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For Beth; this was the happiest day of her young life...
For 24 year old Beth Dodd; this was the happiest day of her young life. She was getting married at 5PM. It was almost too good to be true. She would be Mrs. Danny Featherstone. They had been dating for almost 5 years and had been engaged for a year. Neither believed in things, the last year had been a blur; rushing into buying a house, making preparations for the wedding. Beth had graduated from college in May and had found a good job almost immediately. Danny, who was 27, was already established with his father's company.
It was a lovely September Saturday and the large church was filled. Danny and the ushers were all dressed in Black Tuxes and the bridesmaids were dressed in Royal Blue. Beth was especially radiant in her White Gown. After a lovely ceremony; the reception was held at a nearby hotel. The young couple frolicked and partied with their young friends and their families until past midnight. Now they made their way up to the Honeymoon Suite.

With both slightly tipsy from all the champagne; Danny carried Beth over the threshold and laid her gently on the bed. After a few passionate kisses; she excused herself to the bathroom. She removed all her clothes and then sat down on the toilet to drain her full bladder. After cleaning herself with toilet paper; Beth took a washcloth; applied soap to it and washed her virginal pussy. That's right; Beth was a virgin. It had been tough to resist Danny's advances but now she could give herself totally and completely to him. She dried herself and put on a black garter belt; then sat down and rolled a pair of sheer nylon stockings up and fastened them. The young bride slipped a lacy black negligee over her arms and head and let it slide slowly over her shapely hips and down her long luscious legs. Her feet slipped easily into a pair of black high heel shoes. Beth picked up a long stemmed red rose and secured it between her teeth. She was ready but she hoped Danny hadn't got tired of waiting, passed out or went to sleep.

Opening the bathroom door; she peered around the facing. One lamp was dimly lit and Danny was sitting up in the bed covered below the waist with the sheet but smiling from ear to ear. She seductively made her way to the bed and crawled upon it and made her way across it to him. He removed the rose from her mouth and took her into his arms. She whispered softly to him “Make love to me Danny; All of me is yours now!" With that; he rolled her over on her back and passionately kissed her delicious red lips and caressed her nipples through the gown. Beth could feel the excitement growing in her body. One of Danny's hands slowly slid across her waist and down to the hem of the gown. Lifting it slowly; his hand began to rub her stocking clad thighs. Beth's virginal pussy was getting hot and juicy. She now longed to have her husband inside her, to know how it felt to be loved completely. She didn't have long to wait. Danny slid his hand slowly to the entrance of her vagina and began to gently stroke her clitoris with his fingers. The pleasure was driving Beth wild. She grabbed Danny's hand and thrust his finger inside her and whispered "please fuck me now ". While a little surprised at his bride's boldness; Danny knew she was ready. Beth could see his big long hard penis as he slowly made his way over her beautiful tanned body. She could now feel the head of it as it slowly entered her pussy. Beth felt only a slight twinge of pain as her hymen tore and her virginity was lost to her groom. Danny took it slow until he was fully inserted into Beth. His dick felt so good inside her tight wet cunt. He began to pump with an ever increasing tempo. The new Mrs. Featherstone never ever thought sex would ever be this good. Her pussy was feeling so good she could hardly stand it. Danny knew she was close to an orgasm so he increased his tempo a little more. His balls burned slightly as he tried to hold back but couldn't. Beth eyes shined with ecstasy as Danny shot his big load of cum into his bride. Feeling his hot sticky cum spurting into her pushed her over the edge. Beth's body shook as her pussy pulsed for her first orgasm. She screamed with ecstasy again and again as wave after wave of intense pleasure hit her. Danny's continued to pump as her tight pulsing pussy drained him dry. After some period of time; he slowly slid out and down beside of Beth and held her in his arms and they both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Beth awoke first. She couldn't get over how good her body felt. She slid from the bed and entered the bathroom to pee. After draining her bladder; she returned to the bed. Danny was still asleep totally nude. Beth marveled at how handsome he looked. Her eyes focused on his non-erect penis. It had been so big and hard and felt so good last night. She slipped the negligee off over her head and let it drop to the floor. Crawling slowly onto the bed; she began to stroke Danny's penis with her fingers. Almost immediately it began to respond and Danny began to move and grunt. Beth leaned over and kissed the stiffening organ with her lips. She had the urge to take into her mouth and did so. At this point Danny awoke and began to caress Beth's naked butt with his hand. He now guided her over until she was straddling his face. His lips and tongue began to kiss and caress her outer lips and worked their way inside to her clitoris. Beth continued to lick and suck Danny's dick as he ate her juicy pussy with fervor. It felt so good but she wanted Danny's dick inside her. She stopped and crawled around and mounted Danny's hot stiff dick and began to rock up and down. Meanwhile, Danny began to thrust in rhythm with Beth. His fingers caressed her big luscious tits. Almost simultaneously the two reached orgasm. It was so good but her head was spinning from the ecstasy and she got off and lay down beside Danny. They cuddled and kissed for a short while but then realized they had to get going.

