I was dropping Stacy, my daughter, off at a birthday party when I saw her. She was probably the same age as Stacy and she was incredibly beautiful. She was part Asian with straight jet-black hair that fell down past her shoulders. She had flawless skin of a light golden-brown and deep, dark eyes with that slight tilt that Asian eyes have. Her mother, who was dropping her off, I found out later, was Chinese. The girl was wearing a simple emerald green dress held up by two narrow straps neatly tied on the shoulders with bows. The hem of the dress was a couple of inches above the knees. She walked with a natural swing of the hips that gave a tantalizing glimpse of her lower thighs as we followed her up the path through the front yard to the party. Her flat, slip-on shoes were made of the same silky material as her dress.

I found that my mouth was dry with desire as I watched her. Never before had I thought of fucking a girl that young; but now I thought of it – with a vengeance! I gave Stacy the present that I was carrying for her and watched her vanish into the house without a goodbye. Stacy wasn’t the sweet child she’d been a few years ago. Now she had an attitude and a social life that didn’t include me. Her attitude was beginning to get to me. Some weekends she didn’t want to come to spend time with me as she’d miss a party. She told me plenty of times that I was old, boring and lacking in imagination. I’d only gotten her to spend this weekend with me because I’d promised to bring her back in time for this gathering.

I hung around longer than necessary to watch the girl in the emerald green dress. The way the dress touched her hips, showing their roundness. She seemed rather quiet and shy and stayed with her mother, who had started talking to one of the other parents. “It would be really helpful if you could bring Jade back after the party. We have to be out this evening until late and, at her age, she refuses to have a baby sitter.” “Of course I can.” said the other mother “Simpkins Street is hardly any out of our way. I’m coming for Tina at nine. Is that time okay for you?” “That’s fine” was the reply “we’ll be gone long before that but she has a key.” Turning to Jade her mother said “Now we won’t be home until three or four in the morning. Are you sure you’ll be alright?” If I’d asked my daughter that question I’d have gotten a disgusted snort and a rude remark, but Jade only nodded her head and gave her mother a smile that showed her wonderful white teeth between lips that I’d have killed to kiss. I noticed the swell of her breasts under the dress, they were large enough that the silky cloth fell sheer from them until it reached the swell of her hips. From the way her breasts moved as she turned away I wondered if she was wearing a bra.

Ever since my ex had split, three years before, I had sunk myself into my work. I’d got a promotion; I’d moved to a town an hour away but nearer the factory. I’d spent time in upgrading the house and garden but I knew now that I’d done my best to ignore a very basic need. I’d missed out on having some sex in my life. Suddenly, for the first time in years, I was thinking with my crotch. I needed sex, I needed it badly and I needed it soon. It was no good, I had to have Jade and it sounded as though this was a good night to have her. Jade was going to be my first step back to having sex in my life. I suddenly realized this was how I wanted it now; without commitment, without pretending; – no dating, no having to sit through boring meals, stupid movies or uninteresting conversation in the hopes of having sex. If I planned it right I’d grab her, fuck her silly and head home with no complications.

My ex-wife was collecting Stacy from the party as it was the day of our switch. I already knew where Simpkins Street was as I had a friend who lived there briefly. I had about five hours to get ready and then I needed to be sitting in my car at the end of Simpkins to find out which house was Jade’s. It would take an hour to drive home, then another hour to do some shopping, change my clothes and an hour to drive back. I reckoned that would give me a reasonable margin of error for the unforeseen. For once I was glad I’d moved away after the divorce as it meant I wasn’t going to be in town when the police investigated.

As I drove home I planned my purchases. There was a specialty shop where I could buy the mask I wanted. I’d pick up an old sweatshirt or towel or something in a resale store and I’d cut it up for ties and a gag. Then a pizza and home to change into some black clothes that I had and put on an old pair of black leather gloves, if I could find them.

