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I had left Rachel to finish her project, and clean up the bathroom, as I went down

to greet our father. I met him in the kitchen. He had sunken onto the bench of the

booth we used as our daily dining table, and was drinking a well-deserved beer. He

rose as I entered, and as we hugged, he asked how everything had gone in his

absence. I told him Rach had given me a ride to practice on Saturday. I left out

all the good parts obviously. I told him nothing much was going on. Which was as

far from the truth as it was possible to be. I asked about his trip. He expounded

on the problems with air travel. Bla Bla Bla

“I’m going to need you to help get Rachel’s room ready for Lidia” Dad said,

reminding me forcefully of the reason I had spied on Rach in the first place.

“Sure” I responded, “What’s the plan?”

“Tomorrow, we need to get a bed.” He started, “Then we need to rearrange Rachel’s


“I’m free at 11, after lessons” I offered.

“It’s a plan.” My father finished.

“Let me take your stuff” I said, grabbing his suitcase, and briefcase. I exited the

kitchen, and headed past the stairs, to his office, and my parent’s bedroom on the

first floor. I dropped his stuff off, and returned as Rach came down the stairs in

front of me. I followed her into the kitchen.

“Daddy” she squealed like a 6 year old, and she gave him a hug too.

“You’ve got a guest arriving soon” he said, resuming his seat.

“Yep, she’s really excited to meet everybody.” Rach said, sitting opposite our dad,

and glancing a knowing look at me.

It suddenly dawned on me that Rach had been communicating with Lidia for over a

week. I wondered just how much communicating she had done, knowing how much she had

wanted to tell someone about us.

“Have you been emailing her?” my dad asked.

“We’ve been messaging every day. We’ve even video chatted.” Rach answered, looking

dead at me. Oh god, what had she done. The possibilities were varied, and

horrifying. I decided to grill her as soon as possible. “She is so pretty, and her

English is really good.” Rach continued, seemingly oblivious to the sledge hammer

she had hit me with.

Dad went to go take a shower (not in Rach and my bathroom thank god), and I took the

chance to interrogate Rach. “Exactly what have you told Lidia?” I asked her in my

most serious voice.

“Oh stop being so dramatic.” She said, brushing me off. “I didn’t TELL her anything

about us.” I could hear her emphasis on the word tell.

“Please Rach! Tell me what you aren’t telling me.”

“Well,” she said, seeming uncomfortable, “I video conferenced with her, before we

did anything last week. I was showing her my room, and then I saw your computer

come on, and I…shared your webcam with her so she could see you. She was nervous

about the move, and I was just trying to make her feel she knew us. You weren’t

naked or anything.” She finished, doing her best to seem casual.

I replied sheepishly, “Oh. O.K., sorry, I just knew you had wanted to tell somebody

before, and I was afraid you might have said something.”

“I would never tell anyone without checking with you first” Rach said, seemingly

hurt by my lack of trust. “I just wanted her to see how cute you were. She said

you were hot, by the way.” Rach finished, in a huff.

“O.K. O.K.” I said, my hands up in supplication. “I’m sorry. I should know you

better than that.” I continued. “She’s pretty hot too, don’t you think?” I asked,

trying to seem not that interested.

“Oh my god! She is stunning.” Rach answered, and then she looked at me; a troubled

look in her eyes. “I know you like her.”

“I think she’s hot, like I said.” I replied. “I’m not sure what we are, but I

wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you.”

Rach didn’t respond right away. She sat there, lost in her own thoughts. Finally,

she said “I don’t know what we are either, and I don’t want to hurt you. Maybe we

should decide what we are.”

“I love you Rach.” I began, trying to figure it out as I talked. “It’s more than

because you’re my sister. I think I’d die if you were with another guy.”

Rach brightened unexpectedly at my admission. “Only if it were a guy?” she asked


“I think so.” I replied, trying to search my feelings. “I think a girl would be

o.k.” I sat thinking, unsure what Rach being with a girl would do to me. I knew

what it would do to the monster in my pants, but would I feel jealous, or left out?

Rach seemed to sense my thoughts. “Jake. What if you were there?” I looked at

her. She was looking at me so tenderly with her big green eyes. She seemed mainly

concerned for me, but I thought I caught a hint of excitement as I looked at her.

