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Some things in this part of the story, Christine's part, may seem a little strange if you haven't read the previous chapters. So I would advice you read them all. Now enjoy...
Chapter VI

Chrissy stepped back from the window.

She came home from school 20 minutes ago excited about how her day had turned out, only to find that her excitements weren't over yet. Moans and shouting came from the back yard, and as she went through the living room to investigate, she found her daddy having sex again, this time with some woman she'd never seen before. It was quite an attractive woman too, with red hair and a pale but healthy looking body. Her hands were tied behind her back, but she didn't seem to mind.

Chrissy knew that it was only natural for her daddy to have sex, but the scene still made her feel that tingling sensation in her crotch, and she just had to watch. Knowing they'd probably be too occupied to notice her and that the light from outside would make it difficult to see her in the dimly lit living room, she had sneaked a hand under her short skirt and touched the damp fabric of her undies.

All day her thoughts had been filled with erotic images; drifting back to the night before when she had been woken by noises downstairs; noises that was unfamiliar to her. At first she had thought that the shouts and screams meant that her parents were fighting, but somehow the sounds weren't quite right. And when she had heard her mommy shout “Yes, oh yes!” she'd been certain something else was going on.

Today she couldn't understand exactly why she had been shocked by what she saw when she went downstairs to investigate, finding her mommy naked on her hands and knees while her daddy stood behind her, moving his hips back and forth. She had seen his cock going in and out, and she had heard her mommy screaming with joy, shouting words that Chrissy had never heard from her mommy's mouth before. Maybe it wasn't so strange that she had been shocked after all?

Now Chrissy was not a complete stranger to sex, having watched porn on the internet at her friend Maureen's place a couple of times while her parents were out, but to see her own parents doing it was something different; something she'd never seen before. And then her mommy had shocked her even more, spinning round and taking her daddy's cum on her face... just like in the pornos. That was when Chrissy had been discovered.

Today she wasn't shocked at all anymore, just curious. Watching how the redhead was clearly enjoying herself, daddy's cock going in and out of her pussy from behind, Chrissy decided she had to try it some time soon. As she stood in the living room rubbing her finger up and down across her increasingly wet panties, she was having a hard time keeping quiet, but the noises coming from the other side of the large windows was much too loud for them to hear her, so she closed her eyes and let her moans escape quietly through her lips. Then all of a sudden she heard a crash as the table broke.

The noise surprised her, and she ran upstairs to her room again, a room that had a perfect view of the patio in the back yard. This was also where she had been standing last night when her parents were entertaining guests. Well – from the look of it, her daddy had been the one to be entertained the most, but her mother had been doing her share. Once again she had been awoken by noises even though her daddy had told her to go to sleep.

Daddy had been doing the same thing to another woman last night as he was doing right now; pushing his big penis into her pooh hole. Again it looked impossible that it could fit into such a narrow hole, but nevertheless it had slipped inside more or less with ease. This made Chrissy even more curious. Could that really feel good? Having something up there?

Carefully she slid her panties halfway down her thighs. She rubbed a finger back and forth between her smooth, hairless pussy lips, making it wet and slippery with her own juices. Then her curiosity got the best of her and she knew she had to try. Pushing her index finger against her back hole, it slipped inside to the first knuckle. She ghasped. It felt like such a dirty thing to do, even though her daddy was pushing his cock into the very same hole on the redhead downstairs. It felt dirty, but she liked it.

She let the finger slide out, gathered more moisture from her pussy and tried again. This time going in to the second knuckle. God this was exciting. She could literally feel her pussy starting to run over with juices. Below her on the patio the sound of screams started to rise, reaching her as she herself was moaning louder. She was using both hands now, one rubbing her clit and the other going slowly in and out of her anus. It felt tight around her finger, and how something as big as a cock could fit in there was a mystery to her. Suddenly she saw the woman and her daddy collaps with a final, primal scream, and she stepped back from the window.

The only logical step for her now was to fall down on her bed and rub herself to a glorious orgasm. She was lustful now, longing for her wonderful lover, the one that had taken her virginity; the one that had given her so many unforgettable moments. And her lover was right by her bed. On the bedside table. Her lover, the hairbrush. She picked it up and put the handle in her mouth, thinking of all the times she had done this whilst wondering how it would feel to have the real thing there. Now she knew.

“Christine White!”

