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The continuing adventures of Gina and her quest to party (mostly on her back, legs spread) with her favorite band. This time, Gina's got the music, and the band, and a whole lot of friends of the band, in her, and a guy named Sean, oh, and a guy with a really big dick, like really big. This story is dedicated to Sean who really likes his job.

After Gina's adventure with her favorite band, she didn't go to any more concerts for a while. She was actually pretty pissed off that they'd just left her in the middle of nowhere to fend for herself. Luckily she was a really cute girl and she finally made it home but she thought the band should have been nicer to her. She did fuck everyone on the bus at least once, and let's not forget how much the lead singer seemed to like her. Gina was an optimist though, and chalked it up to experience and by the time she had her next band crush, she was ready and willing to meet the band and party with them. This adventure started about six months after her first in-depth band encounter. Gina had a ticket to a concert near her hometown, and she was very excited to see the band in person and also to get backstage somehow.

Gina had really done herself up nicely for the concert. She was all tarted up and wore a tight and very low cut top that showed off her tits, her perky little nipples, and her nice flat little stomach. A tiny little skirt hung low on her hips and stopped just below her ass and showed a lot of thigh, and a lot more when she bent over. Underneath, Gina had on a tiny little push-up bra and a sweet little thong. She wore slutty high heeled stripper shoes that she could barely walk in, but they were so cute she couldn't resist. Several chains hung around her neck and lots of bracelets jangled on her arms.

Gina took a lot of time doing her hair and makeup and the effect was perfect modern day slut. Her dark hair was spikey all over and festooned with several feathers hanging down and long dangly feather earrrings hung from her ears, almost touching her shoulders. She'd made her eyes up heavily, surrounding them with black kohl eyeliner. Gina's eyelids were covered in deep purple eyeshadow with a little glitter at the edge and she wore deep red lipstick that basically said, put your dick in my mouth and fuck it. She even remembered to bring the lipstick with her so she could keep her lips touched up. A little bit of glitter was sprinkled in her hair and on her shoulders and chest and the whole look was finished up with a nice heavy dose of a sultry perfume. She wanted the boys in the band to remember her after all.

A final check in the mirror told Gina that she looked great and she was sure the band would love her. They would soon all be her friends and love her the way she loved them. She looked forward to the evening and to being available to doing all of them, any way they wanted, anything at all that they wanted. She just hoped the party would be at a hotel this time and not on a bus where she had no way back if they took off like last time. This time she'd find out first and try and fuck them before they took off if taking off shortly after the concert was the plan. Just look at her! How could they possibly resist?

Gina drove to the concert since it was only thirty miles from her home. She arrived a couple of hours before the concert so she could figure out how to get backstage and hopefully to make it back both before and after the show. Once she was in she went to a door at the side of the stage where a big guy stood. He let a few people in but stopped most from entering. Gina pushed her tits out and tipped her hips just so and told the guy she was expected backstage. He about drooled looking her over and used his walkie talkie and asked for some guy named Sean to come and let some girl in.

When Sean got there, he really gave Gina the once over. He asked her name and wrote it down on his clipboard and told her to follow him. She walked in back of Sean, down a long corridor toward the back of the venue until they heard music playing and stopped in a doorway into a large room full of people drinking and partying. Gina looked around and smiled thinking she was in but soon gasped when she felt something push into her cunt in one swift movement.

Sean stood in back of Gina, tall and towering over her even in her four inch stiletto heels. He had his middle finger firmly lodged in her cunt, his hand under her ass. He pulled her back toward him then part way down the hall. He pulled his finger out of Gina's cunt then pushed her against the wall, hands firmly placed on her shoulders so that she couldn't go anywhere. He told her that anyone getting into the party had to get past him and that little sluts like her could definitely get in but only if they were really nice to Sean, and that might be anytime at all. If he wanted her, she was to do whatever he wanted.

