As Amber was coming down from her orgasm, I secured a collar around her neck and attached a leash! To her unexpected surprise, I yanked hard on the leash…leading her inside. I took her to the bathroom and instructed her to clean herself up. As she showered, I could see her pussy was sensitive to her touch…it was brutally abused all afternoon and she said it was very sore! Damn she looked hot with the water running over her naked body!! All she needed was my cock in her ass and then her cunt!! As she finished her shower and dried off, I could see she was preoccupied. I told her she could not put any clothes on and would be naked all night. After we passed the evening with food, rest and relaxation, it was time to bed down for the evening.

I said “time for bed…you have a big day tomorrow!” I put her leash and collar back on and lead her to the bedroom. I said “I set up your sleeping spot on the floor next to the bed.” She lay down and curled up into a ball and I locked her collar to a sturdy chain secured to the wall. While lying in bed, I waited until Amber fell asleep. Once I was sure she was, I setup restrains on the bed! I then leaned over from the bed and grabbed her nipple! I brutally pulled her nipple upward causing her to jerk awake and follow it into the bed! I said “Your not done for the evening yet you little slut!” I lit some candles so I could see. I secured her wrists to head board restraints and her ankles to the end of the bed! She was spread eagle and looked fantastic!! I pulled out some toys and shoved a large butt plug up her ass without any lube. This caused Amber to whimper in pain! I moved my face up to her face…laying my naked body on hers…and slowly licked her face from her lower jaw up the side of her face to the side of her forehead! “You taste delicious!” I said. With that, I spit on her face and then licked it up! I locked my lips to hers and kissed her deep and hard! With all she had been through, I felt her passion and desire in her kiss! I broke the kiss and said “You are a little fucking whore aren’t you?!” She said “I’m your whore! Do what you want to me…whenever you want!” With those words, I rammed my cock balls deep into her cunt! As I began slowly stroking my cock in and out of her sore pussy, she began to moan softly. I reached down as I continued to fuck her and started rubbing her clit! This increased the intensity and frequency of her moaning! I was as hard as steel and continued my slow, powerful thrusts into her cunt! After several minutes, I increased my speed, causing Amber’s body to tense in response! Amber yelled “fuck me! Fuck your little whore!” as her orgasm ripped through her causing her to thrash against her restraints!

As she was coming down from her orgasm, I stopped my thrusts and remained buried in her pussy. I reached for a candle on the headboard and poured hot wax on Amber’s nipples! She squealed in pain when the wax covered her nipple at which time, I once again began my thrusting in and out of her cunt…harder and faster than before! The mixture of pleasure and pain once again sent Amber into an intense orgasm! She arched her back and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Her breathing came in spurts! She screamed “Ohhhhhh….Ohhhhhhh…Ohhhhhh my Goddddddddd! You are fucking amazing!!!” I continued my pounding of her pussy several more minutes until I felt my cum coat the inside of her cunt…spurt after spurt…all inside of my little whores cunt!! I removed my cock and said “You’re going to sleep with the plug in your ass and tied up but I will let your pussy rest…it’s going to need it!” As I laid my head down to sleep, I heard Amber softly crying. I asked “What’s wrong? Do you need more cock?” She replied “I always need more of your cock, but remember when I asked you not to cum in me the first time you fucked me?” I said “Yes…So.” Amber continued “and do you remember I had plans with my husband this weekend?” “Yes” I said. She continued…”We’re trying to have a baby and I am at my most fertile of the month this weekend! With you and all of those other men cumming in my pussy today, I’m afraid I’m going to get pregnant!” I told Amber “You can’t do anything about it now! Besides, you have other things to worry about!” With this statement, I saw a concerned look form on Amber’s face. I blew out the candles and told her to get some sleep.

It seemed as if the morning came in a flash. I looked over and saw Amber was still sleeping. I removed the restrains from her wrists and ankles and gently rolled her on to her stomach. I spread her ass cheeks and slowly began to remove the plug still in her ass! This caused Amber to wake up. She looked back at me and said “Good Morning.” I said “It will be soon!” Once the butt plug was removed, I spit on her gapping asshole and rubbed my saliva into her. I could see she was sore from the previous days abuse…I didn’t care! I placed my hard cock at her asshole and worked it in deep! As I began slowly fucking Amber’s ass, I grabbed a hand full of her hair and pull her head back toward me! I leaned in toward her ear and asked her as I was fucking her ass “If you have a child, what would it think about having a cock hungry filthy whore for a mother?!” Amber said “I don’t care what it thinks!” she said moaning as my cock was plowing deep into her ass! I asked “Are you ready for today? I have a lot of fun planned for you!” She just nodded her head as she continued to take my cock! After fucking her ass brutally deep for about ten minutes, I pulled my cock out and rolled her onto her back! As I quickly rolled her over, I sat on her face…with my asshole positioned above her mouth! I told her “lick my asshole bitch!” Without hesitation, Amber spread my ass cheeks and worked her tongue all around my asshole and began sticking it in side my ass! As she was giving me a great rimming, I was jacking my cock off and sprayed my first load of the day all over her neck and tits! I took my hands and rubbed my cum into her skin like a creamy lotion. As I rubbed over her nipples, I pinched them and brutally pulled and twisted them! As I pulled on them, I felt the heaviness of her breasts…straining to return to her body! After she had been licking my ass for about fifteen minutes, I got off of her and cleaned up. When I was done, I unchained her and allowed her to do the same.

