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Small section of much longer story
I have more of this story its about a man, a woman and her daughter, this is part of the daughters story. I would like to hear your input. It is kinda just pulled out of the middle of it, let me know

He watched her undress. She went through t in the exact order he had specified keeping an innocent shy smile on her face the whole time. She had gone slower than he had expected almost teasing him he thought. Maybe she was not as innocent as she let on, then watching her caresses he knew she enjoying what was happening. She lingered with her hand between her legs to long and he could see the shy and innocent look fade for a few seconds. She was not going to be a virgin long. Mr. Jones stood and removed his pants and boxers and moved around to stand beside her. She looked up at him and smiled,"Was that good Sir?" she asked trying to regain her innocent look.

"Yes that was good Angela, now I am going to caress you and take your virginity. I am going to make you want my cock so bad you will beg for it, then I am going to give it to you." He bent down and placed his right hand on her small peach fuzz covered pussy and rubbed her softly with his fingers. She caught her breath and shivered as his left arm went around her back and he slid his right hand between her legs to cup her soft young ass. As he lifted her off the floor she instinctively grabbed his neck for support. he could feel the warmth of her young cunt on his wrist as he brought her tiny breast to his mouth kissing and sucking each one as he carried her to the couch. When he put her back down on her feet he slowly ran his hand from back to front of her precious little crotch, pressing upwards with his index finger so that i ran over her bung hole and through her tiny slit and up over her clit. He felt the wetness that had started between her legs and his cock throbbed.

"Set on the couch." he commanded in a firm but gentile voice full of lust and authority. She complied her eyes focusing on his swollen cock again just inches from her face. "Suck it." he said. She leaned forward and took his cock head in her mouth and wrapped one small hand around the shaft and tried her best to suck his huge cock stroking his shaft with her free hand. Again she could feel her pussy geting hot and felt herself get wetter.

Mr. Jones could tell she was enjoying what she was doing because she was trying very hard at it. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked her "Do you Like sucking my dick?"

"Yes Sir I do." She replied in a voice no longer shy but hungry.

"Good he said as he pushed his cock back at her mouth and watched her suck the head back in," Then you will like this more," as he grabbed her head in both hands and started to fuck her mouth pushing 3 inches into her mouth before she gagged on it. But she did not try to pull away so he continued. each stroke coming quicker than the last as he fucked her sweet face. she gaged several time and once he felt warmth on his toes and looked down and she had peed on her self he could see the tears in her eyes and he wanted to cum but pulled his cock out instead and asked why his toes where wet.
angelas face was red in embarrassment as she answered, " I wet my self, I am sorry Mr. Jones i dont know what happened, please don't be mad." She lied as he had been fucking her mouth her ass had been moving on the couch cushions and it had been rubbing her clit and her pussy lips and she had came, and in the middle of her orgasm he had hit the back of her throat and she had just let go of her self, it had been amazing, but know she was embarrassed. She jerked his cock in her hand trying to distract him.

"I am not angry, now I know you are a little freak and that you like to cum. I think its time for you to lose your cherry little lady." He said as he knelt between her legs and kissed her full on the mouth. He was welcomed with a hungry kiss and a moan into his mouth. He placed a hand under each of her thighs and lifted her legs breaking the kiss and causing her to fall back onto the couch. Her young ass hanging off the sofa and her tiny virgin cunt, wet with pussy juice and piss was touching his swollen cock. he bent down and placed his mouth over her pussy and was able to get the whole thing in his mouth he hummed his satisfaction as his tongue probed her slit and played over her puffy lips. He continued to shift his tongue around her cunny as she moan and babbled his name and grunted he could tell she was close to cumming angin and placed two finger against her mouth which hse gobbled into her mouth as he felt her tense and felt the first spasems of her orgasm on his tongue he shoved his fingers into her throat and she exploded she tensed and clmpe her heels onto his shoulders and grabbed his head and pulled his face harder onto her orgasming pussy and her piss flowed into his mouth and he drank.

As her or gasm subsided he pullede away and lifted his body until his painfully hard cock was again brushing her swollen vulva and with his had still inher mouth he hel her hip with his other and pushed forward. His cock head road up throuhg her pussy grazing he clit and missing her virgin hole. He was going to grab it himself when he saw her hand move and hse to it herself and placed it against the opening to her womanhood. He looked at her face and she was looking back at him with a pleading hungry look begging to be fucked without saying aword. He drove his cock forward and into her he felt her hymen break and felt her flench her eyes closed, but her heals clamped onto his ass cheeks an dpulled her body begging for more. He with drew only slightly and drove forward again, burying his 9 inch cock in her bleeding pussy.

He held his forward pressure into her as he pulled his fingers free of her mouth and clamped the around her hip. Now holdin her slight frame in his hands with his cock buried in her freshly opened cunt he started his assault he stroked his cock in and out of her a few inches at a time until the only thing he left in was the head and burring it to the base with each stroke. The pressure in his balls was to much and he told her he was cumming into her pussy, and increased the tempo of his fucking for several more stokes then burried himself as deeply as he could and unloaded stream after stream of cum. He could feel it gushing out of her and running down his balls. As his orgasm subsided he pulled his cock out of her pussy and moved his mouth over her clit and furiously worked it over until she tensed and clamped her legs together and dug her heals into his shoulder blades again.

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2013-05-29 15:48:24
Dude YOU FUCKIN' SUCK! Story is rushed and short & not fresh! SHIT!

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2013-04-19 17:51:53
Well it was OK but could have been much better...Nothing about prostitution in this...And how old was this little slut ?, the way she sounded and acted she was only around 11 or 12, I hope...And please check your spelling and go back and read your story and try and correct your errors before you post it, it will make for a better and much more enjoyable reading experience for your readers...Please keep it going as I'm looking forward to more of your writing...

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2011-07-30 22:04:55
Hay uncut9. Not a thing in this, A Naughty Girl, about prostitution or coercion. And you did not give the age of the bitch, Angela, so how do we know that she is a teen, is she 13 or 16 or 19, what is it?. And also what does this little slut look like.

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2011-07-30 16:32:30
terrible spelling have some english lessons before you write any more

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