As we began our drive back to the lake house after leaving the bar, we turned the corner and were immediately pulled over by a police car. The police officer approached the car and shone his light in the car. The light crossed the car and shined on Amber. The police officer noticed her skirt was under her and not being worn. He asked me “Is she a prostitute?” I said “If you mean a whore, yes she is!” The police officer asked us to exit the vehicle. We stepped out of the car and I locked it. The officer said to me “You know it’s illegal to solicit a prostitute?” I informed him that I was aware of the law and suggested that he take us to the county jail. The officer walked around to Amber and cuffed her wrists behind her! As I was watching, I noticed his hand brush across her ass as he stepped back and grabbed her by her arm, placing her in the backseat of his patrol car. I walked to the patrol car, opened the door and sat down in the passenger seat. The police office headed toward the county jail making small talk. He said motioning back toward Amber “Looks like she’s been used pretty good tonight” I informed him that she allowed eight bikers to fuck her in the shit hole bar we were just at! He informed Amber that she would shower during the intake process and to take advantage of it to clean herself up!

After we arrived at the jail, the officer removed Amber from his patrol car and asked me to follow I could give him any needed information. He said “Only the slut will be charged for her actions this evening, but we would appreciate you coming inside in case she tries lying to us about this evenings activities” I agreed and entered the jail with Amber and the officer. Once at the intake desk, the intake officer asked Amber to remove what was left of her clothes! He placed a latex glove on each hand and said “Spread you legs wide, lean forward and place your hands on the wall!” Amber asked in a timid voice “What for?!” The intake officer said “I need to do a body cavity search!” She hesitantly complied with the request. As Amber leaned forward and placed her hands on the wall, the intake office walked up behind her. Using his leg, he kicked her right foot further out and said “I said spread them wide!” After the fucking Amber had at the bar, she felt her weak legs struggling to keep her up…shaking as she stood! The officer stood behind her and grabbed her hair…pulling her head back! As he began running his hands through her hair, she felt his rock hard cock rubbing on her exposed ass! His hands came out of her hair and moved down her upper back! As his hands continued down Amber’s back, he slid his hands around her sides to her breasts. He lifted each breast up and felt underneath to ensure she had nothing hidden under them…all the while…rubbing his cock over her ass! Then in one smooth move, he moved his hands up to her nipples and pinched them! Amber gasped audibly as he pinched and pulled her nipples! The officer returned his hands to Amber’s back and allowed them to continue their decent down her back. When his hands reached Amber’s ass, he knelt down and spread her ass cheeks wide. He said “Looks like your ass has been abused! Have you had anal sex this evening?!” Amber glanced my way and I mouth to her to answer the question. Hesitatingly, Amber said “Yes officer, I’ve had anal sex tonight” The officer said “In that case, I don’t think I will need to place any lube on my fingers before checking your gorgeous ass for contraband!” Amber was visibly uncomfortable with the situation. In order to try and buy some time, she said to the officer “I need to pee. Can I use the bathroom?” The office said “there’s a drain on the floor below you. You can pee into it” Feeling humiliated, Amber began urinating as she was told. The urine struck the floor drain with a force that cause urine droplets to ricochet back onto her lower legs! As she continued to urinate, the officer rammed two fingers into her ass…under the guise of searching for contraband! Amber felt so dirty and used as she was pissing into the floor drain and had two fingers in her ass…going deeper and deeper! Amber’s legs began to shake more as the officer’s fingers continued to work inside her ass! She couldn’t deny that having his fingers in her ass was making her wet! Smelling her arousal, the officer placed two more fingers from his other hand in Amber’s ass. He began working his fingers in opposite directions…stretching her ass! Amber was aware of her wetness and allowed small quiet moans to escape her lips as she felt her ass being stretched wide! The officer continued to work her ass with his fingers…pushing them in and pulling them out over and over again. Then Amber felt the officer spit into her ass, causing her to have an intense orgasm! She threw her head back while groaning and finally dropped to her knees as her legs were too weak to hold her up any longer! Once Amber’s orgasm subsided, she felt the officer grab her hair and lift her back to her feet! The officer said “I told you not to move from this position until I am finished searching you!” Amber’s legs where on fire and she struggled to stand! The officer said “Looks like your ass is clean! Now it’s time to check your pussy!” Without hesitation, he rammed two fingers into Amber’s cunt…causing her to rise up to her tip toes! The officer reached around to the front of Amber’s pussy and began rubbing her clit as his fingers continued to work deep inside of her! Amber bit her lower lip in an attempt to stop from moaning and encouraging any further abuse, but she knew she was fighting a loosing battle! In a matter of moments, Amber once again threw her head back and screamed “Fuck me! Fuck me deep with your fingers!” Amber was embarrassed by her outburst but couldn’t help herself! His fingers felt so good inside of her while his other hand continued to stimulate her clit! She couldn’t fight her orgasm any longer and felt her pussy juice run all over the officer’s hand! Once Amber regained her composure, the officer removed his fingers, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He leaned in toward her ear and said “doesn’t look like you’re hiding anything!” Amber was instructed to return to the intake desk and have a seat. While Amber sat there naked, the officer continued the intake process.

