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Not satisfied by her husband, Karen starts dating.
Raped By A Gang And Their Dogby

My husband is a pantywaist, a momma's boy, a woos. We were married when I was a 20-year-old virgin. He made love to me very gently, kissing and treating me like I was precious and fragile. He gently put his little five-inch pecker in me in the missionary position and slowly slid in and out for about three minutes till he came in me, all the time telling me how wonderful I was and how much he loved me. Then he would pull out, go wash up, cuddle up and go to sleep. I thought that this was how it was supposed to be and I was happy.

As time went by I started feeling like I wasn't getting satisfied. I love my husband but I was no longer happy. A lot of men of all ages asked me for a date but I always said no like a good wife. One day after we had been married after about three years I let one of the guys from work who was about 30 talk me into going out with him after work for a drink. Well 'a drink' turned into three and I was starting to feel them. We drove back to the company parking lot so I could get my car to go home.

When he stopped, Bill grabbed my arm and pulled me to him and kissed me hard and reached over and squeezed one of my tits, firmly. It was like electricity had been shot through me. I had never felt anything like it. He told me that he wanted to take me to his house and fuck me. I was shocked but excited at the feelings I was having all over my body and especially in my pussy. I said "No. I'm married and I can't." "Think about it and if you change your mind you know where I am every day." I got out and got into my car.

As we pulled out to the main street Bill turned left to go to his house and I started to turn right to go to mine when without really knowing why, I turned left and followed him to his house. We both pulled into his driveway and got out. "I'm glad you changed your mind and you will be too" Bill said and he lead me into the house.

By the way, I'm Karen. I'm 25 now but was 23 then. I am about 5'5" and weigh 125#. I have a pretty small waist and 34-C tits. I have shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty but not beautiful although some of the guys that were coming on to me would say that I was. In the beginning I dressed conservatively but not so much after I said yes to Bill.

As the door closed behind us Bill grabbed me again and pulled me to him. My boobs where crushed tight up against his chest and he was kissing me hard and pushing his tongue into my mouth. He slid his hands from behind my back down to my ass and pulled me tight to him there. As my stomach pressed against his crotch, I could tell that he was bigger than my husband. I liked the way I was feeling so I opened my mouth and let him rub his tongue against my tongue and across my lips. He loosened his grip on my body and moved his kissing to my neck. At the same time he brought his hands to my front and squeezed my tits. He quickly unbuttoned the front of my blouse and pulled it out of the top of my skirt and slid it back over my shoulders and down my arms. He moved his head down and bit one of my nipples through my bra while he reached back and unhooked it and slid the straps off my shoulders. He pulled my bra off me with his teeth and dropped it on the floor, put his mouth back on my hardening nipple and sucked it hard. I let out a loud moan and threw my head back. He was right. I was enjoying what he was doing to me. Bill led me to the bedroom and almost tore the rest of my cloths off and pushed me onto my back onto the bed. As I bounced he dove head first between my legs and sank his tongue deep into my pussy then moved up to my clit and sucked it hard into his mouth. I don't think my husband even knows what a clit is. I started wiggling around and moaning. I was loving these new sensations.

He stripped out of the rest of his clothes. When I saw him naked I thought he was huge. Now I know that he was only average at about 6-1/2 inches but thick. Bill climbed up between my legs. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down in my slit and with one push shoved it deeper into me than my husband had ever been. He had gotten plenty of juice off my slit to make it easy for his entry. My husband had several times talked about how dry my 'vagina' was. Not now! He pulled out so just the tip was still in me then slammed deep into me time after time. I started to breath hard and tense up and had my first orgasm ever. It was wonderful. Bill pulled out and I was disappointed. He rolled me over and lifted me up on my hands and knees and shoved his cock back into my hungry cunt doggie style. I moaned and yelled "OH YES Bill, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I love it". I had never said anything like that to my husband. I hardly ever said anything while he was 'making love' to me.

Bill held my hips tight and slammed his cock deeper, even deeper than it had gone before. After what seemed like an hour of hard fast fucking but way really more like ten minutes, Bill slammed deep into me and held his cock deep in me while he shot load after load into my cunt. His cum triggered another hard orgasm for me. We collapsed and he rolled me over and gently finger fucked me and rubbed my slit as we cooled back down. We kissed and got up. "Bill, that was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. You're fantastic." I got dressed and went home.

My husband asked why I was so late and I said I had to work late. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. There was a mixture of my and Bill's cum on my thighs. I rubbed it on my tits and thought back about the blissful hour or so that I had spent in Bill's bed. After dinner, and watching our usual TV shows, we went to bed. My husband kissed me gently and got on top and put his little prick in me, pumped it a few times and squirted. I think I was asleep before he finished.

Bill and I "dated" about once a week for the next three months. I would tell my husband that I had to work late or was going out with the girls then would go and get my brains fucked out by Bill. He taught me how to suck cock and how to take it up the ass. We did it every position that Bill knew and a couple we made up ourselves. We did it in the car and in the back of a bar. It was wonderful and exciting. I had so many sweet orgasms but I wished my husband would give me just one.

