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My name is Mitchell...

I have always loved the way younger girls looked. You know the age.... 14 and 15 beauties, just starting to develop. However I never was able to satisfy this craving for fear of being arrested.

I found myself on chat rooms looking for young girls to chat with... it was the least i could get right? I could play out my fantasy if only online. They always tied to impress me and often knew alot more about sex then i would have ever thought possible. Telling me how they would take my cock deep in their throat and let me fuck every hole on their body however I wanted.... though i doubt any of them would feel the same when my cock was stretching their tiny holes.

Ahh that is my true fantasy. I sweet innocent young girl getting fucked hard by my huge cock. And one day my fantasy came true....

I signed into my usual chat site and began to search for my girl of the night. I scrolled the names and soon found the one I wanted. Her name was daddysangel....

"Hey there sweetie. What are you ding up so late?"

"Nothing. I got bored and i heard my cousins talking about these kinds of sites the other day. I wanted to see what it was about."

"Oh well honey there are alot of men that will take advantage of a girl like you. You need to be careful."

"Thanks. So what are all these men talking about they want me to RP or CAM and stuff?"

"Oh they want to see you on a webcam playing with yourself and they want you to play out a sex story."

"I have never done that... could you show me?"

"Well sure... what is your name sweetie?"

"I'm Cyra"

"Nice to meet you I am Mitch"

"Nice to meet you too"

A plan began forming in my head. My vacation started tomorrow and I had nothing to do. Maybe I could find out where she was and make this story come true.

"Ok Cyra so what we have to do is decide whats going to happen. How about you play your age and I see you at your school and I show you a great first time"


"So how old are you and whats school do you go to."

"I am 14. I go to My Lady Saint Mary's in Pittsburg"

That sounded familiar....

"Pittsburg, PA?"


I couldnt believe my luck... that was the catholic school right down the road. I had all I needed... I would see my girl tomorrow.

"Cyra honey I have to go but you be careful now ok? goodnight"


I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning...

I decided I would get her at her home instead... less witnesses than the school. So I showed up at the school to follow Cyra home. I sat close to the pick up spot and listened. I soon heard a woman in a red suv calling the name Cyra. I turned to see this cute little blonde girl call back to her mother. I followed them home to see where I would need to go when the time came.

To my suprise the car came to a stop at the curb of a house and did not shut off. Cyra got out and started towards the house. The woman in car shouted to her to make sure to stay inside and not let anyone in and that she would be back later that night.

I couldn't believe my luck! That beauty was all alone. They lived in an upscale development. Each house had a nice size yard and and some had trees to block the view of the neighbors... this included my girl's house.

After a bit I went to the fence and quickly let myself into the backyard. I started towards the porch and heard some laughter and the sound of a sliding door. Then the laughing was muffled by the shut door. I did not hear the sound of the lock so I thought I would take my chances. I walked to the porch and slid the door open. Cyra was not quite out of the room and must have heard the door because she turned and saw me just as I turned from the door.

Cyra turned around and stopped dead as soon as she saw me. I let her stand there in shock for a moment before I began to speak to her.

"Hello Cyra"

She started to back away.

"Hhhhh... how do you know my name?"

"Oh sweetie you have a lot to learn darling. I talked to you last night. I am Mitch. You should never tell a stranger where you live."

"Oh my god what have done."

She began to realize exactly what was going on.

"Please mister don't hurt us. We wont tell anyone I promise."

"Now, now sweetie... i know you won't tell anyone. Now I want you to come here. Please don't make me chase you... I can guarantee I am faster than you baby girl."

I could see her considering my words carefully... I wondered whether she would run or not... She finally decided and began to walk over to me. I wanted so bad to get started right then and there but I had time and I wanted to lay down the rules for Cyra"

"now girl I don't know if you understand everything thats going on right now but understand this... when I ask you a question I want you to answer me... when i ask you to do something i want you to do it.. no arguments!"

