First time posting-Take it easy on me.
Jeanie’s Big Boy

My name is Jeanie. Some months back, I started my Saturday morning like I start any other normal Saturday. I showered, made coffee, and began my usual chores. I’d gathered the dirty clothes from my room to put in the washer and I was heading to Brian’s room to see if he had any dirty clothes to be washed. This is really where the story starts. I opened Brian’s door and stepped into his room. Brian was lying on his bed with his pajama bottoms pushed down to his knees and he was jerking off.

Let me give you a little background before I go on―
I’m a 34-year-old single mom. I have one son; Brian, he’s seventeen. The last time I saw Brian’s father was the day I told him I was pregnant. He left me standing on my parent’s front porch in tears. I was sixteen. For the last 17 years I’ve been working hard and devoted all my time to raising Brian and putting a roof over our heads. We’ve done OK on our own so far.

I’m a manager in a large upscale clothing store, Brian is doing well in school, and we live in a nice three-bedroom townhouse in a nice neighborhood. I can’t complain. I’ve dated a few guys over the years but I never let anything get serious. Either they weren’t very interesting or I was just afraid of actually letting it get serious. Regardless―It’s just me and Brian and I’m perfectly happy with that.

` If I had one complaint, I suppose it would be the lack of intimacy through the years. Like most other woman, I have certain desires. I’m no prude; I’ve had a few one-night-stands over the years―The last one being when I was 30―but found that, all and all, trying to fulfill those desires wasn’t worth the trouble. Blind dates―Bad fix ups―Guys that think they’re God’s gift―It became easier and less stressful to just do it myself.

I have the Inter-Net, a little “Toy”, plenty of batteries, and a very good imagination. I pleasure myself in the privacy of my own room whenever I feel the urge. And for years that’s been enough. Sometimes I daydream about being with this guy or that guy {I wouldn’t mind doing Brad Pit} and maybe doing something a little… I don’t know…out of the ordinary, maybe a little naughty, but when everything is said and done…I’m OK.

Anyway, back to the story―The fact that Brian was jerking off didn’t really shock me too much. I’d pretty much known he’s been jerking off since he was about fourteen. I do the laundry―It wasn’t too hard to figure out. I had nothing against masturbation. I mean, how could I without being a hypocrite? I certainly did it enough.

I’d had “The Talk” with him, telling him what I thought he needed to know at the time and let him be. There were a few times, when he was a little younger that I’d seen him trying to hide an erection and a few times I’d had to knock on the bathroom door to make sure everything was OK cuz he’d been in there for so long―Nothing out of the norm.

Anyway―So him jerking off didn’t really shock me. What actually shocked me was Brian’s erection. When I walked in on him, we both froze―Me standing there at the door staring at my son’s dick… and him laying on his bed with his dick sticking up in the air, staring back at me. It looked like a banana on steroids. His hand was wrapped around the base, half buried in his pubic hair, and there was still quite a bit sticking up past his hand, curving slightly towards him. It was very thick and the head was very red and it looked almost freakishly long on his relatively small frame. Brian’s not a practically big 17 year old kid. He stands no more than 5’6” and weighs in at about 140 lbs.

I later thought that maybe it just looked so big because he was so small.
You might think that I noticed an awful lot in just a quick second but the truth is…I stood there for a good 5 or 6 seconds; glaring. When I finally gathered my wits, I quickly apologized, stepped out, and shut the door. I stood dumbfounded in the hall outside Brian’s door for a few seconds then slowly walked to the laundry room with an arm full of dirty clothes, thinking about what had just happened. Not only what happened―but what didn’t happen too. Brian laid there staring back at me for just as long as I stood in the doorway looking at him. He didn’t let go of himself and he didn’t try to cover himself up. I chalked it up to the fact that he was probably just as caught off guard as I was.

For the next few days it seemed that I couldn’t get the picture of Brian―Well…His dick really―out of my head. Because of that, I suppose I was acting a little “Unusual” in front of him. I guess I was kind of embarrassed that I’d been thinking about my own son’s dick so much.

