black hair that had waves just like mine. She had beautiful Spanish looking features and dark brown eyes. She was absolutely not fat but very curvy and her tits were very large but still perky.

They were still staring intently at James waiting for a command. “This is Crystal. She will be joining us here for hopefully a long time. I want you to make her feel welcome and go and get her cleaned up.” While he was speaking to them he had taken out a small key and unlocked all of their hands from the belts at their waists. Once all their hands were free they simply said, “Yes Master.” And then they stood up from the ground. The blonde reached me first and she took my hand and led me away from James and down a dark hallway that was only lit by candle light. The other two followed close behind me and I watched as our shadows danced on the wall because of the flickering candles. We came to a stop at the second door on the right and the blonde opened it quickly and pulled me inside. It was a very luxurious bathroom and there was a huge round tub in the center of the room; it looked like it could fit 10 people. I watched as the Spanish women closed the door behind us and the red head quickly walked over and started the bath water. I didn’t know if I should talk to them or just keep on being silent but I felt extremely awkward. The blonde came towards me again and reached up to my neck and I jerked away from her. “Don’t worry Crystal. I’m just taking off your collar so you don’t ruin the leather.” She smiled warmly at me. Her voice was soft and feminine.

She continued to reach around my neck and unhook the collar. She walked away with it over to a hook on the wall and she hung it there for safe keeping. The bath had filled up with water so the red head turned it off. But then just as quickly she pressed a button on the side of the tub and then the jets turned on making the water ripple and bubble. I felt the Spanish women come up from behind me and she coaxed me into the tub. I got in slowly and lowered myself into the water and all three of them followed me in. The red head came over to me and I felt her soft hands spreading my legs apart slowly. “Lean your head back Crystal.” The blonde whispered in my ear from behind me and so I leaned back against her chest and I could feel her hard nipples against my back. I watched as she lathered my chest and my tits up with a purple foaming body wash. She squeezed and pinched softly at my nipples and rubbed the soap all over my chest and it felt really nice.

I was about to close my eyes when I felt the red head between my legs slide a finger into my cunt. “Umm-What are you do-“ I tried to sit up but the blonde grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back against her. “Just relax.” The Spanish women said from beside me and she started to rub and squeeze my right tit. I watched as the red head fucked her finger in and out of my pussy under the water. Then I felt her slide another finger in and she started to rub my clit fast with her thumb. “Mmmm, fuck.” I was already moaning; I hadn’t realized how horny I was. She started fingering my cunt faster and rougher and I couldn’t help but grind against her hand. I had my head leaned back against the blonde’s chest and I felt her soft hand on my face. She turned my head towards her and kissed me lightly on the lips. I just closed my eyes and sighed quietly as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I started to kiss her back. The Spanish woman took a sponge and squeezed the warm water out of it onto my chest to wash the soap away. Once she had washed all the soap off of my tits she bent her head down and flicked her tongue out at my right nipple. I gasped as she sucked it into her mouth and I could feel her massage it with her tongue.

The red haired woman between my legs didn’t let up; she kept pumping her two fingers in and out of my cunt. But then she stopped all of a sudden and grabbed both of my hips and then looked towards the Spanish woman. “Adonia, will you help me hold her up?” Adonia nodded her head quickly and smiled at the red head. From the right side of me she reached under and placed both hands at the small of my back and pushed. At the same time the red head placed her hands under my ass cheeks and pushed up too. The result was that they had my ass lifted up out of the water and my cunt was right in front of the red head’s face. She immediately bent her mouth down to my glistening wet cunt. She stuck her tongue out at swirled it around my clit and I couldn’t help but moan quietly. She licked small circles around my clit before sucking it into her mouth and massaging it between her lips. “Oh gosh! Shit you’re really good at that.” I said breathless and she just smiled. She flicked her tongue out at my clit a couple more times before she started to lick down my outer lips. Her tongue was so warm and soft I felt like I was going to lose it any second. She wiggled her tongue further between my lips and darted it in and out of my pussy. I grinded my pussy against her mouth and she just continued to slip her tongue in and out of my wet hole.

