Meet Aimee

Chapter 4. Meet Aimee, my Cyborg.

Tuesday morning, after I had dropped Amy off at her parents’ house on Sunday, I sit in the passenger seat of a transport shuttle headed for Battle Star Falin. My mind goes over the fun time I had with Amy; but I linger on the trip home from Vegas.

Saturday night, after Amy got her secret wish fulfilled the first time and had her pussy eaten to a climax, we cleaned up by giving each other a bath in the shower. Washing Amy was actually not only sexy but also great fun. Because she is so short, one can almost imagine she is about twelve years old. When she does her little girl routine and calls me Daddy it really grabs my heart. In return she grabbed my cock and I had to stop her before the pain made me pass out after just having cum a few minutes earlier.

About an hour later we were finally ready to go to the Casino next door. Like last night Amy dressed in her room and I was in mine, so I nearly had a heart attack when she came through the door. Wearing a floor length fire engine red dress really enhanced her figure. Why, you ask. Because Amy was correct when she said her tits will hang out. The dress is a bustier design which just barely covers her nipples. Her two pink areolas are visible and there is no bra under the dress. If she bends over, its “tits all over”.

I don’t remember her trying a red dress on in the shop. My sales lady must have played a switch-a-roo on me. When Amy gets close to me I finally notice there is an almost invisible modesty panel running from the top of the bustier to her neck. No chance of tits spilling out. Thank you.

But the most shocking vision is Amy’s long red hair; a wig obviously. She has transformed herself from short haired brunette to long haired red hot showgirl. When she saw the look on my face she grinned and said, “I guess it’s working.”

At the Casino door I had worried for a minute about Amy getting past Security. She still had her official looking AF VIP pass, but the two Sumo wrestlers where doing what Amy predicted, staring at her tits, and the velvet rope magically opened for us. Well I just learned a new way to breach Security.

Amy was wide eyed in the Casino, as any teen would be. Casinos are not always as glamorous as in the movies, however, this one was. Like any good tourists we made the rounds and I let Amy play all the games. She did her best to lose my bundle of money and giggled and pouted at every loss. Casinos still give you chips and silver dollars to make you feel like you have money, but like other places, your thumb print transfers funds from your account.

For fun, I let Amy play by herself as I watched her from a distance. It was interesting to see how many guys were immediately willing to teach her how to play; especially at the roulette and craps tables which required bending over. Most of them could have been her grand-father; but there were a few young studs who looked like they may have thought she was some rich actress. It made me realize again what Amy said about her boyfriend problem. Her tits were both an attraction and a curse.

Later that night, curled against each other in bed, Amy dissected her visit to the Casino and told me what all the guys had said to her. She giggled and said it took most guys about five minutes to start running their hands over her ass and another five minutes before making an offer. “No wonder girls come here for a weekend; they can make more money than I earn in two weeks just from one guy.” I said. “Welcome to Vegas.”

Then she laughed and says one young stud told her he had twelve inches for her and it would only cost her five hundred dollars. “What did you say?” I ask. “I was not nice, I batted my eyes and grabbed my crotch and told him I had my own.” I busted out laughing; there is a hidden Amy in that fantastic body.

Amy still whispers in my ear shyly when talking about her own sex. It makes me smile how she reverts to little girl mode. After kissing me for several minutes and dangling her nipples in front of my face, she whispers, “Daddy, will you make me cum again?” My answer was to roll her over and just do it again. When she locked her legs around my head and screamed her release, I knew she was mine and I was hers. For how long, I wonder?

The tears started quietly as our plane was half way back to Reno on Sunday afternoon. Amy sat next to me and was on tissue number two. “Thad, I love you so much, I don’t know how I will make it without you”, she sobbed after I told her I will probably be gone for one month. Holding her hand I told her, “I know babe, me too. We had such a fun weekend; but we both have to concentrate on work and school. We’ll video-phone every few days.” It was even worse at her house when her mom started crying, too.

So now I’m on the way back to work on a shuttle and I have to talk to our Chief of Staff about this new development.

I like our new military shuttles. At first the engineers designed them to look like what you saw in the movies; fancy interiors, a big command chair and two pilots and lots of big windows and gadgets. Well those designs will go great for Delta International and the civilians, but not for the Air Force.