Normally we joked around and genuinely had a lot of fun together. But know I had a hard time making eye contact and I seemed to keep the conversations kinda short; enough-so that he finally called me on it.
He asked me what was wrong, had he done something to piss me off? I told him ‘No’, naturally. I couldn’t tell him that I couldn’t stop thinking about his dick and that thinking about it made me feel―I don’t know― “Funny”.

I mean…Jesus. It’s not like I wanted to have sex with him―I just thought about his dick a lot. Not necessarily his dick, but maybe one like his. I wondered what sex would be like with a dick that size. {I’m very small and unusually tight. My small vibrator barely fits.} I wondered what a dick that size would feel like in my hand and what it would feel like…inside me. I mean…I would imagine something that big would feel “Different”.

I wondered if something like that would even fit inside someone my size―I’m 5’1” and 105 lbs. ―And if it did fit―Well―I just wondered, that’s all. I thought about that quite a bit in the days after I saw Brian jerking off. I’d like to think wondering something like that isn’t so unusual.

Brian really caught me off guard at dinner a few days later:
“How come you seem so……distant lately?” He asks me.
“Do I?”

“Is this because you caught me the other morning?” He asked. “What are you talking about?”

I acted like I had no idea what he was talking about.
I wondered if this was how he felt when I’d had “The Talk” with him. I was nervous and extremely uncomfortable.

“You know…when you caught me jerking off.” He clarified.
I felt my face flush.
“Brian…” I started. I felt a little itch in my throat. “I…I don’t care if you…do that. We’ve talked about that…All guys do it.”
I tried to me as nonchalant as I could but didn’t feel like I was pulling it off.

“Then why are you acting so strange?” he asked.
I sat at the table there just looking at him for a few long seconds trying to figure out how to answer that. What was I gunna tell him―I thought his dick was really big and couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have something like that inside me? I didn’t think so!

“Well?” He pushed. “Well―I guess―I guess I was just a little surprised when I walked in on you I suppose.”
I shrugged my shoulder and hoped that he would drop it. “…Surprised that I was doing that?”
I shook my head ‘Yes’. “That’s it?”
“Well, yeah. I guess…”
“Mom?” “Well, yeah, I mean…I guess I just didn’t realize that you’re…” I hesitated looking for the right words. “…You know…That you’re not my little boy anymore. You’re growing up and I suppose…I’ve just been feeling kinda…kinda old the last few days I guess.”

Brian smiled at me.
“That’s it?” He says, sitting across the table looking at me like he expected more, but that might have just been me being paranoid, I don’t know.
“Well―Pretty much, yeah.” I answered him.
“You sure?” He tried to pry a little deeper. He was quite persistent.
“Well …” ―I couldn’t believe I was gunna say it― “It just seemed like you’ve gotten kinda…Well…” He sat across from me waiting for me to just say it. “Kinda what Mom?” He urged me on with that silly smile of his. Frustrated, I just blurted it out,
“…Kinda big for your age.”

{He was kinda big for any age, but I didn’t think I needed to say that.}
“Really?” He asked with this shit eating grin. “Ya think?”
I shook my head and rolled my eyes, “I can’t believe I told you that.” I confessed.
“Why, what’s wrong with that?”
“Well, for one thing; that just doesn’t seem like something a mom should be saying to her son…”

He cocked his head and waited for me to go on with that little smirk on his face. He seemed to be enjoying this a great deal.
“And for another thing…I don’t need you strutting around here like some-kinda rooster in the henhouse.”
“What―You think I might get a big head?”
I looked at him over the rim of my ice-tea glass.
“Afraid I might go knocking stuff off the tables?”
“I guess you think you’re pretty funny, huh?”
“Well…Yes…I……I guess I do. At the very least…I’m amusing.” He says to me as his smile grew even wider. And I guess he was―Amusing.
I have to admit, I felt a little funny about kidding around with my son about the size of his penis, but I just shook my head and smiled back regardless.

I think I was a little hesitant to continue the conversation. I was afraid of saying something else that would let him know that I’d been thinking about his unusually big dick. And I didn’t need his smart ass going around knowing that. I’d thought I’d probably already said too much as it was―And I was right.