I tried to get him to be a little more aggressive but that was not how he thought people in love should make love. I tried talking dirty to him but he put his finger to his lips and said SHHHHHH. I slid down and started to suck his little cock but he pulled me back up and said that that was dirty. "Only sluts do that." I wished he would treat me a little more like a slut, like my wonderful Bill did. I think he was afraid that I was fragile and if he slammed into me I would break into a million pieces. Our sex slowed to less than once a week. My weak little husband did not seem to care. I was fucking Bill more than I was making love with my husband and sure liking it more. Then a crushing thing happened. Bill was transferred to another office almost on the other side of the country. That was the end of my weekly trips to delight in Bill's heavenly fucks.

I went without Bill for about a month but was going out of my mind not having someone who could fuck me the way I had learned to love it. I started going to bars in the rougher part of town and getting picked up by strangers. I would fuck and suck them in cars and in parks and once on a school playground. I let them know how I liked it and they never failed to please me. I never asked their names and never saw any of them more than once.

One night I went to a bar called "The Spot". I looked around and saw a guy at the bar. He smiled and I went over to him. I had started dressing sexier. My husband did not like it. He said that people would think bad things about me. I did it anyway. That night I was dressed in a tight red short skirt with a front button blouse. After I left the house I unbuttoned almost all the buttons showing a lot of cleavage with the push up bra I was wearing. Before I left the house I had the straps loose so it looked like a normal bra. After I left I pulled it as tight as I could get it.

The first guy turned out to be a little bit of a dud so after we had a dance and I drank the drink he bought me I thanked him and moved on. I looked around and saw another guy sitting at a table. He had on dress slacks and a white shirt. He was dressed nicer than most of the guys that came here. He patted the chair next to him and I went over to check him out. We talked and had a drink. He put his hand on my thigh and slid it up under my skirt and rubbed my crotch through my panties. "Let's get out of here", he said. I was ready so I said OK and we went out to his car.

He drove down the street and said that his company had a warehouse near here and we could go there as he lived over an hours drive from here. He drove with one hand while he had the other inside my bra squeezing my nipples. The next hour or so was going to be good. I just knew it. I rubbed his cock through his pants while we drove the short distance to the warehouse and could tell that it was good sized. He parked and reached over me to open my door. He kissed me and bit my lip. It hurt a little. "This will be fun" he said.

He opened the warehouse door. I was surprised that it was not locked. We went in past rows of boxes. He took me to a door and inside was a room with a just one small light and a big old bed with a metal rail headboard and nothing else. "This will be just perfect" he said and almost threw me on the bed. He ripped at my blouse and actually pulled off two of the buttons. He grabbed my tit and squeezed till it hurt. "Take it a little bit easy" I said "I don't like it quite that rough." He backed off a little and we started playing. After we had gotten naked he was finger fucking me and I was starting to moan and get wet. He turned his head and loudly said "She's ready boys." With that, four more guys came out of the next room and stood by the bed. "She's the hottest bitch yet" one of the four said.

This was something more than I wanted to get into so I sat up and reached for my blouse. The guy who had brought me here slapped my face hard and knocked me back down onto the bed. I was bleeding a little from the corner of my mouth. "Don't fight it Bitch. You are going to fuck all of us and you'll love it." With that he grabbed the rest of my clothes and stripped me naked in about five seconds. The guys around the bed got their clothes off. The one on the bed with me got up and started to take off his. I jumped out of the bed and started to run for the door. One of the others grabbed me and threw me to the hard floor then dragged me across the floor back to the bed and pulled me back up onto it. "Don't try that again Bitch or you will really get hurt." I could tell that I did not have any choice.

The first guy grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up and apart and shoved his cock in my cunt. I was scared and not turned on so I had dried up and it hurt. The second of these rapists got on the bed and grabbed me by the hair. Then he took his thumb and forefinger and pressed them at the corners of my jaw opening my mouth against my will. He pushed his cock to my lips and told me that if I bit him he would slug me. I opened my mouth and let him in. He pushed so hard and so fast that it made me gag when he hit the back of my throat. He pulled out and I rolled my head to the side of the bed and threw up on the floor. They all laughed and he put his cock back to my mouth. "Do better this time Bitch." They sure liked the word Bitch. I hate it.

This time he deep throated me and I was able to take him. After just a few thrusts he was ready to come and he pulled out and shot a big load of cum all over my face and in my hair. He put his cock back in my mouth and used his hand behind my head to hold me tight to his crotch with his cock was buried in my throat while the last of his spunk drained into me. He kept it there so long that I started to pass out for not being able to breath. I fought and jerked till I got him out enough so I could get a breath. I don't think he would have pulled out by himself.

