A weekend with Rachel Part 1 was tbh pretty shoddy, I Spent a bit more time on this one and its a lot better a part 3 would be fun to write and would be very dirty but it all depends on how this one goes so hope you all enjoy :)

I woke softly feeling a warm sensation running through my body, big mounds were cushioning my face. Rachel was still asleep I climbed off her slowly and stood there admiring her beautiful naked body. I had all day with her and I had streams of ideas running through my mind what did I want? Her mouth, her hands, her sweet pussy, her breasts, her ass, all of them! I walked down stairs naked; I saw no reason to change. I quickly made some toast and had a big drink of water all the while planning different things that I was going to do with my little personal fuck toy. Finally I could take it no more I walked up stairs with a glass of water to give to her, I walked in her hot room to find her still asleep. I sat the water down on her dresser and made my way over to the foot of her bed. I nuzzled in-between her legs. My tongue made contact with her outer lips I was shocked to find how hot it was. I kept a soft rhythm trying to keep her asleep as long as possible after a few more seconds she began to stir. Sounds of pleasure started to creek out of her as her limbs began to move slightly in response to my tongue roaming her outer shell; I looked up after minutes of licking to see Rachel staring down at me biting her lip in pure ecstasy.
“Why hello baby”
Rachel didn’t say anything back she just looked slightly annoyed that I had stop paying attention to her sweet pink. Rather than be a dick to her I decided to carry on, I finally decided to her what she wanted, I only moved up an inch but that made all the difference her clit was bigger than I’d ever seen it. I collapsed by lips around it and just sucked it gently, her hips started to push themselves into my face as I just kept sucking and every now and again return to her outer lips. She was getting very wet now and I could taste her precious juices on my face. Moans and groans were rushing out of her beautiful mouth. I pushed my hands over her flat stomach and began to circulate around her body touching her strong thighs, her rips; I pushed my hands under her amazing ass I knew the sensations of my touching every inch of her body was bringing her to levels of an orgasm that she had never felt before.
Her sounds made me push my tongue harder into her sweet pussy.
“Im gonna cum, im gonna cum”
Just then I pulled away, leaving on the cusp of a room shattering orgasm.
“No, no, no”
She was at the point of crying just like she had last night when I had raped her virgin pussy
“Why did you do that?” she screamed at me “I was so close”
“because baby, that’s just not good enough for me, I’ve got the most beautiful women here and my job is to please here in every way, A quick fuck with my mouth is not the way your gonna orgasm today its going to have to orgasm that you will never feel again.”
For a brief moment she almost seemed romanced by the idea that I wanted to treat her like a sexual goddess then she seemed to snap back to reality and the fact that I had just deprived her of her best ever orgasm enraged her again, and the fact that I raped her last night might have a little something to do with it.
“Now we have a long day ahead of us baby so first thing first I’m going to let the belt off your hands, I bet there sore now and I don’t want you to hurt. When I do your going to behave or else if you think the fucking last night was bad the next one will be so brutal and hard you wont be able to sit down or a month, you’ll feel things that you thought weren’t possible, your ass checks will burn like their on fire, your throat will be sore, your pussy will sting like it was stretched too far, your tits will feel so painful that you’ll cry and your ass hole will be indescribably red, got it!”
My sudden rant seemed to catch her off guard like how could the man that just ravaged me to the point of a near earth shattering orgasm who also promised to give me so much more think of hurting me so badly?
She nodded out of complete fear, I undid the belt she did nothing just started at me and then rubbed her wrists.
“Now drink”
I offered her the glass and she looked hesitant towards it.
“Don’t worry its just water, I don’t need to poison you, were both naked 200 meters from the nearest house I can run 200 meters in 25 seconds so catching you would be no problem also I bench 175 so restraining you would be just as easy, you however can’t run for shit and have as much upper body strength as my pet cat”
She let out a quick laugh then regained her tough composure again reminding herself of her situation, she drank the water in 2 quick gulps like she hadn’t drank in years.
“You always were good at swallowing” I smirked at her
She laughed quickly and again regained her self.
“I need to use the bathroom” she said reluctantly
“Ok baby lets go”
She looked at me disapprovingly
“You need to let me free so I can go” she said forcefully
“ I don’t trust you on your own baby so I’ll be coming with you and lets face it after all the freaky shit we’ve just done and all were about to do watching you pee isn’t going to be a problem for me”
I undid the belts at her feet and she stretched free after her 12 hours of captivity she thought about coving her breasts and pussy but after the fact that I hade used them as my own personal chew toy for the last 12 hours it just seemed a bit silly. She went to the bathroom, did her business and we went back into her room. I locked her door and tied her ankle to the foot of the bed she sat on it quietly waiting for me to speak
“Now baby the real fun begins.”
She looked at me in pure shock of the idea that what we had done so far was just scratching the surface.
“Now were going to play our first game it’s called; ‘what do you want’”
She looked at me nervously.