He seemed to get great pleasure out of teasing me since I’d made it known that I’d noticed his “Package”. He had quite the sense of humor too. I commented on a rip in a pair of his underwear a few days later― “Jeez Mom, ya think I might have to get some special underwear made?” was his response. I just rolled my eyes.
“Yeah, special…” I agreed sarcastically.

I made the mistake of asking him what took so long in the shower a few evenings later― He told me, “…It takes me a little longer…As you know…I have more to wash then most people.”
It was all very amusing but joking around about my son’s dick was weird and it only made me think about it more. Deep down, I wondered if maybe that might’ve been his intent.

We went on with our lives. I thought that maybe a few odd looks might have been exchanged from time to time but that might have just been my imagination. Everything seemed pretty normal…Well…Almost normal. Brian helped me clear the table and do the dishes a lot more than usual. I’d even come home from work a few nights to find the living-room vacuumed and straightened up. One night I’d even come home to find that Brian had cooked a nice dinner for us.

At the end of the night, after we’d watched some TV, Brian kissed me goodnight on my cheek and whispered, “You’re not old, and you look great…” I felt myself blush. “…For an old woman.” He added with his boyish smile. I slapped him on the arm and gave him a little shove towards the steps.
“Go to bed.” I told him.

As the days went on, I thought more and more about what I’d seen that morning and how it had somehow become such a souse of amusement to Brian. Not that I minded. Truth-be-know, I kind of enjoyed his teasing.

Eventually I found myself daydreaming about seeing it again and even let different little scenarios run through my mind: Catching him jerking off again. Walking in on him in the shower. Things like that. I even thought about what it would be like to spy on him; watch him jerk off. I found myself thinking about this stuff almost every night, while I tried to fall asleep. Then, of course, I even started to dream about it.

One night I dreamt I’d just come right out and asked him, “Can I see it?” …and he showed me! ―It was soft but still very long; hanging down between his legs. I watched it grow right in front of me into this monster hard-on. When I woke up from that particular dream, I was extremely wet between my legs and so turned on that I reached into my nightstand and got my vibrator out. I stuck it under the covers, pulled my panties to one side and brought myself to an incredible orgasm as I recalled the dream. The orgasm I had came surprisingly fast and was unusually intense. It was no surprise I found myself looking forward to more dreams.

There was a time I would have thought that was pretty messed up…But now…I found it pretty―Well―Stimulating. I even thought about maybe getting a bigger “Toy” to help satisfy my curiosity.
I didn’t consider anything I was doing, bad or wrong. They were just thoughts and dreams. I was sure that plenty of people had ‘Impure’ thoughts all the time. I mean―It’s not like I was acting on them; trying to do anything with my son.

And then one Sunday morning something happened that changed everything.
I woke up from a dream that should have really disturbed me, but it didn’t. I dreamt that I gave Brian a hand job, got him hard, and then… …let him fuck me. I’d woken up with my finger already inside my coochie and before too long, I’d grabbed my little vibrator, spread my legs and was fucking myself with that toy like crazy. I was in another world when I opened my eyes and saw Brian standing in my doorway.

I hadn’t heard him knock, {If he did} call me or even open the door. I’d just happened to open my eyes…and there he was. I can’t even tell ya how long he was there. I froze; with my legs spread and my dildo still deep inside me. You could have heard a pin drop. As a-matter-of-fact, it was so quiet…you could hear the humming of my vibrator still between my legs.

I watched Brian, not really comprehending, as he walked right up to the foot of my bed. The big tent in the front of his pajamas…registers…but I’m too disorientated to put two and two together. I watched him climb up on the bed without any hesitation, still not believing it. As I watched him crawl towards me on the bed, I laid there dumbfounded, my legs wide open, my vibrator humming away―Unable to respond, thinking surely I must still be dreaming.

He reached between my legs and brushed my hand away from my vibrator. My hand fell away like a weightless feather. He took hold of my “Toy”, moved it in and out one or two times very slowly. I remember thinking ‘What’s he doing?” Then I felt it slide out of my wet pussy but had no idea what happened to it. I’m watching all this like a slow-motion movie, unable to move.