When Amber completed her shower, I entered the bathroom with her clothes for the day! I gave her Mesh panties and bra and instructed her to put them on! When she stood up, she looked like such a slut!! I could see the outline of her pussy through the mesh panties and her nipples were hard from the sensation of the material rubbing on them! I then had her put on a very tight leather mini skirt!! It took her a little time to work the skirt past her hips. When she finally got it on, it fit her like a glove and I could see every curve! I turned her around and bent her over. While bent over, I could see just a hint of her panties!!...perfect! I gave her a sheer black top to put on, which pushed her breasts together and up! She was one hot looking whore! To finish the outfit, I had her put on a pair of stiletto heels. Shortly after she was done getting dressed, we left the house and headed for the small town about ten miles away! We drove to a slummy bar…a real hole in the wall…know for being a biker hangout. I removed her from the car and guided her into the bar. The bar was dark…contrasting the brightness outside. It took a couple of minutes for our eyes to adjust, but once they did, we saw eight hardcore bikers…every one of them staring at Amber!! We worked our way to a table and I signaled the bartender. He came to the table and asked “What can I get for you?” “A beer for me” I said and then asked him “Can you use a waitress for the evening?” The bartender leaned in closer and quietly said “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea sir! These guys don’t show much respect for women!” I assured the bartender it would be okay to which he agreed to the help. I sent Amber on her way. As I sat and watched, a hefty older biker ordered a beer. Amber was given the drink and instructed to take it to the table. As Amber bent over and placed the beer on the table, the hefty biker allowed his thick, pudgy fingers to slide up her leg toward her ass. Amber quickly turned to return to the bar…but not before the biker smacked her on the ass! Once she returned to the bar, Amber turned and looked at me for support, however, she saw me talking with one of the bikers. The biker at my table was the leader of the group. He asked me “What’s your relationship with the waitress?” I said “She’s my whore! If you and your boys want her, I’ll make you a good deal!” Amber watched the conversation from the bar and saw the biker hand me what appeared to be a large sum of money! As the leader return to his group, he turned and walked up to Amber. He grabbed her arm and dragged her to their table. Amber yelled “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” The biker turned to her and smacked her across the face, saying “You’re ours tonight! We just bought your services from your friend!” Amber looked over at me with a pleading look on her face. I just smiled!

Two of the bikers grabbed Amber's arms and pinned her to their table. The older hefty biker pushed his way through the others to be the first to fuck Amber! He undid his pants and she saw his pudgy cock moving toward her pussy! He placed his large hands inside Amber's mesh panties and ripped a hole big enough for his cock to get through! He rammed his cock into Amber's cunt! She felt him continue to grow as he continued to fuck her! As the biker was fucking her, I went to the table, leaned in and kiss Amber…sucking her tongue into my mouth! As we kissed, I felt her moaning into my mouth…enjoying the hard fucking she was getting! I broke the kiss and went to the bar for a beer. Once the first biker was finished, one of the bikers that was restraining Amber grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bar! He leaned her over a stool and held her there! The leader of the gang walked up behind Amber and said “I want to see what I’m fucking!” He took out a knife and cut her leather skirt up to the waist! He then put the knife under her panties and cut them off!! “That’s better!” he said. He spread Amber's ass and rammed his cock into her ass! As he was doing that, another guy stood in front of her and removed his cock from his pants! He lifted her head up by grabbing her hair and shoved his hard cock into her mouth! Amber didn’t disappoint and began giving him a fantastic blow job! Both guys were moaning loudly as they fucked her ass and face! The guy Amber was sucking off shot his load deep into her mouth…coating the back of her throat! Once the guy finished cumming in Amber's mouth, the biker fucking her ass pulled his cock from her ass and moved it to her mouth! “Clean my cock…whore!” Amber allowed his cock to enter her mouth and began sucking him off! After several minutes, he shot his load into her mouth! Amber tried to quickly swallow it so she could breathe, but some oozed out of her mouth. The biker saw the cum ooze out and dick smacked her across the face saying “Lick that off you lips bitch!!” Two more guys took their place at Amber's ass and mouth and continued the abuse! Once they finish, Amber thought to herself “two more…only two more!” With that thought, she felt a little sad! The last two bikers reposition Amber! One sat on a bar stool and lifted her up so that his cock slid into her messy ass. He held her legs open so her pussy was offered to the other guy! The last guy removed his cock and guided it into Amber's cunt. Both guys started an opposite rhythm, double fucking the shit out of her! Amber had never felt so full and began moaning uncontrollably! As the bikers continued their assault on her ass and pussy, she tensed up and began screaming “I’m cummming! I’m cummming!” As her orgasm subsided, she was exhausted and just let them finish fucking her until they came! The last two bikers removed their cocks and dropped Amber to the dirty bar floor…throwing her torn dress and panties on top of her!

I moved over to Amber several minutes later and lifted her off the floor. We began walking toward the exit and to the car. As we walk, I see cum dripping out of her ass. I tell Amber “Make sure you sit on you leather skirt, I don’t want that cum to stain my seats!” She's too exhausted to respond!

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2011-12-08 21:59:40
Help, I've been informed and I can't become ignroant.


2011-08-02 12:44:09
Not true! All original! Someone might have had the same type of thoughts as me, but this is straight from my own imagination!

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2011-08-02 01:34:36
You should post that you stole this story from someone else and added your own part 3. I read the first two chapters earlier today and they were made back in 2010 I believe.

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