The second part of this series in which a student is blackmailed into bcoming the sexual slave of one of his particularly old and unattractive teachers
His weekend had been horrible. After the events that occurred during his Saturday detention Jamie had gone home and immediately gone to bed, skipping dinner. He had then spent all of Sunday holed up in his room, ignoring all calls and telling his parents he was studying. They seemed pleased and figured the detention had turned him around. They were right, in a sense.

His most hated teacher, Mrs. Franklin (aka Mrs. Frankenstein) had blackmailed him into being spanked bare-assed until he cried and forced him to eat her out. Not only that but she had videotaped it all and had also caught him masturbating in the bathroom fantasizing about fucking her. That last part was perhaps the most disturbing to Jamie. He couldn’t explain it. Mrs. Frankenstein was an ugly old bat. She had grey hair dyed orange, loose wrinkly skin that would dangle off her neck, and she wore this bright ugly make-up that made her look like a clownish prostitute. She was vile.

Yet something had happened that day and he wasn’t sure what it was. His hormones must have taken over his teenage body. Somehow her ancient ugly looks had turned him on in a perverse way. It was almost as if the older and uglier she looked the more he was sexually drawn to her. At least that day, he reassured himself. After he had cum he realized what he had done and almost gagged. The only problem was, she was using the videotape to blackmail him and force him to return every school day for “after-school tutoring.”

It was now Monday and he had almost contemplated faking sick, but he wasn’t sure what she would do if he didn’t show up. He couldn’t risk those videotapes being leaked. She said she was going to edit them to make it look like she spanked him, which caused him to become so aroused that he masturbated fantasizing about fucking her and then totally lost it in an attempt to rape her. That would ruin his life socially, academically, and professionally as it would ruin his chances of getting into a good college.

So he had gone to school and did his best to avoid her all day. However, her class fell to last period and it was approaching fast. It was lunch now and his friends had already noticed something was up with him. He had put up with their questions during first break, but he couldn’t handle it anymore so he was eating by himself at a bench in the quad.

Then he saw his girlfriend Sarah approaching him looking annoyed.

“Where the hell were you?!” she shouted. She was referring to Saturday night, he had initially planned to see her after detention but he had been so disturbed after what happened that he had stood her up. She had called him like 10 times over the weekend and he hadn’t picked up once.

“I called you like 10 times and you never picked up!” she screamed at him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he pleaded and motioned for her to keep her voice down. “Some shit happened and I couldn’t make it over, alright?”

“You’re SORRY? You didn’t even call! Nobody stands me up asshole! Unless your fucking parents died or something I don’t see why you couldn’t come over.”

She stood in front of him arms crossed and stared down at him. He had to think of something fast.

Suddenly it came to him. “Look, the old bitch kept me there all day and into the night. She really let me have it. I couldn’t get away. By the time she let me go I was exhausted. I meant to call you but I was so tired I forgot. I just went straight home and went to bed. Ask my parents! I swear!”

She raised an eyebrow and said, “Yeah? Then why didn’t you call me on Sunday?”

Thinking quickly Jamie said, “My parents took my phone from me when they found out I had been at detention. I lied to them where I was going on Saturday but when Mrs. Frankenstein kept me late she had to call my parents and notify them. When I got home they gave me an earful about lying to them and about getting in trouble in the first place.”

Sarah’s face seemed to soften and her arms dropped to her sides. She sat down next to him and said, “Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you, I was just pissed because I thought you stood me up or were cheating on me or something. I didn’t know okay.” She put her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. “All day? Jesus. How’d you stand it?”

“It was horrible,” was all Jamie said.

“Oh well, now that it’s over with, you wanna come over tonight?”

Jamie sighed. “I can’t. The old bitch has me getting tutored every night this week. She’s evil I swear! I’m so fucking screwed it’s not even funny.”

“What?!” she exclaimed. “But you were only there for disciplinary reasons, why does she have you getting tutored!”

