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we're caught !!
it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 4
You can only imagine the situation. Here is my little sister bent over with her freshly fucked cunt exposed, cum dripping off her ass, running down her leg and me kneeling behind her with my dick in my hand. I couldn't have come up with a plausible story to cover this no matter how much time I had.
The instant I heard the voice behind us, a quick jolt of terror ripped through me, I FROZE, nothing registered in my mind other than WE'RE CAUGHT !. My sister had immediately dropped down on her side pulling her blanket for cover while issuing a typical high pitched girly scream.
The world suddenly came back to me and I slowly turned my head. Standing in the doorway with a smile on her face was a girl who looked to be my sisters age.
 My sister yelled out WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE !. The girl was leaning against the door continuing to smile and said "Well, I didn't see you outside this morning so.............. GET OUT yelled sister my cutting the girl off in mid-sentence.
All I could do was stay in my kneeling position with my head turned looking at this girl. Her and I were looking at each other then she glance down at my cock then back at me and with an approving nod said "nice".
GET OUT my sister said again. OK I'm leaving, then looking at me with a smile and a wink she said "my brother is home today to". Upon hearing that it was like ice cold water being poured over me and within microseconds it all came together.
Later !, the girl said glancing in my sisters direction, JUST GO said my sister. The girl looked at me and mouth a silent "BYE".
Still kneeling I turned and looked at my sister while pointing in the direction where the girl was and asked "your friend with the brother, the one you had sex with ? ".
She had her head covered with the blanket now but I could tell she was nodding yes. I finally sat back dumbfounded looking down at the bed.
Are you mad ?, came her muffled voice from under the blanket.   
No not really, I said. Pulling her head from under the blanket she asked, your really not ?. I looked straight into her eyes and with a pleasant look on my face I lightly shook my head no.
She sprang up on her knees hugging me and said "I love you, I can explain everything" all the while planting kisses all over my face while I was moving my hands down her back and over her nice plump butt.
Her kisses slowed, our eyes met and she leaned in giving me a wet passionate kiss as I squeezed her ass with both hands pulling her into me. My cock was growing stiff, she broke our kiss and looked down then looked back at me and said " I love you".
I got up pulling her with me and said "lets go to my room, I don't want anymore surprises.
As she headed to my room I went and locked the front door (which her friend had entered through) thinking we better be more careful from now on. We got caught up in the moment without taking precautions.
When I got to my room she was laying on her back with her head cocked to the side on a pillow with her long hair splayed out and a sweet look on her face. She was the picture of innocence and seduction.
I crawled up beside her hovering over her leaning down for a kiss as she gently put her arms around my neck. I reached down and ran my hand over her pussy letting my middle finger slide into her slit, GOD YOUR WET I said, as I moved over her while still keeping my weight off of her. She opened her legs wide bending her knees while keeping her feet planted on the bed.
With my arms on each side of her holding myself up she reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and rubbed it up and down her slit.
When she positioned my throbbing member at the entrance of her hole I pushed. She brought her hands up to my hips and pulling me into her. As I began to slowly fuck in and out of her already dripping pussy her hands went to my upper back digging her nails into me as I bottomed out inside of her.
Outside of gentle moans and grunts from each of us not a word was said as I made love to my precious little sister, my LOVER.
I hovered over her, keeping my eyes closed savoring our lovemaking while every once and awhile opening my eyes just a little so I could see her face.
She laid there with her head to the side, mouth slightly open taking in a breath everytime I pushed into her. She was controlling herself, letting just enough cum out to keep things wet, savoring it just as much as I was and waiting for the moment to release.
The love and gentle sweetness of it all was bringing me closer and closer.
Instead of pounding into her faster and harder I just took longer strokes, pulling out to the end and then burying myself deep inside of her. She knew I was getting close. Her breathing picked up and she dug her nails deep into my back as she got close.
I felt the cum slowly rising inside my shaft. I controlled my muscles letting the pressure build and holding out as long as I could, enjoying the feel of her hot love tunnel gripping my swelling cock.
I was at maximum pressure and with one long deep push into my sisters cunt I let go with a long slow and quiet uhhhhhhhhhh as my sister let out a quiet mmmmmmm as she let go. I continued to hold deep inside as my love flowed into her while she bathed my cock with her warm jizz.
I began to slowly pull out of her then sat back on my knees looking down at her. There she laid with her legs splayed open, head to the side with eyes closed with the look of complete satisfaction.
Looking down I saw my entire cock covered in a mixture of cum and pussy juice. As I was on my knees she sat up looked down and said "better clean that up".
She leaned down taking me into her mouth and worked my still rock hard tool taking in about half it's length then she pulled off and licked the rest of my swollen shaft clean.
All I could do was kneel there with my hands at my sides looking down at the top of her head while she worked.
After she had completely clean me off she went back to work sucking the head of my cock while swirling her tongue around its circumference. I was thoroughly enjoying it yet I had nothing left, I was COMPLETELY spent.
She finally pulled off of me with an audible pop and laid back with a huge smile on her face. I looked at her with a wry smile and said "you tease", she giggled and rolled onto her side. I laid down and scooted up behind her so we could spoon. As I scooted up to her my still hard dick poked at her butt, she said MMMMM BABY.