It all worked out nicely. I found just the mask I wanted, an Indonesian devil mask and a pair of flannel sheets that would cut up into soft but strong restraints. I wanted Jade to be totally helpless as I enjoyed her. I was getting really excited already and had to slow down to check that I didn’t forget anything.

I found the gloves and got changed. No socks or underclothes and a black long-sleeved body shirt, black sweats and a black stocking cap so she couldn’t see my hair. I had the time to drill a couple of holes in the mask and put some elastic that would hold it firmly to my face without me having to worry about it slipping. I chose some dark colored canvas deck shoes and I was ready.

I was back in town well before 9:00 o’clock and found a place to park not too far from Simpkins Street where I could sit and eat my pizza. I didn’t want to be parked in the same place for too long. As the time rolled round I drove to the street that the mother would have to take to drop Jade off at her house. Around nine-fifteen I recognized the car that she’d driven to the party and, starting my motor, followed a safe distance behind. When she stopped in front of Jade’s house I drove on by after noting the number. I drove round the block and came back. I found a place to park where some trees created a pool of shadows in the growing darkness.

The mask and my knife were in the pizza box and I carried it as if I was making a delivery. I walked up to the door and took the mask and knife out of the box. I adjusted the mask, rang the bell and waited. “Who is it?” Jade was the cautious sort who wouldn’t open the door right away. “Pizza!” “I didn’t order any pizza. You’ve got the wrong address.” “Is this 53 Simpkins?” “Yes it is.” “Well I don’t know who ordered it but this is the right address and it’s been paid for so you might as well take it as they’ll throw it away if I take it back.”

There was a shade of uncertainty in Jade’s voice as she said “Well O.K. I guess” and I heard her unlock the door. As soon as it started opening I pushed it open stepped right in and, grabbing the door from the girl’s startled grasp, shut it quickly. “What are you doing?” she asked, her voice squeaking with panic. Then I dropped the box from in front of my face and she saw the mask. Her eyes went wide with horror and she started to scream. I slapped my hand across her mouth stifling her cry and pushed her back against the hallway wall.

I told her not to struggle or I’d hurt her. Whether it was shock or obedience I don’t know but she stood there without moving. I brought the knife blade close to her eyes and she flinched. “Remember” I told her “ Do what I say or I’ll cut your throat. Do you understand me?” She looked at me with her eyes wide with fright and nodded. I kept my hand over her mouth and slipped the knife back into the sheath on my belt.

Now was time for me to explore her body for the first time. I put my free hand on the bare skin of her arm and I could feel her shiver. God, her skin was so smooth and cool! I felt a tingle run through my body until it reached my groin. I slipped my hand onto her dress and cupped her breast. As I had thought she wasn’t wearing a bra. My guess was that she had a mother reluctant to admit her daughter was growing up. I jiggled her breast, feeling it’s weight and Jade made some muffled sounds of protest but was too frightened to resist. I could see that the palms of her hands were pressed flat against the wall behind her. Hissing at her once more to stay quiet I dropped my other hand from her mouth so I could feel her two breasts. They moved gently as I felt them. I rubbed the tips with my palms and felt her nipples stiffen. She moaned and started to cry. I suppose I should have felt bad but something in me was roused by her fear. She gasped as I slipped one hand down, over her belly, to press against her crotch and rub her body through the thin material.

The harder I rubbed the louder she moaned. She started twisting and squeezing her legs together to stop me. With the hand I had on her breast I twisted her nipple and she yelped in pain. I stopped what I was doing and looked her straight in her brown, frightened eyes.
“What’s your name?” I asked hoping to give her the impression that I didn’t know. “J-Jade” she stuttered. “Well, J-Jade” I said “If you don’t want to get hurt you’d better not try to fight me because, if you do I’ll hurt you real bad. Do you want me to show you?” I slapped her suddenly hard on her cheek, knocking her head sharply sideways. She brought her hands up in self-defense and I grabbed her wrists. “Listen bitch, do what I want or I’ll hurt you a lot worse than that.” I was surprised how easily I’d turned into a vicious bastard, but it felt good. “Do you understand?” She nodded. “Do you want to be hurt worse?” She shook her head. “Right, then start doing what I tell you to do. Take off your dress.”