I feel his hands on my thighs and I’m watching him in shock as he slowly lowers his head down between my legs without a word; looking at me as if he’s hoping I won’t stop him.

I’m starting to finally come to my senses and react now. I’m pushing myself back with my hand and feet, scooting my ass back away from Brian; back until I’m up against the headboard. But Brian’s moving right along with me. I can feel his warm breath on the insides of my thighs and then, my mouth drops open, my eyes bulge out of their sockets, everything becomes clear, “Oh-my-god!” I can’t believe it … I feel his mouth on me. “Brian?”

I’m digging my heals into the mattress, pushing with my legs but I can’t go back any further. I’m pushing on his shoulders with my hands but I haven’t any strength. The only thing moving is his mouth.
“Brian―Stop―No!” I’m telling him. It sounds like someone else saying it. There’s no conviction in my voice at all. It’s more of a halfhearted plea than an order; barely a whisper. I may not have even said it out loud.

I can feel his tongue moving inside me, his hot breath as he buries his face between my legs, a gentle vibration as he moans softly into my pussy, and I’m paralyzed. “What are you…You…You can’t Brian…” I’m gasping. “You shouldn’t.” I hear myself say. “You can’t do this…… ……I’m…… …… I’m your mother…” I hear the words but there’s no firmness to them; they’re barely more than a whisper; no potency at all.
It’s like seeing an accident as it happens―You see it…but still you can’t believe it. “Oh my god…” You whisper―But there’s nothing you can do about it―It’s happening.
“You can’t…Shouldn’t…” I hear myself trail off into a shallow sigh; stunned and overwhelmed by what I’m seeing and feeling.

As my words drift away, I’m swallowed up by the moment… I feel like I’ve been trapped inside a shrinking, airless bubble and all of a sudden…it bursts…and I’m free. The actual rush of it is beyond words; I just can’t explain it. I suppose if you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute…It would feel like that.

No one has done this to me in so many years and I can feel my body instantly reacting. I let him spread my legs more. I can feel my hips starting to slowly move in small circles as I look down between my legs. I inhale quickly, deeply…and hold it.
{I remember thinking―“Oh my god! I’m letting him!”} I feel his mouth moving over me, nibbling, softly sucking, and kissing, as I simply stare down at him; unable…or not wanting to stop him now. A finger slides inside me, and I think I’m gunna pass out.
“Brian…You shouldn’t.” I whisper my last feeble attempt to stop this. Then…………I hear myself say; surrendering, giving in to the moment; the way it all feels; the lust…“No one can know we did this Brian.” I whisper.

{To this day, I’m not sure if it was something I said out loud or to myself.}

I watch my own hands slide slowly along Brian’s bare shoulders. They end up with my fingers tangled in his hair. My hips are moving and swaying uncontrollably…and before I know it―I’m moving my ass back and forth on my pillow, and moaning, pushing my coochie up into Brian’s mouth while I hold his head between my legs. No one has ever made me feel quite this way and I can’t find the strength to stop it. I can’t find a reason. I’m not really looking.
“Brian!?!” I cry out as the pleasure ripples through me. “OH GOD!”
When he nibbles and sucks my clit into his mouth…I lose it. I started thrusting my tiny ass, grinding against his mouth, pulling his head deeper between my legs; almost crying from the pleasure as I thrust my head back against the headboard and my pussy explodes. I could feel it quiver and throb, my heart pounded in my chest and I could feel my heartbeat in my swollen clit, thumping like a drum.
“Oh my god Brian!” The feeling was unbelievable.

I’m 34 and had no idea that an orgasm could feel like that. Even more intense than the ones I’d had after dreaming about my son. And to my amazement…as my orgasm finally began to fade, another one―Just as strong― followed right behind it. I was afraid it wouldn’t stop. I was afraid I wasn’t gunna get a breath in.

Multiple orgasms; I’d read about such things. Eventually a smaller, gentler orgasm washed through me like a wave of warm water and my body went limp. There was a tingling in my head as I tried to tell myself to breathe.