“I don’t know,” Jamie lied. He couldn’t let ANYONE know the real reasons. “She says I’m slipping in her class because of my ‘conduct issues’ and that tutoring will help me focus more. Once my parents found out they forced me to.” That part was at least partially true. Mrs. Frankenstein had called his parents and informed them of the “arrangement” (at least the part about him coming in every school night) and they just ate it up. “If my parents catch me in a lie again if I skip I’ll never have any free time again. At least as it is we can hang out weekends?” he said hopefully.

“Sarah looked really bummed out and sighed. “Yeah, I guess…”

Jamie was bummed out too, more than she could imagine and why! But he did look sad so he asked, “What? What is it?”

“Well,” she started. Looking around she leaned in and whispered in his ear, “it’s just that I’m REALLY horny. I want to fuck you!”

Now Jamie groaned. That had been the plan initially, except now he was getting fucked in a much grosser way.

Then Sarah whispered something else, “I’m wearing a thong right now.” And suddenly the bell rang.

She got up and began to walk away. “Have fun being tutored!” she said as she walked away.

Jamie watched her go and saw her look back discretely and lift the back of her skirt reveal her bare-ass with a thin strip of cloth going up her butt crack.

Jamie groaned again and then once more when he realized he still had Mrs. Frankenstein’s class ahead of him.

The next period passed in a blur. It was biology with Mrs. Ashtapor, the fat Indian teacher. He couldn’t stay focused and everything was hazy as he was dreading the final period of the day: American Literature with Mrs. Frankenstein. She was also his homeroom teacher, but that met infrequently, usually only for official school events and study halls. Still though, he had her four days out of the week for Am. Lit. This was going to be brutal. He didn’t know what he was going to do or how she would act. He was dreading walking into class, but he didn’t want to be late either and give her a reason to single him out or berate him.

Once the bell rung he made his way directly to class, hoping he could slip in with the majority of students. Once he got to the door he waited for a group of people to walk in and then snuck in behind them and avoided looking up to the front of the room. He avoided his usual spot in the back corner of the room and sat about two thirds back on the near side of the classroom, an inconspicuous spot. He then refused to look up as he pulled out his books and sat there pretending to read the Catcher in the Rye.

The bell rung again announcing that class had begun and he took a big swallow and looked up. There was Mrs. Frankenstein wearing her usual khaki slacks, white collared shirt, and those crazy vests she loved that made her look like a T.G.I. Friday’s waiter. She had the same frazzled orangish hair and today she was wearing the same burnt orange clownish make-up she had worn when she made him eat her pussy. He almost gagged in his mouth when he thought about it, but swallowed it down and tried to keep his face impassive.

Surprisingly, she didn’t even look at him. She just told them to open their books to chapter 15 and began with the class. For the whole hour he was waiting for her to say something to him, but she never once looked in his direction. She just taught the class as normal. Not even as normal as she would usually take at least one opportunity to call him out or embarrass him. She hadn’t even asked him to read. It got to the point where he even raised his hand near the end but she didn’t call on him. He didn’t understand it! Why was she ignoring him? It almost annoyed him!

She went the whole class without saying one word to him or even looking at him in more than a cursory glance. When the bell finally rang he thought he was free and clear and made his way to the door. Before he could get there though he heard her say, “I’ll see you tonight Mr. McMurphy.”

The whole class went OOooooooooooooooooooohh!

“Enough of that! Mr. McMurphy will be attending a school-dictated tutoring session. If the rest of you would like to avoid a similar fate I suggest you behave yourselves and study!”

That shut everyone up, except for a few pats on the back and the occasionally murmured ‘Sorry bud’s.

Jamie quickly made his way to his car, being sure to avoid anyone he knew who might want to talk to him. He went straight home and did his homework immediately, trying to keep his mind off of what might happen that night. He helped his mother make dinner, set the table and clean up. All of this greatly impressed his parents. They commented to each other how Mrs. Franklin really seemed to have made an impression upon him and how dutiful and pleasant he was being. Jamie just nodded.

