Playing Doctor with my twin
I’m not sure why, maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but even though my brother and I were twins he was curious about what sex was long before I was. Up front so you don’t have to read to the end, we never had sex. This is just a true story of two twins playing doctor and a surprise story from my mother towards the end. We had an older sister from my mother’s first marriage but she was gone from the house with her Dad. The story takes place when we were nine, but as old as twelve we took baths together even when Dad told us not to. The tub was a big floor level Jacuzzi tub but the motor never worked. My brother was in the tub and I sneaked in. He always had lots of bubbles and the water was deep. I knew to hide my clothes under the sink so not to get caught. Dad came in and I held my breath and went under the water. Have you seen your sister? Dad asked Simon. No but could you lock the door when you leave, so she doesn’t come in my brother said. Sure he said let me take a leak first. I picked my head up to get a breath and saw Dad holding his thing and went back down under. He went out and locked the door on his way. Did he see me? I asked. Simon said I don’t know but your long blond hair was easy to see. Dad’s thing is a lot bigger than yours. Simon said Moms tit are bigger than yours. Simon stood up and pinched the end of his thing and held it out. I looked close and asked him to pull the skin back. He always did because Mom asked him to wash there. Neither of us masturbated yet and Simon almost never got an erection. We never touched each other’s privates but we never hid them either. When my uncle was talking about sex one night I was behind the couch playing spy girl. Mom said I’ll tell my daughter about sex when she is eleven let her stay a little girl a bit longer. My interest in growing up was perked and It was connected some how to knowing about sex. I was all of nine, and that is when I asked my brother what do you know about sex? Everything he said. No seriously what do you know about sex? Well I already knew from some magazines. He told me remember when my Dad and my uncle Zepper took me camping. Well they told me about sex on that camping trip. They told me everything and showed me some videos and gave be a picture book to read all that week. They asked me questions to make sure I understood. I thought Mom would do the same with you when we were gone that week. That’s what Dad said any way. Well Mom didn’t tell me anything. Just then Mom came in the kitchen giving us the eye. What are you two up to? Twin secrets Simon said. He was so quick with comebacks. OK off to school you two, the bus will not wait. Our school was small and there was only one class per grade so my brother and I were always together in school. I had to wear a pleated skirt and white shirt and a scarf over my head in school. Simon wore a white shirt and blue tie with blue pants and all the boys wore suspenders not belts. We were never allowed to get our uniform dirty and we took a bus to school but we walked home every day the two miles unless it snowed or stormed. So it was apple season and Simon and I asked Mom for baskets so we could pick apples on the way home. The first day Simon tore his shirt and Mom scolded him and told him to hang up his shirt when he climbed. Well I was a better climber than Simon and I figure the rule applied for me as well. Simon was better at catching so I in my panties would climb and toss him the apples. We would always eat a few as we picked you can imagine. Well with our baskets full sitting in the grass I asked Simon to tell me about sex. It’s all about your belly button he smiled and said. It is, I said amazed looking at my belly button. Hell no he said and laughed and rolled on the ground. Well my dander was up and I jumped on him holding my fist to his nose. Simon could not take a punch in the nose and I gave him a few when I was angry. I pulled back ready to pop him and he stopped laughing and said OK sis don’t hit me. I ain’t got no picture books. I guess I don’t need them with you here . You know what my thing looks like. Well those two balls hanging in the sack they are testicles. They make baby seeds called sperm. And my thing is called a penis and sometimes it points like finger. And the baby seeds come out understand. That’s it that’s all there is. Can you see the baby seeds? I asked Simon. In the picture book they had tails like soy bean sprouts. I think when I get older and make them, maybe I could see them.
I looked at my belly button and Simon was looking down wagging his head like he did when I did things wrong. What I said? Here he said and he grabbed the elastic on my panty top, looked me in the face and pulled them down and I stepped out putting a hand on his back to steady my self. He looked up and said guess you have to sit down for me to show you. So I sat down and he took my one foot and put it way one way, and the other foot and put it way the other way. Then he took my knees and pushed them apart. I told him I feel like a frog. Look here he said. Well I did my best and I was skinny and flexible. Who isn’t at this age? Soon you will get lots of hair up here. I see Mom I told him, she has lots of hair. Dad too Simon said. I asked Simon if he had hair yet. Not yet he answered. Then up here at the top of this is a very sensitive thing but I don’t see it. I was very young and my clitoris was small, even now it is small. So I pushed around and saw nothing. Where I asked Simon? Simon touched me for the first time and when he touched me, it was so sensitive. Here I think and he pushed on it a few times and it felt funny at his touch. My Uncle said make sure you rub it for a while and the woman will tell you if you too gentle or not. So he used his fingers and went back and forth and I grabbed his hand quickly. Simon! That really is sensitive when you touch it. So what has that got to do with sex? I don’t know it’s supposed to make sex work said Simon. Well just below this is the pee hole. That I know I told him. We are getting there Simon said. Show me the pee hole so I leaned up and I got things open and showed him. Well right here below the pee hole is where the baby seeds go in. I’m supposed to touch a woman there but I don’t get it. You’re not like the pictures. There should be a and he pointed. Should be a what? But it was not for me to see well and then I bent way over being real flexible and I saw my self and put my finger down there. A hole Simon said. That is the spot I’m sure! Said Simon. So the man pushes his penis in there and then the baby seeds go in her. Like a giant light bulb went off in my head. What! he pushes his penis in?