A bingham family tale 1
1987 february 17. On the this day sarah bingham turned 15 she had quite big breasts for her age and a gorgeous slim figure. Her dark brown hair fell in curls over her fac in a way to reveal the beauty of her face. Her deep blue eyes always glistened and shined like bright stars. Her full pink lips naturally had a pouting look. Her soft skin was smooth and had the feel of silk.

She stood in her room waiting for her brother to finish in a small strap vest which barely covered her body and silk shorts which just clung tightly on to the curves of her round bouncy ass. Her nipples grew hard from a chilling wind gusting through the window making them more visible through the thin material. The sound of the bathroom door opening meant that her brother was done in the bathroom. She walked out her room to make sure someone else didn't get in the bathroom before she did. As soon as she exited her room
She saw her naked brother dripping wet without a towel. Her eyes widened and he rushed to quickly to the boiler cupboard to get a towel.

Her brother jaymie was 17 and had a 7 inch cock from what she just saw. He also had dark brown hair which was slightly curlier than hers but it gave him definition. He had a tanned muscular body and deep blue eyes which glistened just as much as hers.

He tried to cover him self up as best he could but he couple help look deep into her ocean blue eyes as she stared at his body and the. He quickly ran into his room embarrassed and shocked of what had just happened. Sarah went into the bathroom with her towel and turned on the shower. She slid her shorts off revealing her bright Purple panties which had a wet spot on her pussy. Aroused by what she had just saw she slid them off and brushed her hand through the small patch of pubic hair she had and over her tight virgin pink pussy. Coming to her sense she took off her top letting her 34c breasts bounce loose. Her perky tits stood out proudly as she pinched her nipples to harden them even more.

She stood in the shower and washed her hair and her body paying real close attention to her pussy. When she finished her shower she got out and dried her hair, as she was doing this the door opened and her 19 year old siste stepped in. Not being bother about this as they regularly see each other naked and are very close. Her sister got naked quickly and stepped in the shower. Sarah left Samantha in the bathroom for some peace and went back to her room to get ready to go out to meet her friends.

When she was dry she slipped on some red silk panties and a red push up bra to match. She threw on some small denim shorts and a brown vest and a checkered shirt on top left unbuttoned. She walked dwon the stairs to get some breakfast before she head and was greeted by her whole family wishing her a happy birthday. She kindly smiled revealing her ivory white teeth, the smile of an angel. She opened her presents and cards and ate a big breakfast her mom had cooked up for her. After she had finished breakfast she went back up stairs to put on her make-up and to style her hair. She went out to meet her friends in the town centre, through the course of the day she couldn't help thinking of her brother and what had happened earlier. She came home about 6 with lots of things she had bought and saw her brother with a shy look upon his face.

Later that evening they all went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate her birthday. She sat opposite jaymie and caught him staring at her in her new dress she bought. It was low cut revealing her boobs and was short in length, so you could almost see her panties when she sat down or bent over. Jaymie oogled his sarah all night and tried to look up her dress by pretending to drop his knife. The continous efforts to look at her all night were getting more obvious to Sarah. When they got home about 11pm Sarah, jaymie and their sister Samantha all sat down the stairs watching T.V. Sarah and Samantha both went up stairs to get into their pajamas or what they used as pajamas. Sarahs door creaked open and Samantha stepped in.
"are you okay?" samantha asked
"yeah, why wouldn't I be ?" she replied
"I was just wondering if you noticed jaymie checking you out a lot tonight?"
"yes, I did "
" I don't blame him, the way you dressed tonight was sensational I wish I had as many people looking at me as you did tonight" she said to Sarah.
"there was more than one person looking at me?" Sarah asked
"yeah there was quite a few." she said " well I'm going bed dont stay up too late" samantha said a she started to walk out
"Ah, shut up I can do anything I want."

Sarah walked down the stairs and into the living room and jaymie want there and she thought he had gone bed. About 1am Sarah went bed and lay in bed for 5 minutes before she heard creeping down the stairs. She thought it to be nothing and them she heard the T.V being turned on. She got up and went down the stairs to investigate. Half way down the stairs she heard some moaning and loud sniffing noise. She entered the living room and saw porn on the T.V of some woman being fucked by 4 men. She could see who was there as they had their back to her. She slowly walked closer and saw her brother jaymie sitting there completely naked. His erect cock now stood a 10 inches in length and looked quite thick. The biggest shock was seeing in one hand he held his big cock and masturbating furiously, and in the other hand was sarah's purple panties she had on this morning. He had his nose buried into the crotch area of them and had his eyes closed and he was sniffing and taking in the aroma of her sweet pussy as he stroked his cock.