The girl hesitated and I raised my hand threateningly and she quickly untied the bows that held her dress up and it slipped down to her hips. “All the way off “ I said and she pushed the dress over her hips so it fell in a heap on the floor. She stood there naked but for her white cotton bikini panties and her shoes. She moved her hands in front of her to hide her breasts but dropped them to her sides on my order. She kicked off her shoes when I told her to. I stood back to admire her naked body. She was as beautiful as I had thought.

Next I ordered her to turn round and put her hands behind her back. I grabbed them and tied her wrists together with one of the strips of cloth that I’d gotten ready. Now I felt I could relax a bit. Standing behind her I reached around and fondled her breasts again. She moaned and I could feel her trembling. I slipped my left hand down into her panties and felt her curly pubic hair. She gasped as I rubbed her clitoris and then slipped two fingers inside her tight, dry little cunt. “Please, please don’t” she pleaded through her tears. I pinched her clit and she cried out in pain and then started sobbing too hard to talk. I pulled her panties all the way down to her knees and they dropped to the floor.

It was time to go further so I told her to walk to her bedroom. She knew it was ridiculous to fight and, with her shoulders slumped in despair, she turned to the stairs and walked slowly up towards the bedrooms. I was right behind her with my eyes on the movement of her hips. They seemed to be beckoning me and it was an invitation I was going to accept.

As soon as we got to her bedroom I pushed her face first onto the bed. She started to say something but I shoved her face into the blanket and held her there with one hand. With my other hand I unzipped my fly and let my penis spring out. It was ready for action. I pushed her legs apart and sent my prick straight into her anus. She started to scream into the blanket and to struggle but I was much stronger than her and continued with my penetration. It had been a hell of a time since I’d fucked anyone and I slammed into her with a violence resulting from years of denial. With my hand on the back of her head, I held the girl steady on the bed, as I rammed my prick deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. I could hear her muffled screams but felt no mercy for her; the feeling of her cheeks against my groin as she twisted and turned was too good for any thought of stopping her suffering. All too soon I shot my load into her rectum and a tsunami of pleasure washed over me.

I slowly withdrew from her. Jade had stopped screaming but was moaning with pain and humiliation. I rolled her over onto her back. Tears were streaming down her face and her cheeks were flushed. Suddenly I wanted to kiss her full lips and taste the salt of her tears. I couldn’t do that with the mask on but I couldn’t let her see my face. I took a wider strip of cloth out of my pocket and wrapped it twice around her face covering her eyes and I tied it tight so it wouldn’t slip when she struggled.

As soon as the blindfold was secure I took my mask off. It felt much better. I stripped off all my clothes and lay down on top of the girl. As she felt my naked body on her she started to make little whimpering sounds. I moved my body up and down feeling the soft hairs of her groin and her full breasts rub against me. As my body reacted to the touch of her I realized that I wasn’t going to spend much time kissing her. After a quick taste of her salt tears and a nibble of her full lips I spread her legs with my knee. With one hand I guided my swelling penis into her virgin hole. She started to beg me not to rape her – too shocked to realize that it was already too late.

I raised myself on my hands so that I could put more force into my thrusts. It wasn’t long before I felt her hymen break and I slid into her vagina. It felt dry and tight and so good. Jade’s mouth was opened and she moaned with every thrust I made into her. As I’d already shot my load once I was able to control my climax better and slowed down the rhythm of my movements to make the pleasure last longer, leaning forward to suck and nip her nipples. I could see from the red flush of her skin that her body was responding to my penetration. I delayed as long as I could but the time came when I could hold back no longer. She gasped and began to twist her body as she felt me preparing to come. Her movements only added to my sensation and I gave a grunt of satisfaction as my penis pulsed, shooting my semen deep into her.