Gina got it, and nodded and told him okay. Sean smiled slyly and then told Gina there was an entry fee into the pre-party. To get in, she would have to put those oh so red lips around his big, hard dick and suck him until he came in her mouth. He was unzipping his jeans as he talked to Gina, smirking a little, knowing he had the power, and her told her to move just inside the doorway and get on her knees and suck him. When she protested that people would see, he told her they would indeed see and that was the point.

Gina knew she had no choice so she walked into the room and got down on her knees. Sean was stroking his dick when he told her to open wide and thrust his dick in as far as he could. He then held on to Gina's head with both hands and fucked into her mouth over and over, telling her how pretty those sweet red lips looked around his dick. Then he told her to suck harder. A small crowd watched and laughed as Gina took Sean's dick. The guy was really ready, and it didn't take long before he started slamming in harder while he grunted and he told Gina to suck harder, and the people around them chanted, “Suck harder,” and finally he slammed in extra hard then stopped and groaned as he pumped his cum into Gina's mouth, smiling when he saw some of it bubbling out under those red, red lips.

Gina swallowed, and swallowed again, knowing that Sean would not be happy unless she took it all. When he pulled out he told her to lick his dick clean and Gina did, and then Sean was zipping back up and Gina was still on her knees when he asked the three or four guys around them if any of them wanted Gina to suck them off, and a few hands were raised. Sean told Gina to suck the guys off, one after another, and then he'd think about letting her back in for the after party.

Again she had no choice, and she ended up sucking a line of five guys, and that only ended because the concert was about to start. One after another they pushed their dicks into her mouth, watching and moaning while she sucked them with hollowed cheeks, head bobbing up and down until they got off, slamming in hard just before their cum pulsed into Gina's mouth. They held her head tight, each one telling her to swallow it all before letting her go. After the first four guys, Gina's lipstick had rubbed off and one guy told a woman friend to give him her lipstick. He then painted Gina's lips, telling her he wanted to see her red lips around his dick when she sucked him. He pushed the used lipstick down Gina's top, in between her tits and told her to keep it.

Sean was right there when Gina finished the last guy and he told her to go watch the concert and before she left he told her, “And, honey, fix your make up. You look like a slut.” At least she'd get back in and she was happy about that even if she did have to do so many guys that were not the band. She kept the lipstick that had been shoved in between her tits, leaving it there, thinking it would make touch ups easier later on.

Once Gina had a few drinks, and danced to the band, who were awesome that night, and had touched up her makeup and was looking really fine again, she had decided it was all worth it, including taking care of Sean again, if she could just meet the band. She just knew they would like her and wouldn't want Sean anywhere near her because they'd want her all to themselves. Gina was nothing if not good at fucking and she knew it.

After the concert, Gina went immediately to the backstage door and this time her name was on the list. She strutted past the big guy checking names and ran straight into Sean who grabbed her by the arm and told her to follow him. Gina realized the guy at the door must have tipped him off and she was kind of pissed but if Sean was the price of entry then so be it. When they reached the after party, Gina asked Sean when the band was going to show. He told Gina the band wouldn't be at this party and that if Gina was a good girl and followed directions, she might be invited to meet the band at the VIP party at the band's hotel.

Gina sighed a little but was determined to meet and hopefully get to know her favorite band, especially the hotter than hot lead singer. Sean took Gina to a couch and sat down. He pulled out his dick, stroking it until it was huge. Sean pulled Gina down so that she was facing into the room with her back toward him. He pulled her thong aside and lifted her up again then lowered her cunt onto his dick, grunting when he was all the way in. He commented on what a nice little cunt it was, then he moved Gina up and down, grunting and groaning as he fucked her.

A small crowd had gathered, mostly men, and a few women who Gina guessed were girlfriends. They watched as Gina was bounced up and down on Sean's dick. Then a man walked up to her with his dick out, hard and ready to go. He told her to open and when Gina did, the man shoved his dick deep into Gina's mouth and started pumping in and out, hard and fast while Sean kept on fucking her, hard and oh so deep since all of Gina's weight was on Sean.