She remembered how her teacher had shouted at her in class for not paying attention. It had produced laughter from her classmates, and she'd turned red when she looked around, noticing them stare at her and whisper to each other. It was almost as if they had been reading her thoughts, but how could they? Her mind had continuously been drifting elsewhere today. Ever since seeing her mommy giving daddy a blowjob at the breakfast table this morning, particularly since kissing her mommy on the cheeks and tasting her daddy's cum, her mind had been dwelling on the thought of finding out how it would feel and taste to have a cock in her own mouth. Leaving the house, she had scooped up the cum and licked her fingers clean even before her daddy had shouted for her to wipe her face before going out. She had been savoring it in her mouth for as long as she could just to feel the texture and taste of it before swallowing.

On the bus, her eyes had constantly been drifting to the crotches of the few guys sitting close to her, and Maureen had been a little pissed at her for not paying attention when she was trying to tell her something she thought was important. But nothing else was important in Chrissy's mind this morning, only the thought of having a cock in her mouth and sucking it till it came.

“Parents can be sooo lame sometimes,” Maureen had said, finishing her story about how she had been sent to her bedroom way before bedtime just because she had said something about how homework sucked and that she totally hated school.

“Did you do your homework?” she had asked, and Chrissy had just nodded absentmindedly, whereupon Maureen had flicked her fingers in front of her face a couple of times and mocked: “Helluuuu... anybody there?”

That had put her out of her thoughts for a moment, but not for long.

One of the other girls in class, Lorraine, had sucked cock. Or at least that was what everybody was saying, especially Freddy who's cock she'd allegedly had her lips wrapped around. Lorraine had never denied the story. Instead she had retaliated by confessing to actually planning to suck him off, but his cock had been so small that she wasn't able to find it. Whether it was true or not didn't really matter anymore, because Lorraine would for always be labeled a slut, and Chrissy knew that if she would do the same thing and her classmates found out about it, that label would be on her too.

So even if she had been checking out almost every guy's crotch all day, she had dismissed the idea of approaching any of them because she didn't know if she could trust any of them to shut up. Not until lunch time.

“Can I join you?” Lionel had asked.

Lionel was the class nerd, a little chubby, not very tall and of course he wore glasses. Even so, Chrissy considered him a friend, mostly because he had been helping her out with her homework more than a couple of times, and because he was genuinely nice. Maureen wasn't really a big fan of Lionel. She thought that hanging around with him would make people think she was a nerd too, but she hadn't said anything when Chrissy had smiled and told Lionel he could sit with them. Chrissy let Lionel sit there today because Chrissy had a plan.

“Do you think you could help me with my math homework afterward?” she had asked. “I think I got most of it right, but there are one or two problems I need help on.”

“Sure,” Lionel had answered, and Chrissy had kissed him on the cheek and thanked him, something that had made him turn red with embarrassment. He had a crush on her, that was something everybody knew.

Later, between classes, they had gone to the library and it had only taken a couple of minutes for Lionel to help her out. Again she had kissed him on the cheek and made him embarrassed again.

“You know, you have been helping me out a lot this year,” she had said. “I feel I should do something to thank you properly.”

“I like helping you. You don't need to thank me.”

“But I want to. Come here, I have an idea.”

And then she had lead him across the hall and into the broom cabinet. There hadn't been anyone else around to see them; the library wasn't all too popular among the kids at school, so Chrissy had thought it safe to put her plan into action there. The cabinet was small and dark, the only light coming from the edges around the door, and they had to stand really close. She had felt Lionel trembling when she'd taken his hand and whispered:

“Now you mustn't tell anyone about this.”

“But Christine... what...”

“Do you like me, Lionel?”

“Yes of course, but...”

“Then be quiet and let me do this for you.”

She had been trembling herself as she had lowered herself to her knees, letting her body slide down against his, heart racing, her head screaming with joy and anticipation. She would finally live out her fantasy, her dream of feeling and tasting, of doing something sexual with someone, making them feel good. Her mouth was already watering as she started to unbutton and unzip his pants, hearing him breath heavy and fast above her, whispering her name, telling her she didn't have to do this. But she wanted it, she needed it, she lusted for it.

His cock had slapped her cheek softly as she pulled down his trousers and underwear in one quick motion, and that had been enough to send an electric shock to her pussy, making it tingle and probably moisten. She'd felt the cock lay against her nose. Taking a deep breath and catching its unfamiliar but intoxicating scent, she grabbed it by the root and closed her lips around it.

“Oh Christine,” Lionel had breathed. He was the only one she knew that used her real name and she thought it was sweet. Everyone else called her Chrissy, so him calling her by her full name made him sort of special to her. She didn't love him or anything like that, but he was the only one of the opposite sex that she could really call a friend. So it was only right that his would be the first cock she tasted.