Beth got in the shower as Danny shaved. While Danny showered; Beth dried and styled her dark brown hair and though about what she would wear for her honeymoon trip to the beach. She wanted Danny to be wild with desire for her. She took a lacy black pair of panties out and put them on. Beth sat down and rolled a pair of suntan thigh-hi's up her shapely legs. A black lace bra accented her 38D breasts. She slipped a medium blue v-neck short sleeved sweater over her head and arms and pulled it to her waist. A black linen miniskirt slid nicely into place and she buttoned and zipped it. She slipped her lovely feet into her black high heels.
By this time Danny had come out of the bath- room and gave her a lustful approving look. As she came by on her way to do her makeup; he grabbed and dipped her and gave her a passionate kiss. Beth applied her makeup as Danny packed their entire luggage into Beth's car for the trip. They checked out of the honeymoon suite and had lunch in the hotel restaurant. It was about noon when they finished and started on their way with Danny driving. It was a long way to the coast; about 8 hrs. Beth slid up close to Danny as he maneuvered through the interstate traffic. After taking turns driving the first 5 hours on the semi-crowded interstate; Beth pulled over at the last interstate rest stop before their turnoff and they used the facilities before continuing on. As Beth got up from the toilet; she suddenly had an idea. She removed her lace panties and stuffed them in her purse. Returning to the car; Danny got behind the wheel and they continued on a few miles to their turnoff for the coast. The road was straight but there was surprisingly little traffic.
Beth began to get the urge for a little hanky panky. She began to kiss Danny as her hand wandered to his crotch. After seeing the stimulated look in his eyes; she knew he wanted it as much as she did. Slowly she undid his belt and pants and slid down the zipper. She unsnapped her seat belt and slid her hand down into his pants. Danny helped her pull his pants and shorts down enough to remove his stiffening organ. He could see the love and lust in Beth's eyes as she looked up at him and then began to lick the head of his penis. He was having a little trouble keeping it in the road. Beth began to go down on his dick with her mouth. She loved how it felt inside and of course by now Danny was feeling no pain. Danny knew it wouldn't be much longer before he came so he eased the car off the shoulder of the road into the parking lot of an old abandoned store in just the niche of time before he exploded into Beth's mouth. Surprised; she almost choked on his cum but kept him in her mouth until he stopped spurting and went soft. The taste of his cum was both salty and somewhat sweet at the same time. She licked her lips and swallowed and then reached in her purse for some tissues to clean Danny up. After a few passionate kisses; they were back on the road again.

Beth now began to tease Danny with the hem of her skirt. Slowly she pulled it up past the elastic of her thigh-hi's until her dark lustrious bush came into view. Danny's right hand reached over and touched and began to rub the inside of her shapely thighs. Beth turned around in the seat a little more toward her husband as his hand brushed by her pussy. She pressed his hand against her as her juices began to drip. His middle finger found her love hole and he began to stroke it in and out; pausing alternately to rub her excited clitoris. Beth was in heaven or so she though at the time. Her legs closed around Danny's hand as she reached orgasm. Her legs were still opening and squeezing Danny's hand as he looked up at the road to see a minivan coming at them across the centerline.

