A bingham family tale 2
Today was my sisters 15 birthday. I live with my mom and dad, my 17 year old brother and my 15 year old sister. My name is Samantha and I'm 19. I have dark brown hair and dark green eyes. My lips are firm and soft. I have a slim hourglass figure and big 34D tits. I have slightly tanned skin and a firm but round ass that jiggles a bit when I walk. I have a tight pussy and have never had sex although I have had many relationships.

This morning I woke up to a commotion in the hall and tried to ignore it. By the time I had almost gone sleep I heard my sister sarah getting into the shower, I woke my self up and put something on as I slept naked. When my sister had finished her shower I walked into the bathroom and caught her naked which didn't bother me. So I stripped down in front of my sister and wished her a happy birthday and stepped into the shower. I got in Sarah left and I had an image of my naked sister in my head and I felt the heat build up between my legs. My pussy had now got lubricated with my pussy juices and I leant against the wall and put two fingers up my pussy stretching it a little bit as I didn't masturbate often and as I have never had sex. It hurt a little bit as I got deeper but it felt good as I increased my speed. My nipples grew hard and stuck out about 1/4 of an inch. I pinched them to heighten the pleasure. And then I started to freeze up and orgasm. I let out a little moan and quickly covered my mouth to keep myself for making too much noise. When I had recovered from my orgasm I wash my pussy and my body. When I started to wash my hair the water turned cold and my nipples grew hard again. I quickly finished and got out the shower.

I got my towel and wrapped it round my dripping wet body and made my way to my bedroom. Once I had got there I locked the door and took of my towel. My tits bounced loose as I slowly removed the towel. I tried to dry my hair as best as I could and then threw the towel to the floor and turned on the hair drier. As I was drying my hair the feeling of having warm blowing against my body was incredible so I moved it down and aimed it at my pussy. The feeling was so incredible I almost orgasmed again before I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Then I heard my moms voice.
" hurry up Sam we need to get down the stairs to surprise Sarah."
I quickly dried my hair as best as I could and put of a patterned pink bra and matching thongs. I put on some tight black leggins. As I pulled them up I got a bit stuck at my ass I stretched them to fit over my ass. Once I had done that I picked up a white patterned t-shirt and put it on and rushed down the stairs. I quickly set up the table whilst my mom made Sarah a breakfast. When Sarah came down we all wished her a happy birthday as loud as we could and gave her, her presents too open. When she had finished her breakfast and opening her presents she thanked us all and went off to meet up with friends. While she did that went to my friends house to hang out. Whilst we were there she in in invited two boys over who fancied her.

My friends amy was a month older than me and had sex at the age of 14 and always bragged about it. She had light blonde hair and deep blue eyes and big pink poutty lips which looked so soft. She had a slim athletic figure and was about 5' 4". She was quite a small girl which made her tits look bigger. She was about a 32c bit always wore push up bras to make them look bigger. She had a small ass which didnt stand out and thin tanned legs. She was a flirt and a bit of a slag as she would have sex with ever boyfriend she had.

When the boys arrived we spent the afternoon teasing them by messing around and having fake pillow fights. When we did look over at them we could clearly see that one of them had an erection. From what we saw he had a small cock and we burst out laughing. Not knowing what we were laughing at the boy that didn't have an erection came and sat between me and amy, to see if he would get an erection Amy leaned over him and whispered
"let's see if we can excite this one" to me. She sat back down and I got am idea. The t-shirt I was wearing wasn't the most covering t-shirt so I knelt next to him and tried to reach a photo of my and Amy at a party flashing our bras. As I did this I brushed my big tits against his face and took my time to get the photo as I my exposed stomach was right infront of him. When I came back down I brushed my tits against his face again.
"sorry jack, I didnt mean to do that"' I apologized trying to cover it up.
"it's ok Sam. What have you got there? "
"a photo " I said in a seductive manner.
Amy leaned over him again and put her tits right infront of his face. You could see right down her top and down her cleavage. He moved over to let Amy sit next to me. When she say down we both had look over at him and saw that he had an erection now. Fr what we could out through his skinny jeans was a 8 or 9 inch hard cock.

We all then agreed to go out somewhere and do something. When we got out we went to the park and sat down. I then had got a text off my mom to tell me to come home and get ready before we go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. I stood and announced that I had to leave, Amy stood and gave me a hug to say goodbye.
"I will take care of these two then" she whispered in my ear. We then gave each other a kiss on the cheek and them I walked off making sure my ass jiggled as the two lads watched me walk away. When o had arrived back at my house I raced to the shower to freshen up and I found a piece of folded up paper tucked away in my leggins. I opened it up and it read

I smiled and quickly entered the number into my phone and threw it aside. I stripped down naked and toss my clothes on the floor and hopped into the shower. The water hit against my tits and the water splashed all overu body I quickly washed my body and got out the shower and dried my self down. I walked towards my room and i number into my brother jaymie coming up the stairs. Just about when I closed my door I saw him go into sarah's room. I thought nothing of it and dried of properly. When I was dry I dropped my towel and walked over too my draws naked, my ass jiggled and my tits bounced as I stopped walking. I pulled open my underwear draw and pulled out a pair of silk yellow thongs and a yellow push up bra to match. I put on my thongs which the string slipped up the crack of my ass before stopping and touching my asshole. I threw the bra on my bed and walked towards my walk in wardrobe and picked out the fanciest dress I own. I them put it on my bed and picked up the bra I hooked it up and turned it round to put it on properly as I put my huge tits into the bra my mom walked into my room unannounced in her small black thongs and a bra that barely even fit her. She held up two dresses one black and one blue. As I told her that the blue one would look Better she locked my door and threw them both on my bed she took off her small bra to reveal her tits and big hard nipples. She asked my to put her strapless blue bra on her as I did she said
"you don't have to be shy about your mom seeing you naked.". As she said this she turned round and looked at the red dress I was wearing and tutted.
"that bra won't go with that dress and she turned me around and took it off me and went though my underwear draw. She picked out a small red strapless bra. She walked over to me and hooked it around my body and pulled it to my tits. As it was too small she grabbed my breast. I felt a chill of pleasure rush through my body and go. When she had finished putting my bra on she picked up her blue dress and slid into it. As I did the same I heard Sarah walking up the stairs and into her room to get ready. As she did mom walked out with her other dress and bra. I quickly did my hair and make up and met mom, dad and jaymie down the stairs. A few minutes later Sarah walked down the stairs in an amazing black dress which was short and body fitting. All of us looking at we started to head off to the restaurant.