Once dinner was cleaned up it was almost 7:45. His mother turned to him and said, “Shouldn’t you be getting to your first tutoring session dear? I want to hear all about it tomorrow. We’ll probably be in bed by the time you’re home so make sure to come home right after and lock up. Thanks sweetie!” She gave him a kiss on the forehead and went to the den to watch TV with his father.

The drive to school that evening was perhaps the longest drive of his life. He felt ill. He couldn’t imagine what she had waiting for him. He knew it would be awful. He hoped it would be quick.

As he parked his car in the school parking lot he saw that there was only one other car there, an orange Volvo station wagon, Mrs. Frankenstein’s car. Almost all the lights were left off, which made it much creepier and foreboding. He took a hard swallow and entered into the school by the side entrance, which he had been told would be unlocked. He made his way down the dimly lit hallway and heard his steps echo off the walls. It was eerily quiet.

As he approached Mrs. Frankenstein’s door he stopped. Quickly he ran through his options one more time, but found he didn’t have a choice. He took a deep breath, gathered his courage and opened the door walking inside.

The first thing he noticed was that there weren’t any lights on, just candles placed about the room giving off a soft dim light. Furthermore, all the desks had been pushed along the walls and on the floor in the center laid blankets. Sitting atop them with her legs spread wide laid Mrs. Frankenstein.

She was wearing black lingerie and had her orangish hair done up, held with a comb. She was wearing the same orange lipstick, rouge on her cheeks, and dark green eyeshadow behind her thin glasses. She wore a black lace bra, which was partially see-through exposing her breasts beneath. She had on a black lace thong, garters, and black stockings running up her legs. Placed flat on the ground with her knees in the air she wore long black stilettos heels.

Under different circumstances this would have been Jamie’s dream come true, except for the fact that it was Mrs. Frankenstein. Underneath all the makeup and lingerie was still an ugly old woman with wrinkled skin that hung off her like a turkey’s wattle.

“Come in Mr. McMurphy,” she said. “And close the door behind you.” With one hand placed on the ground behind her to prop her up, she extended her other arm and curled her index finger back towards her in a disturbingly seductive manner. Her nails were long and painted red. Numbly he obeyed and slowly walked towards her.

“Good boy, now kneel in front of me,” she said.

Jamie opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get a word out she wagged her finger saying, “Ah-ah-ah. I don’t want to hear one word out of your mouth unless I tell you to. You know what happens if you don’t do as I say, correct? Nod if you understand.”

Jamie nodded.

“That’s a good boy. Now kneel and say ‘Yes, Mrs. Franklin.’”

Jamie knelt down like he was told and said, “Yes Mrs. Franklin.”

“Very good,” she said with a smile that almost looked like a sneer. She then leaned back, flat on her back, and raised both her legs straight up in the air in a surprisingly acrobatic move. Her ass was elevated slightly so it hung right in front of his face. Remarkably it wasn’t as wrinkled or old looking as the rest of her and seeing it there, with the black stocking running up her legs blocking view of her face and the rest of her body Jamie could almost imagine it was someone else. A thin strip of black lace ran up her btt crack and Jamie was reminded of Sarah earlier today. He felt a slight tightening sensation in his balls as he became a little aroused.

Meanwhile Mrs. Franklin balanced there in front of him. Then, she slowly reached down and slid that lace thong up and out of her butt crack and over her ass and thighs. Bending her knees she slid them first off one leg and then the other before placing her heels back down flat on the ground again exposing her now bare pussy, which was glistening with her flowing juices. Whipping her thong at his face she said, “Now come here and smell your teacher’s cunt.”

Jamie gulped. That quick flash of arousal when he thought of Sarah’s ass was suddenly ripped from his mind as he was jerked back to reality. Once again he was face to face with Mrs. Frankenstein’s wet pussy. Its wrinkled lips reminded him of a corned beef sandwich with her deep red clitoris peeking through like a pimento olive. Jamie almost gagged slightly.