Danny pulled his finger from Beth's still pulsating pussy and attempted to turn the wheel as the minivan hit them head on. The driver's side air bag of Beth's car inflated on impact. However; there was no Passenger Side airbag in Beth's sedan and since she wasn't wearing her seat belt, she was thrown forward against the dash and windshield and then bounced against the back of the front seat. The odd angle of impact of Beth's head with dash and the windshield snapped her neck. The last earthly image she saw was a series of bright lights/circles as her soul/spirit was released from her body and lifted toward heaven. Beth's beautiful brown eyes were staring into space.

Meanwhile, Danny was regaining his senses. Still groggy and with pain in his neck and back; he turned toward his bride. She still had the ecstatic orgasmic smile on her face he had seen just before the crash. He spoke to her but received no reply. Danny reached over and touched her and attempted to find a pulse in her arm and then her neck. He couldn't find one. The fact that his wife was dead now began to sink in with Danny. He lifted Beth's body and her head lolled over to the right side. There was a tinge of blood pooling at the right corner of her mouth. He cradled her head and body and pulled her close and screamed “Why God? Why did you take her?

The woman in the minivan now looked around at her five year old son who was buckled in the back seat. He appeared dazed but OK. She grabbed her cell phone and slid from the deflated air bag and dialled 911. After giving the operator the location as best she could she opened the right cargo door of the van and went to check on the passenger of the other vehicle. She looked in horror as she came to the driver's side of the car and saw Danny holding his bride's lifeless body.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived from a satellite rescue station in a nearby small town. Right behind them was a state highway patrolman. Together they pried Danny loose from Beth's body. One of the ambulance attendants thought he detected a very faint pulse and so they placed a neck brace on Beth and moved her body to a gurney to perform CPR. The patrolman was questioning Danny and the minivan driver as one of the attendants lifted Beth's top and unsnapped her black lace bra. Her big tits jiggled as they performed heart massage and CPR on her. They were still in the process when a doctor arrived and checked Beth for signs of life. He found none and signaled the medics that it was of no use to continue. He reached down and closed her eyelids. At this point a sheet was placed over the corpse of young Mrs. Beth Featherstone. Her honeymoon had ended abruptly and much too finally.

By this time the accident scene was abuzz with law enforcement and medical personnel. The coroner arrived and directed the transport of Beth's corpse to the county morgue. The ambulance drivers that had worked on Beth to no avail were directed to transport her. In the meantime; the patrolman had finished interviewing Danny and the woman driving the minivan. She admitted being distracted when her son dropped his drink in the back of the van and wanted to get out of his seat to get it. She and Danny were both in a very distraught state and along with her son were transported to the local hospital to be examined.
Beth's sheet covered corpse was now loaded into the ambulance to be transported to the morgue. One of the attendants jumped in the back with the body. As they were traveling down the road; he removed the sheet to have a better look at the young woman. He admired her long tanned stocking-clad legs. His hands pushed her top up and he touched her large cooling tits. With a rebuke from the driver that they would get into trouble; he took his hand off and pulled her top back down. But his curiosity and lust were not to be denied. His hands now wandered to her short skirt and he slowly slid it toward her waist until her panty- less bush came into view. His eyes could hardly believe this sight. He patted her crotch with his gloved hand before receiving another rebuke from the driver and pulled Beth's minishirt back in place and covered her with the sheet. They were now pulling into the receiving area at the morgue.

The coroner was there waiting as the young bride's corpse was unloaded and wheeled into the morgue. He had discussed with the doctor who had pronounced her dead at the scene as to the circumstances surrounding her death. He was late for a Sunday evening dinner party his wife was giving at their home and he wanted to make this quick. After Beth was transferred to one of the stainless steel tables, the coroner removed the sheet from her corpse. He quickly examined her neck and determined that no autopsy was necessary. Death had resulted from trauma associated with crash and the snapping of her neck. He now directed the young morgue attendant to release her body and contact the funeral home when her family selected one. He indicated that would probably occur tomorrow morning and directed the attendant to strip and rinse her off and put her in the cooler. The coroner now left for the party.

