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and with a dick of steel...............
it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 8
There is a lot going on in my little part of the world but I still have my interests (sex), my needs (sex) and my wants (sex). Isn't sex all your mind revolves around when your a teenager. We spend 9 months getting out and the rest of your life trying to get right back in, and that doesn't just apply to males, right ?.
OK, so I'm having sex with my girlfriend, my sisters friend and my sister. WHAT !, you think I can't handle it ?. I'm 16 years old, I can produce buckets of cum, I can shoot off faster than a speeding train, I can rise to each occasion, my dick is made of steel, bullets bounce off of it................but what about the kryptonite ?
My sister and I are lovers. She is Hot, Passionate, Sexy and Satisfying.
My girlfriend is cool on the outside and a nasty whore on the inside who loves to be let out.
My sisters friend seems to be a little slut.
My Mom is a MILF.
Something is going on with Mom, she was upset yesterday, my sister was crying and I have to find out the details. We go to the drugstore and pickup I don't know what and then on the way Mom saw the girl and blurts out about "cousins" we didn't even know about.
I woke up from a dream this morning that Mom was fucking me and even after pounding one off then fucking my girlfriend, I still can't seem to get "satisfied". I keep thinking about how it felt in my dream and I've been trying to replicate it since waking up. Is dream pussy better than actual pussy ?.
The imagination is a powerful thing !!!!!.
Now, on to the next installment of "it happened on vacation (and continued at home) part 8:

ALL the above thoughts were swimming in my head as my girlfriend and I had left the pool and she was driving me back home. She dropped me off at the end of my driveway and said, "see you at 7", then drove off.
I entered the house and turned to go to my room when I heard moaning and breathing coming from Mom and Dad's room, their door was open. I quietly stepped thru the kitchen and into the living room to get closer to their open door.
I heard slurping noises and Dad moaning AH, AH, AH, AH. I thought to myself "DAM, Mom is really giving it to him, that lucky bastard" as a smile grew on my face.
I got closer and with the noises I knew he was getting a blowjob. I crept to their door and stood there listening as Dad kept softly breathing out, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. I was getting hard as I listened and a bit jealous, if what he was getting was as good as my dream then he is in heaven.
Dad was getting louder now moaning, Oh, Baby, Ohhhh Baby, Suck My Cock Baby Girl, Suck It Good Sweetheart.
My body went limp, as did my cock. I stood there is total disbelief (Baby Girl ?, Sis ?. NO ! this can't be happening) and I was getting pissed. I slipped right to the door and leaned in to peak around the opening.
From my vantage point I could see Dad's back angled to the door. His pants were down around his ankles, his shirt unbuttoned, splayed open and he had one hand down in front of him.
At this point things were getting more intense as he got louder and started saying, OH BABY GIRL I HAVE TO CUM, I'M GONNA FILL YOUR SWEET LITTLE MOUTH, UHHHHHH, UH, UH, UHHHHHHH, OH TAKE MY CUM, OHHHHH, OHHHH, OH MY SWEET LITTLE GIRL.
He arched his back and let out an, AHHHHHHHHH !, his shirt fell open some more and there she was, on her knees with her mouth full of Dad's cock.
She saw me and just knelt there finishing him off, looking right at me like she didn't have a concern in the world then winked at me. When I said my sisters friend was a slut I didn't know how right I was !.
Here she is sucking my Dad's dick and we had already planned to meet at 6, just 30 minutes from now !.
I slipped away from the door, quietly made my way thru the living room then went outside. As I was walking to our rendevous point in the woods I thought about all the things I was going to say to that little slut. I was also thinking, "What about my Dad, what the hell is he doing and what about him and Mom" ?.
It was now clear to me what they were arguing about the other night when I overheard heard Mom asking him "what do you mean you couldn't help yourself". I'm assuming this wasn't the first time my Dad and that slut got together, Mom knows !.
I felt bad for Mom, I don't know how she's really taking it. My mother, my sweet mother. My instinct is to hold her, comfort her, love her, to look into her eyes, gently stroke her hair to feel her..........................