Sean's dick felt good and Gina moaned around the other guy's dick in her mouth as Sean continued fucking her deep. Gina watched the watchers through long fake eyelashes, rather turned on by the audience and noticed that a few guys had their dicks out, and a few others were snapping pictures of her red lips stretched over the big dick in her mouth. She saw that someone else was taking a video and vaguely wondered if she'd be a star on the internet. Very quickly she felt the dick in her mouth start shooting cum down her throat and Gina swallowed a couple of times to get it all. Meanwhile, Sean was getting close and started fucking up into her faster until he slammed her cunt down hard on his dick and she felt it twitch and knew his cum was pumping deep inside her. He groaned when he came and murmured, “Oh, fuck,” and Gina knew he was happy.

Gina was still sitting on Sean's dick when the big guy from the stage door walked up to them, pulling on his dick as he walked. He had pulled it out of his jeans and it was the biggest damn dick Gina had ever seen, and she had seen a lot of dicks. This one was bigger, it was huge, as big around as a beer can and long, maybe ten inches. The guy smirked at her and she remembered how she'd strutted past the guy earlier. The guy told her to get up and turn around because it was his turn to do her.

Sean immediately lifted Gina up and pushed her up so she was standing. He told her not to keep the man waiting and spun her around when she was standing. The guy was now right in back of Gina. He pushed down on her back so that she was bent over at the waist. He then pulled her thong down until it hung around her ankles then kicked her legs apart, lined his dick up with Gina's cum filled, dripping cunt, and pushed in deep in one fast movement.

Gina gasped because the guy was so big. She had never felt a dick that big and she felt split in two and started to wonder if her cunt could take it. The guy pulled out shoved back in hard. He did this several times until he was sliding in and out easily, then he started fucking Gina for real, fast, hard, deep, over and over, groaning and grunting as he held on to her hips, bruising them as he held her steady to take his dick. Gina was breathing hard, panting, taking his dick because she had to, feeling punished for what she didn't know. People were snapping pictures and taking vids and talking and laughing about the size of the guy's dick going into that little cunt.

Someone pulled one of her tits out and started squeezing it. The big guy fucking her pulled out the other tit and then held on to both tits, squeezing hard as he continued fucking her relentlessly. Finally, the big guy was getting close, so he pushed down on Gina's back almost bending her in two. He held her by the hips again and fucked her straight down, ramming that huge dick into her cunt over and over, grunting loudly and groaning as he used Gina to get off. A few guys were chanting, “Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,” over and over until the guy cried out, “Fuck, yes,” and slammed into Gina and stayed in deep, twitching as his cum load poured into her.

The guy's orgasm lasted a long time, he kept moving slowly in and out of Gina until he was spent, and when he was, he laughed out loud and slapped Gina's ass hard saying that he'd fuck that little cunt again. He pulled out, dick still huge. Her cunt was huge, cum glistening just inside her, ready to drip out. The guy showed off Gina's cunt and told the guys to get their pictures now, then he laughed and slapped her ass again. Gina collapsed on the couch after that, falling onto her back, and a guy immediately got in between her legs and started fucking her. At least he wasn't so big and Gina could take it a lot better, and after a minute it started to feel good, and Gina started moaning and telling the guy to fuck her harder which is did, pounding into her and shooting his cum into her cunt while he swore.

Sean had watched the big guy fuck Gina, and then a short line of guys who took their turns with her. He was turned on again and ready to go and he realized he hadn't fucked her ass yet and almost licked his lips in anticipation. When Gina fucked the last guy in line, Sean made his move. He walked up to Gina while he stroked his dick and told her he had something special for her and that when he was done, he'd be taking her to the other after party as her reward. She told him it was about time then spread her legs wide and told Sean to get in there and fuck her.

He had different ideas though and instead flipped Gina over and pulled her up so that her ass was in the air right in front of him, oh so ready to take his dick. The other guy's dick may have been huge, but Sean wasn't that far behind him in the size department and he smiled to himself knowing he was going to ream Gina good. He lined up and sunk his dick into her cum filled cunt. That wouldn't do at all, she was way too slippery now, and still gaping anda stretched out from all the dick she'd taken, so he used her cunt to lube his dick for what he really wanted.