Then she licked and sucked at my outer lips for a while before slipping my clit back into her mouth. She held it between her lips and massaged her tongue across it as fast as she could and I could feel my orgasm starting to build. “Mmmm, fuck yeah. Oh god you’re so good!” I was screaming and thrashing around against all three of them but she dug her nails into my thighs and sucked on my clit hard and I started to cum like crazy. “Oh shit! Yeah, right there.” I threw my head back and bit my bottom lip hard while she continued to suck at my clit. Once it was over and I started to calm down she finally took her mouth away from my cunt. My chest was rising and falling quickly and I just leaned back against the blonde with my eyes closed as they continued to wash my body. I don’t know how long I was in the bath and I didn’t care because I was in such a good mood from my orgasm. Finally the blonde and the red head grabbed me underneath my arms and made me stand up and step out of the tub. The Spanish woman who I had come to learn was named Adonia was already standing there with a white towel. She dried off my body and I watched as the blonde picked up a brush from the large vanity and started to comb through my now clean hair. Once I was dried off and my long brown hair was tangle free led me over to the vanity mirror and made me sit down on the stool in front of it.

She pulled open the drawer and I watched as she took out, mascara, blush, dark eye shadow, and a tube of light pink lip gloss. Adonia just started to put eye shadow on me when I felt someone start to put lotion on my legs. I couldn’t open my eyes so I didn’t know who it was but the lotion smelt wonderful. I heard the sound of a hair dryer turning on and I knew this was going to be a long process so I just took a deep breath and completely relaxed.

What felt like days but was really only one hour later, I was ready. All three of the woman stepped away from me and smiled. “What? Am I finally done?” I asked them and I slowly started to smile when they told me to turn around and look into the mirror. What I saw surprised the hell out of me. The girl in the reflection was stunning. Her dark hair fell in soft curls around her face and down her back. Her face was glowing and she looked like a porcelain doll. Her eyes were framed by thick eye lashes and they looked smoky and mysterious and her lips were full and just waiting to be kissed. My jaw dropped and I couldn’t help but smile. “Wow. That doesn’t even look like me.” I told them quietly. The blonde put her hands on my shoulders from behind and whispered in my ear, “But it is you. And you’re beautiful. You’re going to be the center of attention tonight.” She gave my shoulders a squeeze and walked quickly away over to the huge wardrobe in the corner and all of a sudden I was sick with worry. I had forgotten the entire reason they were getting me so dressed up. James was taking me somewhere “underground”. I had no clue what that meant but he said not many people knew about the place so it shouldn’t be too bad.

The blonde woman returned holding a tiny black corset and matching g-string in her hands. “You must wear this.” She said and handed it to me. I stood up and took it out of her hands and then held it against my chest and looked down at it. The black corset only wrapped around my small waist so it left my tits bare. I looked back up at the blonde, “Where exactly is he taking me… um?” I paused and waited for her to tell me her name. “Oh, my name is Emily.” She smiled hugely at me and then pointed at the red head, “This is Rae, and you already know Adonia.” “Right. So, where is he taking me?” I asked her again while I started slip the black g-string on. “We don’t know where he’s taking you. The Master keeps to himself a lot.” Adonia said as she stepped forward closer to me. “Oh. Well, that’s fine. I guess.” I said quietly as I started to wrap the corset around myself.

“Oh I’ll do that.” Rae stood behind me and started tie the corset. She pulled roughly at the strings and I could feel the corset tighten around my waist. “Oh wow, it’s going to be hard to breathe.” I said already breathless. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.” Rae muttered softly from behind me. She finished lacing up the corset and then backed away from me to get a better look. “You look great from back here.” She laughed to herself and I turned towards her smiling. Just then Emily tapped me on the shoulder and I turned back to see she had a pair of black, knee high, lace up boots that had heels at least 5 inches tall. “Oh gosh, how am I supposed to walk in those?” I pointed at them and gave her a look. “Just sit down Crystal.” She said. I turned and sat on the stool on front of the vanity and then watched as she took my left foot in her hand and started to slip the boot on. Once she had both of them on and laced tightly just like the corset, I stood up from the stool and everything was at a slightly different angle because of how tall the boots made my usually short frame. I saw Adonia walk over to the hook where my collar was hanging and she picked up gently in her hands and brought it to me. I picked up my long wavy hair and lifted off of my neck so she could put the collar on. I hear it snap and then she took a step back so I let my hair fall back into place.