“Now all our games are gonna be in this room and every time you say or do something like try to get away or give me a stupid remark you get a punishment this may be in the form of different things such as being restrained whilst a game is played, an ass slap or worst of all prevention of an orgasm and after this moaning you know that is a horrible thing. Understand?”
She nodded hesitantly
“Very good, now if you are good during a game or do good things such as adding fingers to your pussy or ass when told or nipple play as well as doing good things to me such doing a deep throat when told or grinding ect. You will be rewarded in ways such as picking positions, a choice of which of your holes, costume choice and of course orgasms. Now let the first game begin ‘what do you want’ this game is very simple you say a variable and then I pick one and we take turns till im satisfied and then we use those variables in a fucking session, so you may begin, please pick what part of your body we shall start with.”
“What?” she said confused
“Here are your options, mouth, breasts, pussy or your ass”
“Fuck off I’m not playing this fucking game”
I slapped her left tit hard and she fell back in shock and pain.
“What did I say about punishments? Now play the game or we’ll do the unspeakable things I mentioned earlier”
She looked up at me through tear filling eyes “Fine, my tits”
“Very good choice now my choice hmmmmmm I think my body parts of choice will be my mouth and fingers”
“That’s not fair you can’t pick two!” she shouted at me.
I spun her round on the bed in anger and pushed her hard into the mattress, I held her down at the bottom of the back with one hand whilst I placed my finger right in the crack of her ass and began to slowly started to slid it up and down for a few moments until her mad thrashing stopped, I then placed it at the entrance of her ass.
“Don’t shout at me like that” I bellowed at her. “” next time this finger goes in with not lube and that’s gonna sting, then any more shouting and then two fingers go in, see how this story ends? The way your going im gonna end up fisting your ass, and not in a nice way ok baby”
I let her go and she spun back shield her ass with the bed she was teary again as she tried to capture her breath.
‘’Now baby what would you like to wear for this? Your choices are the black thong in the top draw, the black high hells in your wardrobe, or the brown belt that’s on the floor”
“Ermmm, the, the thong”
“Very good that leaves me with the position hmmmm I think it will have to be with you on your back, how boring but its really the only way we can get the job done properly, the next position will be more exciting”
I let her loose so she could put the thong on, then she lay down on her own accord I don’t know if she was scared of another one of my punishments or whether she was genuinely looking forwards to be giving her pleasure.
“Now sweetie did you know that 1% of women can orgasm from breast play alone, our aim is to get you in that 1%, failing that, if your very good during this game I will make you orgasm with help from your pussy ok?”
She nodded with a faceless expression. It made me laugh and thing now you will not have the expression for much longer.
“right now first thing first did you think that the thong was their for your dignity? We both know that ship has sailed, no that Thong is their for a special reason because I wont to show you how erotic things that you see every day can be, now turn over”
She did so very hesitantly I grabbed the string that connected the front to the back and I shoved it up into her ass cheeks tightly. It made her tense her pert little ass but she didn’t say anything trying to gain an upper hand thinking I might not go any further if she remained expressionless. I grabbed her hips and spun her back onto her back; I grabbed the front of the thong and pushed it with two fingers into her pussy she winced as I shoved it in.
“Good, now baby are you ready”
Just as she was about to answer I set to work with her tits, I nuzzled down on her nipple. Those size E beauties that I had suckled just that night, I was greeted with a moan of approval from Rachel who shuffled her full round ass around on the white covers bellow us, I used my hands to feel and touch every inch of them over and over they were just so big, felling them move in my hands, feeling her reaction to my touch as my tongue thinned and licked around her hard big nipples, her white skin was so soft. She moved more and more in approval.
“Tell me how it feels” I said with a mouth half full of tit”
“Tell me how it feels right now”
“It’s ok”
I tweaked her nipple too hard which made her shout
“Don’t tell lies Rachel”
She settled after her painful encounter
“Ok, ok its amazing, there just so sensitive when you touch them, make me cum please, please”
“Tell me baby do you want more of this, this is just the surface I can make you feel 10 times better than is, I began to circle fingers around her clit through the thong.
“Oh my God, Oh my God” she began to shout.
‘’Yes, Yes more of this please”
I stopped and she screamed in frustration.
“Then we forget about what happened last night and we are boyfriend and girl friend again, and today we play out games and you feel like you never have before ok, orgasms pleasure and we can carry this on for as long as we want.”
She was still mad over the fact that I had stopped the pleasure. I was asking a lot, asking her to forget the fact that I had rapped her. I began to circle her clit again and I ran my other hand over her massive breast softly, she lost all of her sense and muttered.
“ok, ok I forgive you baby and we can do this forever just please lets play the games and make me cum PLEASE!”
I smiled and started to lick her nipples again whilst moving quicker and quicker on her nipples.
“YES, YES, YES YES, I’m coming
“ARRRRRRRRRR” with that she arched her back and moaned like all the pleasure in the world was bellowing out of her magnificent tight body.

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