He dipped a finger into Gina's cunt then pushed deep into Gina's ass. She gasped but pushed back, wanting more. Sean worked her open for a minute then lined up and easily slid into Gina's ass. It was nice and tight, just the way he liked it and was easily taking his dick so he started moving in and out and was soon fucking her hard and fast, pounding in over and over while telling her what a great slut she was, and what a great fuck. Gina was panting and moaning, pushing back as Sean fucked her, cum still dripping from her cunt as he came, leaving his cum in her ass while loudly groaning then pulling her ass cheeks apart when he slowly pulled his dick out of her, watching his cum drip out and blend in with the cum still dripping out of her cunt.

A couple of guys wanted to fuck Gina's ass, so Sean told them to go ahead but cut it off at two because it was time to get her cleaned up a little and take her to his bosses, the boys in the band who had their own idea of fun for Gina. He sure hoped he got to watch some of it, and he vaguely wondered if Gina could take it. Sean also hoped to get one more go at Gina before the band moved on to it's next venue because, really, she was so slutty, she was good.

Gina quickly cleaned up, hair fixed and makeup reapplied including a fresh, thick coat of very red lipstick. She had to wipe cum off of her slutty stripper heels but they looked good again and so did Gina, good enough to meet the band. When Gina left the bathroom, she found Sean waiting for her and saw he was checking out some girl getting fucked across the room. There was a line of guys waiting their turn and it looked like they were going after her at both ends. Gina asked him if the girl got to go the the VIP after party too, and he told her not until she fucked everyone in the room at least once and whoever new might show up too, so probably not. This made Gina happy.

The VIP after party was being held in a series of rooms at the band's hotel. There was a main party room with music, food, and all the booze you could drink, and a few bedrooms for more private sex, although Gina saw one girl blowing a line of guys when she first arrived at the party. She saw lots of girls actually. Many were dancing with guys to the loud music. The booze flowed freely and Gina started in right away since she was very thirsty. Several drinks and about thirty minutes later, she finally got to meet the band.

Sean took her to one of the private rooms and there was the band who mostly appeared to be quite drunk and who had girls all over them. He took her up to the guys after popping her tits out over her top, telling her she needed to stand out if she wanted the band to notice her. Sean put his finger up her cunt then and walked her over to the band and told the band that this was Gina, and that she loved to party so they should enjoy. One of the band members saw the big tits hanging out and pulled on them to get her closer to him. He bounced them up and down and squeezed them, and everyone around them laughed, thinking it was the funniest thing ever. Gina just smiled and let them.

Gina realized that the guy playing with her tits was the lead guitar player and she was in awe, saying hello to him while her tits bounced. He looked at her kind of blankly then pulled her down onto his lap where she faced him. She felt his finger in her cunt then and knew what was coming next, not that she minded, not at all. She had a huge crush on the guy so she pushed her tits in his face and moaned while he fingered her. He picked her up then and she saw his dick was standing straight up under her. The guy pushed her down on his dick next and told her to fuck him. Gina got on her knees and bounced her cunt up and down on the guy's dick while he sucked her tits. No one was really paying attention even though Gina really wanted the lead singer to notice her.

The guy fucked her for a couple of minutes then pulled her off saying he needed a new cunt and Gina was left standing in front of him wondering what had just happened. Guys usually wanted to keep fucking her. Another band guy grabbed Gina and pulled her down between his legs and told her to suck him. Gina's head was quickly in the guy's groin and his dick was in her mouth then fucking it deep while her head was kept pressed down. She could barely breathe but sucked the guy as well as she could. Behind her, she felt a dick slide into her cunt and start fucking in hard. She had no idea who it was but she pushed her ass up at him and moaned around the dick in her mouth until the guy behind her groaned and came, filling her up once again. The guy who's dick she was sucking didn't come either and their encounter ended right after the guy came in her cunt, when someone pulled her up by the hair and almost dragged her to another room, cum dripping down her thighs as she was pulled along.