“Alright. You’re ready and we don’t have much more time.” Adonia said, rushing the words. Emily grabbed my wrist and we walked swiftly through the door and back down the dimly lit hallway. James was already standing beside his large leather chair, waiting. He had a short length back leash and as soon as I was close enough to him he snapped it into place on my collar. “Thank you, girls. Now, go back to your rooms.” He told them softly and they simply nodded their heads and walked slowly back down the hallway. James gave my leash a tug and started to pull me towards the front door of his house. I was sort of surprised he didn’t lock them up or anything. I suppose he just trusted them enough not to leave. I doubt very well he trusted me the same way. We walked through the front door out into the daylight and I almost wanted to cover my tits with my hands but there wasn’t anyone around to see. I guess you could say his house was off the beaten path, so to speak. But there was a limo waiting for us in the circular shaped driveway. He walked quickly over to the back door of the long stretch limo and I stumbled and practically jogged behind him; he walked very quickly because his legs were so long but I on the other hand, had very short legs and these black high heeled boots didn’t help.

He opened the door and then stepped to the side and made a gesture with his hand, “Get in.” I obeyed him immediately and climbed into the limo. He climbed in after me and sat very close to my side. He put his left arm around my shoulder and then lifted my chin up towards his face with his other hand. The driver started the engine and then started out of the driveway. “You’re forgetting my number one rule Crystal.” He whispered quietly and then looked down at my knees. I realized what he was talking about and I moved my legs far apart. “I’m sorry.” I looked straight into his bright blue eyes and I suddenly felt very comfortable there with him. He smiled slightly and then leaned closer to my face. I could feel his hot breath on my lips and I darted my tongue out to lick my top lip slowly. He then roughly grabbed my hair with his right hand and slammed his mouth onto mine. He kissed me so passionately I couldn’t even get a breath. I broke away from his kiss so he started his kisses down my neck and to my tits. I turned my chest towards him and he squeezed both of my tits in his hands hard. He kept on kissing me and massaging my tits until we reached the destination and the driver cut off the engine. I didn’t even notice so I kept on kissing him but then he place his hands on both of my shoulders and pushed me away. “We’re here.”

I quickly looked out of the tinted windows and saw that the driver had gotten out and was now holding the door open for us. “Oh.” I said breathlessly. James smiled and grabbed my leash and we got out of the car and my breath caught in my throat. I didn’t know whose mansion it was but it was magnificent. It was three stories tall and it had beautiful gothic architecture. There were at least ten other cars in the driveway and there were still some men walking towards the front door. James gave my leash a tug and he started to pull me along towards the front door. “What is this James?” I asked him as we walked. “Well it’s a dinner party for the most part and I guess we could say you’re the main course.” He laughed loudly and I just all of a sudden felt like there was a lump in my throat. We walked up a couple of steps and then we were at the front door. It had one of those old fashioned door knockers and James was about to reach for it when the door swung open. “Finally! We’ve been waiting for you James.”A tall older man said. He was very good looking and he could almost pass for late thirties but his gray hair gave him away; He had to be almost 50. Something about his dark eyes running up and down my body scared me and I stepped closer to James’ side. “And I heard this lovely creature was our entertainment for the night?” He spoke slowly and his voice sounded rough and gravely. He stepped closer to me and grabbed my left hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed lightly at the soft skin.

“Bonjour Madame.” He said softly and I could feel my cheeks get hot. “Well, shall we Christopher?” James said and looked pointedly at our hands. Christopher let go of my hand, “Oh yes. Please, do come inside.” We walked into the entry of the huge house and then he led us into the study. The fire place was lit and the room was filled with cigar smoke. I counted thirteen men who were all very attractive in their own ways; some were smoking cigars and some were drinking scotch. Some looked to be Christopher’s age and then some looked to be James’ age. They all turned and stared as I walked into the room. A younger man that was closest to me took another sip of his drink and then put it down and started to walk towards me. “Hold on. There are rules gentlemen.” James’ spoke loudly to all the men in the room. I was growing more and more terrified by the second. “First off, don’t be too rough with my dear Crystal here. “ He gestured towards me. “If I find even one tiny bruise on her beautiful body, very bad things will happen to all of you.”