We need a box car which flies. Even back when we had more conventional wars, the AF always had work horses like the C-5 cargo plane. So the AF went back to the drawing board and designed a shuttle around a box car. The cockpit is a comfortable; no frills affair with two pilot seats; but only one is needed. The second pilot is a “just in case” redundancy. An on-board Cyborg which looks like a small refrigerator and all the computers run the shuttle. The cargo hold is the size of a rail car and can hold cargo and passengers. Usually, we slide in only twelve comfortable seats for passengers. Or the entire cargo space can be filled with seats and look like a passenger aircraft.

Best of all are the upgraded nuclear-cyonic engines driving the shuttles. Based on the concept of a nuclear submarine, the reactors have been miniaturized and coupled with cyonic boosters. It lets the air jets get boosted to nearly tornado strength for lift off while remaining totally quiet and stealthy.

Our “Cloaking” device is even better. No one has invented a cloaking device like you see in the movies where space ships just disappear. Ours uses the natural moisture in the air. Have you ever seen some nice clouds build up in the middle of a sunny day? You look up at a blue sky and see white clouds and think, “Ah, they look pretty.”

The USBS Falin’s two escorts, Destructors Reagan and Bush, can lay down a ten mile long cloud cover in twenty seconds. Then shuttles lift of from anywhere and disappear into the clouds to land on the Destructors. The Destructors can then fly out past the moon for a rendezvous with the Battle Star. The same thing happens if we use a shuttle to insert a combat team somewhere. Hidden in the clouds, the shuttles can drop down almost un-noticed.

Because of the classified nature of our fleet, the shuttles are painted to look like a commercial freight transport and we all wear corporate looking uniforms. The manufacturer who builds the shuttles for the AF was allowed to sell the same model, minus the armaments and classified stuff, to freight companies. So if you see a shuttle in the sky it looks like your local delivery company. Cool!

When I get to the Battle Star I go to my quarters, a somewhat semi-plush room with a bath, similar to a high end hotel room. There I change into my black space fleet uniform and put on my space Nikes, which allow you to walk easier in the artificial gravity. As I entered I checked my security alarms and found no one had entered my quarters during my absence. A good thing. I call my Major and tell him that I was back and ready for a conference update in two hours. First I had to update the Chief of Staff.

CoS Colonel Edward Johannson claps me on my back and says in his southern drawl, “How is my favorite Logistician? Are you buying us some cool toys?” It was his standard greeting; somewhat funny because I was his only Command Logistician.

“Yes Sir”, I answer, “the Commando Team’s snipers are testing the latest version sniper rifle. Without all the technical stuff, a good sniper should be able to do a head shot from one mile away without any sound and with very small ammo.” Col. Johannson raises his eyebrows, “One mile?” “Yes Sir; but that is the extreme range, a one-half mile is preferred.” He smiles and says, “Good job; and I do get to play with one?” “Of course Sir”, is the only answer. Of course, I had bought one extra rifle because I knew the former Special Ops guy would never give it back one he “played” with it.

“So what else is new Lt. Colonel?” he asks knowing I had been on leave in preparation to dealing with the Human-Cyborg interface. “I found a model for my Cyborg, Sir. She has already undergone the med tests and her data is at the lab. I will have an encrypted tele-conference with the Cyborg team tomorrow and get an update. ETA is 60 to 90 days.” “So tell me about her”, he asks.

“As you know Sir, the Cyborg will be mentally and physically far more advanced than anyone on the Battle Star; but will look totally human. The Cyborg will wear a distinctive uniform so the Star personnel will know her and treat her accordingly. My human model is a high school senior who will probably be accepted to the AF Academy.”

“Very well, Lt. Colonel it sounds good; but what will surprise me when I meet the Cyborg?” he asks. The old guy is no dummy, he should be interrogating terrorists. I swallow and say, “Ah well Sir, the human is a lovely girl, a bit short but you will be surprised by her 40DDs, Sir.”

The CoS laughs and says, “Gotcha, I knew you didn’t earn that PhD because you were dumb. You can have your play toy as long as you work her pretty ass off. I want her to analyze all the weapons and ammunition inventories. When we get into a shoot-out I don’t want to find out we are short on weapons and ammo. Soldiers from the days of the bow and arrow have found ways to steal stuff, particularly in training. You read me, Thad?” “Loud and clear, Sir”, I answer. “And keep your mouth shut about it”, is his final remark as he dismisses me. He does approve my written request to issue an encrypted communicator to Amy so that we could video-chat in secrecy.