In this room there were two girls on both beds, girls in chairs, girls on the floor, girls on their knees, and all of them were being fucked in one way or another. The guy pulling Gina into the room took her to a bed and told her to lie on her back, spread her legs and get ready to take dick. The girl next to her was being fucked hard when Gina's first guy got in between her spread legs and thrust his dick into her cunt without a word and started fucking her hard and relentlessly. The bed was rocking, and Gina's body was rocking as the guy kept on and finally finished, coming deep with a series of loud groans.

He pulled out quickly and another guy was in her just like that, fucking her with a lot of energy, going deep and pounding into her almost gleefully. The guy sucked her tits 'til they hurt and bit one nipple hard when he came, and slapped her ass when he pulled out. The girl next to her was being fucked like a dog while another guy had his dick in her mouth. She was gagging but managed to get through it and the guys even managed to shoot their cum loads close together. Gina looked around as well as she could and saw so many girls getting fucked, and so many guys seemed to be waiting.

Another guy was in Gina right away. This one couldn't come and pulled out after a couple of minutes and started looking for another cunt. One dick after another was inside Gina, all of them fucking her for a couple of hours at least. She asked for a drink at some point and someone poured a big glass of vodka down her throat while someone fucked her until he shot his come inside her. Gina learned it was a good idea to keep her eyes open, because at some point one of the guys in the band had his dick in her and she didn't even know it until he was almost done with her. She tried to say hi to the guy, to talk to him but he didn't say a word while he fucked her, and when he was done, he slapped her face then walked away. Gina was a little disappointed but still hoped to meet her main crush, the legendary lead singer who supposedly had some sort of miracle dick, and a lot of stamina.

After a couple of hours, Gina had to use the bathroom and pleaded with the guy on top of her to let her go, and once he came he led her to the bathroom and told her to clean up a little because she looked awful. Gina cleaned up, again, reapplied the lipstick and fixed the make up before making a reappearance into the room. She decided to sneak out and try and find the band and maybe talk to them or something, maybe get lucky and fuck the lead singer.

She wandered into another room and was sipping on a drink when a guy grabbed her and pulled her toward a corner where a girl was being fucked by three guys. He triumphantly told the guys he had some fresh cunt and immediately Gina had hands all over her, and she found herself sitting on a guy lying on the floor and her cunt being impaled on a long, hard dick while another guy was lining up behind her and pushing his dick into her ass. Hands pulled her tits out again, and a couple of guys sucked them while the other two guys fucked her. She had managed to remain fully dressed all night because her skirt was so short and her ass was right there.

Gina felt so full as two dicks fucked her and really didn't mind. It turned her on actually and she wondered if maybe there was room for another dick in her cunt. Meanwhile someone had shoved his dick in her mouth and was fucking it hard, grunting and saying what a great slut mouth she had while he used it and finally got off while moaning, “Shit, oh, shit,” a few times and she felt the hot, salty cum pumping into her mouth. The guy held onto Gina's head until she'd swallowed it all. The other two guys were really doing her and first one, and then the other shot their cum deep into her.

As soon as they were both done, someone picked Gina up and another guy rolled in under her and shoved his dick into her cum filled cunt so hard it made a squishing sound. She felt another dick slide into her cunt from behind, next to the other one and they both started fucking her. Together their dicks felt huge inside her but the idea got her through until they both unloaded hot strings of cum inside her, and she knew she wanted more. Gina was soon the star of the room with guys double teaming her, stretching her wide as they fucked her relentlessly, coming deep in her used cunt.

When Gina said she wanted more dicks in her, the guys accommodated her. Three big buys picked her up and two slid their dicks into her dripping cunt, while another slid his long, hard dick deep into her ass. When all three dicks were inside her, the guys bounced her up and down on them, going as deep as they could while Gina breathed heavily, panting, and moaning as she enjoyed the way three dicks inside her, and fucking her, made her feel. She had her arms around two of the guys necks as their dicks impaled her, fucking her deep, using her until they came, one after another and she was left with copious amounts of cum rapidly dripping out of her gaping holes.