“Maybe that would be O.K.” I answered. “I know somebody would like that.” I

finished, letting her follow my look down to the, now continual, bulge in my shorts.

“What about me with a girl?” I asked, feeling sure, from her reaction to Sharon,

that I knew the answer already.

Rach considered thoughtfully. “If you mean going out on a date, I don’t think I’d

like that.” And then after a slight pause, “I think maybe if it was just messing

around…I’m not sure.” She trailed off, her eyes now in her lap.

“What if you were there?” I asked, knowing it seemed to help make me more

comfortable if I were there when Rach was with another girl.

“Maybe,” She answered, looking up, and seeming more at ease. “But I don’t think I’d

like it if you fucked anyone else.” She continued in a whisper.

“O.K., so no dating, and we have to be there if either of us is with a girl.” I

summed up, “oh, and only you get the Big Bro treatment.” I added, taking her face in

my hands, and giving her a quick kiss. She smiled, gave my cock a little squeeze

through my shorts, and got up.

“You want to see the final product?” Rach asked, looking up towards the bathroom.

“It should be ready by now.”

“Sure.” I answered, and we headed upstairs.

Rach grabbed the mold, and we headed to her room. Once she closed the door, and

locked it, we sat on her bed, and she opened the mold. There it was, my dick copied

in all its glory, sitting in the plaster.

“Wow!” Rach Exclaimed, pulling it free. “It’s so heavy.”

“Tell me about it” I said, joking. Rach smiled at me.

“Can I compare?” She asked me, looking down to my shorts. “O.K., but I was super

hard when I made that” I said, leaning back, and pulling off my shorts.

“Let’s see” Rach said, putting the dildo next to my cock. “You need some help to

measure up” she said, grabbing my cock with her free hand.

I pulled off her shirt, as she worked my dick. She seemed fascinated; watching my

semi-hard cock grow as she stroked it, looking back and forth between me and my


After a minute, Rach said “There, perfect.” And smiling, leaned down, and kissed the

tip of my cock.

“You aren’t gona get off that easy” I said, “You came in the bathroom without me ya


“That was your fault. You made me pass out. Besides, don’t you still need to catch

up a bit?” Rach said, jumping off the bed giggling, and bolting for the door. I

sprang after her, catching her at the door. I held her to me; my dick parting her

ass, her arms pinned to her sides.

I leaned over to whisper in her ear “do you want me to take it?” She looked at me

over her shoulder, her eyes wide with shock and hunger, and nodded very slightly.

As soon as she had nodded, she twisted, trying to break my hold on her. I tightened

my arms around her, and pulled her off the ground. She squirmed, and kicked as I

carried her to the bed.

Rach struggled silently against me as I put her, face down on the bed; one arm still

wrapped around her, holding her arms. I pulled her little pink shorts down with my

free hand to expose her perfect ass, and yanked out the toy, tossing it aside. She

flailed her legs uselessly where they hung off the side off the bed, panting with

the effort. I kneeled behind Rach, and releasing her arms, put my hand on her back,

pushing her down onto the bed with all my weight. She continued to writhe beneath

me, as I kissed her neck, and whispered “you’ve been a bad girl.” I lifted myself

up; my hand still on her back to keep her pinned to the bed, and spanked her once,


“Eek” escaped from her lips.

I needed a release. Grabbing my dick with my free hand, I lined up and pushed into

her as hard and deep as I could, feeling myself bottom out in her. Still wanting

her to enjoy it, I rolled my hips searching for the spot that would take over her

will to struggle. Rach let out a grunt, and I zeroed in, hammering her with all the

power I could summon. I rose to orgasm quickly; my sister’s writhing no longer

focused on escape, but on her need.

I felt her pussy begin to tighten, and slammed my dick home one last time. Holding

myself buried in her as she came. As she subsided, I pulled out, and flipping her

limp body over, I jacked myself over her, sending stream after stream across her

pussy, then her stomach, then her boobs, and finally her face. Rach regained

herself in time to suck down my final jet of cum. She continued sucking until the

sensation was too much, and I pulled away. I sank onto the bed next to her, truly


“That was fun” Rach said, rolling to her side to face me, and scooping cum from her

cheek into her mouth.