Now I had the time and desire to explore her body and my hands and my mouth roamed every inch of her smooth skin from her cheeks to her belly and from there to her groin where I sucked her clitoris and made her whimper. Jade offered no resistance as I used and abused her. For no particular reason I turned her over and spanked her bottom until it flushed.

Reluctantly I realized that I’d better think of leaving. I ought to be well away before her parents came home and called the police. I roller her back and spread her legs for a final fuck. She lay there limply as I came for my third time. I felt totally satisfied; a feeling of release from years of tension seemed to spread through me.

I slid off the bed and got dressed. I checked that I’d picked up everything I’d brought – except for the blindfold and the cloth that tied her wrists behind her. I took a last look at her spread on her bed a trickle of blood between her thighs. Going downstairs I picked up the pizza box and put my mask in it before letting myself out.

As far as I could see no one noticed me as I left the house and walked to my car. As I drove home I realized that I felt more alive than I could remember ever having felt before. I’d lived my life with my lusts too tightly controlled, now that I’d let them free I was rejuvenated. That night I had no trouble sleeping and next day had more energy and enthusiasm for my job than I’d had in years.

That evening I got a phone call from Stacy; she was excited. “Dad did you hear? One of the girls at the party got raped when she went home.” I told her that I hadn’t heard and hoped the girl was alright. I asked if it was any of her friends that I knew. Stacy said she didn’t think I’d met her, she was a Chinese girl called Jade. I said I had a vague memory of seeing an Asian girl when we got to the party but wasn’t sure. “I’m just sending you a couple of photos someone took of me at the party and I’ve got a photo of her too. I’ll send it on to you so you can see if it’s the girl you were thinking of.” I said sure that would be fine but how did it happen? Weren’t her parents able to stop it? “Oh they were out at the time.” Stacy sounded excited “I heard they came home and found her stripped naked and tied to her bed.”

“Well I’m glad you don’t get left alone by your mother.” I said, about to hang up the phone. “Oh yea” Stacy replied “Like every Thursday when she goes to her theater group and doesn’t get in to the early hours.” Suddenly changing topics she said, with a rather strange tone of voice, “I wonder what it’s like being raped?” I was rather shocked and told her that she shouldn’t think of things like that. She moaned and told me I was so boring and middle class. Getting angry I told her not to talk to me that way. Her answer, as was happening more often now she was a teenager, was that I wasn’t her father and he wouldn’t have been so boring. Before I could say anything she said she’d already emailed the photos and she had to hang up. It wasn’t the first time she’d left me without a good-bye.

It was true, I was only her stepfather as her real father killed himself driving drunk when she was only two years old. I’d married her mother and adopted Stacy a year or so later. Maybe it was true some of her father’s reckless character was coming out in my stepdaughter. I told myself to relax, got myself a beer and went to my computer. The photo was already there. When I opened it I found it was what I’d wanted for a souvenir. There was Jade sitting on the back of a sofa with her emerald green dress showing a little more of her thigh that when she was standing. Her beautiful hair was flowing over the golden skin of her shoulders; her lips were parted in a smile. I would keep that photo. There were two photos of Tracy in one she was lying on a sofa with her tight blue jeans that hugged her hips and thighs and, as she was leaning forward, I could see the swell of her breasts peeping above her halter-top. The other photo was off her standing up, one hip forward rather provocatively and the curves of her body well displayed. I hadn’t realized how grown-up she’d got. She had become a really attractive young woman. There was something teasing about the way she was holding her body, showing that she was aware of her sexuality. As I looked at her I felt the same excitement that I’d felt when I’d seen Jade. It was true she was not really my daughter and her mother left her alone every Thursday. The resentment that I’d been feeling towards her died away to be replaced by desire. I thought Stacy was certain to open the door for a free pizza. She did…but that’s another story.


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Damn, still a fav of mine. you should go at Jade a second time.


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The rape part was wrong but other than that good story

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