The morgue attendant tonight was Ian Fisher. Ian was a second year medical student in the field of Pathology. He was working the summer as an intern and would be going back to school at the middle of next week. Normally Ralph Wills would have been with him; but Ralph had asked for vacation this week end and everyone figured Ian could handle it alone. Ian watched the coroner pull out of the parking lot and returned to the corpse. Ian looked her over from top to bottom. What a shame for a beautiful woman like this to be dead. A bride on her honeymoon he had heard the coroner say. He lifted Beth's head and placed the neck block under her broken neck. His hands pulled her sweater and bra up to her head and shoulders. Lifting her head again he pulled the sweater and bra over her head and shoulders and he returned her neck to the block with her head resting on the table. My, what a sexy body! Only the smallest of a bikini top tan line. Ian moved to the other end of the table and removed the black high heels from her feet. Now he unbuttoned and unzipped the black miniskirt and pulled it down off her shapely hips. Imagine his surprise when her panty less crotch came into view. He stared at her shapely curves as his fingers rolled the thigh-hi stockings down her luscious long legs.

Ian wanted a better look this young lady. Actually he wanted more than a look! He wanted to fuck her young dead body. He remembered about a month ago when a 35 yr old woman who was killed in a motorcycle accident was brought in. He could hardly stand it when he stripped her and smelled the aroma of her dead pussy. It drove him wild but Ralph was present and he couldn't do anything about his lust. But he was alone tonight. He walked along side of her and spread her legs apart at the knees. Ian could smell the aroma of her dead pussy and he had to have some. It had been awhile since he had any pussy. His dick went to full alert as he shed his pants and underwear. He pulled Beth's feet wider apart and crawled up on the table between her legs and buried his nose in her open cunt. He began to lick and suck on her dead clit and soon had his tongue as far in her crevice as he could get it. Ian alternately caressed her sexy tits with his hands as continued to eat her. Once he had properly lubed her; Ian crawled up on top of the dead bride and thrust his throbbing rod inside. He caressed her face and gave her a kiss on the lips as he pumped her full of his big hard dick. Her pussy was tight and seemed to be grabbing at his dick on each stroke when he exited. Mrs Beth Featherstone, who had enjoyed sex so much with her husband last night and earlier today, was being post-mortally fucked by Ian.

Meanwhile at the local hospital, Danny was undergoing tests to determine if he had any serious injuries. Although he had been lightly sedated; he couldn't get the sight of Beth's dead body out of his mind. He had lost his best friend and lovely wife on the first full day of their honeymoon. His thoughts turned to their lovemaking last night and how she had given her beautiful and sexy body completely to him on her wedding night as she promised. He didn't know how he was going to live without her. He began to sob uncontrollably.
As Danny pondered and grieved over the loss of his bride, Ian was reaching his climax and wave after wave of sticky cum was shooting deep into Beth's pussy. Ian collapsed momentarily on top of her body and then withdrew his deflating organ from the corpse and crawled from the table. He gazed at his necrolover and smiled. His lips passionately kissed Beth's cold pale slightly parted lips. He replaced his underwear and pants and set about to rinse and dry Beth and placed her in the cooler. He adjusted the temperature to warm as rinsed her shoulders, breasts, abdomen and legs. Now he increased the flow as he sprayed her thick dark bush to wash any evidence of his crime away. Changing his spray to a stream, he inserted it up the corpses' vagina and continued it until the water draining out of her was clear. Once that was done he cut off the water and commenced to dry Beth's corpse with a large towel. As he dried her body; he wondered about her husband. This woman was too beautiful to be a piece of meat in the morgue. Once she was dried; he placed her in one of the cooler drawers and covered her with a sheet.