The men just started to laugh but when they saw that James was serious they all shut up quick. “And lastly, do not touch her cunt. It is mine and mine only. Understand?” They all nodded their heads quickly but I could see some of them were disappointed. I watched as James picked up a cigar off a silver tray and lit it with a match. The end glowed orange as he inhaled deeply and then he blew the smoke out right in my face. “It is to my understanding that you all have given your money ahead of time to Christopher?” He looked around the room making eye contact with all of the men. Some of them just nodded their heads but others said Yes and Yeah quietly. “Alright. Then you may begin.” He spoke to the men in the room but he looked straight into my eyes instead of them. Just then I felt someone grab my hips from behind. I was dragged into the center of the room by the fireplace and shoved down onto my knees. A man reached down from behind me and ripped the black g-string completely off of me and then tossed it into the fire. I tried to watch as it burned but then a younger man stepped in front of me and grabbed me by my hair and slammed my face up against the bulge in his pants. I was so overwhelmed I felt my body start to tremble in fear as the large group of men gathered in a circle around me. The man who had a hold of my hair started to unzip his pants with his free hand. He pulled his cock out and I almost started to laugh because it wasn’t very large at all. He must of saw the smile that spread across my lips because he slapped me hard in the face and I fell backwards onto my ass. He started towards me again and he started to smile but it quickly faded to annoyance. Another man had grabbed my hair and he dragged me over to him and two other men who had also pulled their cocks out.

I was on my knees in front of them and I just stared up and watched their faces. The man who had dragged me over to them started to smile as he rubbed the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth wide and he shoved it in. His cock only penetrated my throat one or two inches before my nose was pressed firmly against his groin. I started to gag and he just pushed my mouth farther down on his cock. I started to see spots in my vision when finally he let go. I pulled away and gasped for air and all the men laughed loudly. I felt someone go down on their knees behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart. I tried to look back to see who it was but a different man grabbed my hair and slammed his cock down my throat. He held onto the back of my head and bobbed my head up and down on his cock. His dick was much larger than the man’s before him and every time his cock pushed in my throat I gagged loudly and I could feel spit running down my chin. I felt the man behind me spit on my asshole and then rub it in with his cock. He grabbed both of my arms and held them tightly behind my back as he started to push his cock into my ass. I whimpered quietly but the sound was muffled because of the cock down my throat. The head of his cock pushed in and I already felt like my ass was on fire. I tried to pull away and he dug his nails gently into the soft flesh of my forearms, warning me not to move. I kept still as he shoved the full length of his cock into my ass. I groaned from the pain I felt my teeth scrape the shaft of the cock in my mouth. “Fuck, you little whore!” The man screamed at me and hit me hard in the face. I fell back against the man with his cock in my ass and he reached around and held my tits firmly so I didn’t fall over.

I was dazed from the slap but I watched as some of the other men shoved and punched the man that had hit me. “You’re not supposed to hurt her asshole!” One man slammed his fist in the man’s jaw and he fell backwards and he just lay on the floor unconscious. He was replaced by a very attractive older man. He caressed my cheek lightly and then pressed his cock against my lips. I was starting to get really turned on by these men so I eagerly sucked his cock into my mouth and massaged his cock with my tongue. The man behind me started to pump his cock in and out of my ass roughly. He held onto my hips and slammed my ass back on his cock over and over. I watched as another man stood close beside me and I reached out and grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off as I deep throated the other mans cock. The man fucking my ass didn’t last very long at all and soon he released his load deep in my ass. I loved being used by these men but I couldn’t help but think about Andrew. The man pulled his cock out of my ass and I heard him zip his pants back up and watched as he was escorted out of the study. I heard footsteps behind me and then jerked in surprised as yet another cock was slammed back up my ass. This cock was very thick and I moaned loudly as he started to thrust in and out of my ass.