Gina did a room full of guys like that, three dicks at a time, over and over, until it was quite late and the party was down to the last thirty or forty guys actually awake and still partying. She had still not met the other guys in the band, and was kind of pissed off about that. Not that she hadn't had fun, but she really wanted to meet all of the band.

After the last three guys were done with her, someone took Gina to yet another room where she was told to get on her knees and blow the guys in the room. It was late and she was tired but she got on her knees and did one guy after another, did so many that her face was covered with cum and dark red lipstick smeared all over. It was at this point that the lead singer took an interest in Gina, finding her so debauched and trashy, that it turned him on.

He went to the head of line waiting to get blown, and when Gina saw him she smiled a crazy looking, cum-smeared smile and said hello shyly to her idol, and quickly pulled out her lipstick, applying a thick layer, and promptly opened her mouth and waited for him to put his dick in there. He laughed a little and told her she looked like a fish but then he decided why the hell not and thrust his dick into her mouth in one quick motion and told her to suck it good. Gina did her best, she loved the guy, after all, and wanted to make it good for him. She sucked hard, head bobbing up and down on the guy's long dick, red lips standing out against his dick. He fucked her mouth for a few minutes then stopped and pulled out.

Gina protested but the guy slapped her face and told her he was going to fuck her and to turn around and get her ass in the air. Once she did, he slid into her cunt and went to town for a few minutes, hammering away at her, fucking her deep and fast, until she was panting and pleading for more. He stopped momentarily and pulled out then slammed deep into Gina's ass and alternated fucking her ass and cunt and slapping her ass until it was red and raw looking. It took several minutes but finally he was ready to get off, and he fucked Gina hard, deep and fast, grunting his pleasure and at last unloading his cum inside her ass, with a final loud slap when he was finished.

He pulled out right away, slapped Gina one more time then walked away without another thought or even a glance back at the girl who adored him. She heard him ask someone if they'd fucked the slut with the feathers and red lipstick, and they both laughed and he told his friend to give the cunt a try. Gina didn't have time to worry or wonder about it because right away she had another dick in her ass and another in her mouth. The rest of the guys in the room fucked Gina one way or another and finally she was left there lying on the floor on her back, legs spread, cunt dripping cum. It was almost dawn and another few guys fucked her right there on the floor, one at a time, doing her as hard as they could in their quest to get off one more time. They fucked her and pumped her full of cum that dripped ever so slowly from her cunt and her ass.

At about six, Sean was back with a few other guys, including the guy with the oversized dick, and they were getting rid of the girls, getting them out of there before hotel personnel complained, and before the band complained about the mess. Gina was pulled up. Her tits still hung over her top, her skirt was still on as were those hooker shoes. Sean tucked her tits back in and he and the other guys started taking the girls down stairs and out the back where they stood around in the alley. When they were all out, he told them to go away before they got arrested or something and so Gina was once again stuck without a car.

She decided to walk though, knowing it was just a couple of miles to the arena where her car was parked. How she wished she'd brought sunglasses because the day was bright and she was a mess, her face covered in cum and old makeup and lipstick, and both dry and wet cum running down her inner thighs. Most of the other girls were still standing around when Gina started out, walking the best she could in those hooker heels, and wishing like hell she had some coffee. She decided to walk in the alley for as long as she could to avoid cops or anyone else. Being noticed looking like this was not a good idea.

After two blocks, she heard noises and looked behind her and saw Sean and the guy with the dick running up to her. Sean told her they wanted to give her a proper good by. He was holding coffee and Gina wanted some of that bad, so she reached out her hand for the paper cup. Sean pulled back a little and told her she could have it but she'd have to pay for it and it would be expensive. She told him she really wanted to get home and Sean told her not to worry she would, but wouldn't she like to feel his dick one more time while she sipped some nice hot coffee?

Gina gave in because she really wanted that coffee. Sean told her to lean against a dumpster, ass up toward him. He handed her the coffee which she gratefully started drinking then she felt Sean's dick slide into her dripping cunt, and start fucking her fast and deep. Her body was rocking and the other guy took the coffee from her because it was spilling, so she decided to just try and enjoy the morning fuck and then be on her way. Suddenly, Sean pulled out and then slid into her ass and continued fucking her. Her body rocked even harder for a couple of minutes until he again pulled out again.