Mrs. Frankenstein spread her thighs even wider, knees in the air. “Lean forward and breath it in deeply. And don’t forget to say, ‘Thank you Mrs. Franklin.”

Gathering his courage, Jamie mumbled, “Thank you Mrs. Franklin,” as he leaned forward his head entering between her thighs.

“There we go… Such a dutiful boy you are…” she said as his face got ever closer to her crotch. He now noticed that she had shaved her pussy, leaving just a small landing strip of wispy ginger hair at the top. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that. She had clearly prepared his pussy for him and he wasn’t sure whether to feel grateful or revolted. Slowly, her thighs closed around his head, his face slipping between them.

Luckily, Jamie thought, like her ass, her thighs and legs weren’t so wrinkled. They were actually quite smooth and the feeling of stockings running across his cheeks ignited a new spark of arousal in his pants. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine it was someone else. Not Sarah, but Ms. Lopez perhaps.

Her thighs now tight around his ears, his face and nose were just an inch away from her cunt dripping with her precum. He took a tentative sniff and the pungent odor of pussy filled his nostrils. It smelled familiar yet different. Mrs. Franklin was not like the young teenage girls Jamie had been with. Sarah’s smelled fresh and sweet. This smell seemed… older. There was no other way to put it. It almost seemed sour and musty. Musky. That was it, Jamie thought. It smelled musky.

With her thighs pressed tight over his ears muffling any sound, Jamie barely heard her say, “You can do better than that Mr. McMurphy.”

Suddenly her hands gripped the back of his head, her fingers twining into his hair and shoving his face into her crotch. His face jammed into her pussy as Jamie struggled for air, which only filled his lungs with more of her musty pussy scent and smeared her pussy juice all over his face. He kept his mouth tightly shut though, not letting any in, but the smell still overwhelmed him.

Jamie struggled to free himself and again he heard her muffled voice say, “Oh no you don’t, Mr. McMurphy. Breathe it in! Lick it up!” Her legs wrapped around the back of his neck and squeezed him deep into her pussy. Her hands still gripping the back of his head, she began forcing it down in a pumping motion and she forced her pelvis forward. All the while the smell of her pussy was enveloping all his senses, the scent so strong he could taste it.

While at first the smell had been unsettling and strange, he now began to grow accustomed to it. It was like a finely matured wine, something that you needed to acquire a taste for. His eyes still closed, her smooth legs wrapped around him, and all sound muffled out by her thighs Jamie became even more aroused as he let himself go into a fantasy. It was Ms. Lopez who was humping his face right now, not Mrs. Frankenstein. He felt his erection grow in his pants quickly as he was instantly rock-hard. He allowed himself to give in and breathed deep the smell of her pussy. His hands slid up her legs and thighs to rest on her buttocks, which he gently squeezed.

He felt Mrs. Franklin shudder and groan. She broke into a slow, steady rhythm of humping his face and he felt her pussy open wider. Still thinking of Ms. Lopez, Jamie gave in and opened his mouth letting her pussy juice fill his mouth and cover his tongue. It was viscous and somewhat slimy, but he had grown accustomed to the smell, which helped with the taste. Tasting bitter and sour at first, he grew to appreciate it as he had the smell. He extended his tongue into her pussy and began lapping up her juices, the tip of his tongue flicking over her clit every now and then. With every flick she gave another shudder and gripped his head even closer.

Getting more and more aroused Jamie also got more involved. He swirled his tongue around her clit and stuck it deep into her cunt. He grabbed her ass more forcefully now and gave tighter squeezes, gripping it and forcing her into his face in time with her rhythmic humping. He began to moan as well, while her breaths became tighter and sharper, sometimes emitting a squeak or a scream.