I suck and slurped at the older man’s cock until I felt his dick spasm and his cum spurted out into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop he gave me before he too was escorted out of the house. I was used over and over again by so many men and yet every time I came close to having an orgasm they always came first. I was so frustrated that by the time there were only two men left I decided to take matters into my own hands. One of the men moved around behind me and was about to slide his cock into my ass but I bent over and reached between my legs to grab his cock. He seemed surprised but didn’t stop me as I positioned the head of his cock at my cunt. He paused only for a second before slamming his cock into my pussy. “Oh fuck yeah!” I screamed loudly and started to grind my ass back at him. I had completely forgotten about James though and I didn’t even notice that he was watching me intently. I bounced back on his cock and didn’t even bother to suck the other man’s cock. I reached between my legs and rubbed furiously at my clit. “Oh, oh, oh yeah.” I mumbled softly under my breath as I started to close my eyes and get lost in the feeling. The man kept pumping his cock in and out but then suddenly he pulled out and let go of my hips so I spun around to see what was wrong. James was holding the young man by his throat and his feet were barely touching the floor. “What did I say?” He spoke through his teeth and spit the words in his face. “I-I’m sorry.” He barely managed to utter the words before James let go of his throat and he fell to the floor coughing. “Get out.” James said and the young man couldn’t leave fast enough.

I turned around towards James and sat back on my heels and put my hands behind my back. I had my head bowed to him but he didn’t say anything so I started to raise my face slowly. He was staring down at me with a blank expression. “ I know it wasn’t just him, you little whore.” He reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me closer to him. I clung to his leg and stared up at him. “I’m sor-“ I tried to apologize but he slapped me across the face. He grabbed my chin and pulled my face back to make me look him in the eyes. “I have to punish you now crystal.” I felt my eyes start to water; I didn’t like that he was mad at me but at the same time I was excited because of what he was going to do to me. “Christopher, take her to the dungeon.” With a flick of his wrist in my direction Christopher had grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. He dragged me over to a bookcase in the corner of the study and at first I was confused. He didn’t even have to search for the book that would open the book case, he just reached up and slid one halfway out and there was a loud grinding sound as it moved to the side revealing a dimly lit staircase. He immediately pulled me down the stairs and into what definitely could be called a dungeon. There were stone walls and old creaking wooden floors. There was a long table up against the far wall that had an assortment of whips, paddles, ropes, and sex toys. There were hooks on the ceiling where you could suspend someone in any position you pleased. There was a large X frame in the corner and what looked like a gynecologist chair except it was made of wood and had leather straps at the ankles and on either side for the wrists. Christopher dragged me over to the large X frame and I didn’t fight him as he turned me around to face him and then fastened the straps on my wrists along the top part of the X. He kicked my legs apart and then crouched down so he could fasten the straps at my ankles along the bottom of the X. Once he was done I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted to. He stood in front of me and reached his hand up to caress my cheek. He leaned in close to me like he was going to kiss me when I heard someone else enter the room. “That’s enough. You may go now.” James said from across the room. I knew Christopher didn’t want to leave, I knew he wanted to stay and have his way with me but he turned and left anyways.

I turned my attention to James and watched as he walked slowly over to the table with all of the things I knew he was intending to use on me. My clit started to throb when I saw him pick up a red leather riding crop. He turned it over in his hands as he walked towards me. He stopped right in front of me and reached up to squeeze my right tit in his hand. “I saw what you did Crystal.” I decided to play dumb just for the hell of it. “I don’t know what you mean.” I stared straight into his eyes and he just continued. “But what else could I expect? I know you’re just a cock craving slut.” He whipped at my soft stomach with the riding crop and I just bit my lip and smiled. “No. That won’t do.” He walked away from me and placed the riding crop back on the table. He picked up a long, round stick that had what looked like the end of an electrical plug. He came over and stood right in front of me like before but without warning he pressed the end of the odd looking stick straight up against my clit. “Ahhhh- Fuck!” I screamed at him without even thinking and he just laughed and shocked my inner thighs repeatedly. I now knew exactly what the damn thing was; a cattle prod. The pain was intense, too intense for me to enjoy it. He shocked my nipples and my cunt lips over and over again and I was fighting back tears. By the time he was done my make-up was making black stains down my cheeks and I was trembling slightly. I know I’ve upset him greatly; it wasn’t a game anymore.

