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Eddie comes over for a visit
WARNING: this story contains adult sexual material involving minors, if you are under the age of 18 or it is illegal to view this material in your area please leave at once!

"Ok, what time?" Eddie said to me in our Facebook quick chat.

"How about tomorrow, you can spend the night and we'll have some fun."

I said to the boy hoping he would say yes. Eddie is the most gorgeous boy i've ever seen. Tan, fit sexy little eleven year old boy with long brown hair and sexy blue eyes, a sexy little "V" shape that disappears in his pants, and bright red wet lips to die for. Just looking at this little boy was enough to make me cum in my pants.

"Ok sounds like fun!"

He said, and I jumped up and prepared for tomorrow, I decided to do this tomorrow because it was the night my dad would not me home as he stayed with his girlfriend. Thursday came and I was wearing my Family Guy pajama pants with a hole in the crotch area right between my legs. I heard a car door slam shut and I went outside to greet Eddie. Oh my god! He was wearing bright blue gym shorts, one of those long sleeve skin tight Nike sports shirts, and DC skater shoes with no socks on. Then and there I had to fight getting a boner or the day would be ruined. As his mom drove away I invited him into the house.

"Hey little man how is it going?"

I said to the boy to break the ice.

"Good, you ready to get your butt kicked at Call of Duty?"

"Oh no you little gay boy, your going down!"

"Shut up dude! Im not gay haha"

"Ill believe it when I see it."

We sat down to play Call of Duty, I sat in my computer chair and he sat on the couch. I was kicking his butt at first but of course I let this gorgeous little fuck monster win, I mean who wouldnt?

"Ha! I kicked yo..."

He turned and I could tell he was staring at the perfect view of my seventeen year old cock in my pajama pants but I acted like I didnt notice.

"Yea you little fag you kicked my butt. Wanna watch a movie?"

"Like what?"

"Well, I just got Hot Tub Time Machine."


I popped the movie in and we sat down, every five minuets I noticed Eddie look over to my penis and then look away. We got to the part in the movie where the guy had to suck his friends dick but the friend passed out and woke up to what appeared to be cum on the guys face but it was just soap.

"Dude his stuff is all over that guys face!" Eddie said.

"You would like to lick it all up wouldnt you fag boy?"

"Ew! thats gross dude!"

"Im just screwin with ya Eddie. Hey, you wanna play a game?"

"What kind of game?"

"Well we both get boners and measure them, and the loser has to put the winners penis in his mouth."

"No way dude thats gay! Besides... you would win."

"Now how do you know that?"

"I can see your penis through a hole in your pants."

"Oh I see, well how bout a more fair game?"

"Like what?"

"Well we both take off all our clothes as fast as we can and the first one naked wins, and the loser has to put the winners penis in his mouth."

"Dude! what is it with you and putting penises in your mouth? Are you gay or something?"

"What you and your friends never played these games?"

"No why do you and your friends?"

"Well yes in highschool its considered cool."

"Well... Ok! Lets do it."

"Alright... 1...2...3...GO!"

We both began to strip as fast as he could, well he did, I took my time. I wanted his little boy cock in my mouth. He was fully undressed first, I made sure i followed closely behind.

"Ha! I win, now you have to put my penis in your mouth!"

I sighed really loud to make it seem like I didnt want to do this. But oh how I did. THIS BOY IS BEAUTIFUL! His shirtless chest had the little cute crevice between his nipples and that little "V" shape went down to the most gorgeous little cock ive ever seen. About 2" soft it looked very tasty.

"Ok sit on the couch."

I said, and without skipping a beat the boy flopped down on the couch. I began to play with his little cock, as it grew he closed his eyes and started softly moaning. When he was fully erect he was about 3 1/2".

"Ok are you ready?" I said.

He nodded and giggled as I took his little sausage in my mouth and began to slowly suck on it. Oh my god it tasted amazing! I moved my head up and down devouring his little penis, swirling my tongue around it, and enjoying every moan comming out of the little boys mouth. I released his little mean and began to tongue it, i licked the shaft all the way up to the head and licked the little pee hole at the top of his cock head. I engulfed it again and this time sucked faster, I felt his little body tighten as he grabbed my head and began thrusting his hips, as he moaned extremely loud now he began to thrust faster.

"Oh Ricky, oh Ricky! oh! Oh!! OH!! Im gonna spurt my stuff!"

Oh for the love of god Eddie please squirt your stuff. I sucked even faster trying to keep rhythm with his hips but they were going way to fast. He then let out one last loud moan as I felt his little cock swell on my tongue and begin to throb as a little drop of clear liquid oozed out onto my tongue, it tasted sweet. Eddie slowed down his thrusts but did not stop for another 30 seconds. When he finally stopped thrusting he did not let go of my head so I just sat their with his softening cock in my mouth. Oh god how good it tasted. The boy finally came back to reality and released my head.

"That was awesome! I have never felt that good before."

"I knew you would like it."

"Ricky... does this mean im gay."

"Its ok to be gay Eddie. I am and im very attracted to you."

"Really?! Im kind of attracted to you too."

I smiled and gave him a kiss on his beautiful red lips and tongued his mouth, I slowly moved down the chest and licked his little nipples, down to his bellybutton all the way down to his little cock, kissed it and engulfed his undropped balls i rolled them around on my tongue for another minuet before releasing them. We both put on our clothes and went outside to play some football. We had this full day, the whole night, and half the day tomorrow. Our fun time was not yet over.

To Be Continued?... Next I get a call from a friend asking if I can babysit her 5 year old boy Este`bon?

Questions, Comments, Pictures, and suggestions all are encouraged, this is my first story.

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2016-04-08 22:30:26
the story was good and had some good up font answers such as I just could not wait to suck his cock as I have been there and done that by losing a bet that I made. Really like cock and cum it is great. keep up the writing.thks ed

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2016-01-31 22:57:49
some years ago I was 36 and a neighbor asked me if I would watch her boys for 3 over nights while she worked, the first night was good, the second night I fell asleep on the couch, the boys opened my bathrobe and played with my cock an it spurt. The next night they asked about it and I said you should suck on it first they both did and they both enjoyed eating my cum. I really liked it


2012-09-24 13:42:58
absolutely loved the first chapter, i hope you will continue


2012-09-11 15:24:37
ONE OF MY FAVORITES! ive been looking for this story and ive finally found it. COME READ MY STORIES PPL.

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2011-12-23 06:50:16
I am a 58 y/o married bisexual , I love young boys .Reading this story about an 11 y/o as got my cock rock hard and I have just shot my cum all over. Just wish I could have a young boy right now to suck and fuck .

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