It all started a couple of months back. New neighbors moved in next door. The husband was an average guy...average looking, average build...average. His wife however stirred feelings in me the very first time I saw her. I heard him call her Amber! Amber was anything but average. To put it plainly, she was drop dead gorgeous! She has long shapely legs that went up to her beautiful ass! Her breast were firm and shapely and her body was beautiful! The first time I saw her, I knew I had to have her! Lucky for me our houses are relatively close to one another and our bedroom windows faced toward each other. My work as a photographer came in handy as I often used my telephoto lens to spy on Amber in her room. I could sit back in the dark and watch her change, prepare to shower, play with her breasts and pussy (which is as smooth as a baby's bottom) and, on a couple of occasions, having sex with her husband. What struck me funny was here was this gorgeous woman in this man's bed and he approached their love life in a boring predictable fashion. As I would watch her, I would often masturbate and fantasize of the things I would love to do with and to her!

One morning after Amber's husband left for work, she received a visit from another man. The man was sort of thin and mousy looking. As I was in my room collecting my equipment for a photo shoot, I noticed Amber and the male visitor enter her bedroom. To my surprise, Amber and this loser began removing their clothes! I couldn't believe it. Here was this beautiful woman with two dweebs as sexual partners. I decided at that moment I was going to have her...possess her...own her! I had all the tools I camera! I began snapping pictures of Amber as she was preparing to have sex. She was sucking this guy's cock, trying to get him hard. The guy removed his cock from her mouth and began stroking himself. He was having trouble getting an erection and tried masturbating to get hard! As I watched, I thought to myself "if I was fucking Amber, my cock would never go soft!" Then, as if I planned it myself, Amber caught me taking the pictures out of the corner of her eye. She and her visitor immediately stopped, dressed and within a few minutes, left her room. I downloaded the pictures to my computer and backed them up. As an extra measure of safety, I e-mailed the pictures to myself. Now to set my plan into action! I wanted Amber and I was not going to be denied...she would be mine!!

About thirty minutes passed before I heard a knock on the door. Much to my surprise, it was Amber! She was a knockout! She was wearing a tight one-piece dress that just covered her pussy and ass! "Hi" I said. "Since we never formally met, my name is Ron." She extended her hand and introduced herself. I invited her in and made us a couple of drinks. Amber said "I'll come right to the point Ron...I saw you taking pictures of me and I would like them back!"

I said "well; I like those pictures, but I am willing to negotiate."

Amber seemed offended. She spat back "I will not negotiate with you!"

Amber was being very cold. I said "listen, I know that your husband doesn’t satisfy you and if you don't want your husband to find out about you and your friend, you'll stop being so cold!!" "Besides, your men can’t even keep their dicks hard." The last comment caused Amber to break a smile! I went on to tell her how gorgeous she was and how she deserved better, bigger, harder! She bit her lower lip as her eyes slowly lowered to my crotch! Amber said "what would you like from me in return for those pictures?"

This was working out perfectly! I said "I want to fuck you!" Her eyes lowered again, this time only to be greeted with the site of my growing erection within my pants! As she caught sight of my growing cock, I heard her quietly gasp! "I think we can work something out!" she said. I stood and then helped her up by her hand. My hand then went behind her neck and I gently pulled her lips to her a deep passionate kiss! My tongue slipped past her lips and explored her mouth. As I broke the kiss, I took her hand and placed it on my cock! "See what you do to me?" "You get me hard as a rock!" As she rubbed my cock, she said "Oh my god! You're much bigger than my husband!" I couldn't take it anymore! I was going to fuck her right here on the floor!

I moved my palm to her stomach and slid it around her side to the small of her back. I pulled her close to me...close enough so our bodies rubbed against each other. I began kissing her and felt her arms move behind my head and pull me closer...god I could feel her breasts pushing against me and her hard nipples! She was kissing me so passionately; it was like she was tongue fucking my mouth!