The next day I am locked into my office working with the Cyborg lab on Aimee’s specifications and requirements. I have decided on a couple of changes from the original Amy to differentiate her. Instead of a short haired brunette she will be a long haired blonde. Plus I have added a few inches to her height, making her about five foot and six inches. It’s a more normal size for females and I would not have to explain her short size all the time. The added height will make her look slimmer because the Cyborg will be muscular, toned and in top physical condition. I am leaving her 40DDs for my own pleasure.

The Chief Scientist gives me to best news, “No problem, Colonel. Come see us in thirty days.” Excellent, it will give me a time on Earth and at least a long weekend with Amy. Life is good.

Meanwhile I also have to work on some of the bad operational news which came out of yesterday’s conference. Terrorist, again.

The month leading up to visiting the Cyborg lab was filled with routine work except on weekends when I was able to talk to Amy for several hours. Her attitude improved greatly when I told her about my three day visit. “Can we go back to Vegas, Thad”, she asked which was great for me because obviously it’s where I will be.

I met with Major Jackson, my second, and we worked out our schedules for the next 90 days in preparation for the Cyborg’s arrival. He knew it was an experimental humanoid and said laughingly, “I hope it don’t look like a refrigerator, Thad.” I laughed also and answered, “I think I have that part under control, Jim. But I need you to get its quarters ready and have one of our medics report to the Cyborg lab starting in two days, OK.” He threw me his usual sloppy salute and said “OK, boss.” In front of the troops Jim was razor sharp; but behind closed doors he was a loose goose.

When I arrive back at Vegas, once I passed Security, I am met by two tall, model beautiful young twins. “We are here to escort you to Dr. Hammond’s office”, they tell me while I let my eyes roam. They are about five feet, ten inches tall with long blond hair done up in a knot. They wear light blue uniforms, similar to AF uniforms, with Lieutenant bars on their shoulders. “Did you have a good flight, Colonel?” one of them asks with a bright smile and sparkling blue eyes. I tell her it’s always good to fly to Vegas.

As I followed their swaying hips and high heels, I noticed their skirts are unusually short and show lots of long tanned legs. Very unusual and definitely not within uniform regulations. Also if they are AF officers it is unusual that sisters would be assigned to the same unit.

Chief Scientist, Dr. Eric Harmond meets me at his office and tells me his team is in the conference room ready to give me an update. When the two Lieutenants disappeared, he asks, “What do you think of Krissy and Stacy?” Watching what I say I reply, “Their uniforms don’t seem to be AF issue and I found it strange two sisters working in the same shop.” He laughs and says, “I can make you a pair for the Battle Star for $20 million.” I stop, look at him and ask quietly, “Cyborgs?”

“Of course Thad, you don’t think two world class movie stars would join the AF”, as he laughs. “They are the new X-1100 prototypes; fully functional females. Your Aimee is built on the same platform; but I’ll only charge you $4 million because Colonel Johannson would blow a gasket. You know he and I were in the Academy together. It’s the only reason you are here.” Well, learn something new every day. So I say with a smirk, “Sir, maybe you should lend him Krissy and Stacy as a Christmas present.” Dr. Hammond laughs and says, “That a great idea, I’ll think on it.”

In the conference room the team updates me on the progress of growing Aimee. They outline her requirements for maintenance, which are minimal. She will need two hours of “sleep” nightly while her systems do self-analysis and updates. Aimee will not eat food; but will drink two liters of water per day which will hydrate her skin, make tears and other bodily fluids. I almost blush remembering my Amy squirting.

The Battle Star medic will review her daily analysis strips and do a monthly systems check. Aimee will have the knowledge equivalent of a PhD in military science and all the AF graduate school programs. Dr. Hammond asks me if the blue uniform would work and I tell him for Aimee to consider a pants suit with a loose jacket. All the guys in the room grin and the ladies smirk. It’s her curse.

When the holographic projection of Aimee appears next to me I am blown away. Without being Hollywood gorgeous, Aimee is beautiful. Dr. Hammond has advanced her age to make her look about twenty-four years old with her long blond hair in a ponytail. She is wearing the light blue uniform and her jacket does an adequate job of hiding her 40DDs. Amy’s voice says, “Good morning Thad, welcome to the Lab.” I can’t help myself and answer, “Good morning, Aimee.” She gives me a bright smile and says, “I look forward to joining you on the Battle Star.”