As we arrived there, there was a young man who took our car to park it. We walked inside and sat down at our reserved table. Half am hour into our dinner jaymie dropped his knife off the table. As he picked it up I caught him looking up sarah's skirt I felt disgusted and turned on at the same time. I looked away and saw a few other people look at Sarah. Getting jealous of Sarah I stood up and walked to the bra to get a couple of drinks. When we had finished our meal we headed home and mom and dad went bed.

As me ,sarah and jaymie sat down the stairs watching T.V m and Sarah decided to go up stairs and get into our pajamas. I walked into sarah's room as she got dresses and talked to her.
"are you okay?" I asked
"yeah, why wouldn't I be ?" she replied
"I was just wondering if you noticed jaymie checking you out a lot tonight?"
"yes, I did "
" I don't blame him, the way you dressed tonight was sensational I wish I had as many people looking at me as you did tonight" I said.
"there was more than one person looking at me?" Sarah asked
"yeah there was quite a few." I said " well I'm going bed dont stay up too late" I said and them walked out.
I went back into my room and got my laptop and got into bed. I was on my laptop and then heard someone go into sarah's room and then walk back out. Sarah must have forgot something i thought. I went to sleep at midnight. I heard Saran walking up the stairs alone and about 5 minutes later heard someone go down the stairs and switch the T.V on. Straight after that I hears someone else go down aswell. Tired I went back to sleep. I was woken up again at 2:30pm by a door closing. I stood up and put a pair or small fabric shorts on and a small vest. I walked towards the door and opened it to investigate and saw jaymie standing there outside sarahs room completely naked with a hard on and covered with water or something. I walked up to him,
"what are you doing?" I asked.
"ermm.... Nothing? " he replied.
"bullishit". He turned towards me and I saw his massive 10 inch cock it brush against my leg wiping his cum all over them. Turned on by this I stared him in the eyes doing nothing. He then bent over to pick up his boxers. As he stood back up I grabbed his cock hard and pulled him into my room. A little bit shy I locked the door,
"why were you outside sarah's room naked? I asked.
"Erm.. I'm not sure if I should tell you."
If you tell me I will let you play with these." I grabbed my tits and shook the
"ermm......I'm not sure about this." he said hesitantly. I grabbed the bottom of my vest and pulled up and off. My tits bounced free as the top risen and his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. I walked towards him and knelt down inform of him. I grabbed his rock hard cock and placed it between my tits. I grabbed my tits and pushed them together trapping his cock between my tits. I started to wank his cock ,
"are you sure you don't wanna tell me?"
"no.... I wa...s in her room eating her p...pu..ssy" he said as he started to jolt and stiffen up. He tried to flex his cock but it didn't work and then he let out a little moan and shot a load of cum all over my tits and face. I winked at him and took his cock out from between my tits and lifted them up and licked all of his cum of them.

I then stood up and turned around facing away from him, I put my hands on the top of my thighs and ran them over my ass. I them hooked my thumbs in the waistband and slid them down he grabbed my great ass at first sight and started to caress it. He knelt down and started kissing it. I quickly turned and lifted him up and brought his lips to mine. Kissed his lips which tasted of my sisters pussy juice which had been left on. He slipped hi tongue deep into my throat giving me a better taste of sarahs pussy juice. I pushed him back and moved around him and sat on the bed. I lifter my legs up and put my feet on the two bottom bedposts opening my legs. He now could see my wet tight virgin Cunt. He dived straight in and pushed his tongue deep into my pussy he toy'd with my clit with his tongue and sucked into his mouth. Suddenly I arched my back and came to my orgasm. As I did he carried on eating my hairy Cunt, and for the first time ever I squirted pussy juice all over his face. He licked all the juices up and carried on licking my clit. It seemed that my orgasm would never stop and I started to moan. He then pushed a finger into my ass which I regularly did so I didn't react but I felt twice as good. Them he pushed two more fingers into my ass and started to work them in and out. I came to another orgasm and squirted all over his face again. As he stretched my ass with his fingers he stood up and rammed his cock up and ass I quickly covered my face to quieten the screams of pleasure. He then started to fuck my ass slowly. He didn't put his cock all the way in but it hurt, he was only half way in. As he pushed back in every time he pushed deeper and deeper till his cock was all the way in. He fucked my ass for 5 minutes and then he came inside my ass it felt like the biggest load ever it started to ooze out as he still fucked me. He then took his cock out and collapsed next to me. I lifted me head and looked into the mirror infront of me and I saw my asshole it was gaped and It was now huge I could see all the cum oozing out. He then knelt down infront of me and licked my ass and all of his cum up. He stood up and came over me and moved his mouth towards mine. I opened my lips expecting a kiss and them he spat out all of his cum into my mouth I swallowed all of it and them sat up and pulled him close and got into my bed. We lay there for the rest of the night his hand on my tits and my hand on his stiffening cock and we slept in each other arms for the rest of night.

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