“Try and get the dildo to do that.” I said, breathlessly.

“You’re the only toy I need.” She said, kissing me.

“Sorry I messed you up again.” I said, looking at the cum coating her chest and


“No problem, Big Bro” Rach said, rubbing it into her skin like lotion.

“You know Rach,” I said, a problem occurring to me, “we’re gona have to figure out

how we do this when Lidia gets here.”

“I know,” she said, getting up and pulling her shorts back on. “I’m workin on it.”

“What does that mean?” I stammered.

Rach pulled on her tank-top, and smiling sweetly said “You’ll see.”

“Hey, don’t forget this” I said retrieving the vibes.

“Oh yea, oops” she giggled, and pulled her shorts back down to re-attach our toy.

I pulled on my shorts and smacked her on her exposed ass, as I walked past. “Eek”

Rach exclaimed, pulling up her shorts back up.

“Be careful Rach” I said opening her door, “I think I really like that sound” and I

closed her door behind me.

I saw Rach heading to Sharon’s as I trimmed the lawn. She had the bag with my

package (literally) with her. She swung it back and forth as she walked to the back

corner of our yard, smiling innocently at me as she went.

It was strange. I felt somehow, that I was pleasuring 2 girls now. The feeling

stoked my ego, and libido. I wondered what it must feel like to be a ‘model’ for

one of the dildos in the porn store. The feeling of knowing that thousands of

girls/women were using you to get off must be a heady experience.

Mom got home, and Rachel came back from Sharon’s a while later. I had been looking

through Lidia’s bio, passing the time till dinner. Lidia was from a town on the

coast of Italy. That explained her dark tan. She played tennis, and ran. Maybe I

could invite her to go running with me. She was an only child; her parents had

split up when she was 10. She lived with her mother and grandparents, in a house

their family had owned for over 150 years. She would have some adjustments to make

to get used to sharing a room with Rach, not to mention sharing a house with me.

Mom was getting dinner ready, and I, being bored, took Lidia’s bio with me to the

kitchen table. Rachel came in a few minutes later, and sat at her traditional spot

at the back of the ‘U’ shaped booth. Rach had obviously gotten more info than the

bio contained, and I asked a few questions, pointing out things in the bio that were

either vague, or incomplete. While we talked, Rach put her foot in my lap, and

winked at me when I looked up at her.

Mom set the table, and dinner was served, my dad’s favorite, Chicken Marsala. I had

been wanting to repay Rachel for that foot job under the table she had given me, and

now was a perfect opportunity. Dad had put music on for us to listen to during

dinner, and I knew it would be the perfect cover for the vibe. Dad was asking Rach

about her week when I turned the clit vibe to 1. Her foot in my lap jerked

slightly, and she glanced at me, a look of surprised terror in her eyes.

I managed to keep from laughing, and Rach managed to keep her face calm, but I

noticed her body tense. I put my left hand under the table, and held Rach’s foot,

caressing it as dad asked her questions, and she answered in clipped, short

responses. I waited till dad started talking to mom before I put the vibe up to 2.

Rach was expecting it, and I saw her grip the table with shaking hands as she

stared, unseeing, down at the table. Her foot twitched more forcefully in my lap

and hand. I squeezed it, knowing she was getting close. I felt her toes go rigid,

and her leg jerked strait, driving her heel into my crotch. Her stare at the table

flipped up to me as her eyes went glassy.

I had to hold her foot down to keep it from spasming away from me as she came. Her

beautiful body went silently rigid. Her glassy stare underlined by a forcefully bit

lip. Her rigidity came to an end with a pop, as she twitched, her whole body giving

one last jolt. I quickly turned off the vibe, and took a drink of water.

“Hey Rach, can you give me a ride to practice tomorrow?” I said, as blandly as I

could manage.

A vicious look passed over her so quickly; I would have missed it had I not been

expecting it. “Sure thing” she answered remarkably calmly “ANYTHING (she emphasized

‘anything’) for my Big Bro.” Dad glanced at us for a moment, undoubtedly wondering

at the ‘Big Bro’.

We finished dinner, Rach playing footsy with my cock, and we all went our separate

ways. I went to my room to play around on my computer. It was funny how much less

I used my computer, now that I had no need for porn. I kept my Rach window open, as

I chatted with friends.

