Friday was still a day away! I couldn't I watched Amber's house to watch for her husband to leave for work. Once he left, I went over to her house. I found the sliding glass door unlocked so I went inside. Once inside, I heard the shower running upstairs. I went up stairs and just as I reached the bathroom, the shower stopped. The door was cracked open a bit and I saw Amber step out of the shower. Her hair and body were dripping wet...If I had my way, her cunt would be as well before I was done! I watched her dry off and wrap the towel around her hair...leaving her fully naked! Once she turned her back to the door, I entered the bathroom and shoved her against the wall. I leaned into her ear and said "Good morning slut!" Amber was startled. "What are you doing here?" she said! "I’m here to use your pussy" I said. I lowered my pants, releasing my already hard cock! Then I grabbed her wrists and lifted them high; pinned against the wall. Without hesitation, I thrust my cock deep into Amber's pussy! She let out a small whimper due to the force of my thrust! As I held her against the wall, I began fucking with no regard for her! I continually pounded my hard cock in and out of her...stroke after hard penetrating stroke! Her whimper became moans...almost animal like! I was thrusting so hard, I was lifting her feet off the floor! She began moaning louder telling me "Please keep fucking me!...Please Keep fucking meee!" I felt her wet pussy squeeze my cock as she yelled out in her orgasm! "OHHH!, OHHH!, OHHH YESSSS!" she yelled. My pounding was relentless and I felt my balls tighten. I quickly removed my cock from her pussy and rammed it into her ass!! My cock's invasion of her ass caused her to have another orgasm! After two or three thrust, I shot my load deep into her ass...spurt after spurt. God her ass was tight! Once I finished cumming, I removed my cock from her ass and shoved a butt plug in. I told her "I want you to keep my load in your ass until tonight! After you husband goes to bed, you will come over to my house and show me you still have the butt plug in! Do you understand?" She nodded her agreement. With that, I left her bathroom and house and returned home.

At about 10:30 that evening, I heard a knock on my door. As I opened the door, there stood Amber! She was dress in a short dress that barely covered her ass! As she walked in, I could smell her arousal! I shut the door, and walked up behind her. I reached around the front of her and started rubbing her wet pussy! Her panties were soaked! I told her "Lift your dress and remove your panties!" She slowly did as I said and I saw the butt plug that I put in her ass over 12 hours ago still in place. I took her panties and raised them to my nose! I whispered in her ear "You smell delicious!" and once again began rubbing her pussy...sliding my index and middle finger in and out of her cunt! Amber grabbed my hand to stop it from playing with her and said "I have to get back home! Can we hurry up?" I told her she would be able to leave when I was ready for her to leave! I took her to the couch and pulled her dress completely off her body! I then had her bend over the arm of the couch with her ass in the air. I spread her ass cheeks and saw her asshole holding onto the butt plug. I grabbed the plug and slowly pulled it out of her ass! Since the plug had been in place so long, I knew there wouldn't be much cum left. I moved her into a squatting position and made her try and force as much cum out of her ass as possible. To my surprise, there was more dribbling out of her ass than I imagined! As the cum dribbled out, I let it run into a glass. Once I collected it all, I brought Amber to a standing position facing me. I handed her the glass and told her "drink!" Amber was I guided her hand to her mouth. I told her to "drink!" Without anymore hesitation, Amber drank my cum that had been in her ass since that morning! I then made her clean the plug that was in her ass with her mouth! Once she was done, I told her she could leave and I would see her tomorrow morning for our get-away. She went to grab for her dress...but I stopped her. I said "I told you you could go home...but said nothing about taking the dress!" I sent her through the front door and turned on my outside lights so anyone passing by would be able to see her!