I reached down to her ass and hiked her dress up! I discovered she wasn't wearing any panties, allowing me to freely caress and knead her ass!...which caused her to moan into my mouth! I slipped my hands to her hips, grabbed them and pulled them forward until her mound was rubbing against the bulge in my pants! I felt her grind her pussy on my swollen cock! She broke our kiss and reached down to unbuckle my pants and let them fall. She then grabbed my shirt and raised it over my head. I grabbed her by her shoulders and quickly tuned her around so her ass was pressed against my cock. I firmly turned her head so we could continue our kissing. I placed both my hands on her mound and slid them slowly up her stomach...hiking her dress up as I continued to move up toward her breasts! I lifted her dress over her breasts and then over her head. We were both completely naked...god she was beautiful! I lowered my hands back down to her breast...feeling their firmness. Her nipples were so hard and I began to pull and twist them! She reached behind her to grab my dick and began slowly stroking my cock. She slowly pulled away from my grip - turning as she dropped to her knees in front of me! Without hesitation, she sucked my whole dick into her mouth! She began deep throating my cock! After a couple of minutes, she removed my cock from her mouth and licked up the entire shaft. She continued to repeat this several more times until she nuzzled her face into my balls...moving them to the side...while maintaining eye contact! She moved further toward my ass with her tongue until she was licking my asshole! Grabbing a fist full of her hair, I pulled her away from my ass and cock and guided her to lie on the floor. I then placed my face between her legs and began licking her pussy! She began moaning and said "Lick me...suck my clit!" I needed no encouragement as I continued licking and sucking her...drinking her leaking pussy juices! Amber yelled out "God! I've never been eaten this good before!" And with that, I began pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy as far as I could! She began thrusting her pussy up to my mouth, meeting each tongue thrust, moaning uncontrollably! She grabbed my head and pulled it in tight to her pussy as her body tensed up! She yelled out "I'm cumming...please don't stop." I continued to tongue fuck, lick and suck until she came down from her orgasm.

Once she regained her senses, Amber guided my head toward hers, pulling my body onto hers. She placed her lips by my ear and whispered "Please fuck me...fuck the shit out of me!" I placed the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy and with one powerful thrust, buried my cock deep inside her womb...causing her to gasp then moan! Her pussy was tight and very wet! I began slowly moving my cock in and out, hearing the sucking wet sound from her cunt as I stroked in and out of her! She grabbed my shoulders and began moving faster on my cock, encouraging me to go faster. As I picked up the pace, she began moaning louder and faster...saying "Oh Ron! I've never been this full! Fuck meee! I need it!!" As I continued fucking her hard and fast, I felt her wrap her legs around my waist...digging the heels or her feet into my ass. Her body tensed again and she yelled "Ron! I'm cumming! Hearing her yell and moan along with the feeling of her pussy tighten around my cock sent me over the edge! I yelled "I am going to cummmm!" Upon hearing these words, Amber begged me not to cum in her pussy and cum in her mouth instead. I quickly withdrew and moved toward her face...placing my cock above her mouth! She eagerly opened her mouth and I shot my load into her wanting mouth! With out hesitation, she swallowed my entire load! What a fantastic woman! I leaned in and deeply kissed her...tasting the remnants of my cum. When we broke the kiss, Amber said "Thank you Ron for a wonderful fuck!" And with that she got dressed and asked me for the pictures. After giving her the pictures, she began walking toward the door. I said "By the way Amber, I have several more copies of those pictures!" She looked horrified! I said "If you don't want them getting in the wrong hands, you will do whatever I say, when I say!" She began to protest and I told her to be quiet! I told her I would see her soon and escorted her to the door!!

Chapter 2

Later that evening, I crossed the yard to Amber's back patio. when I moved out of the shadows, she spotted me. She looked over her shoulder to ensure her husband was nowhere near and had not seen me! Amber opened the sliding glass door to the patio and came out of the house...closing the door behind her. "What the hell do you want?" she said. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her close telling her to watch her tone!" I reached up and caressed her cheek and said "I told you I would see you soon. You will do what I want when I want or those pictures will find their way to your husband!" Amber seemed to weight her options and realized she had none! "Now!" I said, "I want you to suck my cock right here, right now and I want you to swallow my load again!" "Right here?...right now?" She protested and said "But my husband is right inside; he could come to the door and see us!" I said "well you better get started before he comes to the door!" I sat on her patio furniture...a lounge chair and removed my cock from my pants. Amber; now apparently resigned to the situation, kneeled beside the chair...facing the door, and took my cock into her mouth! As she began sucking my cock, I grabbed her hair and began forcing her mouth down further! "God Amber, you give great head!" She began to moan and started stroking my cock as she sucked! Her other hand cupped and rolled my balls! I took my other hand and groped her tits over her blouse and bra. I could tell she was nervous! As she looked up, Amber saw her husband walking toward the patio door...but at the last minute, he turned down the hall! With this, Amber resumed her efforts! She was sucking my cock deep and stroking it at the same time. She slid her other hand under my ass and inserted her finger into my ass!! This caused my cock to jerk, and I began shooting my load down her throat!! Amber took a couple more minutes to clean my entire cock before she stopped. She looked up, licked her lips and smiled! "You are such a fucking little slut aren't you" I asked. She continued to smile. "You are coming with me to my lake house this weekend" I told her. She said "I can't! I have plans with my husband!" I grabbed her hair and pulled her close and said "get out of them, tell him you have a sick friend or something. I will see you Friday morning at my house!" "By the way, don't pack many clothes" With that, I went home and she went inside her house.

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