Rach came into her room awhile later. She stripped off her ‘bite me’ shorts, and

held then up so I could see the wet spot. I smiled wickedly, and she stuck her

tongue out at me, then turned and walked away, her bare ass waving at me as she


I finished at my computer, and, setting my alarm, headed for bed, knowing morning

would come all too soon. At some point in the night I woke to a warm body snuggling

up to me.

“Rach?” I asked groggily.

“I didn’t want to oversleep.” She offered.

I wondered, as I drifted back to sleep, why she thought I wouldn’t wake her in the

morning. The next thing I knew, the alarm went off, signaling the start to my early

day. Rach her leg and arm draped across me, groaned into my chest.

“Time to get up Rach.” I managed, in as cheery a voice as I could muster, brushing

her hair back from her face.

“Why did I agree to this” she grumbled as she sat up; her petite naked body at odds

with the gravel in her voice.

“You like giving me rides, Remember?” I jibed, getting up, and pulling her up to

stand in front of me.

“I doooooooo” she hummed, giving my dick a squeeze.

“We don’t have time for that” I admonished halfheartedly, doing nothing to end her

hold on me.

“Are you sure” she said, leaning into me, stoking me softly.

The battle inside me raged fiercely. As Rach kissed my chest, and my cock grew in

her hand, my will to fight began to slip away. Looking at the clock, I reasoned “We

have 5 minutes, if you speed.”

“Yeay”, she beamed, and she threw herself backwards onto the bed, pulling her legs

up and apart, presenting her beautiful pink pussy to me. She tore off the vibe,

flinging it away. Gathering myself for a sprint, I dived my face into her waiting


Rach giggled “weeeeeeee” as I set to work licking and sucking. I felt her legs

start to twitch and got up. Leaning over her, my hands to either side of her

wiggling body, I positioned my hips to aim my dick into her. Not having time to

tease her, I entered her fully with one thrust. As I drew back, Rach grabbed my

hips, and pulled my back into her. I held myself up with one arm, and moved the

other across her stomach, feeling her muscles ripple and shake under me.
Searching for that spot inside her, I moved my hand down her stomach. Rach arched

her back as I found her spot, and sputtered “that’s…it…Big…Bro.” I could feel my

dick through her stomach, pushing into my hand. I pushed against it, my hand

sinking slightly into her stomach; Rach’s legs convulsed at that pressure and she

grunted “Uhhhg.”

I found I could reach her clit with my thumb, and I flicked it up with each thrust.

Seeing Rach below me; her tan little body writhing at my touch, got me to my orgasm

quickly. I increased the ferocity of my assault, to make sure I left my sister


Her hands hardened on my hips, and I felt her feet on my ass, pulling me into her

hard, and then she erupted. Rach bucked her hips wildly, grinding as she held me

deep inside her. The feeling of her pussy, pumping and pushing at my cock, sent me

off. I shuddered as I pumped right back at her.

I realized too late, that I was cumming into her, but was unable to stop, as jet

after jet filled her. We ended together, me falling onto her, my cock still buried

in her twitching wet pussy.

“Rach” I gasped, “I came in you” The shock of possible consequences hitting me like

a truck.

“I know” she cooed, and then, realizing the horror in my voice, “don’t worry silly,

I’ve been on the pill forever.”

The combination of my release, and the evaporation of my worry, combined to sap me

entirely. I managed to roll off Rachel, who bounced up, and wiped herself dry with

my pillow.

“Here’s for you” she giggled, and bounced out of my room.

I lay there, struggling to get up. I managed to sit, and reached for some shorts.

I could see through our computers, that Rach was getting dressed too. She had

gotten something out of her dresser, and then, skipped out of her room. In she

came, as I had finally managed to stand.

“I almost forgot” she tittered, picking up her vibe, and jumping up, kissed me on

the cheek. “I’ll be in the car.” She chirped, and spinning, her hair flying out to

brush across my chest, skipped out of my room.

How I managed to make it through practice is beyond me. Rach drove like her ass was

on fire, and I got there on time, but within minutes, I knew I was in trouble. My

arms were O.K., bud my legs were useless. By the time practice was over, I couldn’t

have gotten out of the pool. Luckily, I had lessons in a half hour, so I just

floated there, recuperating.