The thought of fucking her nice plump ass had been on my mind every since I saw her in that bikini but I wasn't sure about her willingness but now that I sensed opportunity it made my already hard cock even harder. I pushed my dick down trying to get it out of the way so I could be as close to her as possible. She opened up her legs a little giving my dick a place to go while I put an arm around her and nuzzled the back of her neck.
After several minutes of silence while doing nothing but enjoying the feel of her precious body against mine I finally asked, "so tell me about your friend". I didn't know many of her friends except for maybe two that stayed the night or that she stayed at their house.
Did you know she was having sex with her brother I asked.
Not at first, she said, but after awhile we got close and opened up to each other. I was telling her how great a brother you are to me, how you protect me, care for me, treat me, help me and all. She told me you sounded like her brother. She spoke of him with such admiration and how much they loved each other that they wanted to express it in the most intimate way two people could and when they did she said it has been the greatest and most loving thing she has experienced.
Turning over and looking at me she said, I wanted that with you, the person who loves me unconditionally, the person I love the most.
Moving here eyes away from me she said "yeah I had sex with her brother but that was just sex. Then looking back at me she said "but what we have is so different, so fantastic and has so much meaning and feeling because I know we truly love each other".
I looked deeply into her eyes, ran my had down her side following the curve of her hip then on her butt slipping my fingers into her crack while squeezing and pulling her to me I kissed her and my cock started to swell.
When our kiss broke I continued squeezing and rubbing her sweet plump butt and with a smile she said, "want to try it" and with that my hard on increased and I said "your reading my mind".
I really want to, I want to experience everything with you, she said. I know you will be gentle and not hurt me. Wait right here, she said, as she jumped up and ran down the hall.
I hope I can be gentle I thought as I laid there with my cock sticking straight up and as hard as it ever has been anticipating something I wanted, something I've never fully experienced with anyone !. This was certainly on my bucket list, along with a few other things.
I have to be gentle and I will. I love her so much I couldn't bare the thought of hurting her, besides if the experience is bad she may not want to do it again.
I laid there and remembered when I tried it with my girlfriend. We never actually talked about it rather I tested the waters a little bit one time when I was fucking her from behind.
As I pumped into her I put some spit on my thumb and began rubbing her crack slowly working my way to her anus. When I reached it with no resistance from her I began to rub it while dropping a little more spit onto her hole. Sensing things were ok I slowly inserted a finger a little at a time while I fucked her pussy. As I slowed my fucking I pulled out of her pussy and placed my dick at her hole. With her hole wet with spit and my dick soaked in her juice I lined up and lightly pushed. She instinctively tightened up and I told her to relax a little as I rubbed the small of her back. She eased up and I pushed in not quite getting the head in as she tightened up again so I started a slow in and out motion until my head suddenly popped in with her anus muscle snapping around the head of my dick. I was in heaven while she screamed UH, UHHHH TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT ............. I suddenly snapped back to the present when my sister arrived with a smile on her face and bottle of lube in her hand.
I got up on my knees, my cock was so hard it hurt. She got on her knees facing me and squeezed some lube onto the palm of her hand and massaged it onto my aching cock, OHHHHH SIS that feels so dam good AHHHHH I moaned as I placed my hands on her shoulders, leaning my head back and enjoying her touch.
Seeing how hard I was put a bit of a worried look on her face, PLEASE be gentle she said. Sis, I love you more than anyone in this world and I wouldn't hurt you I said as I stroked her hair, then putting my hand on the side of her face I leaned in and kissed her.
She turned and got on all fours keeping her knees and legs together. I stradled her legs as I moved behind her and placed my left hand on the small of her back.
She had already applied lube to herself so I grabbed my steel hard cock with my right hand and lined up with her puckered brown hole, I was practically drooling as I thought of having my fully engorged dick lodged in that absolutely gorgeous plump ass.
I took in a breath and rose up just a little for proper alignment, she dropped her head slightly and her body tensed as I eased into her...................................

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2015-06-07 16:00:10
I listened to take me to church while I read this does this make me a good person

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2015-04-18 16:01:49
Great story !


2013-11-24 20:14:37
Read my new story!! It's about sex in the movie theater!

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2013-11-02 00:56:35
"I Happened On Vacation Part 4" - Unnamed Brother and Unnamed Sister

So far we have five (5) characters--all unnamed. There's unnamed brother, unnamed sister, unnamed mother and father, and unnamed sister's unnamed female friend (that unceremoniously busted into unnamed sister's bedroom, adding nother but mayhem to the equation)!!! It is fucking tough to keep all the unnamed individuals segregated; it's almost as if there is one nameless fact--well, maybe two as in one unnamed female and one unnamed male!

The story has started to drift into deviancy and decadence. It was for the most part nice, being the brother and sister actually falling in love with EACH other, with all the perpherary being distant and afar from the world of just brother and sister, and their inspiring blossoming love for the other!!

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2011-09-10 08:57:52
سكس عيال تكفون

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