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Lindsay stared at herself in the mirror. She didn't really know what to make of herself. She had always had low self confidence but even she couldn't deny she was good looking. Lindsay was short, at only 5' 6", but she was a fine weight with only a slight bit of baby fat lingering around her chin, which gave her face a cute rounded look, from when she was younger. She couldn't be described as young now though. It had been her 16th birthday just a mere 3 weeks ago. Now she was an adult in the eyes of the law. She could do what she wanted. As she was getting older Lindsay was begining to noitice her breasts. They were right now settled at a healthy B-Cup which looked perfectly proportioned on her petite body. 

Tonight Lindsay was wearing a skirt short enough to show men enough, but not too much. She had also decided to wear a loose fitting top and a baggy cardigan. All of which contributed to her stunning appearance. Her hair had been died black, a birthday present from her best friend Kiera, and she was wearing plimsoles that would get wet if she stood within a metre of a puddle. She was ready to go. 

Tonight Lindsay was going to a club with a few of her freinds to celebrate the recent exam results. Lindsay had done well, managing to achieve 3 A's and 2 B's. It was mainly because of these results that Lindsays sister Mahri had let her borrow her ID for the night. Mahri was only 19 so it wouldn't be hard for Lindsay to pass as her. 

As she left the house to go to the bus stop Lindsay couldn't help but feel nervous. So many things were rushing through her head "What if I get knocked back?", "What will it be like if I get in?". Lindsay wasn't a regular drinker so this added to her nervousness. She didn't know how much to drink without getting too drunk. Also she was worried her dad might be pissed off about the drinking that was going on. But her das was away for the weekend so she wouldn't have to confront him about it until Monday. 

But all these doubts vanished when Lindsay saw Kiera. Kiera had been Lindsays best friend for years now, they were really close. Kiera was taller than Lindsay but still could not be described as tall. She had smaller breasts than Lindsay though. But this didn't really matter as Kiera's greatest asset was her legs, and she had them on full show tonight. Kiera was wearing a skirt shorter than Lindsay. But, of course Kiera's legs seemed to go on for far longer. Stretching up and up, they were hard for anyone not to stare at, including Lindsay. 

The bus journey was mundane, with Lindsay paying a full price ticket for the third time in her life. Lindsay used the bus journey to sneak occasional glances at her best friends chest and legs. She wasn't gay though, just curious. 

By the time they arrived at the club it was already dark. So the bouncer had a hard time trying to tell wether Lindsay was Mahri or not. Luckily the bouncer didn't notice anything was wrong and both Lindsay and Kiera got into the club without any slip-ups. 

When they did get in they were both amazed by the amount of blue lighting. Lindsay giggled for a couple of minutes because the lights made Kiera's teeth light up. Soon enough, though, they managed to make it over to the bar. Keira ordered a WKD and Lindsay not really knowing of many alcoholic drinks decided to follow suit. 

The two of them didn't stop with WKD's though. Over the next couple of hours the two of them had many more drinks including Woo Woo's and Tequila Slammers. After this Lindsay felt pretty hazy and couldn't really tell the difference of taste between vodka and water. Kiera had taken advantage of this and told Lindsay she was actually giving her water when it was really vodka in the glasses. It seemed to have taken Lindsay a whole load of drinks to realise how hot her best friend really was. But Kiera had been having the same thought all night. 

It had been a while back when Kiera had realised that she was bi. She had been surfing the Internet when a pop-up had confronted her. She had masturbated to it so hard that when she came, she blacked out. Kiera had decided to keep her new found discovery a secret. Because, even though she also liked women now, she still didn't want to scare
guys away. Blowjobs had been something that had come naturally to Kiera, you see, and she really enjoyed giving them. So, naturally, she didn't want to freak men out. 

Ever since her discovery, Kiera had been noticing her best friend in a much more sexual way. She had noticed Lindsay had almost perfect breasts with the body to match. And she was just itching for an opportunity to experiment with her friend, and she had realised that getting her drunk was just perfect. 

Taking advantage of the situation that she had been placed in Kiera told Lindsay that it was getting late and that they should go home. So the two of them swiftly exited and caught a cab home. During the cab journey Lindsay began to sober up, which was not what Kiera wanted. So she told the cabdriver to hurry up. 

