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Maybe brothers with benefirs huh
Twins n best buds V

First off, something about our fun with Gavin, the kid at the water park. After we met him on one of the water slides the 3 of us started hanging out. We sat by the wave pool checking out the girls and judging who we thought was hot and who wasn’t and that got us talking about sex. Gavin asked us what we had done with girls so we told him and he told us about stuff he had done. His experiences were pretty close to ours except he had been to a Rainbow Party and we didn’t know what that was . He was surprised and told us it was where all the girls wear different color lipstick and guys try and see how many different colored rings they can get on their dicks. He told us he went to one and that he got 9 different colored rings. I asked him if the girls gave the rings in private or just did it and he told us it just happened with everyone around. We both asked how it felt getting blown in front of other people and he said it was a little weird but not to bad. He said he knew some girls and guys kind of watched but no one was to obvious about it. Taylor and me both agreed that we would out of curiosity mostly. Gavin agreed and admitted that he watched some of the guys and girls doing it.

Taylor asked him if he jacked off a lot and before he answered he asked us if we did. We both told him that we did it every day and it was only after hearing that that he admitted that he did it every day at least once and sometimes 2 or 3 times. After he answered he asked if since we were brothers and twins we ever did it together. Taylor answered that one and told him we had a few times. Gavin said he thought that was cool and said he would to if he had a brother.

Since I was sitting in a chair right across from Gavin I had a great view of his crotch and I could see that he was getting a boner just like I was. The difference was that in my cargo shorts it wasn’t real easy to see my bulge but Gavin’s dick was hanging down next to his leg so when he got his bone it started to look like he had a good sized cucumber in his pants.

Taylor asked him how big his dick was and Gavin said he had a pretty big one and asked about ours. (I could tell from Gavin’s pants that his dick had to be huge but I acted like I couldn’t tell and asked Gavin how big his was). Gavin got a little embarrassed and told us he had a big one, bigger than any of his friends. Taylor pressed him for how big it was and Gavin finally held up his hands like he was telling a fish story. He held his hands about 8 or 9"s apart which got me and Talyor laughing and kidding him about telling a fish story. I kidded Gavin and told him I didn’t believe it and Taylor said he should show us. Gavin said he wasn’t telling a story and then he put his hand down next to his leg and held his hand on the area that looked like where the cucumber was. We both looked and Taylor said, “No way man” very loudly. Gavin pulled his hand away and laughed and said he told he was big down there. After a lot more talk we all went to mine and Taylor’s room with the idea that we would show each other what we had down there..

Taylor locked the door and we did Rock Scissors Paper to decide who would show their dick 1st. Looser had to show 1st. I beat Gavin and then Gavin beat Taylor so Taylor opened his shorts and pulled the front of his underwear down. Taylor’s dick was semi hard when he pulled his underwear down but it got harder right away.

Taylor told Gavin it was his turn so Gavin undid his belt and unzipped and let his cargos fall to the ground and then he pulled the front of his boxers down. His dick sprung out and up instantly and it was big. It was big around and it was long. It definitely made both of ours look dinky. I undid my pants and pulled my underwear down and Gavin checked both of us out closely and told us that we had nice ones and that it was wild how they were exactly alike in girth and size. He even noted that we both had a small birthmark on the right side next to where our pubis hair started.

As for me and Taylor,well, westood there with our mouths wide open staring at Gavin’s dick. It was the biggest one either of us had ever seen. I don’t know about Taylor but I kept looking wondering how a short guy ended up with such a big dick..

So there we stood with our dicks out in silence. Taylor joked that we should jack off since we were all horny and had our dicks out and then we just sort of all sat on one of the beds and started jerking ourselves. Taylor started out with his eyes closed but not me. I was watching Gavin’s hand, and sometimes hands lol, work his dick. And I noticed that Gavin saw was watching both of us. When mine and Gavin’s eyes met we both grinned but said nothing. Im not sure who reached over 1st but before we knew it, me and Gavin were stroking each others and before long we found out that his dick was big enough for both me and Taylor to grab it and stroke it together.