After a while, she loosened her grip on his head and parted her thighs slightly. Jamie continued all the same, now he was the one dictating the pace of the cunnilingus. However, now he could clearly hear her voice as she shouted his name, “Oh Mr. McMurphy! Yes! Oh God yes! Eat my pussy! Eat your teacher’s cunt!” This did some damage to his fantasy of Ms. Lopez as their voices were very different, but he did his best to ignore it and carry on.

“Oh you dirty boy! You love eating your teacher’s pussy, don’t you?! Tell me you love it!” she shouted.

Keeping his head down and mouth on her pussy, his eyes squeezed tight Jamie mumbled, “I love it!”

With one hand she grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head up, the other hand reaching down and rubbing her clit. “Say it again Mr. McMurphy!”

Doing his best to keep his eyes closed, trying not to ruin the illusion, he repeated “I love it!”

Letting go of his hair for a brief second she slapped him across the face and shouted, “Open your eyes young man! Say it to my face!” She reached back again and pulled even harder on his hair causing a sharp pain in his scalp. “Ah!” Jamie shouted opening his eyes. Her saw her staring at him through those thin frames wild with lust. “Say it!” she howled.

“I love it! I love eating your pussy!” Jamie screamed.

Pulling back on his hair again and still rubbing her clit, she shouted “Say, ‘I love the taste of your pussy Mrs. Franklin!’”

The illusion ruined Jamie screamed “I LOVE THE TASTE OF YOUR PUSSY MRS. FRANKLIN!” Oddly however this didn’t ruin his arousal. In fact he felt his cock grow and tighten as he said it sending a jolt of pleasure up his dick.

Licking her lips she released his hair and started caressing his cheek. “Do you want me to cum? Do you want to make your teacher cum? Beg me to cum for you!”

“Oh yes! Oh please yes cum for me Mrs. Franklin!” Jamie pleaded. “Oh God yes, motherfucking CUM!”

Rubbing her clit more furiously than ever she let out a giant moan and exclaimed, “Oh yes I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna FUCKING CUUUUUUUUUUUUM!”

Pulling his face down to where she was rubbing her clit she spasmed violently and thrust her pelvis up letting out a huge squeal of pleasure as she came. Howling with pleasure she began squirting her cum all over Jamie’s face and chest.


Jamie felt splash after splash hit his face and body. It was hot and wet and slimy, each time it hit his face or cheek he felt his cock pulse in his pants and ooze precum.

Sliding her hand down his now slippery cheek, Mrs. Franklin hooked her thumb into Jamie’s mouth and pulled down on his jaw, opening his mouth wide. She arched her back and lowered his jaw right in front of her spasming pelvis and squirting pussy. Shot after shot of slimy hot load squirted into his mouth, covering his tongue and sliding down his throat. Jamie did his best to lap it up and swallow.

Her thumb slipping out of his mouth, Jamie dove down and locked his lips with her pussy’s lips, sucking up her juices as she continued to squirt. Jamie squeezed her ass tightly and let her fill his mouth as she shuddered. Holding on to his head gently with both hands now, Mrs. Franklin slowly worked down, her orgasm subsiding.

When she was finished, she exhaled deeply and pulled his head back, “Don’t swallow yet. I want to see my cum in your mouth.” Propping herself up on her elbows she said, “Tilt your head back and open your mouth”

Jamie did as he was told, tilting his head back and showing her his full mouth, her pussy juice dribbling down his chin. Peering down at him through her thin frames she softly moaned and said, “That’s a good boy. Now swallow.”

Jamie closed his mouth and took a big gulp, swallowing down her huge load. Having grown accustomed to it and still so incredibly turned on and horny it tasted so sweet. Jamie moaned with pleasure as he did so and licked up her pussy juice that covered his lips.

Still looking down at him, now with that all too familiar tight smile across her lips she said, “You dirty boy, you enjoyed that didn’t you Mr. McMurphy?” One of her thin eyebrows arching over her glasses.

Now it was Jamie turn to smile, “Yes ma’am,” he said with a sheepish grin. He now got up to his knees, kneeling in front of her. He had a mammoth erecting bulging forth from the front of his pants.

