A brother and sister have fun after their first year of college
We are both home from college for the summer. Since our schools breaks never lined up we hadn't seen each other since last summer. I am also almost 3 years older so we hadn't really spent much time together in years we both lived at home. In the year that had passed since I last saw you, you had bloomed into an even more beautiful and mature girl. There was no comparison to the girl who I knew when I was in high school. When I first hugged you I couldn't help but notice how firm your breast where. I felt wrong for thinking about my sister in such a manner, but I just couldn't help it. Over the next couple days the dirty thoughts about my sister kept running through my mind. When you came down for breakfast in nothing but a large oversized t-shirt I caught a quick glance of your ass checks poking out of the bottom as you reached for cereal on the top shelf. I started to feel my 8in cock swell in my shorts. I tried to focus on eating my cereal but the image of your ass would not leave my mind. I excused myself from the breakfast table and took a cold shower, all the time trying to shake the images in my mind of you, my sister.

A few days after seeing your ass, I was home alone watching some baseball. You were out with some of your girlfriends at the mall shopping. Mom and dad were both off at work and wouldn't be back for hours. My mind began to wander and I found myself thinking about you trying on all sorts of sexy lingerie. I just sat there imaging your tight ass in a sexy thong or cute boyshorts. My dick began to grew. I knew this time I wouldn't be able to get rid of the images in my head and a cold shower wouldn't help. I went upstairs to my room to stroke my dick and relieve the cum building up. I walked pass you room and noticed the door was open. I walked in and began to look around. I found your laundry basket and sitting on top was one of your sexy thongs, just like I had imagined you wearing. I lifted it to my nose and took in the sweet aroma of your pussy. Something had made you horny last night. I went over to your top draw and opened it up. I looked through your panties and to my surprise found a vibrator. My little sister was a lot dirtier than I had ever imagined. I had seen enough, I went to my room and proceeded to jacking off thinking about you playing with that vibrator in your sweet, wet, little pussy.

The next day during a family dinner mom and dad told us they were going out of town for a few days to have a romantic vacation. We would have the house all to ourselves. Once they had left we settled down to watch a movie just like we had ever since we were young. You picked out one of your old Disney favorites and put it on. We didn't watch it much though, we began to talk and catch up. Somehow the topic of sex came up. You asked how many girls I had been with in college and I replied enough to be good at sex. I asked you the same. You told me you were still a virgin. I couldn't believe that! You confided in me that you really wanted to lose your virginity, but you didn't want to lose it drunkenly to some frat boy. All the talk of sex started to make my dick grow. You had your head in my lap and felt my dick start to grow. You looked up at me with a puzzled look....and then smiled. You started to run your hands up and down my leg, working your way closer to my even harder dick. "This is wrong, you're my sister." You look straight into my eyes and say "I want to lose my virginity to someone I know really well, and I don't know anyone better than you. And we have nothing to worry about, mom and dad are off for the next couple days, no one will know but us." Your hand reaches my dick and you start to stroke up and down the whole length of my shaft. "Oh sis, I've wanted to fuck you for so long. You are so damn sexy" "I know bro, I've thought about fucking you too, I've even been teasing you every chance I get." You start to stroke my dick even faster. I pick you up and carry you up to my bedroom.

I lay you gently down on my bed. I climb on top of you and kiss you deeply and passionately. Our hands are running all over each other's bodies. You take off my shirt, undo my belt and lower my shorts and boxers. My rock hard dick is exposed. You pause for a moment and stare at it. "It's much bigger than I remember from when I sneaked a look at it back in the day." I roll you over on top of me. I take off your shirt and unclasp your bra. Next I slide your shorts and thong down. "You are so beautiful sis, you've become such a sexy woman." I start kissing down your neck. My hand finds your wet, virgin pussy. I start rubbing the outside lips and can feel it getting wet. My other hand massages your tits. Paying special attention to your nipples which are getting hard. You have one hard wrapped around my rock hard dick, stroking up and down the whole length of the shaft. I roll you over and get on top of you.

I start to kiss my way down your body. I gentle nibble down your neck. I then make my way to your tits. I start to suck on your beautiful breast. I run my tongue all around your nipples and suck on them. Your hands run up and down my back and neck. My hands working their way around your breast and stomach. You moan out with pleasure from this. I kiss down your stomach. I stop right above your pussy lips and look up. "Are you sure you want to do this sis. I want to fuck you so bad" "I want it just as bad as you do brother". I kiss your inner thighs and work my way to your pussy. I open your beautiful pussy lips and expose your pink inner pussy. I run my fingers over your clit. You shudder from the pleasure. I then start to flick your clit with my tongue. My fingers start to work their way into your tight little pussy. It is getting wetter by the moment. My tongue continues to work on your clit. You run your fingers through my hair and moan with pleasure. I start to work my fingers deeper in your pussy. First one finger, then 2, then 3. The stretching feeling is driving you crazy, you can't wait to feel your pussy wrapped around a throbbing dick for the first time. After I have you good and wet, and nearly begging for my dick, I start to kiss my way back up to your mouth. You find the taste of your pussy on my lips extremely hot. I tease your pussy with the tip of my dick. I rub it around your clit sending chills all up your back. You reach down and grab my dick, you line it up with your pussy opening. I thrust my hips forward and slowly drive my dick into your pussy. I go deeper and deeper. You gasp from the sudden pleasure of having your pussy stretched out by my dick. I begin to work my hips faster. My dick going in and out of your dripping wet pussy. Your pussy takes in the whole length of dick, wrapping tightly around it. The pleasure is so much you can't believe it. It is better than any vibrator ever could be. You feel your pussy juices dripping down your ass and starting to soak the bed sheets below you. "Oh yes brother" you moan time and time again.