Before Gina could say anything, she felt the other guy's dick slide into her cunt. She knew it was his because it was huge and he was punishing her cunt by pounding into it, hard and deep, over and over, grunting loudly as he worked to get off. He bent Gina over so that her head hung low, and that's when Sean told her to open and he thrust his dick in her mouth and suddenly she was being fucked at both ends by two guys really going at it. Minutes passed and Sean pulled out and lay down on the ground. The big guy pushed her down and Sean put his dick in her cunt and started fucking up into her, fast and hard. The big guy got in back of her and slid slowly into her ass making her gasp and say, “Oh, fuck.”

The guy told her to relax and enjoy two dicks. The dick in her ass filled her completely and hurt until she stretched out enough to take it. Sean's dick was not exactly small, so between the two of them Gina got a thorough fucking. Neither guy was ready to come so they fucked her holes for a good twenty minutes until they were ready. Sean sucked on Gina's tits while he fucked her, ramming into her cunt so hard and so deep. Sean came first, groaning while his dick twitched and his cum flooded Gina's cunt. He told her he'd really wanted to fuck all her holes again and he had and he was glad he'd succeeded.

Meanwhile, the other guy was still fucking into her ass, punching into her in short little staccato movements as he neared orgasm. When he was close he moaned, grunted like an animal, and slammed in deep over and over until he stopped and his dick unloaded yet again into Gina. The guy collapsed for a few moments and Gina was crushed in between them, their dicks balls deep inside her, her cunt and ass filled again with cum. Finally the big guy pulled out and then Sean, who unceremoniously dumped Gina onto the ground next to him.

They got up and Sean drank most of the now cold coffee before handing it to Gina who managed to get a small swallow. They both zipped up and told Gina to have a nice day, before they walked away joking with each other and laughing, not bothering to look back at Gina lying there. She was so tired and the intense fucking she'd just gotten made her even more tired. Gina fell asleep right there in the dirt, next to a dumpster, in a back alley, fairly close to her car.

When she finally woke up, a couple of hours had passed and she knew she needed to get moving and get home. It took over an hour but she finally got to her car and was grateful she still had her little purse and her car keys. Her feet hurt from walking most of the way in stripper heels, she'd only taken them off for the last half mile. She tried to comb her hair a little after getting in the car, and she wiped off some of the cum and streaked makeup on her face, and decided that was good enough just to drive home.

At the parking lot exit, she realized she didn't have enough money for the tab. The car had been parked far longer than she'd thought it would and she'd incurred extra charges. Gina felt like crying but looked at the old guy in the booth and asked him please could he just let her through this once because she didn't have enough money. He took a good look at her and told her to pull over and get out of the car. Gina cursed. What was he going to do, call the cops about parking?

When she got out of the car, the guy looked her up and down and told her she could in essence pay for parking if he could fuck her. Gina was kind of grossed out since the guy was pretty old, and fat too, but she'd fucked worse, so she stepped in back of the booth and bent over and told him to have at her. She soon felt a dick slide in and the guy started fucking her. He was gross and she could feel his fat belly hitting her ass while he fucked her, but at least he was fast, coming in less than two minutes after fucking her hard, and fast, coming when he was balls deep inside Gina, grunting while he came. The guy pulled right out and told Gina to leave, and she quickly got in her car, fresh cum dripping down her legs, and took off.

Gina showered then slept when she finally got home, dreaming about fucking the band and hoping she'd made the lead singer happy. She knew she'd save her money again, and go to another concert and hopefully get into the next VIP party as well. It really was a lot of fun, even if her cunt was a little sore afterward. She blamed that on Sean, for hunting her down after the party and bringing the big guy with him. Still, at least he had been true to his word, she'd not only met but fucked most of the guys in her favorite band. What more could a girl ask for?

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2011-08-10 02:02:29
Very good, very good! Nice to see a story continued, cant wait for your next one.

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