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let me start out by saying i am 5-8 140lbs and i have a 6 inch circumsized penis.

My parents went out of town for the weekend and was left home alone for 3 days. knew was going to have fun, but not like this. Once my parents had left, around 5, I called a friend to sleepover. We started out like any other day. Playing xbox while listing to music. Just relaxing. We did this for about 3 hours. then, we ordered a pizza for dinner. Then I went to take a shower while Andy played more xbox. My xbox and computer are in my room so of course he was in my room playing. I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel and went back to my room. I told Andy to get out while i changed. He said "dude who cares im not gonna look at your dick". So i said whatever and dropped the towel. I knew he could see my ass. I bent over to pick my boxers out of my basket of clean clothes. I bent over knowing he would see my asshole. I put my clothes on slowly and we hung out like nothing happened. later that night, around 1. I woke up too some fainted screams. andy was jacking off. I pretened like i was sleeping while rubbing my dick. I had always dreamed of having gay sex but not until i was older. I :woke up" right before Andy was about to cum. Listening to his moans, it wasnt hard to tell when he was close. I asked him what he was doing and he simply said jacking off. We had jacked off at each others house before but it was completly private. He told me to come look at the porno because the girl was so hot. She was taking it deep in the ass by a 9 inch dick. "shes taking that deep..thats a big dick dude" I said. he replied "mines 8 inches. "ya right" I said with a smirk. then he showed me. It was beautiful. 8 inch rock hard cock. i offered to play truth or dare and he accepted. I started out at i came right at him. I dared him to give me a handjob. He said no but then i called him a pussy. He cant stand that. he came over to me and started jerking me off. It felt amazing. Someone elses hand on my dick. He jacked me off about 5 seconds before i was gonna cum. Then he stopped. worst feeling EVER. "now blow me" He said. I got right up and started sucking that 8 inch solid cock like no other. I tasted his pre-cum then i stopped. We were both as horny as you can imagine. Then just naturally, we 69 each other. He would also rub my asshole from time to time. After about 5 minutes, he asked if he could do something new. I said go for it. he layed me on my stomach then slowly worked his way to my asshole. He started licking my asshole really slowly. It felt like torture. It felt so good but he was going so slow.After what felt like forever, he put me on the bed and stretched my legs apart. he quickly lubed his dick and my hole. no condom. This was the first time for both of us and we just wanted to fuck. We didnt care, we were too horny. I could feel my asshole tighting around the head of his penis. He moaned. He slowly worked more and more of that pleasure stick until it was fully inside me. It was all pain. Soon enough, the pain was all pleasure. I loved it. we picked up the pace and he started to fuck the shit out of me. I started sreaming. ANDY!! OHH ANDY!!! IT FEELS SOO GOOD DONT EVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!! for about 10 long mintues we fucked. Andy told me he was gonna cum. He fucked me harder and harder until he came inside me. 6 deep shots inside me. covering my insides with his sticky white cum. i felt the cum dripping out of my swollen asshole. I told him it was my turn to fuck him. I pushed on all fours and lubed up. I didnt care if it was his first time. I was too horny. I shoved my penis all the way in his ass. He screamed and said to go slow. I told him to take it like a man.Iit was hardcore fucking. We fucked and fucked. I fucked him for 13 mintues. He was moaning and moaning and he was loving every second of it. I was going to cum. I thrusted as hard and as deep as i could. Harder and deeper until finally, I shot 13 times in his ass. Biggest load I have ever had. I felt like a pornstar. i took my dick out and he blew me. then we decided to take a nap. but before we went to sleep, I wanted to make it interesting. I grabbed a 12 inch double sided dildo and told him we have to sleep with this in our ass. it was easy to put in. mine was about 5 inches deep and he said it hurt so his was probably about 3 inches. we made a bet that whosever ass it falls out of gets fucked the next day. we slept for a good 10 hours. we woke up and it was still in my ass so i would get to fuck Andy. But that would wait. He got up still naked, and ate food, and andy called his mom. We wanted to do it again so andy asked if he could sleep over again and just stay at my house for the day. it all worked out. after breakfast we went back to the bedroom. he got on all fours but i stopped him .i told him since i won i pick what we do. so i picked to gape. not his, but mine. I wanted my asshole HUGE. we started with him fingering me. then 2 fingers and so on til all 5. I wanted him to fist me but it hurt too much. we lubed up more after fingering and we fucked. he started fast because i was already used to it. we went all out for 15 minutes then slowed down for 15. then we went all out for another 15. he fucked me for 45 minutes straight. he then took his dick out and strected my hope. it was 2.7inches across!! right away he started fisting me.he was going fast too. it felt like he was punching my prostate. ohh but it felt good. we decided to get a baseball bat. he shoved that thing right in me with ease. soon enough we went back to fucking. he fucked and fucked and fucked. we came inside my ass so much that when he pulled out. it was flowing out my ass. no joke. it just kept coming out. i told him i hadnt came yet so he let me fuck him. i was bout to come but instead i came ina red platic cup. i wanted him to drink it. i filled up a good 2/5 of that cup. by god it felt god. 18 shots in the cup . thats a lot of cum. . We shared it though. We were too tired too have another sleepover so he called his mom to come pick him up. he left after we showered together. he left one happy camper. but I was happier.

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2016-02-29 11:40:31
Big bunch of bull shit

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2012-08-16 22:36:04
How did we get to 'sleep' then 'one time' to 'hardcore sex' in 3 sentences?

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2011-08-01 19:10:41
Me and keven smoke crack and the right away he gags me with his big dick...he brought his gf over.and we took turns sucking funny his gf was pissed cause she couldnt get him off but I did he cum in my mouth..i said oh boy I love to be your crack whore..i bent over spread, my cheaks and said im a queer fuck daddys he started fucking my ass while his gf watched

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2011-08-01 18:56:50
I dreamed of my boy kevens cock all the while he was growing up and now he was here doing lines of coke with me..he then passed out on the couch..coke allways makes me gay..i any more..i went over to my sleeping boy..unziped his pants taking out his lovely dick and started It grew hard in my mouth he woke up omg I was caught sucking my boys cock..shocked when he said dont stop paw..after a while I stood up got naked sat right down on my boys hard cock.balls deep..bouncing up and down on kevens dick I yelled out oh boy fuck your paws queer ass use me like a woman..i could feel his hot sperm shootin in me as I let ouf.a stream of cum shooting on his face..oh boy incest is best..

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2011-07-31 03:36:21
This is so fake lmao

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