I sat there, my back against the headboard with my eyes closed, my legs spread, and my son lying between them lightly kissing my wet pussy. I wait for the shame to take hold; for the humiliation to bare down on me, but instead, I felt only the bliss that comes after a fantastic orgasm and I felt Brian’s mouth still on me, still kissing me and nibbling me.

I was absolutely amazed that my 17-year-old son had made me feel that way.
When I finally opened my eyes and looked down, Brian was looking up at me from between my legs, gently, lightly flicking his tongue over my hard little clit. It felt too good to be so bad. I remember thinking that no one would find out. It’s just the two of us here. No one will know.

I took him by the hands and pulled him up to me. I brought his hands to my shoulders and guided him along until he was kneeling between my legs; the tent in his pajamas directly in front of me. Without saying a word, I tuck my shaky fingers into the waistband of his pajamas and pull down. His long dick springs out, pointing right at me, curving up towards my mouth.
I shivered as I slid my hands around to the back side of his pajama bottoms and slowly pushed them down over his small butt. I watched my fingers trace a slow path along his butt check, around his thighs to his cock. All I can think about as my fingers move over him is getting it inside me. My mouth drops open as my fingers glide over its length and then finally closed around it; amazed at the way it feels; its hardness, its unnatural length. I can’t help but wonder if it will fit. He’s certainly hard enough. Now―It’s just a matter of getting him as wet as I am.

I lowered my head and stretched my neck forward. I closed my eyes and rubbed the soft head of his dick across my lips. Three―four―six times…I’m not sure. I twirled my tongue around it. I’m breathing so hard that I have to breathe through my mouth to get enough air. I’m trying to calm myself somewhat so I can take him in my mouth, but it’s hard.

I kiss it and slide my lips over it; rub it all over my face. When I finally take him in my mouth, it’s like a dream. I suck it slowly, as deep as I can. I tease it with my tongue, lick it, spit on it, and let my hands spread my saliva all over it. I open my eyes when I hear the swishy wet sound my hands are making on him. I look up at him, a bit shamefully perhaps…but not enough to stop. He’s staring down at me like he can’t believe it, and rightly so. Oddly enough, it makes me smile.

“Put it in me Brian, OK?” I whisper shyly.
I’m uncomfortable, but not about what I’m doing with my son. I feel uneasy because of the amount of pleasure I’m actually getting from the act; this act of incest. I want it so badly…my entire body is trembling.

I gently push Brian back, my hand never leaving his hard dick, my body sliding down with his until my head is back on the pillow, and he’s hovering over me; between my legs. I don’t have to say anything. I’m moving my hand slowly back and forth over his cock as I guide it to my pussy. I spread my wet pussy lips apart with my free hand and start teasing my pussy with the soft, spongy, wet tip of his cock. I’m sliding it over my clit, making tiny circles with it, moving my hips slightly; spreading the wetness; lost in the way it feels.
The feeling is amazing as I slowly try to work it in. I’m biting my lip; both of us are staring between my legs, watching what I’m doing with his dick; Brian resting his weight up on his arms looking down and me craning my neck, looking down past my stomach. Our breathing is heavy, anxious. A slow, quiet moan escapes us both as I lift up a tiny bit and, little by little, the plump head of his dick slowly disappears inside me.

Brian’s patient; he doesn’t push; he doesn’t try to hurry me. He lets me do this at my own pace. That alone is a wonderful feeling.
It takes some time but I get more than half of him is inside me. “Push a little.” I tell him. “Easy…” He slowly pushes a little more in.
“That’s it Sweetie.” I whisper my encouragement. “You’re so tight.” He whispers. “You’re so big.” Is all I say.

I let my fingers slide back and forth on him and tell him, “…A little more.” When most of him is in me, I let go of his dick and slide both hands to the back of his upper arms.
“Go slow.” I whisper, and Brian begins to move.

He pulls out a little―Then gently pushes back in, again and again he does this…So gently, so tenderly. I slip his pajama bottoms further down past his butt. I move my hands to his small backside to help him.
We moved like this for what seemed like such a long time; slow, leisurely, fighting the desire to just fuck, as he went deeper and deeper inside me.