……… That is how it’s done. said Simon looking at my vagina. Right in there and he pointed. His finger got real close but he didn’t touch me. The baby comes out the same place. Babies are this big around said Dad to me and he showed me holding his two hands together touching thumbs and middle fingers. Then he held his hands down by vagina. That’s why women cry a lot when the baby comes out. I added. I kept looking at the circle his hands made and my prepubescent size pelvic area. I kept leaning over and parting things to get a good look and my long hair and my head was blocking Simons view. His face came real close next to mine and with one of his hands he took my hair to the side. Right there he said and he touched what I know now is my hymen or cherry. We stayed like that looking close for a few seconds. I had no hole that I could see just a few wet wrinkled pink folds like a miniature carnation the size of a small shirt button. Right in there and his index finger touched my hymen and pushed in just enough to make his fingernail disappear as I watched. I didn’t stop Simon and he looked at my face and kept his finger in twisting it some. It didn’t hurt as the small folds like a flower covering the vagina surrounded around his finger. I held my small labia open as Simon slowly twisted the finger in to the next knuckle. That’s amazing I told Simon. Simon then pushed the finger in all the way until he could go no more. He wiggled and curled his finger in my now wetter vagina. He pushed on my vagina wall in all directions with his finger. I still felt no pain from his single finger. You’re all squishy in side he told me. I felt no sexual excitement but I was totally taken by the new experience. Because of my position trying to see, he was touching my hard cervix as he searched with his finger. Simon’s finger was now covered in my fluids and noticed a feeling I now know as sexual response. He pulled his finger back and I could smell a musty smell and Simon felt the lubrication with his thumb on his index finger. I reached my finger down there and felt my fluids but didn’t penetrate my self. Then I tasted the fluid and so did Simon. Simon felt and pulled my labia lips like I had done and I leaned over holding my long hair to the side as he checked me out. He rubbed my clitoris and I felt I became a water pump and more fluids came out and oozed out my small vagina hole. I lay back in the grass holding my self open for Simon. He put his index finger in me once more and was fucking me with it. Well I had to grab his hand and catch my breath. Simon tried to insert a second index finger and a sharp pain ran through me and I shrieked. Simon pulled the second hand back but still kept a finger in. I leaned up and bent over to take a look and sure enough there was my now open vagina. Simon saw it too and his finger circled the larger opening. I don’t think this is right he said and he pulled his finger out and tossed me my panties. I‘ve done a very bad thing sis, I just know it. Its OK Simon I said. I could not comfort him and I felt my twin special bond was broken. I saw his shirt and there was a bloodstain on it from his hand. I looked at my panties I just put on and there was some blood there. So we went home and we had to tell Mom.
Mom grabbed both of us by the hand and walked us to the dining room ordered my brother to sit and she grabbed her reading glasses. She took off my skirt in front of my brother turned on the light over the table and set me in the middle of the table. My panties had fresh bright red blood. She took them off investigated me and went to the kitchen. Simon said I’m getting a beating for sure. She came back in with a washcloth, fresh undies, and a light days pad. She washed me up very gently and called Simon over. Simon young girls have a tender skin that covers this hole called the vagina. When you put something in there it breaks. but only once. See it’s totally open and it is very flexible now. Mom put a couple fingers in me and stretched me to show my brother who looked worried. She can’t be hurt any more now it’s broken. She will be sore today, but that’s all. Hug your sister and go outside. He hugged me on the table bare assed and he between my knees. He cried and that made me cry. It was a long hug. I’m OK Simon Still buds forever? Yea he said and went outside. Mom lifted me down pulled my new panty part way up put a light days pad on the crotch and pulled them up smoothing them on my crotch. She sat down hugged me smoothing my hair. He is your twin you were born naked together after all. Its OK if he learned about your private parts. Honestly, Mom always said honestly before telling a secret or gossip, I was playing doctor when I was younger than you are now. That’s how I lost my cherry. Don’t tell your Dad. He thinks he was my first. But I wasn’t a virgin when I met him. Many girls loose their cherries playing doctor and blame it on sports, falling off a bike or falling out of a tree. I lost mine to my neighbor boy's penis. His Penis was about as big as your Dads. I remembered I hated it at first and cried for 10 solid minutes. Then I liked it, couldn’t stop, and didn’t want to let him go even after he was finished. Good thing he wasn’t quick and lasted a long time. She was looking to the sky in yesteryear dreaming . Ops sorry honey I think I have said too much. My Mom was embarrassed by her ramblings and she left. Was this the same Mom who wasn’t going to tell me about sex until I was eleven?
Well only now and then did we ever touched each other sexually as we grew up. It was only an occasional bump in the tub as we stopped bathing separately. I learned to do her hair and she became a motorcycle fanatic. We hid nothing of our sexual experiences with others. We are both in healthy relationships now and his wife is about to have a child. Well that’s how I learned about sex.


2011-08-02 13:55:39
What a delightful story. Surely you have a dozen or so more to tell

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2011-08-01 23:53:39
being a guy, I find this story to be facinating


2011-08-01 22:17:17
Next time you post, please break up the story into more readable paragraphs. It is very hard to read solid text like this.

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2011-08-01 20:05:54
Doesn't make sense... She heard her momma confess that she liked having a penis in her pussy so she'd have passed that info along to her twin and the next time they were in the orchard she'd have gotten fucked. I was was almost fourteen when I cherried and started fucking all four of my sisters one summer. The youngest was eight and the oldest was eleven. They all cried and bled but they didn't dare tell. It didn't hurt much the second time and after the third time them they all said they liked how it felt. The one that was eight years old liked it the second time and started fucking me back. I fucked her more than the other three because she wanted it more. When she was ten, she had boobies and a full bush. I fucked her almost every day, plus when she'd sneak into my bedroom at night. I got her pregnant when she was eleven. She didn't tell mom that it was me but Mom took her to a clinic and got her on birth control. She's thirty now. We've lived together since she graduated.

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