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I still have two more chapters of “Life Goes On” in the works, but I wanted to write a western.

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I was laying on the far side of a little rise that separated me and the wagon in the distance, not wanting to show myself until I knew just a bit more about what was going on over there. I’d been here about an hour and it was hot, the sun beating down on the back of my neck. My horse was a bit further down the slope, looking at me like he thought it was hot too, and that we should be moving on.

That wagon had me curious, though. For the hour I’d been watching it, I’d seen no movement, but I just had an itch that told me somebody was definitely down there. Where were they? How many were they? Most of all, what were they doing out here in the middle of nowhere? This was Indian country, and there were no stage stops near here, no trails, not even a water hole within 20 miles. On a horse it’d take me most of a full day to get to the nearest water … that wagon would take the better part of two, and that only if they made real good time. The only thing I could see was that the four strong oxen they had hitched to the wagon had been watered recently, likely just before I came to the backside of this hill.

I snaked back from the crest of the hill and then stood up when I could, dusting myself off with my hat. Pushing my dark hair back, I walked over to my horse. “Powderkeg,” I said to him as I got ready to climb aboard, “Maybe I’m a damn fool, but I just have to go over there and see what in God’s name could bring anyone to this stretch of country. He just turned his head at the sound of my voice, with a look in his eyes that told me he didn’t much care. He likely just wanted to get moving and feel some air working around to cool him off a mite.

I unlimbered the Sharps 50 I carried in the saddle boot, opened her up, set a ca’tridge in the breech, locked 'er up and eared back the hammer. Carrying it across my saddle, I headed out so’s I could come up on the wagon with the muzzle sort of generally pointed in their direction. Looking down the business end of a 50 caliber rifle will give most folks pause in what they’re doing, often long enough to keep everyone out of trouble and able to continue on with their day. I aimed to give them folks, whoever they were, an opportunity to find out what a sociable gent I am and that I meant them no harm as long as they meant none to me.

I was out of rifle range, so I moved slowly toward the wagon, giving them plenty of chance to have a look at me. As I drew nearer, I hailed them. “Hello, the camp!” A person looking to avoid getting shot always did that out here, just seemed to make folks more friendly if you didn’t surprise them. Much to my surprise, a female voice answered me.

“Come on in, but come slow. The trigger's a little touchy sometimes.” Now I was really curious, so I continued toward the wagon.

As I came up to it, an absolute vision got down from the back end of the wagon. She was wearing a plain traveling dress, but my, oh, my, did she fill it out. Long black hair framed a beautiful oval-shaped face. That no man had answered and gotten down from the wagon told me either he was stove up in the back of that wagon, or there wasn’t one around at all. The green eyes that looked out at me held an intelligence that told me she might be in a fix, but that she wasn’t any kind of tenderfoot and knew very well how to handle herself.

When I stopped, I was kinda sideways to the wagon, allowing my Sharps to be pointed at the wagon and her without presenting any sort of immediate threat. It could be aimed and fired in less time than it took to draw breath, though, and from her quick glance at it, I believe she knew it.

“The name’s Jenks, ma’am. I was passing through and happened to see your wagon settin’ here and got curious as to why you might have stopped.” My eyes never stopped looking around even while I was talking to her, and that was how I happened to see the movement of the wagon cover.

“Ma’am, I want to reassure you that I intend no harm, but I really need to start us off on an honest foot. If you’ll bring that hogleg out from the folds of your skirt to where I can see it and tell whoever it is in the wagon to show themselves, I’ll put this rifle back in the boot.”

She looked at me for a moment, and I could tell that I was being held to the balance.

“Alright, Mr. Jenks.” She brought a Navy Colt .44 out, laid it on the tail of the wagon and took a step away from it. That was a sight more than what I’d asked her to do, so I figured to match her gesture and eased the hammer of the Sharps down, loud enough that she could hear it, then moved the barrel so it was no longer pointed at her or the wagon.

She hesitated a bit, then called over her shoulder. “It’s alright Kendra, you can come out.”

There was a bit of rustling around in the back of the wagon, and the curtain was pulled back. A younger edition of the beautiful woman looked out at me. She put a leg over the tailgate and stepped down. I wouldn’t have believed the older one to be more than 17 or 18 , the other one younger by maybe a year or two.

I looked at the two of them for a minute, then upended the Sharps and shoved it down in the boot. Taking my hat off, I introduced myself. “Jenks, ma’am, Langdon Jenks. I’m from up Colorado way and come down here to New Mexico to buy cattle.” “I am Carolyn Beete, this is my sister Kendra. Won’t you get down?”