I shook my head to clear it of the dreamy state I fell into thinking about Mom. I stood there getting horny, I mean with all that was happening I was getting horny and my cock was growing harder.
I turned as I heard leaves rustling behind me. She was walking towards me, a slow sexy type of walk that accentuated her hip movements. She had a sundress on and her soft bedroom blue eyes never veered from mine. DAM SHE LOOKED HOT !.
"What the hell are you doing", I said in a stern voice.
"Don't judge me", she said calmly.
"My FATHER ?, I said.
"Your SISTER !", she retorted with her eyebrows raised.
I could see this turning into an endless moral debate and neither one of was could take the high ground.
"I think your.............(I stopped as I was about to say, "My Cousin", but I thought what's the point)....forget it", I said.
"You think I'm WHAT ?,mmmm, a WHORE ?", she said with her eyebrows still raised.
"Thats not what I was going to say", I said, as I quickly looked her up and down.

"I don't think your as upset as you think you are", she said glancing down at the lump in my pants.
She was right, as much as I didn't want to admit it I couldn't help my urges. She reached down to untie the string on the bathing suit I still had on.
I stood there unable to resist as she went to her knee's and pulled down on my waistband. As she slid my bathing suit down my cock sprang out, practically hitting her in the face.
I was looking down at her as she knelt there, her head at a slight angle looking up at me. She dropped her eyes to look at my cock then straightened her head and took me in.

'UHHHHHHHH", I groaned out loud. She was consistently taking me in to half my length as I felt the cum start to rise up my shaft.
I wanted nothing more than to cum, cum in this little sluts mouth. I was closer and closer and I didn't have it in me to hold my muscles to delay gratification. I grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth. I was heaving in and pulling her head to me as she was on her down stroke and all she could do was take it with muffled, mm, mm ,mm, mm, mm.
As the cum raced up my shaft and out of my peehole I grabbed her hair and buried my cock deep in her mouth and held myself there letting out a huge "OHHHHHHH !, TAKE IT YOU LITTLE SLUT, UHHHHHHHHH,TAKE EVERY LAST DROP, AHHHHHHHHH".
I continued to shoot in her mouth and held her while she tried to pull away.
I let her hair go just as I finished my last squirt.
She pulled back off my cock and hung her head down catching her breath then looked up at me and said, "BASTARD",as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand then continued sucking in air.
I pulled up my shorts and looked down at her and offered my hand to help her up which she slapped away. I still held my hand out then she took it and pulled herself up.
We just looked at each other then she turned to walk away and I slapped her on the ass. When she turned her head to me I looked at her and said, "want to again".
"I'll text you", she said then she turned away.
"NO, I'll text YOU", I said.
She turned and looked at me then walked away.
I got back to the house to clean up and get into some clothes before my girlfriend showed up. When I went in Mom was in the kitchen. Trying to act like things were normal I said "HEY MOM, what s going on".
"I'm just thinking", she said.
"Where's Dad", I said.
"Well he's out and your sister is staying over at a friends house", she said.
"I have a date tonight, she's coming to pick me up", I said.
"Oh great, I finally get to meet her ?", she said.
"Sure", I said.
"Mom, what was wrong the other night", I asked.
"Oh, your father and I had a disagreement", she said with a forced smile on her face.
"What was Sis crying about", I asked.
"Well she was just upset about our, uh, disagreement", she said.
"What did you two pick up at the drugstore", I asked.
"More Birth Control", she said without hesitation while looking right at me.
"Oh. I have to get ready", I said.
I wanted to ask about the "COUSIN" issue but thought this was certainly not a good time. I went to clean up and get ready.
When my girlfriend pulled up I went out and said "come inside and meet my Mom". We walked into the kitchen, Mom turned to us and froze, she was like a deer in the headlights. I said, "Mom are you alright" ?.
"Uh, yes, of course I am. She's beautiful sweetheart.
I turned to my girlfriend who had a huge smile on her face, "Thank You', she said.
"Look you two should get going, it was very nice to meet you dear", said Mom.
I knew we we're being rushed out but wasn't sure why so I said, "See you later Mom".
We got into the car and my girlfriend said, "that was kinda weird".
"Well she has stuff on her mind", I said. She was right, it was very weird and the subject was left at that as we spent the evening together doing the typical dinner, a movie, a walk, we made out, etc. Then she dropped me off at home.
The house was dark as I went in. I figured Mom was in bed. I went to the kitchen switching the light on and saw Mom on the couch. She looked sad and I could tell she had been crying.
I went and sat down and put my arm around her. She leaned over my shoulder and I brought my other arm around and held her.
"Oh Honey, there is so much going on, I feel so alone, you don't know how good it feels for me to be held.", she said.
This was a little like deja vu for me or my imagination turning into reality. She felt good and smelled great.
"Who wouldn't want to hold you, your a wonderful and caring woman, I said.
"I look a mess", she said as she ran a finger over each eye.
"Your beautiful", I said.
"Your sweet", she said.

