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Outdoor fantasy
Hi, this is the first story i have ever written please do leave comments and feedback good and bad. So here goes and please do let me know what you think. Thanks

One night I decide to surprise my man, I arrange to meet him in a local bar in a town close by to where we live. I tell him that when he gets there to find himself a seat so that he can see the main area of the bar but he was not to acknowledge me when I walked in. I dressed up in my knee high boots, black stockings, short black skirt, a see thru pattered black top and a little jacket. Underneath all this I was wearing some black split crotch panties and no bra.
Now as I don’t drive I had to catch the bus to where we were going and needless to say I was getting quite a few looks from the other passengers as I walked down the bus to take my seat towards the back. At the next stop 2 guys got on, they came and sat close to me, I could feel them looking me up and down and this just added to my excitement, so I decide to give them a little treat. I shift in my seat so my skirt rides up my legs a little and shows the tops of my stockings. I can feel their eyes on me so I let my legs widen slowly giving them a flash of my little black split crotch panties and my very wet pussy lips. I stay like this for a few moments and just as my stop comes up I open my legs wide showing them my open wet pussy. I dip a finger inside and then bring it to my mouth and taste my juices. My stop comes and as I walk past them I can see they both have very hard cocks in their jeans and can’t help but smile.
As I make my way to the bar I can feel the cool breeze blowing up my skirt and across my wet pussy lips, it feels amazing too out in public like this. As I enter the bar I have a look around and can see my man sitting as I told him, I continue to look around and see that are a lot of people in tonight, this gives me a big rush. I sit up at the bar and order a G&T. As the barman bring me my drink I let my jacket slip open and give him a quick flash of what I’m wearing, he smiles as he hands me my drink and takes my money. I spin around on the chair having not re done up my jacket so anyone who looks close enough can see that my top is see thru. I see sat across from me a guy on his phone, he’s cute. I make sure he is looking my way and very slowly uncross my legs so he can see up my skirt, he does. I have his attention now, he is looking up my skirt at my wet pussy I re-cross my legs and he looks up and me, I give him a little smile. This goes on for a while me uncrossing and re-crossing my legs teasing him. He is constantly staring at my pussy and I can feel it getting wetter as he looks on, then my phones goes; it’s a text from my man saying how much he is enjoying the show. I send back telling him how turned on I am doing this, how horny I am and how much I want to be filled with cock. He tells me to go for it a see what happens, I glance at him and give him a smile. I get a second drink and turn back around to continue my fun and get quite a shock.
As I turned around I find that the guy I have been teasing is no-longer alone, he has been joined by 3 friends and they are all looking my way! My phone goes again, a text from my man that read “well carry on then you dirty slut! P.s I love you”. So here I am I have my man watching his girl showing her very wet pussy to 4 complete strangers and anyone else who happens to look. My drink goes down very quick this time and as I’m about to order another one the first guy I was flashing comes up to me and says he will get it. We start talking and he tells me his name is James and some other stuff but I’m not really listening all I can focus on is the bulge in his jeans. When the drinks come back he invites me over to sit with his friends and over I go. I sit in the middle of them, 2 on either side I find out the others names (Steve, Jon and Rich).
I have James directly on one side and Steve on the other. Now don’t forget that I have a see thru top on and they can all see my soft tits and rock hard nipples. We are all flirting like crazy, laughing and joking and then I feel a hand on my knee stroking very lightly, its James. I don’t protest and his hand starting working up my leg to my stocking tops, still he goes on until he reaches my panties and my pussy lips, he starts to tease my pussy lips with his finger and then he slides his finger deep in my pussy, I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling as he works my pussy. On the other side Steve has taken my hand and guided it to his crotch, I jump not expecting what I find he has taken his cock out! I wrap my fingers around his hard cock and slowly start wanking him. He is a good size about 7 inches long. All the time James is fingering my pussy and bringing me to a very powerful orgasm. As I start to cum Steve starts pinching my nipples thru my top, I close my eyes again and feel my orgasm ripping through me, I struggle to keep quiet, I just want to scream out loud in pleasure. As my orgasm subsides I open my eyes, Rich and Jon say they are feeling left out, so I suggest we go outside to the car park to continue our fun.
As soon as we get outside to one of their cars I feel hands everywhere, I have them all around me, they are feeling my tits, my ass, my pussy everything. My top comes up exposing my naked tits to their eager mouths and tongues, fingers are deep in my pussy. I feel one of them try to slide a finger in my ass, but I tell them that is my mans hole and only his. They agree. I drop to my knees and they each take their cocks out for me to suck, Rich has a short but very thick cock, Jon has a thin but long cock and James, my god he is about 10inches long and very think. So here I am on my knees in a car park sucking and wanking 4 very hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of sucking and wanking I get picked up and bent over, I take Jon in my mouth and feel Steve position his cock at the entrance to my pussy and drive in hard. Steve sets the pace driving his cock deep in my wet pussy pushing my mouth down over Jon’s cock. I cum so hard and fast I squirt my juices all over Steve’s cock. After a couple of minutes like this we change and I start sucking Rich’s cock while James slides his big fat cock deep in me he is stretching my pussy but feels amazing in me. I cum and cum all over his cock, I take Steve and Jon in my hands and start wanking them. So I now have a cock in each hand, one in my mouth and one buried deep in my pussy. This continues for another 15 minutes or so all of them taking turns to fuck me, have a blow job or hand job. I am having one long orgasm now and it feels amazing to be so full of cock!! James has his cock deep in my pussy fucking me hard, deep and fast his pace quickens and I can feel he is about to cum so I get on my hands and knees and tell them I want them all to cum over my tits and face, all 4 are standing around me wanking their cocks. James tells me he is going to cum and shoots his first thick jet of cum over my face there is so much of it a second jet, a third, fourth, fifth he keeps Cumming, this sets the others of too, all 4 are coming on my face and tits at the same time and it feels incredible. They quite literally cover me in cum. After they finish I lick and suck each cock clean. I can taste my pussy on their cocks. I thank them for such a good time and take James’s number and send them back in the bar.
I’m there in the car park on my knees covered in cum when I see a figure coming towards me, I smile, my man was there all the time watching, I ask “did you enjoy the show baby?” He replies by picking me up bending me over and sliding his hard cock in my ass, he fucks me like a wild man and when he is about to cum he turns me around and push’s me down on my knees so he can add his load to the 4 that are already on my face and tits. He puts his dick away, picks me up and looks at his cum covered girl and smiles. I tell him I love him and I always will.


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2014-11-24 18:15:49
When written this way, it loses a lot of its punch as it begins to sound strictly like a fantasy. Fantasies are great, however the human mind wants to believe everything really happened as it makes it so much more erotic.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-11 21:04:38
3d9JZe The Author is crazy..!


2011-08-02 05:36:19
Aargh! Can we have a preview function so we can check the formatting of our comments and stories?


2011-08-02 05:33:55
I like it. It's written in the first-person present-tense (consistentlly!), which keeps the pace going. One thing I would change would be your use of numbers. 1) Always write them in words 2) beware of overusing them in place of the concept you are trying to convey. Instead of '10 inches' how about 'huge'? Instead of "after 10 minutes'" how about "some time later we have satisfied ourselves with this position - it's time for a change" . The scene on the bus was great - and in fact you did do this ("I stay like this for a few moments"). Also in that scene the protagonist's feelings come through ("I can feel their eyes on me", "I can't help but smile") and that's always a turn-on. An excellent first story; more please.

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