Early Friday morning, Amber came to my house. She had her bag and was wearing tight jeans and a tight blouse! I told her "You look fucking amazing!...but I have something else I want you to wear." I gave her a shopping bag. She opened the bag and pulled out heels, a tiny skirt that wouldn't even cover her gorgeous ass, fishnets and a fine mesh half top. Once she changed, we locked up and left...she looked like such a slut!! As we began our drive, I told her we had one stop to make. We drove to the downtown area and parked in front of the office building her husband worked at. I told her to get out of the car. I guided her to the office’s front window and turned her back to the window. I forced her to her knees...her ass exposed as she bent down...and put my cock in her mouth! She began to suck my cock...working it all the way in! She began rubbing her own pussy...causing her to moan! As she was sucking, I told her "all the guys in the office are watching and walking toward the windows!" This caused her to rub her cunt harder and faster! I then told her "Your husband is watching too! Don't turn around or he will know it is you sucking off some other man!" With this, she began to deep throat my cock...until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs! I couldn't take it any longer. I grabbed two hand fulls of her hair and began face fucking her...hard! After only a few strokes, I shot my load with a force that sent my cum against the back of her throat! She tried keeping up...swallowing all she could, but some oozed out of her mouth. Once I finished cumming, I grabbed her arm and escorted her back to the car...we began or trip. As we were driving, I could see her nipples through her mesh top! They were standing straight out! I couldn't wait to reach the lake house!

Once we arrived, we took our things in to the house. Then I lead her out to the back yard. I took her to the tree in the middle of the yard and secured her hands around the if she were hugging her beautiful ass was exposed. She asked "Why are you doing this?!" I told her that I had invited several guests over and she was going to be the entertainment! I tied a blindfold around her eyes and then inserted a butt plug in Amber's ass. I told her "Your ass is for me! No one will fuck it today but me!" I also said "We can't have you screaming and crying" and strapped a ball gag to her mouth!! She felt so dirty...used! But she knew she could do nothing! As she stood secured to the tree, she heard me greeting guests as they arrived. I encouraged any guests that want to use Amber, to enjoy themselves! Without hesitation, the line formed behind her. Guest after guest rammed their cock deep into her cunt…over and over again; telling her what a nasty slut she was! The last person to use Amber startled her! She felt someone kneel down and lick the dripping cum from her inner thighs and pussy! The tongue licking her was very gentle and soft! After Amber was clean, the tongue trailed over her ass, up her back and to her ear. Amber heard a woman whisper, "I loved when they did this to me...and by the taste of your pussy, I think you did too! I hope I see more of you!"

As the guests left, I stepped behind Amber I took my turn! I rammed my cock deep and hard into her pussy! As I was fucking her, I made sure my thrusts caused her body to move up and down on the tree so the tree bark would scrape her nipples! After fucking her like this for what seemed like hours, I felt that familiar feeling! I leaned in and said "I am going to cum!" and then shot my load in Amber's cunt, I was using her like a fuck toy! After I finished cumming, I removed the blindfold. She looked down and saw cum dripping out of her pussy, coating her inner thighs! I said "you need to be cleaned up again!" With that, I removed my cock and started pissing on her legs to wash my cum off of her legs and grabbed a douche bottle and washed out her cunt! Then I removed the butt plug and pressed my cock into her ass! I began ramming the shit out of her ass! In....and out, in.....and out! Faster and faster until she was moaning uncontrollably! It wasn't long before my load shot deep into her bowels! As I became soft, I reached around and violently rubbed and grabbed her clit!!! Amber couldn't take it anymore! She tensed up and began to shake violently as her orgasm ripped through her!! She couldn't remember a time when she felt so dirty and used while loving every minute!!!

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Craeetd the greatest articles, you have.

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There is a fundamental right to marry, yet, we have all these other retiisctrons. Consanguinity, age, bigamy, capacity to marry, etc. Strange that we've lasted this long with other retiisctrons, no? Not really. Lets make marriage really undefined now.


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Please stop ending all your sentences with exclamation points! When you do that its like your yelling! or perhaps very excited! but after a while it sounds silly! and not sexy! and it makes an okay story seem bad! Couldn't finish your story! too distracted by the punctuation! Please note my sarcasm and my urging for you to fix this! Thanks! Ah!

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