Ian placed Beth's clothes in a plastic bag and picked up her purse which the coroner had placed in another plastic bag. He opened it and low and behold a pair of black lacy panties was stuffed in on top. He chuckled to himself “I know what they had been up to"."I hope her husband got him some on their wedding night because it will have to last him a lifetime." Ian tidied up and waited for his relief. His relief and the coroner arrived at 7:30 AM. Beth and Danny's parents had arrived during the night and as soon as Danny was released from the hospital that morning; they came by the morgue en route to the city where Danny and Beth had lived. The coroner was informed that Woodlawn Funeral Service would be handling Beth's arrangements. Owner Ronnie Wyatt received the call and employee George Carpenter was dispatched in the silver hearse to retrieve the young bride's corpse. It would be a long6 and a half hour trip each way.
Later that Monday afternoon; Ronnie Wyatt and his wife Carol met with Danny, his parents and Beth's parents to discuss the arrangements. It was decided that she would be embalmed to allow a viewing. The viewing/receiving of friends would take place on Tuesday evening from 7 until 9. Beth's funeral would be on Wednesday morning at 11 AM at the large church where she and Danny were married last Saturday night. Danny somewhat reluctantly went along with the wishes of her parents that she be buried in the Dodd Family crypt in the city where she was from and where her parents still lived. A Graveside service and the internment in the crypt were scheduled for 3 PM on Thursday to allow time for the coffin and the family and mourners to travel the300 miles to her hometown.

Later that evening George Carpenter arrived back after retrieving Beth's corpse. Ronnie and Carol were set up for the embalming as soon as he arrived and the body was placed on the table. The embalming fluid was injected thru small incisions in the left side of the neck and thigh as the blood drained from a vein in the neck. Ronnie exercised the corpse's arms and legs to distribute the fluid evenly. Once injection/draining was completed; the arteries/veins were closed and sealed. Beth's corpse was placed in the cooler overnight.
Resuming the preparation the next morning, Carol assisted Ronnie in the removal of Beth's lifeless brown eyes; replacing them with oval inserts and then gluing the eyelids shut. A plug of cotton was placed as far down the throat as possible. Then the mouth and lips were glued in place. Cotton balls soaked in insect spray were inserted into both nostrils. Ronnie with assistance from Carol rolled the curvaceous corpse over on her abdomen and proceeded to the middle of the preparation table. The perfectly proportioned long legs were spread apart and Ronnie inserted a length of plastic tubing into the corpse's rectum that ended just outside the anal opening. A hard foam plug was placed in the end of the tubing in case venting or draining was need before the burial. Glue was placed around the outside of the tube to seal the anal opening. After turning the corpse over on its back; another length of tube was inserted up the young bride's vagina until it rested against the cervix. The vaginal lips were then sutured to close that opening around the tube. Glue was placed around the outside of the tube as well as over the sutures to seal the vaginal opening. The hard foam plug was inserted in the end that slightly protruded from the vagina.

Danny had decided that Beth would be dressed in her wedding gown and accessories and those items were brought to the funeral home by Beth and Danny's moms. Danny was too distraught to make the trip. The moms also picked out the casket before they left for home. Carol assisted Ronnie as they dressed the young bride for her funeral. Her feet were placed inside the leg openings of the white lacy panties and they were pulled up her long sexy legs until they were in place with her dark pubic hair showing through the lace and the vaginal tube end bulging in the crotch. Thigh-hi lacy white stockings were now rolled over her feet and up to mid-thigh. Ronnie lifted the corpse's head, neck and shoulders to allow Carol to put the cups of the white strapless bra over Beth's large but firm breasts and fasten it behind the back. The white hi-heeled pumps were placed on her feet.

Ronnie now carried the corpse over to another table so Carol could wash and style her dark hair. Carol took out a wedding photograph that Beth's mom had brought to ensure that Beth's corpse looked as close to the way she did on her wedding day as possible. Once Beth's hair had been washed and styled; Ronnie and Carol compared the finished job with the photograph and each nodded with approval. Now it was time for the wedding gown. With some amount of effort; Ronnie and Carol maneuvered Beth's corpse until the beautiful gown was in place. Ronnie now carried the bride to her gray casket and gently laid her inside. He placed several towels over the upper part of her gown as Carol returned with the makeup kit. Checking the wedding photograph; she did the eyebrows and eyelashes with the eye pencil and then applied rouge and other makeup to the face and neck. A light coating of cherry red lipstick was applied to the lips.