Both eyebrows now raised, Mrs. Franklin said, “I can see that,” seeming to be pleasantly surprised. “We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” she said with a wink. Getting on her hands and knees she crawled toward Jamie and before he could say a word or respond in any fashion. She pushed him on his back and dropped her hands to his waist, undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants.

“I like to reward my students for a job well done, Mr. McMurphy. You’ll find that these after-school tutoring sessions have their perks,” she said. “Or should I say, pricks?” Pulling down his pants and boxers Jamie’s boner bounced forth right in front of her face.

“Ooo…” Mrs. Franklin said softly. “I had hoped that you would be rather well-endowed Mr. McMurphy, I’m happy to see that you are.”

Jamie’s seven-inch penis wagged in front of her face, just inches from her mouth. He was speechless. His whole mind and body was numb, except for the sensation of blood coursing through his pulsing cock. He didn’t know what to do or say, but he knew he wanted his cock in her mouth. So he just stared silently.

Noticing the look in his eyes, Mrs. Franklin decided to tease Jamie, brushing her face up against his cock. She moved her head back and forth over it, bending it one way and letting it slap her across the face. With each slap his cock swelled. He felt like he was straining to contain it, like his dick would explode. Jamie moaned and groaned with pleasure and desire.

Moving her head down his shaft, Mrs. Franklin slowly opened her mouth and extended her tongue. She gingerly flicked her tongue along his scrotum and balls. Curling it underneath he felt her tickle his taint with the tip of her tongue. Now opening wide she wrapped her painted lips around his balls and sucked them into her mouth.

“OoooOOOOoooooooaaah!” Jamie moaned loudly. His balls were so swollen with cum and his engorged dick swelled immensely, precum oozing forth from the head of his dick.

After sucking on them for a few seconds, Mrs. Franklin popped his balls out of her mouth and looked up at Jamie with painted eyes behind her thin-framed glasses. “Do you want me to suck your cock, Mr. McMurphy?” she asked.

“Y-yes,” Jamie managed to say as he shuddered with pleasure. “Yes. Yes. Oh God, yes.”

Smiling that thin painted smile of hers, she said, “Say it. Say, ‘Please suck my fucking cock Mrs. Franklin!’”

“Please suck my cock! Oh please, suck my fucking cock Mrs. Franklin!” Jamie shouted.

Her smile widened exposing her somewhat yellowed and crooked teeth behind her burnt orange lips. “Very well Mr. McMurphy,” she said opening her mouth wide and wrapping those orange lips around his cock and sliding it deep into her mouth.

“OOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHH!” Jamie bellowed. It felt so amazing. Jamie couldn’t believe it. He was getting sucked off my Mrs. Frankenstein. Three days ago he would have found the mere thought of this repulsive. It would have made him sick. But now he felt nothing but lust and desire! And wow! The old bat REALLY knew how to work a dick in her mouth!

Without using any hands she was working his cock in and out of her mouth. She ran her tongue all the way up and down his shaft and would tickle his balls when she went deep. And boy could she go deep! Every few pumps she’d dive her face down burying the tip of his cock in her throat as she wormed her tongue up around his balls. Then she’d suck hard like a goddamn Hoover vacuum and pull up until just the head of his penis was in her mouth, which she sucked on hard! It was incredible, he had never had a blowjob like this before in his life! He wouldn’t be able to last very long if she kept this up.

Looking down he saw her old face bobbing up and down on his dick. Her burnt orange lips wrapped around his meaty cock. Her green eyes staring at him intently with painted green eyeshadow through her steely thin frames that somehow managed to stay on her head. She moaned into his cock as she forced her face down, the vibration of her throat radiating around his cock that was buried deep inside.

Reaching down Jamie gripped her head, his fingers curling inside her orange-dyed frazzled hair. She moaned louder as he let out a huge groan. “Oh my God I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM MRS. FRANKLIN!” he yelled.

