I'd always hated Natasha. Every day I'd see her in school and she'd be hanging out with the same group of girls day in and day out. She was a complete bitch, although she was extremely attractive, with her long black hair with one strand dyed red in the middle. The reason I hated her so much was that in fact, I was in love with her, she was smart and beautiful and at the time I didn't see anything wrong with her; then I got to know her. A completely heartless whore. I just wished I could have her alone in my room, and that I could do anything I wanted to her, including slapping her around for not putting out sooner. I suppose my luck changed early on Monday morning.

I went into school expecting the usual harassment from Natasha when I saw that same group of friends looking rather glum. So I went over and asked what was wrong. "Natasha died on her way to school this morning... it was a car accident." I was shocked. I always expected her to be the same bitchy person that I had the unfortunate encounter with every morning. However I was also a bit upset, I would never get the chance to ever fuck her. That is... until I had this great idea...

That night later in the week, I knew that she was in the local funeral home. She was scheduled to have an open casket funeral and fortunately I had been to this parlor before, so I knew how to get in without being detected. I broke in through a window and went into the main parlor room. She was there in the casket. I became aroused immediately. She was wearing a very pretty black dress and that one red strand of hair was sticking out. The casket was very smooth and the inside was soft and fluffy. I originally came there to give her my respects, maybe hit that stuck-up cunt a few times for the road. But then this urge came over me. I had to have her.

I looked around to see if it was ok, then I took my pants completely off. I still couldn't get over the fact that I was about to fuck a dead body, but man what a body. She looked like she was just sleeping but I knew she wasn't. I jumped into the casket with my rock hard cock hovering above her unwakened eyes. I gently rubbed her face over with my balls and finally rested them on her crotch. Then I alternated between gently and violently kissed her on the lips. I knelt on my knees and positioned myself over her face and started jerking off towards her eyes. "What am I doing?" I said out loud. So rather than just jerk off at her, I pried open her mouth with my fingers and inserted my penis all the way in. I started slow at first, rocking back and forth, with my knees on either side of her head and thrusting her with my pelvis. I would knock her Uvula back and forth in the way back of her throat. I began to move faster. An intense feeling of joy began to swell up in my balls and I immediately stopped myself. I didn't want to come just yet... After all...

I had just gotten started!

I proceeded to remove her dress as it was getting in the way of her lovely sweet pussy. Her tight black dress was now off, revealing a black lacy see through underwired bra lifting her breast up and a matching shorts hugging her pelvis tightly. As I fondled and unclothed her body until she was naked which I gazed into her vagina. Yet again I started slow and gentle, then I realized who I was with... I started fucking her hard, ramming my big member into her tight under-region. I grabbed her right leg and put it over the casket, then took her other leg on my shoulder. I felt my dick get a shower of something, at first I thought it was cum but realized that dead bodies don't cum. I looked down and saw blood all over the casket. I had forgotten! She was still a virgin!!! Blood all over her crotch made me even more horny. As I fucked her I bent her in unimaginable positions. Positions that I didn't think the human body could do. Slammed her pussy up and down, side to side, backwards, forwards, and even diagonally. I felt the urge to cum right then and there, I tried to refrain, but her tight pussy was too much. I got as much cum as I could in her before I stopped to rest. I didn't know what to do now. I was done fucking but I was still horny like a motherfucker. I found a flower vase and drank the water in it. I was that thirsty. I felt like Natasha and me were in the midst of sharing something special, so I leaped into the coffin, put her lingerie and dress back on, and cuddled up next to her. I knew this was true love. The way she laid unmoving and silent... not even breathing... completely peaceful. This was OUR night, so I decided that one more go wouldn't be so bad. I again undid her black sexy underwear and dress and laid her blood dried pussy out for my own pleasure. I thought that I had done everything I wanted to, then I realized that there would be only one thing left to make this romantic night complete.

I hoisted her pelvis above mine and laid the body on top of me. I grabbed my throbbing cock and jammed it directly into her ass. It was the tightest ass I've ever had. I started slamming her in her ass in and out, faster and faster. This was the greatest night of our lives. I alternated between fucking her cold wet pussy and ass, all into the night. It was the greatest. I had the hottest girl in my school on top of me, fucking her wherever I please, and the best part was that she would never ever be able to tell anyone about our little midnight fuckfest!

I was about to cum up her ass when I heard footsteps... It was morning already! I had fucked her for 10 hours straight. I hurrily put her dress back on her, with nowhere for my dick to go, I left it in her ass. I grabbed my coat to shield myself. Surprisingly no one noticed I was in the coffin. The service began to start, It must have been 8:00 AM. The service was extremely strenuous, as I had to try NOT to cum in her ass as her father read her eulogy. I had no time to get away without people seeing me. Then, after a few hours they closed the casket. It was a bumpy ride to the cemetery, so I finished up cumming in her ass and pulled my dick out, which was covered in dried blood, and took a rest. I accepted that I wouldn't be able to get out of the coffin without being noticed, so I tried pushing it open when we got to the cemetery. To my surprise... the coffin was NAILED SHUT!!! I was trapped!

Still stuck in that coffin with the lovely beautiful and always moody, Natasha. I knew that I only want to be with Natasha, and so I asked her to marry me. After all, the priest was only six feet away. I knew she could never say 'no' as an answer so I placed a condom that I didn't use on her finger (as the ring of course) and considered myself married to her.

For the rest of our sexual lives we fucked in that casket, until I could no longer cum, and as my last days approached I thought, "To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part...



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2013-07-25 11:45:46
Yes dead bodies bleed u dumb ass. Just not as much as live bodies. Plus she had just died that morning

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2013-07-25 11:45:45
Yes dead bodies bleed u dumb ass. Just not as much as live bodies. Plus she had just died that morning

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2012-07-26 02:29:35
Dead bodies don't bleed.

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2012-07-24 15:36:06
Excellent story and as others have stated, with a humorous ending that actually fits it!

Please do more stories for necro-fans like myself good sir.

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2011-09-09 16:39:57
Very good story with humorous ending, I like it! Please do more!

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