I watched in horror as he went to the table and picked up nipple clamps. He walked back towards me and clipped them on roughly without a word. There was a metal chain connecting the two clamps together and it hung lightly between my tits. He walked away from me back over to the table and then he was back in front of me just as quick. He held three golf ball sized iron ball weights with hooks attached to them. He watched my face carefully and I know he could tell I was not pleased. He held one of the iron weights in front of my face for a moment before he hooked it onto the chain attached to my nipple clamps. It immediately added more pressure and pain to my sensitive nipples and stifled back a grunt. I took deep breaths and stared straight into his eyes as he added another weight to the chain. It pulled roughly at my nipples and stretched them painfully. “Shit-Ohh god.” I grinded my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut. “Can you take more?” His sinister laugh filled the room and I opened my eyes and stared into his and realized something. He was testing me; seeing how far he could push me and he obviously didn’t think I could last for very long. I decided to prove him wrong. “Yes.” I growled the word at him and he got close to my face and just smiled. “Yes, what?” He asked me softly. “Yes, Sir.” I barely had a chance to finish my sentence before he slapped me hard across the face. “I’m your Master now!” He screamed loudly in my face and his voice echoed off the walls. He grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks, pushing my lips out. “So I’ll ask again. Can you take more?” I pushed my neck out and got even closer to his face. “Yes, Master.” I whispered breathily in his ear. He shoved me back against the wooden frame of the X and then dropped the last iron weight onto the chain nipple clamps. I gritted my teeth but didn’t make a sound and he just smiled.
He walked over to the wall beside the X frame that I was attached to and lifted a burning candle out of its holder. He came back over to me and held the burning flame close to my face. I turned my head to the side trying to escape the heat when I felt the hot wax land on my tits. “Oh shit!” I looked down quickly at my tits to see the random spots of hot wax that were starting to cool and harden over the tops of my tits. “More?” He asked mockingly. “Yes Master!” I yelled in his face and then quickly threw my head back and tried not to scream as more of the hot wax burnt my tits. He set the candle aside for the time being and started to take off the nipple clamps. I bit my lip hard as my nipples started to throb and ache as the blood returned to them. He took off my restraints and grabbed my wrist and led me away from the X frame into the center of the room. “Sit on the ground and put your legs straight out and together.” I paused only for a second before doing what he ordered me to. I got down to the floor and sat on my ass with my legs straight out in front of me. I watched him grab some thick black rope from the table and he came back over to me and crouched at my feet. He tied the rope tightly around both my ankles but there was still a long length of the rope left. He took the rope and reached high above and looped it through a ring in the ceiling and then he started to pull. He almost effortlessly lifted the weight of my body. I fell backwards as my legs were raised to the ceiling above my head and I started to panic; I reached to either side of me and clawed at the wooden floors, trying to get a hold of anything.

Of course there was no escaping it. My ass lifted off the ground and then before I knew it I was completely suspended upside down from the ceiling. He tied off the roped through a ring below me on the floor. I swung from side to side and tried my best to see what he was getting from the table. Once he turned back towards me I could see that he had picked up a black leather flogger. He walked in a circle around me slowly; gliding his hand across my stomach and then behind across my ass. He came back around in front of me and took one step back. I watched him raise the leather flogger above his head and then I felt the white hot pain across my tits. I screamed loudly and reached up to cover them and he whipped at my hands until I finally let them hang down again. He whipped across my stomach, my legs, and my cunt over and over. The whole front of my body felt like it was on fire and my head was spinning because of all the blood rushing to it. He finally let up, but then he circled around behind me and gave my ass a squeeze. And then he was whipping my ass and all over across my back. The tears were streaming out of the corners of my eyes and then up the sides of my head. Finally when I thought I couldn’t take anymore and I was sobbing quietly I heard him drop the flogger to the floor behind me. He spun me around quickly and immediately started sucking at my clit. “Ohhh- yeah.” I sighed quietly as he licked up and down my cunt. He reached around with both hands and I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and he shoved a finger straight up my ass.