As she leaned more into me the top of her robe fell open exposing those her BOOBS, she had no bra on. My cock sprang right to action. I continued to look then let my eyes travel down her body.
Her robe was the short type so sitting down it rode up exposing her nice tanned legs. I didn't notice when she raised her head slightly and was looking at my face while my eyes roamed back up her body and stopped at her chest for just a second then I glanced at her and noticed she was looking right at me then she looked down at the lump in my pants then back up at me.
We looked at each other. My eyes darted from each of her eyes to various points on her face then I gave darting glances between her eyes and neck.
This was an obvious signal from me that I wanted to start munching my way from her neck down.
I slowly leaned my head down and she receptively leaned her head back as I went to work on her neck and worked down to her boobs.
I was pulling her robe open and running my hand inside while I sucked on each nipple.
Pulling my hand out I untied her robe and pulled it open, she had no panties on. She slide her butt down to the edge of the couch as I knelt on the floor in front of her.
She pulled her knees to her chest and opened her legs wide as she put her arms down beside her and held her ankles with her hands giving me full access. 
Her pussy was completely shaved, her cunt lips were wide open and flared. I looked up at her and looking back at me with pure desire in her eyes she said, "Take Care of Me Sweetheart". 
I practically dove into her and started lapping at the full length of her scrumptious snatch .
She immediately moaned, OH BABY, MY SWEET BABY, EAT MOMMA'S PUSSY. I worked on her cunt, sucking down her sweet juice and attacking her clit off and on and nibbling her cunt lips.
She was panting and stopping then panting and stopping as I licked the same pussy I passed thru 16 years before. I attacked her fully engorged clit as she screamed, "OHHHHHH BABY I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" and pushed my head away.
We went to her bedroom, she undressed me, pushed my down onto the bed and went right for my cock. She took me in her mouth and I thought I was going to black out from shear pleasure as she started bobbing up and down on my harder than steel prick.
After a several of her strokes of what I thought was absolute cock sucking heaven she started taking me into her throat.
It was all I could do to hold off but I didn't want to finish like this, I wanted her pussy, I was intending to cum inside the same wonderful cunt that gave birth to me.
Just when I didn't think I could take it anymore she finally pulled off of me.
She turned got on all fours and said, "I WANT YOU TO FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY HONEY, I KNOW YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF ME".
This is what I was looking forward to, I thought as I positioned my self behind her and aimed my throbbing meat at her entrance.
Pushing in I entered into what I can only describe as a dream. My cock was wrapped in a heavenly softness I have never ever felt.
She applied just the right amount of pressure and she was wet but not sloppy. As sweet as her juice was to taste, it had a creamy consistency beyond compare.
I grabbed her full firm hips and slowly started working in and out of the most exquisite pussy known to me.

I was taking long deep slow strokes. Mom raised her head up and moaned out, "OHHHH BABY YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE ME, FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY HONEY, FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY".
I knew I couldn't last a minute but I was going to fully enjoy that minute. I was at the point of exploding and squeezing with all I had, trying to delay the inevitable. I couldn't take anymore I had to let go.
I was so tensed I could hardly speak, I was in pain and needed relief. I had my fingers dug into her fleshy hips and in a tortured voice I said, "MOMMA, I HAVE TO CUM" !!!!!.
I shoved in and holding myself deep I groaned out a long relieving, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as I felt myself just melt inside of her. It was like a slow molten river of white hot cum flowing out of my cock and deep into her sweet soft pussy.
With my back arched, head back, eyes closed and fingers dug into her hips I stayed right there in complete bliss feeling like the cum would never stop flowing.
Finally convinced I finished I pulled out and looked down as cum ran out of her and puddled up on the bed.
I fell straight back breathing hard, breathing with absolute relief.

Mom turned around and licked at my cum soaked cock and said, "mmmmmm", next time I want to taste ALL of it. Then she went down and started sucking and licking me clean as I laid there with my eyes closed and in total heaven.

(to be continued).............................if you all want me to ????

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please write some more part ii or iii

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2015-02-16 07:59:05
so sexy add somemore romance

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2014-01-02 04:59:03
Although the grammar and punctuation in the story are off. The story seems to have a great start on where it should be revised and taken. This story seems more like a fairytale or a big wet dream

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my brother never did my mom. im sure he would have bragged about it to me

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