The staff watches my reaction and when I automatically answer the new Aimee’s life-size image they clap and high-five. Dr. Hammond ask, “So Colonel does she pass?” “Wow Dr. Hammond she looks even better than Krissy and Stacy. Her features are flawless, the voice is perfect and I’m glad you aged her”, I answer. I obviously had not thought that a new Lieutenant with a PhD would not be a teenager. Dr. Hammond points at one of the female staffers and says, “Thank Dr. Wolfson for the improvements and she will keep working on upgrades as we think of them.”

As the conference breaks up, Dr. Hammond tells me to come see him in thirty days unless I want to hang around the lab with Krissy and Stacy. I imagine what that means, but excuse myself because I don’t want to be a star on one of his security tapes. Back at the hotel I contact Amy to see if she would arrive as planned. She tells me “Yes”, and I work on our weekend plan. We need to get out of bed sometimes. I laugh to myself and say, “Not.”

At the airport our reunion is hot as Amy drops her bags and jumps up onto my chest and locks her legs around my middle like a little kid. Fortunately she has a pant suit on or it would have been show time for all the people gawking at us. Our lips are locked together for a good two minutes before I break and whisper into her ear, “Behave, we are on security-cams, I can’t do this.” Amy grins and turns me loose and drops back to the floor. I grab her bags into one hand and she grabs my other hand as we head for the limo.

“Thad darling, I’m so glad to be here”, she gushes once we are in the back seat, “are we going to the hotel first or what?” She bats her eyelashes as she says it and I know she want her “special treat”. My Amy is horny and I almost change my plans.

“First comes What”, I answer “you have an appointment at the Salon and Spa and then the dress store. Amy unbuttons her jacket revealing a tight blouse; she pushes her tits forward and shakes her shoulders. In her little girl voice she says, “I guess Daddy doesn’t want these anymore?” I hear the driver cough and choke as he checks Amy’s tits in the mirror. Amy notices and laughs loudly and pulls the jacket closed.

“Behave yourself, you vixen”, I grin at Amy. It is clear she is very happy and ready to have a fun time. Amy just had exams earlier in the week and she video-commed that she maxed every test.

When Amy emerges from the Salon two hours later she looks glamorous. Her short hair has been transformed with high lights and lengthened to hang over the top of her shoulders. Her eyes sparkle with longer lashes and new makeup. I believe it’s the new type of long lasting makeup; but what do guys know. New fingernails are apparent, too. Wow, again. And as Amy sees me leaning against the limo she does a little girl twirl for her Daddy. Her jacket is unbuttoned and flies away from her as she twirls. The driver and I gape and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this teen.

As we head to the dress store Amy snuggles up to me and says, “What do you think?” I give her a quick kiss on the lips and whisper, “Daddy thinks Amy will get her special wish very soon.” Amy bats her new long lashes several times, starts to say something; but looks at the driver and closes her mouth. She nods her head, smiles and whispers, “Amy will be ever so appreciative.” It makes me twitch.

At the dress store the owner is waiting for us and I thank her again for the great job she did with Amy the last time. “You surprised me with the red dress”, I tell her. She looks at Amy and winks, “I told you he would love it, plus I only charged you half-price, dear.” Mentally I do a ten second review of the beating my savings account is taking and think, “Yes she is worth it.” Good grief, I’m worse than some high school kid on his first date.

“So what have you got in mind for Amy?” I ask, “We have two nights of Casino and clubs, plus day time visits to several tourist sites and hanging out at the pool.” She takes us to the fitting room and shows us several outfits already hanging up. Amy’s eyes light up and she “Oohs” as she looks at a purple cocktail dress and another longer red one.

Amy strips out of her pantsuit and with the help of the proprietor puts on the purple dress after taking off her regular bra and switching to a strapless model. I sit in the corner and keep my mouth shut as they fuss about the dress even though Amy gave her tits a wiggle in my direction when she stripped. The bad vixen.