He worked his finger in and out of my ass and sucked and massaged my clit at the same time. I was getting really turned on and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Master! Please take me. I need your cock inside of me!” He pulled his finger slowly out of my ass and stopped licking my cunt. He crouched down and grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward so that I would look at him. “Do you think you deserve my cock?” I thought about it for a while. “No, Master. I don’t deserve your cock.” I said softly. “Good answer slut.” He spit in my face and slapped me and then let go of my hair and I swung back in forth from the ceiling. My cunt was aching; I needed to cum so badly. He grabbed onto my hips to stop me from swinging and then he let his hand hover over my glistening cunt. He then slammed three fingers straight into my cunt and he immediately started rubbing at my g-spot fast. I started to moan and breathe heavily and within minutes I got that wonderful, familiar feeling. “Oh yes! Thank you Master! Mmm-“ I grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard and pinched my nipples as wave after wave of my orgasm washed over me. I couldn’t even breathe but it felt so amazing. My legs muscles tightened and I could feel my cunt contract around his fingers but he just kept pumping them in and out as I squirted all over his hand. I could feel my own juices dripping down my stomach and over my tits.

Once my cunt stopped contracting around his fingers he slowly pulled them out. He crouched down in front of me and grabbed my hair like before. “Open your mouth you little whore.” I immediately opened my mouth wide and he shoved his fingers that were covered with my cunt juices into my mouth. I sucked and licked his fingers clean one by one and then he pulled them from my mouth. I watched as he walked over to the ring in the floor and untied the rope from it. He slowly started to lower me down from the ceiling. He lowered me all the way down to the floor and I just lay still on my back as he untied my feet. I winced as he was taking the rope off because the rope had dug into my skin. He threw the rope over to the side and then stood up and started undoing his tie. He took his tie and his shirt off and then just laughed, “Well what are you waiting for?” I smiled and quickly crawled over to his feet and started to unbuckle his belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his boxers and his cock sprang free. It was so fucking huge I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. He put his hand behind my head and I opened my mouth to take him in. I went down as far as I could without gagging and then pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked up and down the shaft. I sucked the head back into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue but this wasn’t enough for him. He grabbed my hair and slammed his cock down my throat. I gagged and tried to pull away but he kept my head in place. Spit was dribbling down my chin and right when I thought I would pass out he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I coughed a couple of times before he shoved his cock straight down my throat again.

He took his cock out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet by my hair. “You look like a dirty fucking whore right now.” He said with a smile. I knew my make-up had to be smeared down my cheeks from crying and my hair was tangled in disarray around my face. I didn’t care though. I ran my hands over his sculpted chest and up his neck to his face. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He seemed shocked but he immediately started kissing me back. I swirled my tongue all around with his and he bit roughly at my lips. He broke away from my kiss. “Turn around and grab your ankles.” I spun slowly and bent over in front of him and wrapped my small fingers around my ankles. He slapped my ass hard once and then he ran his finger tips lightly over my back. I got chills and my cunt was getting soaked all over again. He squeezed my ass cheeks and spread them apart and he spit on my cunt. Then I felt him rub his cock in circles at my opening. He grabbed my hips and roughly thrust his cock into my sopping wet cunt. “Oh god yes!” I screamed as he pumped his thick cock in and out of my pussy. I bent down further so that I could look between my legs and watch his cock thrust into my pussy. With each of his thrusts his balls slapped against my clit sending bolts of pleasure through my body. I was getting closer and closer every second and moaning like crazy. I did miss my old life, but all of sudden I couldn’t picture living any other way. I enjoyed being used by Andrew, but I loved it when James fucked me and I wasn’t sure why. He dug his nails into my hips and started pumping even faster and that was all it took to send me over the edge. “Oh fuck yes! Thank you for making me cum Master!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs and I couldn’t hold myself up anymore. My knees buckles and I let go of my ankles and I would have fallen but his strong arms wound around my waist and he held me up and kept fucking me. I squirted all over his cock and his balls and my pussy squeezed and massaged his cock because of my orgasm. He thrust a couple more times into me and then I felt his dick spasm inside of me and he unloaded his seed into my cunt. Once he was finished he let go of my hips and I dropped to the floor at his feet completely exhausted.
I lay there panting and falling asleep as he simply turned out the lights and left me there on the floor for the night. All of my holes had been abused and my muscles ached and yet, I’ve never felt this good in my entire life.


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