Dad picked me up after lessons in a truck he had borrowed, and went and bought a

twin bed and dresser for Lidia. We loaded them in the back of a pickup, and we

headed home. Getting the furniture up the stairs almost made my legs collapse.

We finally got everything up to Rach’s room, and she directed us, choosing where

everything went. She could see my legs were wobbling, and was evil in her demands,

taking joy at telling me (completely ignoring our dad) to rearrange her room several

times. Getting even for dinner last night was her right, and I bore it as well as I

could. Eventually, Rach was satisfied, and I collapsed on the new bed, as dad left

to return the truck.

“Havin’ trouble Big Bro?” Rach teased, bouncing up and down on her bed opposite me.

“Only because my sister is evil” I replied, lifting my head to stare at her in mock


“I wanted to make sure you could see both our beds, see?” she beamed, jumping off

her bed to show me where her computer now sat, in the corner of the room. “You can

see the whole room now” she sing-songed, jumping on top of me with a whoosh.
I was so gone; I let her bounce on me like a trampoline. Realizing I wasn’t playing

along, she laid her chest down on me and stroked my hair.

“I’m sorry Jake, you really are pooped hu?” she whispered softly.

“More than you could imagine” I answered.

“Let me take care of you” she whispered, climbing off of me and helping me lift my

legs onto the bed.

“I’ll give you a massage” Rach piped, helping me roll onto my stomach, and Rach sat

on my butt. Her little hands started gently rubbing my shoulders and neck. She

gradually started applying more pressure, digging into my knotted muscles. I

groaned in pleasure and pain as Rach’s kneading untangled me, muscle by muscle.

She slid down, now sitting on my heels, and started on my butt. My shorts were

frustrating her efforts, and she whined “pull these down”, yanking on my shorts. I

reached under and undid the button, and she shimmied my sorts off.

Her hands renewed their work on me; finding the deep muscle, and rubbing it hard

with her knuckles. She spent a long time on my ass. I could feel her pussy on my

heel, rubbing slowly up and down as she leaned into the pressure, and then sat back

rhythmically. She moved onto my legs, pushing and pulling my muscles until they

relaxed into her hands. Her ministrations may have released the tension from my

muscles, but also engorged my cock, hidden from her, under me.

She asked me to roll over. I wasn’t sure I wanted her to see my dick; unsure of

weather I could handle the possible consequences. I decided quickly, that I was in

no shape to ward her off, but didn’t see I needed to participate. I could be like

my doppel-cock, and she could use me if she wanted to. I rolled onto my back, my

dick springing away from me to hang suspended in air, throbbing to my pulse.

Rach was defiantly less in control of her hornyness than I had ben during her

massage. She didn’t mention my cock, but when she climbed back onto me to continue,

she straddled my hips, her pussy pinning my dick to my stomach.
She worked my pectorals, digging her fingers into them as if trying to pull out a

plumb. Working her way down to my stomach, I could feel her pussy wetting her

shorts where my dick had nestled. She moved her hips more now, her body no longer

in time with the motion of her hands.

Without any encouragement or, to be truthful, any discouragement, I felt the tingle

of an orgasm, rising in me. I gave no indication that I was going to cum; in fact,

the only part of my body taking part in her molestation was my cock. I didn’t even

react as my cock began, of it’s own volition, to pulse, shooting cum onto my chest,

stomach, and Rachel’s hands.

She giggled “just what I needed,” and without missing a beat, rubbed my cum, like

lotion, into my chest, pausing on occasion to lick her fingers. Rach eventually

moved down, straddling one of my knees, and started on my quadriceps. These were

the most damaged of my muscles, and her deep, hard kneading was almost too much to

absorb. I could feel her pussy, now on my knee, pushing more forcefully, and her

hands stopped moving on my thighs, pulling, and squeezing in one spot.

I felt the bed begin to tremble, her squat on my knee causing her legs to shake. My

dick, having relaxed after it’s fun, had re-sprouted; I would like say ‘of it’s own

volition,’ but her insistent grinding on me, had woken my hunger despite my efforts.

Without any direct contact with my cock, I could feel a second orgasm creeping up.