Ronnie now brought out a small jewelry case. He handed a pair of diamond earrings to Carol and she attached them to Beth's earlobes. A diamond pendant was placed around the neck. Beth's watch was placed on her right wrist. The diamond engagement ring and her wedding ring were now slipped on her finger. She was now dressed as beautifully for her funeral as she was for her wedding. A dark red rose was placed in her hand and then her hands were crossed. Ronnie and Carol now stood back and admired their work. The young bride was easily the most beautiful corpse they had ever prepared in their twenty years in the business.

Later that afternoon Danny and the families came for the family viewing. Danny's got light-headed as the body of his beautiful bride came into view and he had to be helped to a nearby couch while the rest of the family viewed the corpse. A number of them were sobbing as Danny regained his composure and walked unassisted to the side of Beth's casket. He turned and nodded his approval of their work to the funeral directors. He reached over and squeezed Beth's cold stiff left hand and then to everyone's surprise; kissed her cherry red lips. Danny and the families then returned to his parents' house.

A steady stream of mourners filed past the young bride's casket that evening with most of the women sobbing into handerchiefs. More than a few of the men had erections they were trying to hide as they viewed the delicious young corpse that lay before them. All of the mourners had the deepest sympathy for the young groom whose marriage had ended before it hardly started. Once the family and the mourners had filed out; Ronnie closed the caskets lids for the night. The next morning the coffin was transported to the church and the body lay in state for an hour before the service. After a touching beautiful service; the coffin lids were again closed and the young bride was loaded into the waiting hearse that would transport her to her hometown.

The following afternoon, the open casket graveside service was held outside the Dodd family crypt. Danny broke down and wept as the lid of the casket holding his beloved bride was closed for the last time and it was carried into the crypt and placed in its compartment. A concrete lid was slid over the top and the door to the outside of the crypt was locked.

One of those in attendance at the graveside service was Jason Dodd, Beth's cousin. He hadn't seen her in years and probably wouldn’t have attended except for the insistence of his mother. He marveled at the dead beauty but the expensive looking jewelry that she was wearing was what really caught his eye. Returning to work the next day as a mechanic at the local new car dealership; he talked with his fellow mechanic Carl about attending the funeral of his cousin who was killed on her honeymoon. Jason also mentioned the sparkling jewelry she was buried in. Trying not to alarm Jason's suspicion; Carl was able to subtly learn of the location of the cemetery where the crypt was located. After expressing his condolences; he and Jason returned to work. But Carl couldn't stop thinking about the young bride and her jewelry. He still had it on his mind when work ended that day. He drove by the cemetery and noted it was an old one and there appeared to not be an attendant. He got out of his car and located the Dodd crypt.

Later that evening Carl called his friend Derrick and told him he needed help on Friday night. He didn't tell him what but Derrick figured it was another break in like several he had helped Carl with before. Imagine Derrick's surprise when Carl picked him up in the van and they drove to a secluded place near the cemetery crypt. He was still wary after Carl explained about the jewelry and the young bride.