As soon as he pulled out there was a new cock at my mouth. My throat was already so battered that he was able to push straight into me. The guy in my cunt sprayed his cum in me. This was the only time my body betrayed me and I had an orgasm. The guys all noticed it and had a big laugh at my expense. Mostly I hated it and did not enjoy it one bit. I just wanted it to be over. He then bent his head down and bit my tit hard enough to leave red tooth marks on it. Each time one of them would come he would take a swig from a bottle of whiskey and they would pour as much into my mouth as they could and then hold my mouth shut till I swallowed.

The second one came in my mouth. This time he had pulled out so just his cock head was in my mouth and he told me not to swallow it or he would hit me. He filled my mouth with his hot, sticky, salty cum and told me to show it to the others. They all looked at my mouth full of cum as I held it open to show them and they laughed. "Now you can have your little treat Bitch." I swallowed it. Then came the mouthful of whiskey. The forth fucker pulled out of my pussy and came all over my pussy and ass crack. Another shot from the whiskey bottled followed. I was getting light headed from the drink and numb from the unwanted rough fucking.

He got up and the last man came forward. He was a big man with a belly that hung out. He was shaven bald and had tattoos. I could see that he had a bigger cock than I had ever had in me but I knew that I was well stretched and could take him. He was over eight inches but not too thick. They rolled me over while mauling my tits. They put me on my hands and knees in the doggie position and the fifth man climbed on the bed. He reached down and got some of his friends cum on his finger and shoved it up my ass. NO, not only was he the biggest but he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I knew I had to relax my muscles to let him get his big cock in without killing me. I did the best I could. He rubbed the cock head in the cum and pushed in a little way with the head of his manhood. Once he had gotten past the tightest spot he pushed for all he was worth and buried himself fully up my rectum. I screamed in pain and he slapped me hard on my ass cheek. The first several thrusts hurt like hell and I could feel a muscle rip. I knew I was bleeding. Fortunately he came fast and shot his load deep up into my bowels and pulled out after a few seconds.

"I've got her ready" said my last attacker. What did he mean? My head was spinning. Again I was positioned so I could swallow another shot of whiskey along with rapist number five. One of the men had left the room and he returned with a large mixed breed dog on a leash. Even in my drunken state I knew that I had to get out of there. I struggled but the men held my arms and legs tight and kept me on my hands and knees. I yelled out. "NO keep that God damn dog away from me. I'll fuck you all again but get the dog away." I got a hard slap to the face to shut me up.

The man with the leash had the dog jump up on the bed. They must have trained him and his cold wet nose went straight to my cunt and started licking. The man pulled his head up and pulled him closer to my backside. His dog cock was out of its sheath and growing fast. I looked back and could see that it looked like it must have been almost ten inches or more. It was bright red. It was very thick at the base but pointed at the tip and dripping pre-cum. The dog jumped up and started humping. His cock poked all over my ass and crack as he kept trying to find the mark.

One man reached down between us and guided the dog cock to my ass hole. The dog slammed it in. I was stretched even further and it hurt. The dog pistoned his cock in and out at a speed that no man could match. He fucked my ass fast and hard. Then I felt something even bigger hitting my ass. I didn't know about dogs and their knots until he pushed it into my stretched ass hole stretching it more than seemed possible. It felt as big as a tennis ball. He fucked me for about five minutes. He must have shoved into me more times than a man would have done in twenty minutes. Then he came. His cum was hot and I could feel it keep shooting into me for the longest time. None leaked out as his knot kept it sealed in.

I tried to pull away but we were locked together. We stayed locked together for almost twenty minutes while the men taunted me and laughed at me and told me that that is why they called me Bitch. I was their dog's bitch. I cried almost all the time that I waited to get the dog cock out of me. Finally it shrunk enough to come out. Dog cum poured out of my wide-open stretched ass and ran down my legs. One of the men reached down and scooped some up and shoved it in my mouth. I was handed the near empty bottle and told to finish it. As I downed what was left it tasted funny. I assumed it was because of the dog cum in my mouth. Within a minute I passed out.I woke up about 3 am.

I was naked on the sloppy wet bed. There was a beer bottle shoved all the way up in my cunt big end first. There was cum and piss all over my face and tits and in my hair. There were nipple clamps tightly on my nipples with a string connecting them run between my legs and wrapped around the bottle neck holding it in and and pulling tight so my tits were pulled half way down my stomach. I looked around and everyone was gone. I freed my tits and removed the bottle from my cunt and looked around for my clothes. They were nowhere to be found.

I noticed that they had taken a marker and written a note upside down on one of my tits so I could read it. It said, "Had a great time Bitch. We'll see you again." I found my car keys on the bed but the car would still be blocks away at the bar. I got up and walked as best I could out of the building. No one saw my naked, battered body on the street at that time of night as I walked back to my car. I drove home and walked into the house.

My husband was standing there. He was worried sick about me but didn't know where to look. I told him that I had been gang raped. I told him the story but I didn't tell him about the dog. He took me gently in his arms and took me to the shower where he gently washed my battered body. Then he took me to our bed and cuddled me as he told me how much he loved me. We fell asleep as I thought how wonderful his gentle touch was.


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