Getting off my horse and tying him to the wagon wheel, I asked, “Beete, you say, ma’am? That’s the name of the man I’m on my way to see about the cattle. Are you related?”

“He is my father,” she replied.

“Yes, ma’am, I thought so.” I decided to get right to the point. “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing way out here? This isn’t a good route at all and could be dangerous for women traveling alone. Hell, it could be dangerous for a half dozen fully armed men.”

“I am afraid I chose my guide badly, Mr. Jenks. He was to bring us from Tuscarora to my father’s ranch, but two days ago he stole what money we had and left us. We have been traveling since then without seeing anyone, and I have to admit that I have lost my way. We are very happy to see you, especially since you are going exactly where we are.”

Given the circumstances, I was actually surprised to see them alive. On the other hand, out here a man might steal from a woman and get away with it, but the consequences to a man of harming or killing one were usually very sudden and unquestionably final. As it was, leaving them out in this desert was really pushing the limit, but I could see they had plenty in the way of supplies. Still, with Indians and the desert itself to contend with, I wasn’t sure which might be the worse.

“Well, ma’am, it’s getting late in the day, and this here’s as good a place to rest as any, so if you don’t mind, I’ll lay my bed out under the wagon and you and Kendra can sleep inside. We’ll get a fresh start in the morning.”

“I would be pleased with that, Mr. Jenks, and thank you. Now, have you eaten? Kendra is a fine cook, if you would gather some firewood?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be close by.”

I got lucky and took a couple of rabbits with well-thrown stones, which I skinned and cleaned before bringing back. On my way back I was able to find a dead mesquite bush with enough wood to last us through the evening and for the morning coffee as well. With the rabbits and a few potatoes and an onion, Kendra made a very passable stew. I was a happy man as the sun went down, and told Kendra that I hadn’t eaten so well since, well, since I couldn’t remember when. She smiled shyly, and asked who usually cooked for me.

“It’s just me and my 4 men at the ranch. Sometimes they cook, but most times I do. Their cooking wouldn’t tempt a starving coyote.” She smiled at that, and I swear the stars themselves dimmed just a bit when she did. She was a right pretty girl.

Now me, I wasn’t much to look at. 6’ 2” in my boots and maybe 200lbs or so, and most of that was located in my chest and arms. That’s what comes from those can-see to can’t-see workdays on a ranch. Most punchers don’t care to do anything that can’t be done from a saddle, but believe me, there’s plenty else to be done to keep a ranch up and running.

Two days later we arrived at a fair-sized river, and I’d purposely brought us there a couple miles upstream of the crossing. I’d not had a bath in a good number of days and was eager to wash the miles off my clothes and body. We ate supper, then rolled in for the night. In the morning I told the ladies I was going to give myself a good scrubbing and walked upstream a little further, found myself a nice little pool where the river back-watered going around a bend, stripped down and waded right in. The morning sun and the water were warm and surely felt good. I washed up quickly, not wanting to be too long away. I found myself thinking about Kendra and the way she moved around the camp. No wasted motion, and the motions she did make were surely fine to watch. She had a nice set of tits hidden under that blouse, a thin waist, flaring out to a very nice ass.

Musing as I was, I didn’t notice I’d worked up a full-on bone until I stood up and turned around. I heard a little gasp from the brush on the bank, looked over and there was Kendra, and me without a stitch on and a hard-on jutting out in front of me. I squatted back down and looked over to see she’d turned around. I took the chance and got out of the water, grabbing the old flour sack I used as a towel and wrapped it around me, covering my 7” cock.

“You shouldn’t be hiding around watching folks take a bath, Kendra.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Jenks. I should have told you I was following you. I wanted to see where you were going to take a bath so I could too.” By then I’d gotten my short clothes back on and told her she could turn around again. When she did, she came closer to get out of the brush and was standing about three feet in front of me. Her eyes kept going to my still-stiff dick tenting out in front of me. She was cute, and I was having trouble keeping my mind on what I was about, which was getting dressed.

“You can call me Langdon, if you want. Or just Lang. That’s what my friends call me.”

“Okay.” She hesitated a bit, then said, “Lang.”

“Miss Kendra, you’re a beautiful young lady, and I’m an awful lonely man. Do you think it’s a good idea you and I are out here by ourselves, and me not even dressed? “

“I don’t know, Lang. All I know is I’ve felt drawn to you since you first came up to the wagon. Is that wrong?”

I just looked at her for a spell, then reached my arms out to her. She came forward readily, pressing herself against me and raising her lips to be kissed. Kiss her I did, and thoroughly. Only trouble was when I put my arms around her, that towel fell right off and there I was again, next to naked with my hard dick now pushing against her belly. She moaned quietly, reached down and took my dick in her hand.