I roll you over on top. You are a little nervous and not sure what to do. You lower yourself onto my dick. Shuddering yet again from the new found pleasure. I take your hips in my hands and guide you in the motions of riding my dick. You go up and down the whole length. Going all the way up to the tip slowly, then slamming back down on my dick taking it in all the way to my balls. Your hands find your breast and start to play with them. You give your nipples a little tweak. Your eyes roll into the back of your head from the pleasure. Once you figure out all the motions of riding my dick I work my hands around to your ass. I grab each of your ass checks in one hand. The feeling of my dick stretching your pussy, your hands rubbing your tits, and my hands on your ass is driving you crazy. You look at me and say "I've always wanted to try anal too." "Ok sis, we can start working you up to being ready to take a dick in your ass."

I slide my fingers closer to your asshole. I rub the outside of your asshole. It is wet from your pussy juices. This feeling is very new to you, but you love it. I slowly work one finger in your ass. The feeling of both your pussy and ass being stretched is too much. You have the best orgasm of your life. Your body tenses up from the euphoria rushing through all parts of your body and then relaxes. You scream out time and time again. You can't control yourself, you're lost to the orgasm. You fall over onto me. I roll you over and position your ass up into the air. I line my dick up with your pussy and dive it deep into your pussy, deeper then anything's ever been in your pussy before. You scream out in pleasure into the pillows but it barely muffles your screams of pleasure. I drive my dick deep into your pussy time and time again. My fingers begin to work on your sweet little asshole. I work one finger in again. Then I slowly work in 2 fingers. The more fingers I work into your asshole the tighter your pussy wraps around my rock hard throbbing dick. I manage to work 3 fingers into your ass hole. I work my fingers in and out of your asshole. The sensation of your ass being stretched is amazing. You press your ass against my fingers trying to take them in deeper. I can tell you're ready. I take my dick out of your pussy. It is dripping wet with your pussy juices. I put it in your asshole and slowly start to push. You cringe a little bit but love the feeling. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yes, just keep being so gentle. It feels so good. Thank you brother." "No problem sis" I work my dick in very slowly. Stretching your ass slowly. Once it's all the way in I start to thrust slowly. You are moaning constantly into the pillow from the pleasure in your ass.

I reach my hand around and start to play with your tits that are going back and forth with each thrust of my dick into your ass. You reach down your body and start to finger your clit. You then start to slip your fingers into your pussy. The feeling of both your pussy and ass being filled, and my hand playing with your tits is just too much. You experience your second orgasm of the night. This one even more intense than the last. You knees tremble and give out from the pleasure. You scream so loud the pillows do nothing to muffle the sound. Good thing mom and dad aren't home I think to myself. You roll over onto your back and take some deep breaths. I crawl up and my dick finds your pussy yet again. I thrust it in and out faster and faster. With how tight your pussy is after two orgasms I can't hold back anymore. The cum erupts from my dick. A huge load of cum fills up your tight little pussy. The feeling of my cum filling up your pussy is the best yet for you. I pull my dick out and collapse next to you in bed. You feel my cum and your pussy juices mixed running down your legs. You cuddle up against me. "Thank you brother, that was how I've always imagined losing my virginity." "No problem" I respond. "If you are as dirty and kinky as I really think you are maybe I can have one of my college buddies come over and we can have some even more intense fun." "Yes please" you say as you shot me a coy little smile. "You're the best brother ever." "You're the best sister ever, I think this will have to become a regular thing." "Yes, yes it will." We both slowly drift off to sleep, exhausted from over an hour of the most intense sex either of us had ever experienced so far.

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2013-12-10 20:07:05
piss poor writing again. ass checks? did you mean cheeks? and three years apart but both home fromthe FIRST year in college, is he dumb or is she smart? you need to go back to school and learn before writing again your spelling and plot both suck.

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2012-08-09 16:52:44
i suggest you delete this story and rewrite it in third person and use a good editor before reposting it

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2012-03-02 17:30:52
sounds more like a movie script than a story get a good editor and do a proper rewrite. as is it rates a negative 10 for bad writing and being in second person.

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2012-02-13 10:51:54
Hello! Read the pages not for the first day. Yes, the connection speed is not good. How can I subscribe? I would like to read you in the future!....

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2012-02-13 10:29:20
Gripping! I would like to listen to the experts` views on the subject!!....

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