"Yes sir"

He tight little body was amazing. She had shoulder length blonde hair and some bright pretty blue eyes. Small titties, just starting to fill out... about an "A" I would say. And that firm ass. No doubt I was going to ravage this little beauty.

"God baby girl you are so beautiful. I bet you all the boys at your school want you don't they. probably their older brothers and dads too!"

"I... I don't know what you mean..."

"I mean they want that hot little pussy of yours" I said as I grabbed her and reached a hand down to her inner thigh.

She jumped back a little so i moved my hand from her leg and slapped her one time hard across the face. "You will not pull away from me again" She started to cry but she stepped back towards me.

I decided that as a punishment I would not take my time with her anymore. I pulled her to stand in front of me as i sat on the couch. I ripped down her shorts and panties and had her lay on their back with her legs going across my lap. I pushed her legs apart and brought two fingers to her mouth. "Look here Cyra, these two fingers are going inside of you and it will feel a little better if they are wet. You can lick them but you better get to it quick or they are gong in dry" She obviously protested this because she didnt not take them into her mouth. Thats fine... I would enjoy this ether way it went.

I reached one hand up and held onto her throat so she wouldn't be able to get away and then i got my fingers right to her opening.... all dry... this was going to hurt. I pushed down on her throat and quickly drove my fingers as hard as I could into the this tiny pussy. She bucked and screamed as my finger drove in all the way to the base. I quickly withdrew and went in again and again... finger fucking my new little girl for a bit. I stopped after a bit and withdrew my fingers... they were all covered in Cyra's sticky bloody wetness.

Cyra lay there covering her face and sobbing. My dick started getting harder and harder as I watched her crying. I needed some release...

"Cyra get up" She didn't move. "I said get up! Do it now or I will make you do it and you have seen how much I can make you hurt."

She got up and I followed her. "I want you to get onto your knees" She listened immediately. "Now take off your shirt" She hesitated but as soon as I raised my hand she threw her shirt off. I still landed a light slap on her face... just a lesson. "When I tell you to do something I dont mean later... I MEAN RIGHT NOW!! YOU HAD BETTER START LEARNING THAT!!"

"Yes sir" was all she managed to say

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers and exposed my stiff cock and swelling balls.

Her eyes widened and I knew she knew what was comings. I took a handful of her hair in case she didn't listen to my command.

"Alright girl... get to it. Take it in your mouth and suck it all in. I want it in your throat"

She started cry again so i decided to motivate her a little bit. "You had better get to it and I mean fast girl"

She took my now throbbing cock in her hands and brought it to her mouth. Chills ran down my spine as she brought the head into her mouth. It filled he mouth so much her tongue squirmed against my shaft as she bobbed he head up and down it. She wasn't going fast enough so i took my hand in her hair and started pushing harder down... making he take all 8 inches in. I got faster and faster.. pumping that sweet little mouth up and down... up and down... up and down. She gagged a little but that just made me get even closer to that building sensation.

"oh god sweetie... your mouth feels so good on that dick"

As her head bobbed up and down her tongue started moving from the force of the movements. This was sending me over... I knew i was going to cum... I guess tearing that little pussy up would just have to wait. but she was going to get a "taste" of what was to cum...

"Oh god baby... i am so close to cumming... I want you to swallow it all! if you drop any you are gonna be cleaning it up"

Seconds later i felt it coming so I pushed my cock as deep in her throat as I could and let it all go. I could hear her gag as I shot load after load into her mouth. She swallowed it all though. not missing a bit. I pulled out and let go of her hair. She fell back and sat there ... naked and crying. She must have realized she was still naked because she tried covering her chest and pussy.

"Move you hand Cyra. That is my pussy and my titties to looks at! You WILL NOT hide them from me!"

She dropped her hands still sobbing.

It was time to get going so I could get little miss Cyra home.

"Alright girl. Get up and get dressed. Its time to get going."

"Go where? Where are you taking me?"

"I'm taking you home baby. I want to keep you all for myself. Now get up and get dressed. Don't make me tell you again."

She did as I told her and we headed on our way. I couldn't wait to get my dick inside this beautiful girl.

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