Stroking it slow and gentle-like, she whispered, “Oh, Langdon. I do want you.”

We kissed again and when we broke apart, she went to her knees, opened my drawers and took my cock into her mouth.

“Ah, Kendra. That feels good.”

“Mmmmm,” she hummed by way of response. She released it from the suction of her mouth and jerked it with her hand as she looked up at me. “I’m going to make you cum, Langdon Jenks, I’m going to make you cum every day for the rest of your life,” putting it back in her mouth even deeper and sucking harder than before.

I held her head and started stroking back and forth into her mouth. I was sure she could take it all, and take it she did. Her hands went to get a double grip on my balls, rolling and squeezing them gently. I could feel the pressure start to build and told her I was getting close. Her response was to take me all the way in and start swallowing. The feeling of her throat muscles on my dick sent me over the edge and I came hard. With every spurt down her throat she swallowed again, which only served to send more of my sperm racing up my shaft and into her belly.

When I finally stopped cumming, she backed off and began licking my shaft and my balls to make sure I was good and clean. My dick had softened somewhat after cumming so strongly, but her licking and holding my cock to clean it got it hard again.

“Stand up, Kendra.” Still holding and stroking my cock, she stood up and I kissed her hard. I pushed her short jacket back, forcing her to let go of my dick and pinning her arms behind her. She looked cross for just a second, but I moved from her lips to her neck, biting and sucking on it. My hands moved to the small buttons holding her blouse together. Parting them quickly, I slid my hands to her sides, rubbing up and down, then moving to her breasts.

“Langdon! Nnnnngh, oh, Langdon.”

I untied her corset, freeing those beautiful breasts from their confinement. A disconnected thought floated through my brain … “how in the world do women breathe in these things?” …. but was quickly gone. I sucked her breasts, licking and biting her nipples. She pulled her jacket off, then wrapped her arms around my head, holding me to her firm tits and now rock-hard nipples.

“Do that forever, Langdon. Oh, that feels so good!”

As I sucked on them, I pulled up her dress and put my hand into her bloomers. I found the hair between her legs and went right for the target, rubbing her pussy lips with my fingers. Her legs trembled and she spread them apart to give me more room and I went to work on her.

I rubbed and mashed her pussy, then worked a finger in-between the folds, finding her hole and gently inserting just the tip of my finger. My thumb found her clit and I flicked and pinched and rubbed and rolled it until she was bucking her hips more than any wild horse I'd ever sat. She gasped, and one of her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me fiercely while the hand of her other arm grabbed my cock.

“Oh, Langdon! I'm going to …. I'm going …. Oh! Mm! OHHHHHH!”

With that I felt her tense and she gushed over my finger and thumb. The arm around me held me tight and her hips worked her pussy against my hand even harder than before. The hand holding my cock began jerking it spasmodically, then squeezing, then jerking again while her orgasm took her.

Finally spent, she leaned into me and caught her breath.

“Oh, Lang. I didn't expect that! I thought I was going to just fall right apart!”

“Well, I had to give you back as good as you gave me,” I replied.

She looked at me with doe-eyes and said, “That felt like heaven! Maybe next time we can be a little more comfortable and get there together?”

We got ourselves put together and walked the few hundred yards back to the campsite where Carolyn was just finishing putting breakfast together.

“Where was he? Back in Tuscarora? You certainly took a long time to tell him breakfast was ready.”

Kendra turned red as a beet and I'd have to say I was a little embarrassed my own self.

“I was still in the river when she found me and had to wait until I got done.”

She gave me that rather droll “Uh huh” look that only women can do proper and motioned to a rock for me to sit on.

“Have a seat and I'll fix your plate for you.”

“Yes'm” and sat myself down, being in no mind to get anything started that might lead to an unfortunate conversation.

“So how far do we have to go yet?” she asked when we'd all gotten sat down.

Me, I'm a healthy man and when I set down to eat, there isn't much else on my mind than the plate in my lap and I tend to give my full attention to the business at hand. When I'd taken care of the mouthful I had going, I told her that I figured we'd spend at least two more nights on the trail before reaching her father's spread sometime in the afternoon of the following day.

“Your guide took you some distance off the main trail you should have been on, and we'll play the dog getting back to it. And three days is if we don't get delayed along the way.”

“What would we be delayed by?”

“Well, ma'am, he's got you up in Indian country, and they pretty much see this as their land. They don't take kindly to other folks trespassing through. Then there's the outlaws that hide out in these parts. Some of them run with the Indians, and some Indians run with them. None of them would be good for us to meet up with. I'd not have much trouble by myself and traveling light as I do, but this here wagon and two good-looking females would be a temptation they'd not be likely to pass up.”

