Amy is a model for a Cyborg

Chapter 3. Amy’s medical exam.

Background: Amy is in Las Vegas learning about ROTC scholarships. Of course, the real purpose is to give her a medical exam and have her body measured for use as a model for my personal Cyborg. In my original plan it would be the first time where I would see her naked. Fortunately for me reality turned out much, much better.

When both alarms go off at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday I was sleeping soundly. I slap my arm to turn mine off but the one in Amy’s room keeps beeping. I had forgotten to shut it off when we decided to sleep in my room. Jumping up I run to her bed and shut it off. When I come back, Amy is awake with a big grin on her face, “Uhh I slept with a man… and the sex was great, too.”

She stretches her arms up and shakes her hair. Her boobs pop out from under the sheet. The thin, white baby doll nightie hides nothing. Her pink areolas and hard nipples stretch the material to the bursting point. She reaches down and pulls the nightie over her head, freeing her magnificent tits. “Oh much better”, Amy says as she rubs her tits. She probably does this every morning out of habit; but I stand there and watch like a pre-teen boy seeing his first pair. When she pulls her nipples they get hard and so do I.

I wanted to jump back into bed for ten more minutes of rest; but Amy’s show has got me sidetracked. I lay on the bed and Amy rolls on top of me, her naked breasts and hard nipples pushing into my chest. She kisses me gently, not as crazy aggressive as last night. “So how do you feel after a night as a ‘woman’”, I tease her and kiss her neck and ears. “I’m ready to become a woman again, twice even; but tonight, not enough time now.” I pull her face to me and say, “OK babe, it’s a date”.

Amy pulls her head away and puts her lips next to my ear and whispers, “Will you do something special for me?”

“Sure Amy, what?”

I almost cannot hear her as she quietly whispers, “Eat my pussy and make me cum.” I answer, “Yes babe, Daddy will do it for his good little girl.” My mind envisions gushes of pussy juice streaming into my mouth as she cums and it makes me hard.

Amy giggles and pushes up bringing her tits right over my face. I grab one nipple with my lips and suckle it for a half minute before moving to her other tit. When she pulls back she laughs and says, “Boys just want my tits. But my tits need to go to the bathroom”. I slap her ass as she gets off me and tell her to get ready to go for her med exam.

When we are ready to go I admire Amy; she looks teenage fresh faced but has a special glow to her. “Just fucked”, I think and hope it’s not noticeable to every woman we meet. Amy is dressed in a smart blue pants suit which does a good job of hiding her assets. We stop at a restaurant for a light breakfast before heading for the labs about fifty miles outside Vegas.

Dr. Julia Hernandez meets us at the main gate and ushers us through Security. Our thumb prints are verified and Amy gets a VIP pass. “Please call me Julia”, she tells Amy, “we are a bit informal here.” I think Amy is establishing a good rapport with Dr. Julia because she is only a few inches taller than Amy. A fellow “shorty”; with a medical degree to boast. Julia is probably in her mid-twenties and has the firm tight body of a runner. Like Amy she also has short hair, however, blonde.

Julia takes us into comfortable room with a desk and two lounge chairs and a soda dispenser. She tells Amy to sit at the desk as she explains the process; first a bunch of forms and an interview, then lab tests, then a physical and then more advanced testing.

She hands Amy a booklet of forms which are actually touch sensitive and transfer her answers immediately to Dr. Hernandez’s computer. “Amy, the forms should take you about fifteen minutes. Do not answer anything about your parents. I have already downloaded their medical records and your mother is reviewing the questionnaire as we speak. Don’t guess at anything, leave it blank. Help yourself to drinks from the machine. We’ll be back in 15.”

Dr. Hernandez motions for me to follow and she asks me if I had been to the lab before. I tell her that I am normally on the Cyborg side of the facility, usually in a conference room. “What models have you been allowed to see?” she asks. When I answer that I’m working on the X-800, her eyebrows shoot up. “Were you planning to model one after Amy?”

“Yes, she will be an advanced logistics and operations model for use on a classified project”, I tell her. Julia nods her head and points her hand upward. I just smile. “Let’s get some coffee and I will show you our observation room so you can see and hear the interview”, Julia says and steers me toward their employee lounge. With coffee in hand we come back to the room next to Amy’s and again I’m behind a one-way mirror.