Ripping her head back, she popped his dick out of her mouth spraying saliva and precum all over her face. She opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue. Reaching down with one of her hands, she began furiously pumping his slippery cock, jerking him off into her mouth.

Jamie’s cock erupted. Thick strands of hot white cum spewed onto her tongue and into her mouth. He’d never felt an orgasm like this before. A lightning bolt of ecstasy shot from his dick throughout his entire body. He spasmed like he was having a seizure as Mrs. Franklin continued to pump his cock and cum into her mouth. Every time his cock spurted another shot into her mouth he felt like his balls were exploding in pleasure. Jamie wailed incoherently.

Although it felt like he came for 10 minutes, it was more realistically 10 seconds at best. As his orgasm subsided, so did Mrs. Franklin’s pumping and Jamie looked down to see his handiwork. Looking down he saw Mrs. Frankenstein’s wrinkled old face, her mouth open wide and filled with his cum. It covered her tongue, which looked like it was floating in a pool of cum. Pearly white strands dripped from her orange painted lips and around her wrinkled mouth.

The same guilty and disgusted feeling he had felt last time after jerking off to her began to set it. His hormones were now resting and the reality of what they had just done sunk in. However, before he could say or do anything in reaction, Mrs. Franklin crawled up on and over him, mouth still open and filled with cum. Frozen, Jamie could only lie there and watch as she came up to him, face to face, and pressed her lips to his giving him a deep tongue kiss and passing his cum from her mouth to his.

She pressed her body up tight against his, pinning his still hard cock up against his belly. Grabbing onto his face with her hands she locked their lips and faces together as she swirled her tongue inside his mouth spreading the load he had just shot into her all around his mouth, making him taste it. He had never tasted cum before, not even his own and this wasn’t exactly a welcome experience. It tasted thick and salty. But there was nothing he could do.

Parting her lips slightly, Mrs. Franklin licked the inside of Jamie mouth with her soft velvety tongue. Cum still slid off of it and into his mouth. Some had dripped onto his lips, which she then began to lap up and allow to drip into Jamie’s open mouth.

She now sat up pressing her vagina, still slick from saliva and her own cum, up against his pinned down dick. “Now swallow that cum this instant, Mr. McMurphy!” she said sternly as if they were in class and she were talking about chewing gum.

Meekly, Jamie did as he was told and felt his own sticky, slimy, salty hot load slide down his throat and into his stomach. He wasn’t sure what he was more revolted by: his continued sexual encounters with the vile Mrs. Frankenstein or the fact that he had just eaten cum.

Standing up, she towered over him and gave him an upwards view of her wet pussy, still dripping with their shared fluids. “Very good, young man. If you keep this work up you’ll graduate at the top of the class.”

Stepping forward once, she placed her heels on either side of Jamie’s head in a wide stance. “Now one more lick for the road. Consider it extra credit,” she said as she crouched down, her pussy hovering just millimeters from his face.

Shriveling up his face, Jamie stuck his tongue out and ran it along her pussy, flicking it over her clit. It tasted sour and bitter now, he couldn’t believe he had just swallowed a mouthful of her juices. However she seemed to enjoy it as she shuddered and softly sighed, caressing his hair and face with one of her hands. “Such a dutiful boy,” she said. “I’m so glad you’ve learned to follow directions Mr. McMurphy. You’re quickly becoming one of my favorite students.”

Gently rocking her hips, she slid her pussy all over his face one last time as she rose and walked towards her desk.

“You may go now,” she said as she walked away. “I’ll clean everything up.”

Jamie didn’t need to be told twice. He wanted out of there as soon as possible. He leapt up quickly, pulled up his pants, buttoned them and made for the door. Right as he reached the door he heard her say, “Oh, one more thing, Mr. McMurphy.”

Jamie stopped, his hand on the knob. Turning his head slightly he looked at her.

“See you tomorrow,” she said as that tight, orange smile spread across her face, which wrinkled up as she squinted behind her thin, steely frames.

Jamie shuddered and left.


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