Of course the dress does not fit perfectly because Amy’s measurements have changed over the last month. I notice her waist is smaller and her belly seems tighter. I will have to get her to confess to me later. When we finally leave, Amy has a new wardrobe of two evening outfits, two daytime outfits and beach wear, all to be delivered to the hotel in a few hours. Shoes, handbags and other accessories complete her haul. As I press my thumb to the transaction reader, the owner gives me a motherly kiss on the cheek and says, “You kids have fun. I’ll see you next month.”

At the hotel Amy admits that she is starving and really needs to eat. “Shopping is so hard on you”, I tease her as we head into the restaurant. She pokes me with her elbow and says with a laugh, “I noticed you were totally not interested in the dress shop. Crotch-less panties, do you really want to see me wear those to school?” “No dear, I was just looking”, I say as she giggles at me. Gosh, I love to hear her giggle.

For propriety’s sake I rented two rooms again and we drop Amy’s bags in her room. The door to my room is open. Amy comes into my arms and we kiss hard, deep and long. Coming up for air we both say, “I love you” at the same time. Amy steps back and then kneels on the bed and spreads her arms wide in an open invitation.

I step forward and unbutton her jacket and hang it on a chair. Next comes pulling the blouse over Amy’s tits and she lifts her arms. This time I have fewer problems; practice makes perfect. I move in close and reach around her back to unhook her bra. Amy has her arms up and uses the opportunity to grab my head, pull me tight and French me. The bra pushes into my chest while we clutch each other greedily. When we break apart it falls to the floor and I caress her nipples with my fingers.

Amy locks her lips to me again and our kiss lingers as we kiss more gently. This time when we break she moves her mouth to my ear and I expect a new private request. “Thad there is something else you have to do”, she whispers as her hair tickles my face. I wait expectantly and just murmur, “OK?”

“You need to shave me again”, she says quietly. Ah, an interesting development; because she obviously could have done it at home. Now I’m glad she waited and we can start the fun in the tub. We both grin at each other like kids and Amy tells me, “Give me fifteen minutes of privacy and then come on in.”

Leaving, I close the door to her room in full anticipation.

Twenty minutes later I knock on the bathroom door and like last time say, “Are you decent?” Amy giggles, “Yes I am dear.” When I open the door I expect her to be up to her neck in bubble bath; but she sits up so her longer hair does not get wet and it makes her tits float above the bubbles. Oh what a nice vision; young pink tits just for me.

Amy has become used to being naked with me and it makes me twitch. Of course Amy sees my Jockey’s jump and uses the old line, “Is that a banana or are you glad to see me?” I give her an alternate answer and say, “It’s a banana for my good little girl to eat; but later.” When I pull my Jockeys off, Amy gives my cock tip a nice kiss and runs her tongue around it before she says, “Get in the tub, Thad.”

Running my hands up Amy’s legs I tell her it’s nice to spend the weekend with her again. “Do you think you will be OK, going home on Sunday?” I ask, hoping that it will not deflate her mood. Amy grins and says, “Sure, because I know we will do it again next month. The first time leaving you was so emotional, I had not thought I would fall so much in love with you.”

Amy whispers the next sentence very quietly, “Losing my virginity was wonderful; but what is weird is I really liked your cum going down my throat. Do you want me to do it again?” My cock twitches like crazy and disturbs the bubbles. When Amy sees the commotion she laughs, “I guess that’s a ‘Yes’. I croak, “Definitely a yes, babe.”

I rub her legs some more and then pull the plunger control. Laying a new, pink feminine razor and shaving cream on the edge of the tub, I have Amy stands up and get ready. This time I start with putting the hot cream on both legs first. Her legs don’t really need a shave but why pass up the fun. I shave her in long strokes down the front and then have her turn around.

After a repeat the ceremony on the back of her legs I tell her to bend over and pull her butt cheeks apart. There are a few stray hairs around her ass and I attack them, too. When the hot shaving cream hits her butt hole, Amy whines, “it’s hot Daddy.” Yea really, I’ll show you hot in a few minutes.

Changing back to the front, I gently shave her mons one slow stroke at a time. Working on the areas around her pussy lips, I go slow and pay attention to what I am doing; first one side, then the other. It’s not a time to make a mistake. Like last time, soon I have her clean as a baby.