{Later, in reflection, I was absolutely amazed at how long Brian held on. It was my understanding that teenage boys weren’t known for their stamina.}

It felt incredible. The fact that it was my son that was doing this to me didn’t take away from the pleasure in the least. If anything, I eventually came too realized, it actually added to the excitement of it, the forbidden lust.
I know I should have stopped it. Hell―I should’ve never let it get that far. But the way it felt was overwhelming… so intense. There was nothing I could compare it to. I had never felt anything like that; the pull; the draw; anything so powerful.

When I felt his whisper of pubic hair touch mine, I wrapped my legs around Brian’s narrow hips and my arms around his neck. He held it there inside me as if he was waiting for approval or some kind of guidance.
“OK Sweetie…” I said as I leaned up into his ear. “Now fuck me.” I whispered unashamed.

Saying the words made my stomach drop and my stretched little pussy twitch.
“I can’t believe I said that.” I whispered to the room.
Brian’s started moving in and out of me very slowly at first. His strokes becoming longer―Much longer―and more forceful as my pussy got more used to his size. Soon we’re moaning and grunting; both of us breathing threw our open mouths. There’s no shame, no inhibitions now; only pleasure and a shared goal― We want to cum.

“Come-on Brian…Fuck me!”
“God Mom…It…It feels so…so good!”
“Ummm…I know Baby…That’s it…That’s it…Do it a little faster Sweetie…Fuck me faster!”
Brian did exactly that. I hadn’t fucked too many guys and Brian fucked me like I had never been fucked before. I held onto him, arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him down on top of me, grunting into his ear as he brought me closer and closer to another orgasm.

It wasn’t much longer before I was begging him―“Make me cum again Baby! Come-on, Fuck me! Oh Jesus! Fuck me!” I was all but yelling.
“Cum in me!!!” I blurted out and buried my face in the crook of his neck, sucking the flesh of his neck in my mouth to keep from screaming. It would seem that if there had been any reluctance or moral misgivings before…There were certainly none now.

We couldn’t have timed it any better. We both screamed out at the same time― “I’m cumming!!!”
I no sooner heard the words when I felt him shooting inside me; each hard blast as it shot deep into my coochie. My pussy gripped him and squeezed his dick again and again and again as I came hard too.

I reached down and grabbed his tight ass, “Deeper!” I groaned into his neck. “Push it in me! Push it in and hold it there!” I begged as I drew him to me. He lifted up on his arms and pushed into me until my head was against the headboard again. He couldn’t get in any deeper. It took my breath away. I couldn’t breathe, literally.
I felt him throbbing, shooting into me again and again until, finally there was no more. The whole time, my legs, my stomach, and my butt quivered and convulsed uncontrollably, like I’d stuck my finger in a light socket. My mouth hung open but no sound came out.

Brian collapsed on me with a long lung emptying groan. I held onto him. It took a few seconds but I finally began to breathe again. We held onto each other until our breathing had calmed.
“What made you do this?” I finally gasped.
“You did.”
“I mean―What made you climb up on my bed in the first place and…you know.”

All of a sudden I was shy again. I was having a rough time coming right out and saying it.
“You did…Watching you.” He said.
I must have looked confused.
“I stood at the door and watched you with your vibrator.”

Then I asked a stupid question― “Why?”
“You’re kidding, right?”
I shook my head ‘No’, still a little confused. “God Mom, you looked so hot doing that; I couldn’t just walk away. How come you stood in my room for so long looking at me when you walked in on me?” He had me there.
“Well, I guess because I’d never seen a dick as big as yours. You know―Up close and personal, I mean.”
“Well― I’ve never seen anything as hot as what I saw when I walked into your room.”