Once the paper work was completed, the officer escorted Amber to a small shower area. He gave her a jail uniform and under garments. He said “Step into the shower. And don't forget to wash your ass and pussy real good! You smell used!” As Amber stepped in the shower, she overheard the officer tell me “Thanks for letting us bring that slut in so we could all use her!” Amber couldn’t believe she was here for the officers to use! She turned the water on hot and began cleaning herself up. As she was washing her hair, she was unaware of the presence of the now naked officer entering and standing behind her in the shower. Without warning, the officer handcuffed both of Amber’s wrists behind her! He then shoved her forward against the shower wall…leaning in and saying “Now you’re going to see what we do to whores in here!” The officer grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Without warning, the officer spit directly on Amber’s face as he kicked her legs open to a wide stance! He positioned his cock at the opening of her ass…and without any gentleness; he slammed his rock hard dick as deep as he could into her ass! Amber felt the officer’s big hand reach around and grasp her breast. His other hand reached around to her pussy and he inserted two fingers deep inside her pussy! He was fucking her ass with such force; she was being slammed repeatedly into the shower wall! She tried to move her hands to brace herself on the wall, but was unable to due to the handcuffs restraining her. As she was being brutally fucked in her ass, she heard another man’s voice shout to the officer fucking her. The voice said “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Amber thought to herself “Finally, someone is going to stop this abuse!” The guy fucking her said to the other guy “What’s the problem?” The second voice said “Why didn’t you tell me you started?!” Amber’s heart sank! This guy wasn’t here to help her; he was there to fuck her! The officer already in her ass continued his assault on her as she saw the new officer strip naked. The new officer grabbed Amber by her hair and forced her head down to his cock…making her suck his dick! Amber worked his entire cock deep into her mouth…feeling it hit the back of her throat! The officer picked up his pace and began fucking her face hard and rough! As both officers were fucking her senseless, Amber felt the cock in her ass become even harder and larger! Within the next several strokes, the officer came in her ass…deep in her ass! As he withdrew his cock from her ass, Amber felt her ass gape and cum dribble down the back of her legs. The other officer stopped fucking her face and forced her onto her back on the shower floor! As water continued to wash over her, the officer positioned himself on top of her and placed his large cock at the entrance of her pussy! The officer slowly inserted his dick in her pussy…so slow that she felt every inch enter her…enter her deeply! Amber was still unable to mover her cuffed hands from behind her back but wrapped her legs around the officer's waist…using her feet on his ass to draw him deeper into her! As Amber was being fucked, she began to moan! The officer said “You like my big dick inside you don’t you?!” Amber could only nod yes! She couldn’t formulate a coherent sentence at that point if her life depended on it! Amber decided to relax and enjoy the fantastic cock inside her! As the officer fucked her deep and hard, Amber found herself encouraging him to fuck her like she needed to be fucked! The officer then placed his hand around Amber’s throat and began choking her as he continued his assault on her cunt! He continued to squeeze her throat tighter and tighter! Soon Amber was having difficulty breathing but the officer didn’t stop squeezing or fucking her! Just when Amber felt she would pass out, he released his grip and yelled I’m cumming!! Amber exploded in her own orgasm as she felt his cum shoot inside her!! Once the officer finished unloading his seed inside her, Amber felt him give her a deep passionate kiss!! He said “I want to fuck you again when you get out of here!” The officers then lifted her to her feet and uncuffed her; she felt sperm running out of her pussy. She though the officer shot a gallon of cum in her pussy so much was running out! Amber was allowed to clean up and get dressed!

When she exited the shower, Amber asked me if we could leave. I said to her “Your time in jail is not finished yet!” She looked at the officers getting dressed and asked “What does he mean?” The intake officer said “You are going to be placed into the holding cell with all the guys that were arrested this evening! Amber didn’t want to imagine what would happen in the holding cell.

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