They managed to make it to Lindsay's suburban home within 20 minutes (it had already been predetermined that Kiera would stay the night) and they both quietly went inside. When they got in Kiera decided that she would make her move before Lindsay got to her bed. She could always blame it on being drunk if it went wrong. 

Lindsay was still feeling really legless when she got into the house. She was stumbling up the stairs towards her bedroom when something tapped her on the shoulder. Turning round she noticed Kiera standing there, and getting closer, her lips pursed. When they finally made contact neither of them made any resistance. In fact, Lindsay was enjoying herself so much that she began to move her tounge into Kiera's mouth. But when she reached Kiera's mouth Kiera's tounge was already coming out to meet it. 

They kissed for what seemed forever, tounges swirling playfully around eachother. It was Lindsay who eventually broke it off and began to lead Kiera to her bedroom by her hand. When they opened the door they rushed straight for the double bed and resumed their kissing on top of it. But soon enough Lindsay's drunk mind became bored of just kissing. She had become all of a sudden very interested in Kiera's breasts. Slowly, scared to scare her away, Lindsay began to cradle Kiera's left tit. Obviously Kiera enjoyed this by the small moan she gave into Lindsay's mouth. 

Deciding she needed more space to work Lindsay reached round to unclasp Kiera's bra. Trying to help her freind out Kiera sat up and took off her top and then, slowly, removed her bra. Lindsay was amazed by the sight she saw. Kiera's boobs defiantly seemed much larger without her bra than they had in it. Also they stood perfectly upright with large bright pink aerolas with rock solid nipples perfectly in the middle. Lindsays lips immediately attached itself to the left one of these nipples, sucking intently. She used her tounge to flick over the hard nipple, exerting a small moan from Kiera everytime she did. 

Kiera had been so absorbed in her own pleasure that she hadn't noticed that the zip of Lindsay's skirt was hanging out. Making use of this opportunity Kiera decided to begin to undress her freind. Lindsay didn't even notice when Kiera slowly began to unzip her skirt, she was so absorbed in her nipples. But she did notice when Kiera tried to pull it down her legs. She even stopped her assault on Kiera's nipples to help. One thing Kiera noticed when she got the skirt of was that Lindsay's panties  were soaking wet. Also that Lindsay's pussy had quite obviously been shaved, much like her own. 

Kiera ordered Lindsay to sit on the bed, which she obliged to. Then Kiera slowly began to slip her own skirt off leaving her only in her own soaking wet panties. Lindsay used this time to take off her top and bra letting her B-Cup breasts swing free. Kiera was so turned on by this sight that she dived straight onto Lindsay's legs, pulling her panties down sharply. Keira stared lovingly at her best friends pussy, smelling the sweet, musky scent. Lindsays clit was poking through two bare lips, Kiera decided to start by licking it. She took a long deep lick, allowing Lindsay to moan loudly. Then Kiera started to nibble on it slightly beginning to ease a finger into the hole beneath. Lindsay is panting fast now, obviously coming close to an orgasm. Kiera decided she wanted Lindsay to cum on her fingers and pushes one in. This sudden entry pushes Lindsay over the edge and her pussy begins to clutch Kiera's finger tightly while she is screaming. 

After Lindsay's orgasm has subsided she decided she wanted to give the same pleasure to her freind. She lied over Kiera who was now lying on the floor. She began to pull down her panties. Lindsay was amazed by the beautiful sight of Kiera's pussy, shaven and wet. She dosent try to lick it, she just goes straight for it with her hands. Slowly rubbing her clit with her thumb and inserting her index and middle fingers into the pussy itself. Soon enough Lindsay begins to find a rhythm, getting the maximum pleasure out of Kiera. After about five minutes of intense moaning and rubbing Lindsay began to feel the convulsing of Kiera's pussy walls on her fingers. Although this time a wetness comes out to meet Lindsay's fingers. Lindsay enjoys the feeling of this warm sticky liquid on her fingers and manages to get a quick lick before falling in a crumpled heap on top of Kiera.

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