Julia enters the interview room and asks Amy how she was coming along. “All done, Julia. There are a couple of blanks”, Amy tells her. Julia pulls a tablet type computer from the desk and has Amy sit in one of the club chairs. Julia sits in the other. Dr. Hernandez studies Amy’s forms and repeats some of the vital information out loud just to verify the answers.

Julia looks up and says, “Wow, a whole blank page. Let’s work through this. Are you having regular cycles?” Amy nods yes. “Any pain or difficulties during your periods?” Amy nods no. “A regular boyfriend?” Amy nods no. “Have you had your annual pregnancy prevention shot during the last six months?” Amy shakes her head no and says, “No need.”

“Amy are you telling me you are a virgin?” Julia asks. Amy shakes her head no. “When did you lose your virginity, dear”, Julia asks softly. Amy flinches and instinctively looks at her chronograph and grins, “At midnight.” Julia blinks, pauses and chuckles, “You mean midnight last night?” Amy grins and shakes her head yes. Dr. Hernandez’s eyes look right at me through the mirror. Busted!

“When we give you your vaccinations, let’s be sure to add the pregnancy prevention, Ok”, Julia says with another chuckle.

After the interview is finished, Julia takes Amy to the exam room which is on the other side of my observation room. I watch with interest. Julia starts with the blood tests, by laying out four slides. She pin pricks Amy’s finger and puts a drop on each slide. The procedure is a long way from filling tube after tube with blood from one’s arm.

She has Amy put all her clothes in a locker and sit naked on the exam table. After doing all the routine poking and listening, she has Amy lay down and she runs a hand held bio-reader over her from the feet up to her head. The bio-reader transfers all medical data on her internal organs to the doctor’s computer. She looks at Amy’s heart in 4-D like she was holding it in her hand.

When she scans Amy’s lower belly, she chuckles and tells her. “Be careful Amy, your fertility index is 10 out of 10. One of those tiny ‘spermy guys’ will get you pregnant in a minute. Amy grins and says, “Tiny spermy guys?” Julia chuckles and says, “Yes, that’s a high tech medical term which means “be careful about who might make you a mommy”. Julia looks at the mirror as she says it. Busted!

After the exam, Julia lines up a series of vaccinations and loads them into the air gun. It administers vaccines without any pain. She tells Amy to bend over and as she shoots her in the left butt cheek she says, “I made sure the pregnancy vaccine is the best we have; but I will give you a pill to take which takes immediate effect. Just in case you need it for tonight.”

Amy blushes and says, “Thank you Dr. Hernandez.” Julia laughs and say, “Hey, we girls have to stick together. Let’s get you to the advanced lab. Put on a robe.”

When they enter the advanced lab, Amy’s eyes go wide. There are all kinds of machines which she has never seen and does not have a clue what they are. One looks like a bathtub full of red Jello. Julia sees her looking at it and says, “Yes, you get to go into a bathtub full of Jello stuff. You can ignore most of the other stuff.”

Before she starts, Julia asks Amy, “Do you care if Thad watches. I take it he has seen you naked.” Amy blushes again; but says it’s OK.

Two female assistants help Dr. Julia while I sit on a bar stool and watch. First they put Amy into an upright cylindrical device which looks like an old fashioned tanning machine. They hand her a cup and tell her to drink it all down. Julia explains it’s a fast acting sedative to prevent claustrophobia. The machine closes and I notice it’s made of clear plastic. Amy can see out and we can observe her. The tech tells her to raise her arms and a fine mist sprays her from head to toes.

“The mist puts a protective coating on her skin. At the same time she just got measured from head to toes. The silver head band measures brain activity and in five minutes we will have her personality on a microchip. Now we put her into the Jello and measure her exact fat to weight ratio”, Julia explains. I know the Cyborgs can then be modeled exactly after her. However, I already have a few adjustments in mind.

It reminds me about asking Julia for a physical fitness program considering Amy’s chest size. Julia and the two techs look at Amy’s tits and grin. “Are you afraid of her jogging like that”, Julia asks with a grin. I laugh and answer, “It was my first and foremost concern.” Julia tells me she will put a program on Amy’s personal communicator.