Both of them were looking mighty uncomfortable, so I sought to reassure them.

“Ma'am, don't you two be worrying about it. I seen more of this country than most, and I'm no tenderfoot when it comes to keeping out of sight. You might notice that this camp can only be approached from one direction, and we can see for some miles so nobody's going to sneak up on us. That wagon's a trouble, and that's for sure, but I've a route in mind that will keep anybody from spotting us unless they're real lucky. I've been riding these parts since I was 12 and I'll be 20 in a few weeks, so I've been up the trail and over the mountain more than most folks. We'll be okay.”

That little speech was full of more confidence that I really felt, but it wouldn't do to let them be looking over their shoulders when they should be concentrating on keeping that wagon moving.

I'd finished my plate and they'd done for themselves, so I made the suggestion we'd better get on down the trail.

“You ladies better go down by the river and wash up if you're of a mind to. It'll be slim pickins' for the rest of the day and tomorrow because the next place we'll camp will only have enough water for my horse and the oxen. After that there won't be anything until the next day where there'll be a tinaja we can take a breather at.

They got their possibles and headed off for the river, and I busied myself around camp to get things stowed and the oxen hitched for the day's drive. Some time passed and then I saw my horse's head come up and he looked down the way Carolyn and Kendra had gone.

Western horses, especially those bred out here in the wild places, weren't bothered by much that they already knew to be safe. Carolyn and Kendra were accepted by me, and the horse therefore accepted them as well. He wouldn't have paid much mind to their coming and going around the camp, so when he looked down towards the river, I knew something was up. I slipped the thong off my pistol, slipped my boots off and injun'd down to the river. I didn't like what I found.

The two women were both in the river, squatting down so only their heads were visible. Two men sat on a rock at the edge, holding their clothes and trying to get them to come out.

“Come on, ladies,” one of them said. “Ain't no one here gonna hurt ya.” He and his friend both chuckled at that. “We just want to have a little fun!”

I snaked around behind them and came out of the bushes.

“Maybe they don't want to have fun right now.”

Both of them stiffened and began to turn their heads slowly around to get a look at me. What they saw evidently didn't impress them much, because both of them smiled and started to stand up.

“I'd be real slow standing up, and keep both hands where I can see 'em.”

They did, but one of them moved so that he was slightly behind the other. I wanted to know that they weren't dealing with a tinhorn.

“Now you've gone and got yourselves into something of a fix here. The way you're standing, I can't see both of that fella's hands. Now if either of you moves even a whisker on your faces, I'm likely to think somebody's going for a gun and just start shootin'.

One was an older gent, I'd say in about his mid-thirties or so. Looked like he hadn't shaved in a couple weeks, kinda smelled like it, too. The other one standing behind the first was a kid with red hair who had a mean look in his eyes. Of the two, I pegged the kid to pull first. The other one, bad as he might be, had both hands out to the side and away from his gun. I figured he realized he wasn't holding any cards in this game, but the kid might think he had a play since I couldn't see his gun hand.

The kid got a crooked little smile on his face and I knew he was going to open the ball. I saw his shoulder drop and I went for my gun, drawing and firing before the kid's arm even started to rise. I put one right between his eyes, close enough to the other one's head to burn him. His gun hand started down and I shifted my aim, eared the trigger back and said, “Don't. You won't make it and you know it.”

His hand eased away and I said, “Left hand. Lose the gunbelt.” He did, and it fell to the ground. “Step away to your right.” He moved off about 5 feet and said, “Now what? You gonna shoot me?”

“I'm neither killer nor rapist, and it's a lucky thing for you. Most men would shoot you where you stand, but you'll see the sun go down tonight. Take off your boots.”

He started to sit to take them off, but I told him I'd be more comfortable if he did it standing. He stumbled through getting them off, then waited.

“Now let's go get your horses.” Without taking my eyes off him, I told Carolyn and Kendra to stay in the river.

We walked off through the brush about a hundred feet or so and I saw the rifles in their saddle scabbards.

“You be real careful and shuck those rifles to the ground with your left hand. If you try to cock one of them I'll put a bullet in you before you get the lever down.”

He did as he was told and I had him gather the reins and bring the horses back to the river.

“You get your friend there and load him up. Then you get on your horse and get yourself gone. I hear Montana's nice this time of year. You should go have a look for your ownself because if I ever see you again I'll shoot first and explain it all to the sheriff after.”

He draped the kid over his horse's saddle, tied him on and then turned and looked at me. “My gun?”

“Your life.” was all I said in response. He nodded, then turned, mounted up and rode away. Never did see him again. He must have liked Montana.


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