Shocked by what she saw sarah shouted "what the fuck are you doing with these" and snatched her panties from his hands and stormed off up stairs. She got into her room and slung her panties in her laundry basket in the corner of her room. She turned out the light and lay on her bed in the darkness, she lay there thinking of her brother. As she thought more about it she got horny and her pussy started to moisten and got aroused by her thoughts. She slipped her hands down her panties and rubbed her virgin pussy for a while and realized her brother hadn't came up stairs yet. She pulled her hand out and ventured down stairs when she got to the living room the porn was still on and her brother sat there with his head in his hands and his cock still fully erect. Overwhelmed by the temptation of his cock she walked in front of him and knelt down without him noticeing. She stared at his cock for a minute or two and then reached out and grabbed his 10 inch cock and started to stoke it slowly and gentle. Jaymie looked up and saw his 15 year old sister look him in the eyes as she stoked his cock.
"what are you doing?" jaymie asked hesitantly
"don't you want this then. Coz I saw you staring at me in the restaurant and you were sniffing my wet panties."
"Erm.... I do ... It was just a surprise." she put her finger over her lips to quieten him and then lick his entire shaft of his cock before she paid any attention to the head of his cock. She took the head of his cock into his mouth and sucked on it and continued to stroke him.
Minutes later he stiffened his body and reached his orgasm a huge load shot into sarah's petit mouth. She gagged at first and then got use to it, when he had finished Cumming in her mouth she took his cock out of her mouth and opened wide and shown him his huge load of cum inside her mouth. She took a big gulp and swallowed it all, he looked deep into her eyes and she opened her mouth to show him that it was empty. She then sat up next to him and kissed him passionately, her tongue ventured the depths of his mouth as she kept her hand on his cock still stroking it slowly.

She them stood up and took his hand and lead him up stairs turning of the T.V and the light. Reaching her room she stepped inside and pushed him to the bed and locked the door. He switched on a lamp so he could see, and he saw his little sister standing infront of him. She slowly took off her top she had no bra on so her tits bounced free as the were released from the tight vest. Her perky tits grabbed his attention immeadiatly and her hard nipples stood out. He lent forward and grabbed her tits hard and she pushed him back down to the bed. Taking a step back she placed her hands on the waistband of her shorts and slid them across her firm ass and down her lucious long legs. Standing there in he red silk panties she turned round and shown him her ass. Her reached out and took a handful of it and started to fondle it, she slapped his hand and wagged her finger telling him no. She slipped her hands under the waistband of her panties and bent over showing her ass better and slid the off her tight asshole came into view and then her sweet virgin pussy glistend from the moist wetness it was producing as she got another shock. Jaymie's finger was on her pussy, rubbing the lips gently making sure the moment lasted. Sarah turned round and walk toward him slowly swaying her hips at the same time. She grabbed his head and forced it to her boobs and made him suck them whether her licked it or not. She threw her head back and enjoyed the pleasure of him sucking her hard nipple.

He pushed him away and off the bed, she lay on her back and opened her legs revealing her tight pink pussy. He moved in closer and kissed the sweet, wet pussy lips and then drove his tongue into her pussy.
"play with my clit you fucking bastard" she whispered. With the command given he found her hard clit and sucked it and bit it a little. Then she arched her back and covered her face with a pillow to muffle her moans. As she climaxed he continued to play with her clit. Suddenly a squirt of pussy juice hit his face she squirted for the first time and he stopped toying with her clit after the shock, but she forced his face back into her pussy to finish off what he started.

She them let him back up. He took a deep breath and she looked down and just said" we shall continue this tomorrow, and them pushed him out of her room and into the hall naked and fully erect.

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My dear, dear David, I'm so sorry your vision has grown impiared with age. I totally looked like crap yesterday as a result of babysitting the grandkids overnight (two middle of the night feedings) rendering me too tired to even comb my hair and put on makeup before seeing you. If I wasn't so excited to see you, there is no way I would ever have left the house looking like that. I must agree, though, Dec. 24, 1968 felt like a fairy tale to me, too. I did feel like a princess. And you were, by far, my cutest subject. I'm thrilled that we are able to share a tiny moment in time that was so special to both of us. Last night will rank up there, as well. xoxox

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I caonnt tell a lie, that really helped.


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I do story requests inbox me if you would like a request and I will write

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And then you went back to school

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