Getting into the crypt was easy for Carl. The lock on the door was picked in no time. Carl and Derrick grabbed a couple of crowbars and headed in. Locating the compartment labeled "Beth Dodd Featherstone"; they used the crowbars to slide the concrete lid over onto another compartment. Carl now jammed his bar into the outer seal of the casket and with some effort broke loose the lid. Lifting the upper lid slowly; Carl almost couldn't believe his eyes as looked at the beautiful young bride. Her cousin had told the truth. She was very beautiful and the jewels. Well the jewels were really what brought him here. He motioned for Derrick to open the lower lid. A small amount of work with the bar accomplished that and now they were viewing all of the luscious corpse. Carl removed the diamond earrings from her earlobes and placed them in his pocket. He motioned for Derrick to lift the corpse but Derrick wasn't sure about touching the dead woman. Carl insisted; so from the head of the casket; Derrick lifted the head and shoulders so Carl could remove the necklace and then laid her back down. Carl removed the watch from the wrist and the rings from the fingers. Derrick was ready to leave but Carl was in no hurry. His dick had gotten hard at the sight of this beautiful dead bride. He had to have her. With Derrick's reluctant help; they carefully removed the wedding dress from Beth's corpse. Her sexy firm breasts looked succulent as they were revealed when the strapless white bra was removed. Carl now grabbed the waistband of the white lacy panties and slid them off the corpse's hips, legs and feet. With an initial look of bewilderment; he stared at the plugged tube protruding from the sutured pussy. But he wanted some of this dead young lady bad. He pulled out and unfolded a large sharp pocket knife. To Derrick's amazement; Carl began to pull away the glue and cut the sutures holding Beth's pussy tight around the tube. Once the sutures and most of the glue was removed; Carl grabbed the end of the tube and jerked it from the corpse's vagina. Carl picked her up and laid her back in the casket. Pulling a tube of Vaseline from his pocket; he reached down and squirted a glob into the cold, dead distended pussy. He inserted his middle finger and began to finger fuck Beth's dead cunt. Slipping his shoes, pants and underwear off; he crawled on top of Beth's corpse and spread her shapely legs wider apart. Carl planted a kiss on the cold cherry red lips and rammed his hard dick into the corpse's pussy and began to pump it with long, hard strokes. Derrick, who was keeping watch at the entrance to the crypt, couldn't believe that Carl was so hard up for a piece of ass that he would fuck a corpse. But he was doing it and from the sounds he was making; he was enjoying it very much. Carl's tempo continued to build until he could hold back no longer. With an extra hard stroke; he shot his hot load of sticky cum deep into the dead bride's vagina. Momentarily, Carl collapsed on top of her to catch his breathe before withdrawing his semi-erect dick and crawling out of the coffin. "Exquisite piece of ass"; he exclaimed to Derrick. "Didn't even have to pay for it". Carl reached down and removed Beth's white hi heels and rolled the lacy stockings down and off her toes. Mrs. Beth Featherstone's beautiful corpse was now completely nude in its final resting place. Carl's cum was seeping out of her pussy and running down around the tube that the morticians had inserted into her ass. Carl and Derrick took one more look before closing the coffin lids and sliding the heavy concrete lid back over the coffin. Ensuring that all the jewelry was still in his pocket; Carl picked up and folded the wedding dress while Derrick grabbed the lingerie and shoes. Once outside; Carl fixed the latch of the door where it would lock and then closed the door. You couldn't even tell anything had gone on here tonight. After placing the items in the van; they sped away in to the night. The next night; Carl sold the jewelry and the dress and shoes. He allowed Derrick to keep the bra, panties, and stockings for his girlfriend.

Three years later; Danny Featherstone is still grieving over the loss of his lovely young bride. He wakes up regularly with nightmares of the accident. Not a day goes by that he doesn't think about Beth. Occasionally those thoughts return to the short happy times he experienced with his lovely wife before the accident. The woman who was driving the van that hit the couple head and was charged and convicted with "Crossing the Center Line" and "Misdemeanor Death by Vehicle" couldn't deal with the fact that she had killed the young bride. Her marriage collapsed and she committed suicide a year later and was cremated. Meanwhile; Derrick is serving the second year of a seven year sentence after being convicted of numerous robberies and thefts not related to Beth Featherstone. Carl died 3 months ago of AIDS contracted from a prostitute he visited about a month after the crypt break in. He had paid the prostitute with some of the money he made from the sale of Beth's Jewelry and Wedding Dress. Ian Fisher, the young morgue attendant, is now getting his pathology residency training at a large metropolitan hospital near Beth's hometown. He has satisfied his lust with several of his female "clients", in the 3 years since his interlude with the young bride, when the opportunity presented itself for him to be alone with them. The naked corpse of Mrs. Beth Dodd Featherstone lies, slowly putrefying, in her casket in the Dodd family crypt. The final indignities inflicted upon the young bride were never detected.

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