After a rinse with the sprayer comes the fun part, baby lotion. I put several squirts of baby lotion on my hand and tell Amy to turn around again. Starting at the top of her legs, I rub and massage her legs down to her feet. I reload my hands with lotion and tell Amy to bend over again. The lotion goes on her ass cheeks and Amy hangs on to the edge of the tub and sings, “Mmm”. Using one hand to spread her cheeks, I rub lotion directly on her anus and rim her for a few minutes.

When her “Mmms” get a little louder, I put one arm around her waist to hold her and insert the middle finger of my other hand into her anus about an inch. Amy gives the standard reaction of an anal virgin. She jumps and yelps, “OMG, not my ass!” I hold her tight for two minutes with my finger in her ass and then slowly stroke her in and out. After two more minutes Amy slowly starts rocking her ass in rhythm with my finger and a few minutes later I see her stomach twitch. “OMG Thad, are you going to make me cum?” she asks with head now almost touching to bathtub floor.

“If you want to, babe. I can feel you are getting close”, I answer as I rock a little deeper and add a second finger. Amy’s breathing jumps up two notches and she hangs on to the tub with both hands. Her ass is pistoning up and down with me setting an even faster pace.

I can see her climax coming, her body shakes from head to toe and a scream of release comes deep from her throat. And then she squirts and squirts while she hangs on to the edge of the tub. Amy’s legs get wobbly and as she wants to sit down, I guide her onto my hard cock.

Except I guide it into her gapping ass. Just barely in her ass I let her get used to my cockhead’s invasion and Amy cries without any conviction, “Oh Thad, not my ass.” Yes, I believe I heard that same line about fifteen minutes ago. After a half-minute I can feel her relax the pressure of her anal ring on my cock. “That’s my good little girl”, I whisper into her ear; “just relax because Daddy is fucking your ass.”

Amy leans back against my chest and I put my arms around her and play with her tits. I’m not sure it gets her mind off where my cock is; but she slides down on it to the root. I push up with my hips and then relax. After about the fifth up-stroke, Amy takes over and lifts her hips and drops back down. She sets up her own pace of getting ass fucked.

It seems like an hour, but I know it’s only about fifteen minutes later and I can feel Amy building up to a second climax. As she increases her fucking speed I notice she is tightening her muscles also. She must be seconds away and I’m right there with her. On the next down stroke she locks her muscles hard around my cock, shivers and I can feel pussy juices gushing out of her. I explode into her filling her ass with white hot Jizz.
Amy grabs my arms and pulls them tight across her as we both shiver in bliss.

I guess I forgot to put soothing baby lotion on her pussy. Worse, she may not get her “special wish” until we recover. Life is tough all over – ha, ha.

We sat in the tub for about twenty minutes with my cock buried in her ass. I pushed the stopper handle back up and filled the tub as we relaxed. “Babe, lets wash and take a little break and get ready for the club. We have to be there by 8:00 p.m. sharp”, I tell Amy and she pulls my arms tighter and says, “OK Thad.”

We crawl into Amy’s bed after telling the front desk to deliver any packages to my room. My chronograph is set to give us a one hour break to stay on schedule. As Amy wiggles her naked ass against me. I don’t think either of us can be quiet for an hour. Amy pulls my arm around her and my hand cups one of her breasts. She says quietly, “Bad Daddy, fucked his little girl in the ass and shot lots of cum into her!”

I repeat my line from earlier, “Behave yourself, vixen or Daddy will do it again.” Amy wiggles her ass and I can tell she is drifting off as she says, “Promises, promises.”

Promptly at 7:30 p.m. we are dressed and ready to go downstairs and head for the club. Amy has freshened her hair and makeup and she is gorgeous. Her longer hair, with the highlights, curls around her face and down her front and back. I notice again that the makeup does not make her look older like for some girls who want to pass for over the drinking age. She looks like what she is, a high school kid who glams up nicely. Her pale purple lipstick almost reflects the color of her dress.

She is in her purple cocktail dress which again shows the top half of her breasts. “Guess we are going to breach Security again”, I chuckle to myself. I notice the dress does not have the invisible modesty panel like her red one; I hope her tits don’t fall out. The dress is short and shows a lot of legs, however, the seamstress tailored it just perfectly to fit Amy’s short body. Amy has matching five inch high heels, which bring her face a bit nearer to mine, and a matching tiny purple clutch. I thought the red dress made her look super-hot; but purple works even better.

I usher Amy into the limo and check my chronograph because we want to be on time for Amy to meet her special surprise guest.

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