She'd taken good care to make the most of it, taking it as far into her mouth as she could and feeling the strange combination of soft skin and rock hard core as it slid across her lips, her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. The taste was musky, unfamiliar and exciting, and pretty soon another taste was mixed in. A fresher taste that was salt and sweet at the same time, his pre-cum she had gathered. She had touched his balls softly with only her fingers, stroking along its wrinkled surface, noticing how it contracted under her touch.

Remembering her mommy under the breakfast table, she had started to bob her head back and forth like her mommy had done, making a sucking motion while going backward and just letting it slide softly across her lips as she moved forward. With her tongue lapping at the underside of his shaft and around the mushroom head, she had investigated the shape of it, feeling the smoothness of the shaft, the string on the underside of the head, the hole at the end of it where his fresh pre-cum was oozing out.

It hadn't lasted long. Chrissy couldn't tell how long, but she knew she would have wanted it to go on forever. She had felt the wrinkled skin on his balls suddenly contract and his cock jerk in her mouth, so she already knew what was happening even before Lionel said:

“Christine... I'm... oh!”

And then a third taste had filled her mouth, stronger than the other two. It had been salty and sour, but not in a bad way. It was different from what she had remembered from this morning, and that only confirmed what she had read on the subject, that different men tasted different.

But the most intoxicating feeling had been that of power. The way Lionel had been moaning and shaking, almost falling over as his knees buckled, witnessed of pure delight on his part. And as he had knelt down in front of her, looking at her with gratitude painted all across his face, she'd known that with only a little touching, licking and sucking, she could bring a guy to ecstasy. That was power.

So as she lay on her bed in her bedroom, sucking on the handle of her hairbrush, she now knew that it was a poor substitute. But it was the only thing she had. The only lover that could satisfy her right now so she moved it down between her thighs and pushed it inside.

She couldn't remember ever being so wet ever before. She was dripping, soaking the sheets between her legs, and the handle slipped easily inside. Wriggling her legs, she pushed her panties further down her thighs, across her knees and to her ankles, and finally being able to spread her legs, she started fucking herself with the hairbrush, making splashing sounds as it was driven in and out of her young cunt. She bit her lower lip, sweat starting to break out and her nostrils widening as she picked up her tempo. Her hand found its way up under her tank top, pushing her small titties free of the fabric, and pinching her left nipple. She had to let out a moan as she with closed eyes not only relived the minutes in the broom closet at school, but also brought the fantasy further, envisioning how Lionel would fuck her up against the wall.

She knew her orgasm couldn't be far away, and she would probably reach it whenever she wanted if she kept this up, but there was still one thing she was going to do today. One more thing she had promised herself, so she pulled the hairbrush handle out and lifted her legs. Pulling her knees towards her chin, holding them there with her free hand, she pushed the dripping wet handle against her pooh hole. Her body was trembling with anticipation and she pushed harder, closing her eyes and trying to relax while wriggling the handle a little, trying to ease it up her hole. And it worked.

A long moan escaped her lips as the hairbrush slowly slid inside her, her body accepting it as shivers ran up and down her spine, causing her nipples to stand at attention and gooseflesh to cover her arms. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she stopped pushing, reaching the point where it would not go any further. She left it there for a few seconds, letting her horny body feed on the feeling. And then she started rubbing.

One hand was rubbing furiously on her clit while the other grabbed the hairbrush and started to move it. In and out in circular movements she picked up the pace, at the same time running her fingers up and down between her pussy lips. Her body was lingering on the point of orgasm as her breath quickened, her moans peaking; high pitched, short pulses of sound escaping her lips. She was fucking her ass. Her dirty little ass. Her mind showed her a clear picture of herself being penetrated by her daddy's big cock. And then she stiffened.

Her mouth was open in a silent scream, the only part of her body that was moving was her toes, curling and wriggling towards the ceiling. And then she slowly started to shake. Her eyes opened, big as dinner plates, looking into a new dimension. Her legs straightened, making a perfect V starting at her shining wet crotch. Her upper body lifted from the bed so that she was only balancing on her little ass. And then electric pulses seemed to rock her body.

Chrissy's orgasm was powerful, yet silent; only one high pitched squeak leaving her mouth. Her body was riding the ecstasy for almost a minute before she collapsed on the bed. Exhausted. And with the largest smile on her lips.

Damn that was wild, she thought.

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