Even after all we’d done I felt myself blush. “You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you?” He asked.
“About what?” I was hesitant to tell him the things I’d thought about.
“This.” He says and gave a playful little shove with his hips. I bit my bottom lip as his dick pushed into me and the pleasure rippled through me again. Even though it had lost some of its firmness, he still filled me up.
“Well, I suppose I did. But in my defense, you made it kinda hard not to with all your kidding around.”
“But it’s OK, right?”
“Of course it’s OK Sweetie. I like it when you joke around with me.” “I mean this…” He gave me another little shove. “This is OK, right?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. Of course it wasn’t…OK. What we did was wrong; very wrong, and in spite of the fact that I did nothing to stop it and……it was unbelievably amazing…I was still his mother.
“Brian, you know this is wrong.” I told him.
I felt like an idiot saying that to him while he lay on top of me with his long dick still inside me. And it didn’t go unnoticed by my son either. He had that shit-eating grin on his face.
“I know…”He said. “…But I notice we’re still laying here like this.” He jerked his hips again.

I dropped my head back on my pillow and let out a deep, submissive sigh. He had me again. I felt his dick move inside me and found it kinda hard to concentrate on the conversation.
“We certainly are. It feels really good.” I told him honestly and moved my hips a little too.
“So then it’s OK?”
I could hear the enthusiasm in his words as he pushed up into me some more. “It’s not OK, but I still want to do it.” I whispered shyly, slid my arms around his back, and pushed up into him.

After a minute or two of slow, playful fucking, I told him to get off. The sparkle in his eyes suddenly faded. “Get off and just roll over.” I explained. “On your back.”
He smiled again and did what I said.
When he was settled on his back, I took his wet, slippery dick in my hand, threw my leg over him, and slowly lowered myself down on his long cock.

“Jesus!” I moaned as I slowly slid down on it inch by inch until he was all the way in again and I was sitting on top of him. I rested my hands, palms down on his chest to steady myself. I gathered what composure I could, before I started to rock my hips back and forth; grinding down on him.

When I felt Brian reach up and start massaging my tits through my T-Shirt, I started to move my hips a little faster. Soon I was lifting up off him, higher and higher, and slowly letting myself back down, over and over again. He seemed to have regained any firmness I’d thought he’d lost. I pushed down on his chest and lifted myself higher off his thighs; somewhat taken back by how high I could lift myself off him without his dick falling out of my snug pussy.
“Holy crap! That feels awesome when you do that.” He groaned.

I liked hearing him say that. Even if it was my son saying it, it was nice to hear, nice to feel wanted; desired. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the attention.
{In hindsight, it made it much easier to accept all this. Up until that time, all I’d been was a store manager and―Although no doubt one without morals―A mom. It felt good to feel like more; like a woman. Even a deprived woman…with questionable values and principles … …It felt good to feel…alive. }

I leaned back, sitting on Brian’s thighs, reached down, pulled my nightshirt up over my head, and dropped it to the floor. Brian’s hands moved right back to my bare breasts. When he squeezed them I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I began to fuck my son more earnestly as lust, once again, took over.
It was lunch time by the time we rolled out of my bed. I knew two things immediately:
―I was gunna have a little trouble walking tomorrow morning.
―And I wanted to do this again.


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Brilliant. I am rock hard now and all by myself. Oh well, only one thing for it. Wank time!

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2015-06-29 11:20:30
I don't like incest but they hasn't a good plot

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2015-06-22 21:02:59
I know its wrong but when i was 13 i fucked my stepmum when my dad was working nightshift. She pretended to b asleep but i knew she wasent n i spunked in her.

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2015-06-21 23:38:03
Wow I love this story but I want it too. I want awesome sex my sister is 14 so I might start something idk yet

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2015-06-14 19:20:42
My mom is in the bedroom changing into wearing nothing. She's been teasing me all day with flashes of her panties and her tits, whenever my father was out of the room. Since we started fucking a month ago, it's been hard (yes, hard!) it find time alone. But my father just left for a weeks business tri and now mom is getting ready for some loving. I can't wait ti lick her and squeeze her tits. I want to finger her and make her cum before I slip my cock inside her and screw until she screams. We have all week since school is over for the summer and she said that she doesn't want my cock out of her cunt or mouth or ass all week. She's calling me upstairs. Maybe I'll have my own stories to write soon!

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