Julia looks at me seriously and says, “I’m not your psychiatrist; but are you sure you should be having an affair with her?” “Honestly Doc, I never had it in mind. I figured I would get to see her here in the Lab and it would satisfy my curiosity. But the last two weeks have brought us together and staying in the hotel just made it happen. Now, I just want to get her through four years of college and we will see what happens.”

Julia shakes her head knowingly and adds, “Well treat her nice and don’t break her heart. She seems to be real sweet.” “That she is, Doc. That she is.”

After another hour everything is finished and we shake hands with Dr. Hernandez as we leave the main gate. “Amy, stay in touch and let me know how it goes”, Julia tells us.

Amy curls up next to me on the back seat of the limo on the drive back. She seems to be asleep in just a few minutes. Just outside of Vegas, with her eyes still closed, she asks, “Do you remember my special wish?” I kiss her forehead and whisper, “Yes babe.” She opens her eyes, bats her lashes several times and says, “When we get to the hotel, Daddy?”

“Yes babe”, I exhale. I get on the phone and have the hotel set up a lunch in my room. I really need some nourishment for a late afternoon workout.

In my room, Amy starts to unbutton her jacket and I ask her, “Let me do it Amy.” I unbutton the two big buttons on her jacket and pull it off her shoulders. Under the jacket she wears a matching light blue blouse which is tight across her chest. “Raise your arms, babe”, I say and pull the blouse up. Getting it over her 40DDs take some work and Amy giggles as I struggle to get the blouse over her head.

Her matching sexy blue bra is one of the new one we just bought. The top half is thin lace letting her skin show and her nipples poke through. The bottom half molds her tits up high on her chest and make them stand up. Now I call that amazing engineering.

When I kneel down and strip her pants down, a matching lace panty emerges. The lace lets me see her skin through it and I’m happy we have shaved her bare. I turn Amy toward the bathroom and say, “That it for now, we have to eat first.” I kiss her butt cheek and give her a little push. As she walks to the bathroom, she shakes her hair, then her ass and finally turns her head halfway back with a pout, “Ok, Daddy.”

You bet it’s OK with Daddy because he has plans.

After a somewhat leisurely dinner, Amy drags me to her bed while I play hard to get. She stands by her bed and turns her back to me, “Do you want to do it, Daddy?” as she shakes her shoulders. I say, “Yes babe” as I reach for her bra and unhook it. Sliding her straps down her arms my hands come around and cup her breasts. My fingers find her nipples and roll them and tug. Amy exhales an “Ohh” and leans back against me.

After a minute her hands come up and she plays with her tits over the top of my hands. Together we massage, rub and tweak her nipples into hard points until she near cries. “Stand on the bed, babe”, I tell her and when she faces me her panties are nearly in my face. Leaning forward I gently kiss her belly and stick my tongue into her belly button, making her giggle again. I love to hear her giggle.

My hands are rolling her panties down her leg and my kisses move down nearer her pussy. As I get closer her giggles change back to “Ohhs” and “Mmms”. Yea babe, who is the teaser now?

When I near Amy’s mons she spreads her legs apart and grabs my head pushing me toward her pussy. “Not so fast babe”, I think, “I want you to really ride your next climax.” After about five more minutes of letting my lips and tongue punish her mons her legs are shaking and I tell her to lie down.

Pulling Amy next to the edge of the bed, I put a big pillow under her ass and it brings her pussy up to my face. Amy pulls her knees up to her head and I tell her to spread her legs wide. Her pink pussy is already glistening wet.

I reach into my shaving kit and bring out another surprise, a seven inch vibrator with little spikes on the head. Kissing the insides of Amy’s legs I start at her knees and work downwards to her pussy. Amy’s anticipation is way ahead of me and her butt is making pelvic thrusts as if she was already being fucked. She is so hot.

When I reach her pussy, my tongue goes around her outer lips several times before I spread her open and hunt her clit. She is so very pink it makes me think of pre-teens putting on sex shows on the internet. Dampness is oozing slowly from her hidden places and I lap up the moisture. When my tongue goes deep into Amy she groans and her hands are back on my head clutching my hair.

