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the story continues
Mike had his arm holding me around the waist and at the same time was working over my little pussy with his fingers ! I was holding on to his arm for dear life ! My breathing was getting faster as I was about to come, AND COME HARD ! I don't think I had ever at that point been that hot , not eaven with my husband ! Mike laughed at how wet my pussy was , he said his hand was soaked , l could feel my face reden , but I knew it was true !

Without warning Mike pulled his hand out of my panties , I was soooooooo close to commmming !
He saw the disappointment on my face and said don't worry little one, he said , I am not thur with you .
He reached under my shirt and pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them , He then picked me up and turned around with me in his arms and laid me back on the kitchen table .
He pulled me around so that he was standing between my legs , which were hanging off the side of the table , and my ass was right on the edge .

He steps back and starts to unbutton his shirt and unfastening his belt and pulling his pants off .
It didn't take him long to strip , when he pulled his shorts down I almost chocked !! He was bigger than any thing I had ever saw !!!! He saw the shock on my face and said don't worry I will take it easy . I told him that wasn't going to fitt ! He laughed and stepped back up close to me and started to rubb the huge head of his thing up and down my little pussy ! I was looking down at him and at my pussy as he pushed the big purpple head inside me . I could see the wettness on the tip of his thing as it mover up and down my slit. Then he pushed the head inside me, as it intered me I allready felt fuller than I had ever been ! He was going slow and would stop and let me get my breath, I don;'t think I was breathing at ALL as he was shoveing that monster up in me ! I never knew that sex could feel this good, certenly not with my husband had it felt like this !!!
He was in me futher than my husband has ever been and when I looked down he was only half way in ! Commmmming , I was allready comming harder and longer than I had ever !
Mike was going faster and going in deeper with each stroke. I could feel him up inside me ,futher than I though possible ! Getting faster and faster he was all the way in me and this is when I first fellt him start to come inside me, it felt like a hot feeling in my belly and it sparked off another round of me commmmming ! I could feel the come running out of me and Mike was just still holding me around the waist with his hands and I could feel him start getting soft. When he did pull out he told me that he was going to come back each morning and show me just how many way's he could make me come , Mike also told me that in all his years , eaven his wife, that he had never enjoyed a fuck as much as he had this ! I had to ammit to him that he was also my best and I did want him to come back. He was back the next morning and when I let him in we went back to my bed room and he again fucked me longer and deeper than ever and we didn't get out of bed untill nearly lunch when he had to leave.

I was so sore that I couldn't let my husband touch me for a couple day's after that and Mike was out of town for a few day's to let me get better, my poor little pussy has never been streached like this , but it was worth it !

I did tell Mike that I loved my husband and didn't want to hurt him and end my marrage, Mike also agreed that he had a lot to loose and needed to be carefull.

Mike did come back and we did do it in allmost ever room in the house and he eaven took me down in the woods one day and we got up on one of the big logging machines and he fucked me up in the seat of the machine .

Mike has shown me how to suck a man untill he commes , I HAVEN'T DID THAT WITH MY HUSBAND YET, and he has eaven got that big dick of his up in my ass ! MY husband hasn't got that eather, ha ha,

The logging job ended and it was hard for Mike to get out to my house very often and I also started Nursing school and wasn't at home all day as I was back then.

But I still rember the fun we had,! I wonder if the operator of the logging machine figured out what that big wet spot was in the seat of that big logging machine ??

Really I haven't had an affair with anyone before this event and haven't had one since
Sill haven't let my husband fuck my ass , but I finally did give him a blow job, ha

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2015-01-28 05:25:30
reader. maybe your husbands cock isnt small. maybe your cunt is a soup hole

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2012-05-27 03:10:41
I wish your husband had caughrt you fucking that logger and shot the both of you............ you totally disrespected your husband and laughed about itr behind his back...... you are nothing but a pig......... typical woman

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2012-05-16 04:49:21
typical cheating fucking wife................. spread her legs for any cock that comes along........... she should be shot and fed to the hogs


2007-12-26 08:58:05
this is a hot hot story, one of the very best that i have read on this site. yep this is how women operate, cold for you but yet so fucking hot for the next guy, i have been that next guy a lot of times and have seen women do stuff that left me speechless. women, you cant live with them and caant live without them. max man


2007-05-16 13:12:19
I'm sorry for your husband. You mock him and deny him things that you did for your lover. That tells me that you do not respect him and it begs the question: How would you feel if your husband did things with another woman that he wouldnever do with you and then laughed behind your back about it? I think you need to reevaluate your husbands role in your life. Maybe, he doesn't need you. Bet you never thought of that.

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