Just like the original story but with less mistakes
This is a story of a guy that lives down my street he's in the year below me however is like someone in year 11 to be honest. There are two stories in this the first is just a little one but gives a bit of back ground information about our past together, this is the guy that I've had sex with his mum but he doesn't know that (another story I might put on if people want to hear it). His names Ben and we've been friends for like 11 years or something and a lot has happened.
When we were around 9 or 10 we often played football in the back garden as a 1 on 1 kind of match we always played at his house as he lives with his mum and she was always working so we wouldn't get into trouble if the ball hit the windows. To make the games more exciting I can remember that we used to come up with a dare to do for the person that lost the match this usually was something sexual actually for instance the person that lost would have to strip naked (in the back garden where we played and no one could see), or another one would be to get a boner and show it. We were both very young at the time and we didn't really know what we were doing which is why I don't really count any of these experiences but I thought id tell you about them because my very first sexual contact was actually with him.
One of the times we were doing a match and it went to a draw we usually just did penalty's to finish the game however at the start of the match we decided that if it was a draw that was it and we would each face a dare to do, it would be both of us strip naked we would then do a hug with each other. The match did end up a draw and well actually I let the last goal in to make it a draw, but anyway we both striped naked and did our hug I immediately went hard and so did he, at the time I was probably about 2 and a half inches on hard, and he was only two inches, and our young bodies and small penis' rubbed together for a few minutes.

Anyway back to nearer the present day it was just the other week but I was round at his and we were playing FIFA and he beat me and then I started messing about and play fighting him but the I felt that he was hard, I continued to play fight and kept on brushing against it just to check if it was hard, and it was and to be honest so was I however I was hiding mine and making it more discreet than him, I eventually just said "Ben be honest here I wont take the piss or anything but are you hard?" and then at that moment we stopped play fighting immediately and the room fell silent, I could tell how awkward he was feeling then he managed to say " what, no I haven't!" I could tell he was afraid I would take the piss out of him so I just said "but I've felt it quite a few times just then when we were messing around" all of a sudden he seemed to perk up "ok maybe I do, but why were you feeling it then?" I was lost for words it was clear that I was going to have to tell him that is was bi, I hadn't got a what to say it though "errr, well erm, fine ok look I'm bi ok?" I said with a nervous voice as I was uncertain what his reaction would be however it turned out to be a very good reaction "well I'm actually gay I think well I'm bi I guess but I'm far more interested in men?
"really?" I replied
There was a small pause then he threw himself across the bed and locked his lips onto mine and pushed my onto my back on his bed he then wasted no time in stripping me of all his clothes as well as his. He got off with me and our cocks brushed against each other once again just like they had 5 years earlier however this time we were much bigger and hairier down there. He then licked down my body and stopped once he came to my cock I'm now around 6.5" sometimes 7" when I'm rock hard and at this time I was 7" he began moving his arm up and down my shaft he then stopped and began to lick up from my balls up my shaft and up to my throbbing bell end, he then dropped his head down putting most of my cock in his mouth and down his throat his warm wet mouth covered my cock in his saliva while his tongue began to lick around my sensitive bell end making the feeling immense, then all of a sudden he popped one of his fingers in my arse and began to move it in and out, he was rubbing against my prostate making the feeling 10x better I felt as if I was going to blow any second he kept doing the same thing for 5 more minutes and then I couldn't keep it in any longer and with one big moan from me my cum shot into his mouth and all over his face he wiped it off his face and swallowed what was in his mouth I then layed him down and went down on him he was only 5" but it meant I could fit it all in my mouth I licked around his bell end but didn't let him cum, he turned over and got on all 4's I still had loads of cum on my cock and so I used this as lube, I slowly put it into is tight arsehole and with every centre meter that it went in he seemed to give off a little moan once it was fully in I began to slowly and delicately pull it out, then back in, and so on I kept doing this for 5 minutes and then gradually got faster until I was literally pounding his arse. We then changed into a different position he turned over opened his leg and it gave my a clean view of his arsehole I put my penis back inside his warm arsehole and began pumping again this position was brilliant as I could now see his face and his cock too he was still really hard and while pumping in and out of him I began to wank him off, just as I was about to cum I pulled my cock out and wanked making the cum go all over his cock, then it was his turn to do me, he bent my over and wasted no time in ramming it straight in which hurt a little but then the pleasure kicked in and he started pumping as fast as he could and within 5 minutes he cummed, he took his cock out of my and just layed next to me for a few minutes then we just got dressed and played FIFA again.

If you have any questions or if you want to hear anything else in more detail just please send a message to me to my account, comments are also or course welcome. thanks more stories to come soon

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2011-08-03 00:52:24
I liked it, ya just have a lot if run-on sentences.

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2011-08-02 11:18:22
Should probably proof read this... Paragraphs would be nice, and try to use different words and phrases instead of "and then" or "then"

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