Using my fingers I slide them over her clit and pull its cover back to make the nubbin pop out of its hiding place. My tongue circles it several times before rubbing it hard. Amy tightens her grip on my hair and moans hard. “Watch this Amy”, I think as I suck her clit between my lips. Amy screams and arches up hard while her fingers are about to pull my hair out. “Oooh” she wails and her legs lock around my head making me hold still for a minute before she relaxes and opens her legs again.

“OMG Thad”, Amy pants, “don’t stop, please.” My tongue moves down her wet pussy and dives into her center. When I do it again, Amy starts rocking her ass again in a mini-fuck motion. We tongue fuck for about ten minutes and Amy is panting like a race horse. It’s time to change her pain into pleasure.

I move back to her clit and suck it into my mouth hard. As expected it triggers her climax and Amy screams again. Her body is shaking and quivering. I hold her against me tight and savage her clit with my tongue until she arches high up and collapses on the bed. My mouth is locked to her pussy when she gushes. Pussy juices squirt into my mouth for at least a half minute and I swallow every drop. It’s the least I can do for her after she has already swallowed all my loads.

When I release her, Amy rolls on her side and curls into a ball. I snuggle up behind her and pull a blanket over us. Hitting the remote control turns every light off and the room is totally dark. Amy whimpers softly for a few more minutes before she becomes quiet. It’s the second time today where she seems asleep; but I’m not sure.

The vibrator lies unused on the floor. So much to teach, so little time.

When I wake up a soft light shines from the bathroom and I see Amy lying next to me. She is facing me and studying my face intently, her brown eyes wide. When she realizes that I’m looking at her she smiles and gives me a little kiss on my lips. “Thank you Daddy. You made my wish come true”, she whispers. I grin like a fool and say, “Thank you babe, you have made more than my dreams come true. I love you Amy.”

Amy pushes me to roll onto my back and she snuggles up on my chest. When she pulls the blanket over both of us we are warm and in the dark. Amy kisses my lips and nibbles on my ears with little love bites. I imagine it’s something she has fantasized about so I let her play. It’s when she rubs her pussy over my cock things get interesting. She rubs my cock with long, slow strokes and it feels as if her clit is hitting my cock. Amy may have a second climax before she gets me hard.

A few minutes later Amy’s rubbing become urgent. She is presses down harder and harder. My cock has gotten harder, too. Her clit is definitely rubbing against me and Amy twitches more and more. Amy leans forward, looks at me hard and whispers “Get ready to fuck me, Daddy.”

Her climax hits her with a shout and a wail and I can feel a small gush of pussy juice squirting from Amy’s cunt. As Amy’s body shakes, she lifts up, grabs my cock and inserts it into her wet pussy. She leans back and drops onto my hard cock. Amy wiggles her ass to make sure I’m all the way inside her and I worry that I’m tearing her cervix open. Everything must be all right because Amy starts lifting up and dropping back down hard.

“Easy Amy”, I groan, “don’t break it off.” It makes her laugh and she says, “Thad, don’t stop. Just imagine you are going to make me a mommy. I know you were watching my med exam. You are a bad, bad boy, fucking young high school girls.” After my shock wears off, I answer, “Yes Dr. Julia, Thad loves fucking his teen mommy.” Amy laughs again and picks up the pace and fucks me even harder.

Amy feels me getting near and she squeezes my cock with her cunt muscles. I push into her even harder and she opens her mouth in surprise as I shoot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her. We both shake with pleasure as I remember its Amy’s first fuck with my cum in her pussy.

“Oh Thad, oh wow, just imagine I’m a mommy because you shot a million “spermy guys” into me.” I pull Amy down to me and kiss her hard. “Let’s just play imaginary mommy please, you have four years of college ahead, babe.”

“Yes Daddy. Do you want to give your good little girl a bath now?”

“Good idea, Amy. And then you can put your second new dress on so I can show you off in the Casino.”

“But Daddy, my second dress just barely covers my nipples. All the bad boys will want my tits.”

“Daddy will chase them away and when we get back we can fulfill your wish a second time. Amy grins as she grabs my cock and pulls me to the bathroom.

Tomorrow I have to turn her back into a teenager and take her home. I hate tomorrow.

In three month a Cyborg will replace Amy and become my assistant on the Battle Star Falin. I really don’t think it can be done.

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