I debated whether to reach down and help it out, but my decision was literally taken

out of my hands.

Rach began to cum, and releasing my legs, leaned forward and grabbed my dick with

both hands. Holding onto it in a vice-like grip, she used in for leverage as she

slid herself forward and back over my knee. Her unintentional jacking, caused me to

erupt a second time. The first stream of cum sailed into the air, rising strait

above her. She quickly, without pausing her rocker-ride cumming, pulled my dick

toward her, pointing it toward my feet, and sucked it in. There was my little big

sister, sliding up and down my knee, her forward slide burying my cock deep down her

throat; her backward slide, ending when her lips caught the edge of my cock’s head.

She continued this strange ride long after I had finished cumming. It seemed she

had finished too; as the spasticity of her movements had diminished. I think she

was simply reveling in her cum, and didn’t want it to end.

Finally, Rach seemed to run out of steam. She lifted off of my knee and, letting my

dick drag out of her mouth with a final “pop”, flopped forward onto me, her head on

my chest.

“I’m sorry Jake. I couldn’t help myself” she whispered guiltily.

“I know how you feel. I have to restrain myself, constantly, from doing the most

depraved things to the most beautiful girl in the world.” I said, my hand stroking

her back.

I could feel her smile on my chest. “I love you Jake” she whispered through her


Rach rolled over onto her side, her elbow propping her head up, and stared at me. I

turned my head to return her stare and noticed she was crying. Summoning my

strength, I rolled to face her.

“What’s wrong?” I said softly, putting my hand on her face, and brushing away a tear

with my thumb.

“Absolutely nothing” she said in a low voice through her smile. Keeping her eyes on

mine, she leaned into me slowly. Her lips touched mine, and we kissed, staring into

each other’s eyes and souls. It was so intimate and deep, I felt my throat tighten,

and my tear joined hers as our cheeks touched.

She backed away from our kiss ever so slowly, stopping only inches away. “I love

you too Rach” I managed in a hoarse whisper. She leaned back into me, her soft pink

lips kissing my tear.

She rolled back, pulling my head with her, onto her chest, and stroked my hair. Her

heartbeat slow and strong, lulled me. The softness of her skin on my face soothed

me. I fell asleep there, on Lidia’s newly christened bed, Rach holding my head to

her breast.

I woke up with a start, momentarily unsure of where I was. As I got ahold of my

senses, I looked down to see my shorts, which Rach had yanked off to better get at

my ass, where back on, and I was alone in her room, the door closed. She had,

somehow, managed to get them back on me as I slept, and left me to rest here.

Not wanting to raise any suspicion, I attempted to get up, intending to go to my bed

and resume my much needed sleep. It was immediately apparent that the additional

two orgasms Rach had litteraly yanked out of me, had taken with them, all of my

remaining strength. I managed to sit up. My head spinning slightly, I lowered it

into my hands.

I sat there, marshaling myself for the epic journey of 30 feet it would take to get

to my own bed. I heard the door open, my head flipping up jerkily to see Rach

closing the door behind her, a tray in her hands.

“What are you doing” she scolded quietly, setting the tray down on the floor. She

came over to where I sat and, gently forcing me back down, continued “you stay.” I

was in no condition to resist, but my worried look prompted her to continue, as she

returned with the tray.

“It’s O.K., I told mom and dad you were exhausted from all the moving, and it was

the least I could do to bring you supper.” She finished smiling, and setting the

tray on her bedside table.

“That’s sweet Rach, but I don’t have the energy to eat” I answered, trying to seem

grateful anyway.

“You just lie there. I’ll feed you.” She said smiling. I noticed a strange look in

her eyes as I watched her preparing the food. It was hard to know for sure, but it

seemed she was angry, not at me, but at herself. She felt she had taken advantage

of me, and blamed herself for my condition.

As she sat on the bed and lifted a slice of pizza to my lips, I reached my hand out,

and cupped her cheek, her nuzzling into my caress. “You are wonderful” I said

softly, reminding myself of the time, just a few days ago, when I had heard her say

the same thing to me as I cared for her.

We shared the silence together; Rach feeding me pizza and salad, and I felt totally

at peace. I knew, somehow, some way, I would never let this end.



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