Gavin worked my dick with is right hand and Taylor’s with his left. We did that awhile before we all took hold of our own dick’s and watched each other jack. It was probably a funny sight, the 3 of us leaning back on the bed jerking and breathing hard while studying how each of us was doing it. I announced that I was going to cum and shot all over my stomach. Gavin didn’t say anything before he shot. He just tensed up and stuck his legs straight out before 3 long strings of cum shot out all over his chest and stomach. When Taylor saw that he was like, ”Wow, nice load dude” and then he shot his on his stomach. Then we all sat there catching our breath and checking each other out. None of our dicks went soft. Once we cleaned up Gavin pulled his pants up and said he would see us in the morning and left.

Me and Taylor talked about how big Gavin’s dick was and wondered if he ever tried anything with a guy. We both talked about what it would be like to suck and tried to come up with a plan to get to do that before vacation ended

Taylor asked if we should shower together, so we did. Usually when shower together we play around a little and then we wash ourselves but that night we washed each other. I stood behind Taylor and lathered his chest and pubes and around his dick good and play with him while I rubbed my dick up and down on his butt crack. I started to jerk him off but he told me he didn’t want to shoot again so I stopped.

When we got in bed we played around some more did and did some kissing and making out and when Taylor told me to lay on my stomach so he could hump my butt crack I found out why he didn’t want to shoot in the shower. Once he was on top of me in the bed he started humping my butt and then he aimed and told me he wanted to fuck. Before I could say a word I felt his dick go in my ass and after he used his legs to spread my legs wide he fucked me. He really worked his dick in and out of me hard and while he did he asked me if I would let Gavin fuck me. I told him I didn’t think so and asked if he would. He thought a minute and told me he would sure like to try. Thats when the talking stopped and Taylor just kept ramming in and out of my ass until he shot. We tried falling asleep with his dick in me but it didn’t work. It didn’t work because I don’t like sleeping n my side and Taylor’s dick started to go soft and fell out.

The next day we didn’t see Gavin until around noon. We both thought maybe what we did freaked him out so he was avoiding us but when we saw him he told us that he had a hard time getting to sleep so he slept in late. When we told him that we thought he was freaked he laughed and said, “No way. I’m not gay or anything but I thought it was pretty cool.” Hearing that was a relief to both of us because we thought it was cool to and we both liked hanging out with him. We all spent the rest of the day hanging out and when it came time to meet up with our parents for dinner Taylor told Gavin that he should see if he could hang out with us later and just spend the night in our room. He said he would ask but wasn’t sure if his parents would let him.

They let him and we had a lot of fun but we can tell you about how that went another time.

Last night me and Taylor both had dates. We didn’t double which was really different but fun. I took Terry out and after we went to a car show we got burgers and then went back to her house and hung out in her basement where we got to do some making out. I got her bra off and felt her tits and sucked them and got her to suck me. It would have been perfect because I was so close to cumming but her mom and dad came home and ruined it. So I ened up coming home with precum all over the inside of my boxers.

Taylor took out Melissa and he told me that he got to play with her tits and finger her pussy while she stroked him. I asked if she got him off and he smiled and said she sure did. He tried to get her to suck it but she wouldn’t. He tried making out with hr and getting on top of her hoping she would let him fuck her but that didn’t fly either. By the time we shared our experiences we both had tents in out underwear and started messing around. After we stroked each other and made out fucking came up but rather than play Rocks, Scissors Paper to see who was going to receive Taylor said he wanted to and admitted that he really likes how getting fucked feels.

We sucked each other and oncewe were good and hard Taylor laid on his back so I could smear lube in and on his hole while he put some on my dick. I knelt between his legs and Taylor rested his feet on my shoulders. I rubbd the head of mydick on his ass and then and I slid my dick in. I was going slow so he told me to do it harder and faster so I did. We really got into it and I pushed his legs and feet way over his head and pumped as hard and fast as I could. It must have felt good to Taylor because he did lots of moaning and kept whispering for me to do it harder. I had my dick going in and out of him like it was a piston and he jerked his. We both ended up working up a good sweat doing it. Taylor shot fist and man, though he didn’t shoot a lot his cum hit his chin and nose. I pumped hard and fast until I exploded in his ass then I let his legs down around my waist and we stayed motionless. Taylor holding his wet dick in his hand and me with my dick still pulsing in his ass.

As we were separating Taylor told me, “Man Tris we should do this more, It really feels great.” I told him I liked doing it so I was all for it.

And today we slept late and once we knew we were home alone we showered and I fucked him under the water then sucked him off.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. As long as we know you guys like it and don’t think it sucks we will keep writing.


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